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Sam Setton Discusses His Music with Cliché Including His New Single, “Gum”


New York City native Sam Setton was inspired by the singer/songwriters he listened to growing up and began to experiment with his own sounds to find something that finally fit what he wanted to put out in the world. With music that can be described as electro-pop/R&B, he certainly found his sound. His honest lyrics and smooth vocals over electronic beats have been received well, even getting him a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom last year. Sam answered some questions for Cliché about his music and creative process, being inspired by travel, and more of what we can expect from him.

His new single, “Gum,” was just released January 18th and can be listened to here: 


Cliché: I’ve read that you started creating music in your early teenage years. How did that come about? What made you want to make it your career?

Sam Setton: It all started with a desire to be able to create my own music that was just like the music I was obsessed with when I was a teenager. I was really into singer/songwriters, so I just started experimenting with writing my own music that was similar to them. It took a long time for me to want to make it my career though. I experimented with different sounds for literally 8 years until I finally sound something I was confident sharing with the world.


Can you describe your creative process? How do you choose the instrumentation that you end up using?

My creative process starts with an idea and a few piano chords. I sit down at the keyboard in my bedroom and start crafting a song either based off an emotion I’ve been feeling, or an idea I thought about a few days prior that I jotted down in my notes app on my phone. After a few days or weeks of crafting a song, I usually bring it to my frequent collaborator Alexander Glantz (who produced the track) and from there we discuss the sound we want to go for and just dive into the instrumentation.


Who/what inspires or influences you musically?

I’m usually inspired musically by the last few artists and songs that have been in heavy rotation for me. I tend to listen to a lot of different types of music and I’m always discovering new artists – so the inspiration never stops.


In 2018, you finally got to perform at Bowery Ballroom, which I have read was a dream for you. What was that experience like?

YES! It was a dream for me because that was a venue I frequented when I was a kid growing up in NYC. The experience was surreal. I had a ton of friends in one section too, so seeing them and the sellout crowd was honestly extremely fulfilling.

Travel seems to be a big inspiration for you. What are some of your favorite places to travel to and what about them has inspired your music?

Yes, travel is a big inspiration source for me. My favorite places to travel are definitely East Asia (Japan, South Korea), Tel Aviv, Israel and South America (Chile is a second home for me because of family I have there). In terms of what about them inspires me… that’s a tough one. I’d say it’s more of the way being away from home makes me feel. Being outside of your comfort zone does wonders for the soul.


Would you say that you travel specifically to find inspiration for your music? Where are some other places you want to go?

I do travel sometimes specifically to find inspiration for my music, but not always. I’m keen on going to Jordan, Russia and Australia next.


Can you tell me about your new single, “Gum”?

“Gum” is honestly one of my favorites. It came about after being inspired by all of my friends that were in new relationships. I was single and thinking how it’s been so long since I fell in love and I was starting to forget what it felt like. So I started channeling past emotions into the writing and that ended up becoming “Gum”.


What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

Listeners can expect a lot of new beautiful music from me, some cool visuals and a lot of killer live shows.


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Sam Setton Discusses His Music with Cliché Including His New Single, “Gum”: Image Credit: Erik Washington 


5 Artists You Can’t Miss at Panorama Music Festival


From the same people who brought you Coachella (Goldenvoice) comes Panorama Music Festival. Held on Randall’s Island in New York City, the music festival is a three-day explosion beginning July 28 complete with entertainment, Instagrammable food, innovative attractions, and, of course, amazing music. With all of this going on at once, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and miss out on something great. But fear not! We have compiled a list of the top 5 artists you can’t miss at Panorama Music Festival.


  1. Glass Animals

If you haven’t heard the amorphous pop of Glass Animals, then you’re missing out. Their hit song “Gooey” gives off alt-J vibes, but the band’s blend of synth-pop and indie is completely their own. Their newest release, a concept album titled How To Be A Human, is even more experimental for the band. Based on stories they collected while touring, it’s much more lyric-driven than their first album, while still providing the same danceable beats as before.

