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Labor Day Doesn’t Mean Giving Up On One of Summer’s Hottest Trends


It’s Labor Day, but don’t let the unofficial end of summer make you think you need to give up on one of its hottest trends. Though, don’t get woven into the rush to chose! Cliché wants to help you discover the right straw bag for you and for our environment and the people who make them. These two excellent websites (https://www.bembien.com/ and https://www.thelittlemarket.com/) will give you the summer craze for straw bags and how you can choose one that gives back.



Delicate, trendy, and warm. Everything you want from this summer’s craze for straw handbags can easily be found at www.bembien.com. Here you can choose from a plethora of tightly woven patterns such as the compact and intricate Stella Bag or the refreshing and cute Chloé Bag. Even the larger, traditional straw bags are available such as the Lola Bag that delivers that timeless look. If you think these Bembien bags are something to be excited for, wait until you hear their mission.

“It was a woman in a white linen dress who started it all. We caught a glimpse of her crossing a cobblestone street in New York and on her shoulder swung a perfect, woven basket…. We were transfixed.”

Founder Yi-Mei Truxes spent years searching for the right style to evoke the same magic from the woman in New York. Finally, she discovered a small village of artisan in Bali who gave her the inspiration to start her line. Working together with these talented artisans, they built Bembien and a spectacular collection of straw bags. Yi-Mei Truxes works to support these artisans and bring their artwork to a larger market. In addition to helping these artisans, Bembien gives back to their communities by donating 10% of their proceeds to Nest, a nonprofit organization that works to build the global workforce while preserving culture and protecting the well being of the people.



The Little Market

        Perhaps you have heard of them before. The Little Market has been huge talk by people across the country and has been featured in People, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and many more. The Little Market has a huge selection of kitchen needs, candles, furniture, and, of course, the widely sought out straw bags. If you’re on the search for that traditional weave pattern that conveys that classic charm, look no further because these are definitely the straw bags for you. The more classic straw bags such as the Iringa Market Basket and the Bohemian Market Basket give off that natural, wholesome feel. If you’re looking for that same classic weave with a modern twist, then you have to check out the beautiful color variations of those bags, including vibrant blues and pinks. The Gardening Basket-Blue adds that perfect, fresh color pop to an otherwise vintage look.


“We measure our success by the positive social and economic impact on our artisans and their communities. Our customers’ purchases have a positive impact on the artisans’ lives.”

The Little Market has an intense focus on committing to making the world a better place for artisans in 28 different countries across the globe. Everything you purchase from The Little Market is truly artisan-made, ethically sourced, and follows the code of fair trade. As you navigate through their website, www.thelittlemarket.com, you can find information on exactly who you are helping, how their products are made, and detailed information on how they follow the fair trade principles: create opportunities for economically and socially marginalized procedures, develop transparent and accountable relationships, build capacity, promote fair trade, pay fairly and promptly, support safe and empowering working conditions, ensure the rights of children, cultivate environmental stewardship, and respecting cultural identity. Following the summer craze for straw bags has never felt so warm.


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Image Credits: www.bembien.com, www.buildanest.org, www.thelittlemarket.com

The Fragrance to Beat


Sure, everyone’s body chemistry is different, but ultimately, Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume is still Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume, which we can spot on that girl walking a mile away from us. Am I right, or am I right? Don’t get us wrong; we love Alien just as much as that girl walking by does, but even our most beloved perfumes see their days sometimes. We would be lying if we said we didn’t have those moments of wanting to find that scent that instantly notes the very essence of who we are as beauty lovers, females, and to put it simply, as women. If you’re wondering where you can find such a thing, look no further. Lately, the beauty industry has been shedding some light on the fragrances to beat: niche fragrances.

Optimized-CLEAN Sueded Ode

Photo Courtesy of Sephora | CLEAN “Sueded Oud” ($90)

As we all know, we’re guilty of buying the same or similar scents of multiple body sprays, perfumes, and scented hand lotions than we know what to do with! It’s an addiction that, as beauty lovers, we can reason with just as much as we can with our ten different shades of nude lipsticks! (What? They’re not all the same.) However, at Cliché, we’re encouraging you to try something different—amazingly different—and we’re using the season of spring, the season to start anew, to go out on the edge not with your style or your makeup, but this time with your scent. That’s where niche fragrances come in.
Though experimenting with scents can be a little more difficult considering the sentimentality and sensitivity that the sense of smell can bring, the ideal of breaking our mold so that we don’t deprive ourselves of such a beautiful experience and enjoyable sensation is what’s so rewarding and refreshing. We deserve to find a scent that accentuates our souls—our inner beings that make us feel whatever and however it is we want to feel.
Optimized-Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly - Liberty London $145

Photo Courtesy of Liberty London | Vilhelm Parfumerie “Dear Polly” ($145)

The up-and-coming category in the beauty industry is a fragrance-related term that is representative of alternative scents that are so diverse that, perhaps, the newness of such is what creates the originally off-putting smell. There are times where niche fragrances tend to focus on one particular scent, whereas most perfumes incorporate multiple notes in one perfume. However, niche fragrances are already proving to be equally as powerful, inviting, and wonderful as the favorite perfumes you have at home. In fact, niche fragrances are slowly becoming more popular with perfumery houses like Jo Malone making their way around the country. What’s particularly attractive about niche fragrances right now is their individualism, as their already unique scents blend with our body chemistry, making for an even more unique and in-distinguishable scent for every person.
Niche fragrances’ growing popularity can also be contributed to their presentation: no use of advertisement. There is simply the hard work of creating scents with timeless edge and sound reputation.
Niche fragrances can be found at your local Sephora store. Such brands include Ex Nihilo, Vilhelm Parfumerie, CLEAN, Nest, Atelier Cologne, and Juliette Has a Gun.
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The Fragrance to Beat: Featured Image: Photos Courtesy of Juliette Has a Gun