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Why You Need to Watch ‘Jessica Jones’


Jessica Jones is badass, and I’m only four episodes into Netflix’s new series, Marvel’s Jessica Jones. So far, I’m hooked, especially after the end of the fourth episode. It works so far because of how dark the story is and how human the characters are and its feminist message and empowering characters, and I love it. Jessica Jones ...

Daredevil Review


This review is just to get you started. For the sake of any first-timers who have no idea about the Marvel comics character, Daredevil, I’ll take it easy by first establishing what Daredevil is about--just enough to pique some interest. In a post-Avengers world, Daredevil follows the exploits of a blind daytime lawyer/nighttime vigilante Matt Murdock ...

House of Cards: Season 3


People couldn’t wait to get their House of Cards binge fix after last season’s cliffhanger. Thankfully, Netflix offers a recap for fans who need it before queuing the third season. The recently sworn in and “honorable” President, Francis Underwood, sits comfortably in his new seat, but soon encounters opposition from all fronts. After devastating all ...

Get Arrested by Arrested Development


Have your friends already started planning for next year's Cinco de Quatro festivities?  Did they already get their Avengers costumes for this Halloween without you? Feeling left out? Then it's time for you to tune into Arrested Development, the story of the wealthy Bluth family who has lost everything, and how each one of them ...

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Covers: Jasmine Luv and Genevieve O'Reilly
Inside, cover star Jasmine Luv opens up about how good it feels to make people laugh, her role on Starter Pack, and more; cover star Genevieve O'Reilly talks about the importance of family in acting, her roles in The Ferryman and Tin Star; actor Sheaun McKinney talks his journey as an actor and new comedy series The Neighborhood.
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