The Must-See Looks From the 2017 Met Gala


Last night, Anna Wintour hosted what is pretty much known as Hollywood’s annual prom: the Met Gala. While this event is meant to help raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City, it is also the perfect chance for our favorite celebrities to take major, artful fashion risks. As our favorite celebrities dragged heavy trains, sequined gowns, and billowing ball gowns up the iconic steps, we watched on Twitter in awe. This year, the event honored Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo with an exhibition entitled “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between.” And Hollywood’s biggest stars did not disappoint.

Lipstick red was definitely a trending color of the night, as was black and champagne. Here and there, we saw bits of unexpected colors: Jennifer Lopez in robin’s egg blue, Selena Gomez in pale pink, and Felicity Jones in a lavender blue. The look that really got social media buzzing was Rihanna’s floral, artful dress, taking costume fashion to the next level. She was a standout of last year’s Met Gala, and this year, she somehow managed to outdo herself.
Click through to see some of our favorite looks from this year’s Met Gala, as well as some daring looks you can’t miss.

Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


I kicked off New York Fashion Week with the Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, “Reflections of Sun Moon Lake,” at Gotham Hall. Even though it was a beautiful and luxurious space, the shows held at Lincoln Center were much more organized. The SS16 Collection continued with Breton’s inspiration of Taiwan, focusing particularly on the designer’s trip to Sun Moon Lake.
Sdiq3kZS8cNG5wdjSMRXscq8QCNpuL_JFH1J-xk4BtE,0MToJG_OoKV64-xz8ZAq2eccUgxICwVEcqoG3Vk8CfsThe show began with two large screens playing aerial videos of Sun Moon Lake, while an opera singer sang on the side of the runway with two musicians. Breton used a lot of luminous colored fabrics in his collection; even the black fabric pieces glistened. With only a few pant looks for women, the Taiwanese designer had plenty of various dress styles.One of my favorite pieces was a long sleeved magenta mini dress. The garment had a purple hexagon outline pattern and a waist tie belt of the same fabric, a very feminine and sexy piece. The same printed fabric was also used on a single shoulder draped gown and in blue for two different dresses.

With their hair parted and combed to the side, the male models walked the runway in groups of four, all while taking turns holding a red umbrella. Their pieces included not-so-subtle embroidered blazers and trousers. Breton continued his choice of embroidered patterns for menswear; one pattern resembled acid wash denim from afar. Breton also included shorts and trenchcoats for the dapper man. The show wrapped up with the stunning Maye Musk, wearing a silk white and silver gown, accompanying Breton as he walked down the runway along with a model dressed in a floral halter dress.
To learn more about Malan Breton, visit Malanbreton.com.
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Photos of Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2016 Collection by Norman Ding

Tatiana in Wonderland: Whitney Museum of American Art


I spent another lovely Friday, with the addition of the not so lovely New York City heat, at a museum. Being re-opened this year, I went to the Whitney to bathe in art after a long week. To my surprise, it wasn’t mobbed with tourists as I thought it would on a summer afternoon. I was relieved to give my shoulders a rest and check in my purse and bags in the free coat check downstairs. With my small crossbody purse and art-loving friends, I was ready to explore the lovely museum.
We started on the top floor and worked our way downstairs, using the outdoor staircase while admiring the view of the city. We took a little break and sat in one of the colorful chairs in Mary Heilemann’s installation, “Sunset.” I took a few art courses in college and was happy to recognize pieces of art that I’ve learned and studied about. From the evident style of Pollock’s drip painting to Hopper’s eerie “Early Sunday Morning,” I was taking in all the art that I could get my eyes on. Timeless and distinct works of art by Grosz, Warhol, Cornell, and Johns also caught my attention. It’s nice to find time to spent a day at a museum and feel content and full.
Walking out of the Whitney with only The Meatball Shop on our minds, we noticed a long line waiting to get into the museum. We were so glad we beat the rush and could carry on with our day. When in New York City, be sure to check out the museum and try to go when the weather is nice to take advantage of the “Sunset” installation which ends on September 27th. Their two other current exhibits, America is Hard to See and the photograph installation by Michele Abeles, Baby Carriage on Bike or Riot Shield As Carriage, also end on September 27th. Nonetheless, check out The Meatball Shop where you can find true meatball happiness.
The Whitney Museum of American Art
99 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY 10014
Ticket Pricing:
Adult $22
Senior $18
Student $18
Under 18 Free
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Tatiana in Wonderland: Whitney Museum of American Art: Photos courtesy of Tatiana Stec

Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2015


Photo courtesy of thefashionspot.comPhoto courtesy of thefashionspot.comMy second day, also the coldest day, of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week started with the Carmen Marc Valvo Collection. Held in the Theater at Lincoln Center, I spotted a few familiar faces including Alec Baldwin, his wife Hilaria, Tim Gunn, and Katie Couric. I read the pamphlet before the show that had a description of all the looks. The first page had a poem that began with the line, “Lasses and lads In tartan plaids,” instantly making me think of a Catholic school uniform.
As the show began, out walked models in chic plaid prints with black bottoms. To add a little touch to the school charm, some models even wore black round-eyed glasses. Worn with a long skirt, a black silk blouse with completely sheer sleeves and back was sexy, yet sophisticated as it was buttoned up to the collar. A black leather oversized cardigan added a rock ’n’ roll flavor to a plaid skirt. The male models had a nerdy school boy vibe in their suspenders and plaid cardigans. The flannel suits and black tuxedos were a dapper look for any gentleman.
carmen-marc-valvo-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw24 carmen-marc-valvo-autumn-fall-winter-2015-nyfw30
Now, on to my two favorites: furs and gowns. I adore wearing gowns and all the other parts that are needed to complete the look from hairstyle and jewelry, to shoes and a clutch. To me, gowns are wonderful and elegant works of art that represent the power and beauty of women. My favorite gown was the persimmon pewter plaid illusion gown; it was one of those “I gotta have it!” pieces. The garment was long-sleeved, but had long slits that I’ve never seen executed so beautifully before. Valvo knows how to make women feel incredible because he understands that beauty doesn’t have to always be tight and short. It can be feminine and sexy by showing skin in just the right places without overdoing it. I also love fur, but feel guilty wearing it sometimes, so I try to stick to faux. Nonetheless, Valvo used several embroidered fur combinations in his collection that were brilliant. My favorite was a grey mink coat with red argyle detailing, the model even wore a matching scarf.
To learn more about the Carmen Marc Valvo Fall/Winter 2015 Collection, go to carmenmarcvalvo.com.
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Images courtesy of Fashionising.com

Mariel Mendoza: Lifestyle Blog


Meet city gal and Manhattan inhabitant Mariel Mendoza from her blog of the same name! She treats New York City as her personal playground and frequently shares her encounters in the Big Apple with her readers. From series such as “First Look” that cover trends, stores, or new things she tries, to “Cover This” in which she focuses on something special, Mariel is continuously staying in the loop of anything and everything in the city that never sleeps. We’ll call her our personal travel tour guide for the city that we can’t get enough of! We know this gal is one to count on after previously living in Las Vegas — she’s a go-getter for sure. Check out her fabulous blog and some of her style and beauty tips she graciously shared with us below!


