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A Look at Syd & Pia


Fernanda Medina, founder and creative director of independent jewelry brand, Syd + Pia NYC started jewelry back in college. Initially, she was studying fashion illustration at FIT and then Parsons School of Design.

While at Parsons, she took a tour of the jewelry department, where she became enamored by the process of creating 3D pieces as opposed to a flat sketch. She got genuine gratification from the possibilities of using her hands and heavy work tools to build pieces that were not only jewelry but also house objects; therefore, she immediately switched departments.

She took off to start a family which is where the name Syd + Pia came from. The name is a combination of her first born, Sydney and Pia is her youngest daughter, Saffia. Saffia was difficult for Sydney to pronounce as a child so she started calling her Pia.

AMer college, Fernanda landed a corporate position in jewelry design, designing flat on paper. She discovered her confidence and value when she noticed that her sketches were never edited by any higher-ups and were selling really well in the companies’ market.

Through it all, Fernanda always found to build with her hands, creating personal handcrafted jewelry pieces on her workdays off. Many of her friends wanted to buy the pieces she wore on any given day. Fernanda realized, between the success in her corporate position and the feedback she received for her own pieces…that this was her calling to launch Syd + Pia. It started as something that Fernanda love as a business prac/ce that she equally adores being a part of.

“I’m designing jewelry that offers bold statements effortlessly” Fernanda stated. The critical part of Syd + Pia is maintaining the craftsmanship at a high level yet keeping an affordable high end price point. In general, the pieces are metal driven and possess a sleek finish. The brand uses affordable materials that feel luxurious and special like brass plated in 1 micron of gold, sterling silver and bronze accented with gold filled chains or sterling silver chains and her favorite component to work with, genuine pearls in all shapes and sizes.

With the designs, Fernanda is always thinking of ways to redefine classic silhouettes by incorpora/ng different elements. For example, the hoop earring is con/nuously getting a new interpretation in Syd + Pia. Fernanda is a traditionalist in her craM and jewelry silhouettes in some sense in her designs, yet she dares to modernize and redefine it. Fernanda thinks that’s what makes a Syd + Pia piece so unique. To con/nually redefine classic silhouettes but daring to make them bold. She thinks that’s what makes the pieces universal for many kinds of consumers.

In the process, Fernanda always starts with, “would I wear it?” It then expands to the people that are following the brand. she feels the people following the brand are in a way like her. “We’re people passionate about standing out, and we invest in ourselves. We do this by investing in luxury and unique items without spending thousands. We care about upping the ante in our wardrobe. We also care about responsible fashion by shopping and supporting local independent brands.”

In a way, it’s a New York story. To dare to be passionate about our hustles and dreams in a luxurious, confident, and stylish way.

Syd + Pia has been featured at Henri Bendel in New York, W Stylelab at the W Hotel Time Square, December Thieves in Boston and Flock GiM, a specialty boutique in Austin, TX. The brand has had the pleasure of being featured in many publications and television, including but not limited to High Maintenance, series on HBO, Vogue IT, Harper’s Bazaar USA, Elle Vietnam, Elle Canada, Elle USA, Nylon, LadyGunn, Instyle USA, L’Officiel, Raine Magazine, El Diario NY newspaper, WOR Radio 710 AM, Joan Hamburg’s Bridal Show, the Dominican newspaper El Caribe and many more online and paper publications.

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Images provided by Syd & Pia.

The Dichotomy of Myth & Modernity


Michael Fausto, a luxury evening and ready to wear brand, centers on the dichotomy of myth and modernity.

Trained in the ateliers of Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa, and Badgley Mischka, designer Michael Fausto Oliu was able to hone his design skills under the tutelage of master artisans. Just after graduation from the Fashion Institute of Technology and working for prominent fashion houses of New York, his gowns were donned by Robin Roberts at the Oscars, Allison Janney at the Emmys, and Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards. With designs featured in The New York Times, ELLE Magazine, and WWD, he decided to embark on creating a collection of his own vision.