Cliché: What are your​ beauty/fashion routines?
Mariel Mendoza:
My beauty routine consists of cleansing, with a face wipe or a cleanser, and doing a swipe of toner. Afterwards, I moisturize under my eyes and around my face and if I plan on going out, this is when I apply moisturizer with SPF. My everyday makeup is fairly light, so I only use Smashbox’s CC cream, a microfinish powder to help mattify my skin, eyeliner and mascara to define my eyes, and a little bit of contouring and blush so I don’t look washed out.
Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
Coconut oil, Lush’s Silky Underwear dusting powder, and Fresh’s Sugar Lip Advanced Therapy. You can literally use coconut oil for anything and I find it to be a great overnight moisturizer for the colder months. Lush’s dusting powders are just awesome because not only do they make my skin soft, they’re great for keeping me dry… especially when I’m all layered up and find myself waiting for a train in the hot subways. Fresh’s Sugar Lip Advanced Therapy seems to be the only lip balm that can really combat my dry and chapped lips.
Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves?
Capes and ponchos are my favorite fall fashion items and every retailer is carrying them this season. Zara has some beautiful ones at the moment but if you have a budget, Forever 21 has cute ponchos for a fraction of the cost.
What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
This may seem like a silly thing to consider as a tip, but having clothes that properly fit will make you feel good about what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing poorly fitted clothes, you’re going to find yourself being self conscious about how you look and that will eventually show in photos and your body language. I was actually a victim of this when I had bought a dress that was a size too large and I insisted on wearing it even though the shoulders were large and I constantly had to adjust the straps of the dress from falling off my shoulders. Needless to say, the entire time I was wearing the dress, the only thing I was obsessing about was keeping my straps on my shoulders.

Did French Montana Confirm Relationship With Khloe Kardashian?


So everyone can kind of assume that Khloe Kardashian and French Montana are an item,  but neither of these high profile celebrities have actually come out and referred to themselves as a couple, until now that is.
An eyewitness told E! News that the rapper was sweet enough to pick up his lady from the airport early this morning after she landed in New York City from a red-eye flight, and during their trek back to his New Jersey pad, French told a photographer, “You got good pics because we goin’ out in a relationship.” (E! News)
Although Montana’s statement doesn’t make much sense you get the point. Montana picked up his lady in style as he pulled up in a Rolls-Royce Ghost (valued at $225,000) with a Mercedes-Benz van following behind him. The couple decided to ride home in the van, and made a pit stop at Dunkin’ Donuts to use the restroom before arriving at Montana’s Jersey home.
According to the eyewitness the rapper was super friendly to everyone and was in a  really good mood. It was clear that he was happy to have his woman back in town. The two lovebirds have been joint at the hip for months, and aside from traveling the world together, they even  bought themselves his and hers 18-carat rose gold Rafaello & Company watches along with a few other unspecified pieces.
A source stated that Khloe adores French and can’t stop gushing over him. “She keeps telling everyone what a great guy he is.” (E! News)
Did French Montana confirm relationship with Khloe Kardashian? Well it sure seems that way. The two seem to be extremely happy together which has to be refreshing for Khloe who just ended a messy marriage with ex husband Lamar Odom. There’s nothing like the feeling of new love, and if that’s what these two have I say they embrace it!
(Featured Image courtesy of E! News)

Spring in the City


It’s not cold enough to bundle up and hit the ski slopes, and it’s not quite hot enough to throw on a yellow-polka-dot-bikini and hit the Jersey shore. It’s that infuriatingly pretty time of year when we can’t decide what to do for entertainment anymore: spring. Sure, there’s always dinner and a movie, but that always leaves something to be desired. For that, we turn to a little state called New York. With the perfect blend of culture and crazy, New York always has something going on. We’ve compiled a list of cool things to do throughout the boroughs to keep you motivated but more importantly, to keep you satiated.

See a Broadway Show
If you’ve never seen a play, you’re missing out on one of the most amazing experiences that New York has to offer. Though, who are we to judge? Maybe you’re just not sure what’s out there! That’s why we’re here to inform you. Music lovers, especially, will be thrilled to discover tributes like Motown the Musical, A Night with Janis Joplin, and Jersey Boys. Literature lovers will go crazy over A Raisin in the Sun and Macbeth. Of course, there are always fan favorites like The Lion King, The Book of Mormon, and Wicked.  Whether it’s on Broadway or off, go indulge!

Shop at a Flea Market
Who said New York City gets to have all the fun? Brooklynites definitely know how to have a good time. If you think a flea market is just a bunch of people selling their junk, you’re absolutely right. If you think a flea market is just a waste of your precious time, you’re absolutely wrong–and you’ve definitely never been to the Brooklyn Flea. There is certainly no shortage of flea markets all over the city, but the Brooklyn Flea is an urban oasis. Every weekend, the event promises fresh food, repurposed furniture, stunning antiques, retro clothing, vintage jewelry, and everything in between. The vendors’ “junk” doesn’t feel like junk at all, but fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces that will have you rearranging your home to make space for a rainbow Buddha lamp that you didn’t know you needed. Let’s not call this an event, but an experience–one that every city slicker should experience if only once.

Take a Class
While you can do this pretty much anywhere, no place offers variety quite like New York. There are literally hundreds of classes to choose from; what’s more is that many of them are free! On warmer spring afternoons, take advantage of yoga in Bryant Park. On chillier days, plenty of rec centers offer free indoor yoga on the weekends. The New York Public Library boasts everything from chess lessons to crochet/knitting instruction. Do you want to learn how to cook like a Top Chef or perfect your pottery skills like Demi Moore (Patrick Swayze not included)? Check out Groupon and Living Social for awesome daily deals on either hobby. We guarantee you’ll find yourself having fun trying new things–things that you never knew you had any interest in!

MUSEUMVisit a Museum
You don’t have to be an art buff to appreciate New York City’s incredible museums. You also don’t have to be loaded. With most museums offering donation-only days, there’s no reason not to make the trip to Manhattan. Whether it’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Frick Collection, or The Cloisters, there’s enough inspirational eye candy for the average Joe to just stare for hours. If you think it’s all paintings, think again. You’ll encounter everything from unicorn tapestries to suits of armor. If you’re looking for great photo opps, play paparazzi with your favorite celebrities at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. Science and anatomy lovers will be blown away by BODIES… The Exhibition where over 200 human forms are displayed in all of their inner beauty. There’s no shortage of museums in the city, so find one that fits your interests.

Take a Tour
It’s common knowledge that tourism in The Big Apple centers on staples like The Statue of Liberty and The Empire State Building. While you should definitely see these landmarks, if only once, know that city tours can be so much more unusual and fun! Take a ride on the TMZ bus to see all of the city’s celebrity hot-spots. Take advantage of the countless New York City and/or Brooklyn brewery and winery tours. Take a bike tour through Strawberry Fields in Central Park–not after your brewery tour, of course! You should probably avoid a tour through the New York City precinct. Just use your imagination (and Google)! There’s so much more to see than old Lady Liberty.

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Destino: Delectable, Addictive, Authentic, Oh My!


IMG_3193As per usual, my favorite city in the world, New York City, does it again with providing the best of the best in the culinary world. Destino, located on first avenue and fiftieth street in Midtown, provides traditional Southern Italian cooking.  Opening in 2006, Destino has quickly made its way to the top in regards to superb Italian cooking. The dining area comfortably seats up to 110 guests, while the private mezzanine provides room for an additional 15. If you are looking for something a little more private, the restaurant also offers a private dining room that can hold up to a gathering of 30.

Destino prides itself on using the freshest ingredients while staying true to homestyle cooking. While at Destino, I started with the Polpettine Di Mario, the house specialty meatballs. The meatballs were served over marinara sauce and garnished with parsley. As I’ve said before, I’m pretty particular when it comes to marinara sauce since I grew up in an Italian household; however, Destino more than satisfied my taste buds. Their sauce provided just the right amount of spice that compliments the sweetness of the tomato-based sauce perfectly. If you ever had the luxury of visiting an Italian household and have joined in on a family-style dinner, then you can imagine how wonderful the meatballs themselves tasted. If I hadn’t met the cook myself, I would have sworn my grandmother was in the back mixing up a huge batch of meatballs. One taste and I was hooked!