Launched in October 2019, the debut presentation was hosted at the illustrious Baccarat Hotel in New York. Over the following months, his fantastical silhouettes and crafted textures garnered admiration from industry and media alike. In addition to features in WWD and a partnership with luxury silversmith, Christofle, his designs are consistently pulled by stylists for editorials and red- carpet dressing. Celebrities such as the iconic Carmen Dell’Orefice, Emmy-winner Laverne Cox, Oscar-winner Julia Kennelly, and starlet Bailee Madison have been dressed in his designs.

The brand’s latest collection plays on a similar idea of modern-age couture; combining structured silhouettes with vibrant colours and intricate detailing. From unparalleled, flattering silhouettes to swing dresses that act like modern-day ball gowns, Michael’s undeterring ability to combine his learned skill set and expertise with a thorough understanding of the market creates pieces like no other.

Michael Fausto aims to serve the modern heroine. Delivering a refined sensibility coupled with a flare for drama, this clothing is made to exalt women. Since the world began, women have worn the title of creator, mother, lover and countless more; and it is our goal to celebrate every incarnation.

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Images provided by Michael Fausto

15 Lessons no one teaches you in a New York rom-com


While not all of us would like to admit it, if we had to choose between a New York rom-com or an action film, the majority votes to fantasize about love in one of the most romantic, lively cities in the world. There’s something about a Matthew Mcconaughey and Kate Hudson film that warms your heart and makes you daydream about what it would be like to move to the city of opportunities and become a big dreamer. 

Speaking from experience, I am one to support the rather cliche idea of moving to the big city to start your life over, fall in love and become successful in your career path. But where did these ideas stem from? 

The answer is simple. Rom-coms. I blame (yet hopelessly admire) all the classic ‘90s films and television series’ that allowed me to daydream about the perfect New York apartment and imagine that living in the snow was as white and dreamy as it sounds. Reality check— it’s not exactly like the movies portray it to be…

Don’t get me wrong, living in a New York apartment is a treasurous milestone within itself. Apartment hunting, learning to navigate the subway, and standing on your own two feet is exhilarating and oh, so rewarding. Every day is an adventure, not everybody is meant to live in New York, that’s for sure. But after obsessively rewatching the hit-sitcom television show FRIENDS and binging all fashion-related movies starring Anne Hathaway, I seemed to have built up a false annotation of what living in New York is truly like. 

Not every day is filled with the stereotypical city activities you imagine— especially not in COVID-19 times. Most evenings don’t consist of getting drinks at The Plaza or taking a sunset stroll through Central Park. Some days are pure magic when you step outside and simply feel the energy roaming through the air with a hot coffee in hand. Then there are laundry days, which are…not so glamorous.

So far, here’s what I’ve learned: 

  1. Hailing a cab isn’t as easy (or graceful) as it looks.
  2. The subway is nice and all, but have you heard of Uber?
  3. There’s no way that Carrie Bradshaw could afford her Upper East Side apartment AND her Manolo Blahnik shoe collection. Carrie, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. 
  4. A savings account? Never heard of her. 
  5. Avoid Times Square. Don’t ask why, just do it.
  6. You better get comfortable living in a shoebox-sized apartment, probably with a roommate!
  7. Monica Geller’s two-bedroom flat is not a reasonable New York apartment. That thing is huge. 
  8. Most of us don’t live above a coffee shop or bakery, most of us live above a Thai restaurant or Dumpling kitchen. 
  9. If your apartment doesn’t have window air conditioners, get two to start, then buy two more. 
  10. Stay away from the moving trash piles on Tuesdays (squeak, squeak).
  11. That job you and 567 others applied to on LinkedIn? Yeah, you’re not hearing back from them. 
  12. Dating is non-existent in the winter time, less people out on the street.
  13. Dating apps are definitely, most definitely not as romantic as how J-Lo met her man in the rain underneath the nearest dry hotel overhang.
  14. It’s all about who you know.
  15. You learn to love it.

Some people question why you would want to move to New York, pay the expensive rent, work excessive hours, and live uncomfortably; both in weather and apartment size. It’s because we hope and dream that somewhere, somehow in such a city that never sleeps, there’s something waiting for us. May that be a job, a lover, a friend or an opportunity, it’s there. You just have to find it.