IMG_3192The meatballs accompanied a tray of bruschetta that was also absolutely to die for.  After the meatballs, which I complimented with a glass of Chianti, I had the Pollo Milanese. The Milanese is a thinly breaded chicken breast that is topped with baby arugula, cherry tomatoes, red onions, and buffalo mozzarella, and it is garnished with a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. As can be expected, the chicken was fork tender. The breading did not overpower the chicken but instead created a light crust around the moist meat. All toppings were fresh and complimented each other perfectly. In terms of Pollo Milanese, this was by far the best I’ve ever had.

 After dinner and fine conversation, Destino began to pick up its business by seven o’clock; I went on a Monday night and it was bustling with customers. The restaurant provides a traditional homemade treat to its patrons while providing a modern atmosphere: the walls are a combination of clear mirrors and clean white walls, complemented by lights placed around them. The most impressive part of the decor, however, is the mural that is located on the ceiling. I was told that the mural represents the story of Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine. After some research, I discovered that the story of Bacchus represents letting go and enjoying the day without the stress of everyday life. Destino chose Bacchus to represent its message by indulging in the comfort of food and the luxury of wine. Destino’s message is to enjoy the day, and the Bacchus mural couldn’t have been a more appropriate reminder.
IMG_3200After learning about the Bacchus message that Destino so appropriately portrays, I decided to indulge in some after-dinner sweets, and I am happy I did. My sin of indulgence at Destino was none other than a piece of traditional Italian-style cheesecake. The cheesecake was drizzled with a thin layer of raspberry sauce that added a level of moisture to the cake that makes it melt in your mouth. I also had the treat of accompanying the dessert with an assortment of Biscotti cookies, which were sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar, and a rich cup of coffee. To describe these treats would not do it justice. Take my advice, if you are in the New York City area, you simply have to go and treat yourself to one of New York’s best restaurants. 

For more information please visit: http://www.destinony.com 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Goes Punk


Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7.56.10 PM

The early 1970s gave birth to the punk style and way of life, characterized by its dark, edgy, and do-it-yourself trends. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently highlighting the trend and its aesthetic to show the influences it has had on fashions, past and present, in the exhibition, “Punk: Chaos to Couture.”

The exhibit is organized into seven galleries designed to provide a multisensory experience for viewers with animated clothing, music videos, and audio techniques from several time periods. Each of these galleries serves to tell the story of the punk trend and its origins in London and New York, as well as highlight the ways in which it has impacted the high fashion trends that have become so popular today.

Screen Shot 2013-05-16 at 7.56.55 PM

The showcase features one hundred  designs for both males and females that show the convergence of the punk “do-it-yourself” trend and the couture “made-to-measure” motto. It examines the materials, techniques and embellishments of both the punk style itself and the manner in which it is incorporated into current high fashion designs. The exhibition highlights the presence of the punk aesthetic in modern fashions in highlighting its characteristic  “do-it-yourself” themes such as Hardware, Bricolage, Graffiti and Agitprop, and Destroy, which are represented in one of the galleries.

Expect to be dazzled by the international fashions of today that keep the punk trend alive! The exhibit runs now through August 14th. Don’t miss the chance to release your inner punk and learn about fashion while doing so.
Feature Image and Post Photos Courtesy of www.metmuseum.org

Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity: A Must See Exhibition


Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 9.41.59 PMThe Metropolitan Museum of Art is currently hosting the spectacular exhibition, “Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity,” that is sure to impress any fashion enthusiast. The exhibit surveys the role of fashion in the works of the most esteemed Impressionist artists such as Manet, Monet, Zola, and their contemporaries. Displayed are over eighty major paintings, accompanied by accessories, costumes, photographs, and more that showcase the emerging importance of the relationship between fashion and art from the mid-1860s to the mid-1880s. Also included in the exhibition are the actual dresses worn by models during the creation of some of the paintings.

The side by side comparison of the art work and the fashion pieces that inspired them showcases the importance of their relationship, and also the desire of the artist to capture the details of modern life in a way that captured the spirit of their time. The exhibition is running until May 27th. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to witness the history and the convergence of fashion and art in a way that is sure to bring Impressionism to life before your eyes!

Feature Image and Post Photo Courtesy of www.metmuseum.org