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Photo by Roberto Vivancos from Pexels


Estée Lauder’s Violette Has the Most Aesthetically Pleasing YouTube Channel


You’ve seen all the run-of-the-mill beauty channels on YouTube *cue the high energy intro music and perfect posing*. While these videos are awesome and always deliver fierce looks, they can feel repetitive and unoriginal at times. Just when I had hit peak uninspired, I came across Violette’s channel and was instantly revived. Her calm demeanor oozes French ease, and her fresh makeup philosophy is all about artistry. A little background on Violette, she is a makeup artist, beauty consultant, and Estée Lauder’s Global Beauty Director, casual. On top of all that, she creates gorgeous videos that take you around New York City to her favorite bars and restaurants where she grabs a drink and swipes on a makeup look perfect for the occasion and of course, her color mood. From her face to her eyes, Violette’s preferred tool is her fingers. However, for her, that doesn’t translate into a boring look. She’s an advocate for wearing a glittery, smokey eye while grabbing coffee and a blue lip for cocktails.

Recently, she’s branched out and invited guests onto her channel to explore her other passions, such as cooking and flower arrangements. However, makeup is always at the heart of her videos. She is big on color moods and is inspired by the vibrant shades of food or the texture of flowers, which result in a unique makeup look that fits the bit’s aesthetic effortlessly. The organic nature of her videos will put you at ease and make you want to have an intense rummage through your makeup collection all in the same vein. Her channel’s name is violette_fr, the same as her Instagram, which you should also give a follow for inspiring, artistic content.  


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Estée Lauder’s Violette Has the Most Aesthetically Pleasing YouTube Channel. Featured Image Credit: Into the Gloss


5 Must-Have Pieces from Petite Studio’s Fall Collection


With fall comes warm colors, lightweight layering pieces, and statement coats, and Petite Studio is channeling all of those things with their Fall 2017 Collection. From carefully tailored mustard-colored tops to plaid blazers, there’s something for every petite girl to add to her wardrobe this fall.

Marigold Top, $119
Petite Studio’s Margiold Top makes you rethink how you feel about the color yellow. This mustard-colored top is lightweight, flattering, and perfect for layering. Pair it with a high-waisted skirt and you’re set.

Alice Dress, $129
Every girl needs a lightweight shirtdress for fall and this one is perfect for so many occasions. With a nod to fall’s staple belted trench coats, you’ll want to wear this dress as often as possible.

Esmeralda Top, $125
Who says never wear white after Labor Day? This off-the-shoulder top is the perfect transition from summer to fall and the ties on the cuffs make this even more sophisticated.

Jane Blazer, $229
Get full-on #Girlboss vibes with this polyester and wool blazer. This piece looks professional with a matching mini skirt or business casual with a pair of blue jeans and boots.

Fleur Trench Coat, $249
Petite Studio is taking the timeless trench coat up a notch by selling it in this dusty rose shade. The faux suede material and big buttons also give this an ultra-feminine edge.

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5 Must-Have Pieces from Petite Studio’s Fall Collection: Photographs courtesy of Petite Studio

How to Get Lea Michele’s Classic Waves and Other Styles


In celebration of Lea Michele’s launch of her new album Places, we are excited to share some of her most iconic hairstyles by the creative genius behind these fresh and bold looks. Sarah Potempa, founder and inventor of The Beachwaver Co., has helped create Lea’s hairstyles for events like Watch What Happens Live! to a pit stop at Columbia Records in New York. Potempa gave us quick and easy tips to getting that wow factor hair that stays flawless all day and the tools you’ll need to rock everything from casual chic to savvy and sophisticated. We are happy to provide you with step-by-step tutorials on how to get Lea Michele’s classic waves and other styles. 

Before we dive into the hair and styles that scored Michele a million-dollar contract with L’Oreal, we wanted to mention that her on-the-go glam team also includes makeup artist Meredith Baraf. She created all of Michele’s makeup looks in these photos and swears by Artis makeup brushes.
Click through to learn how to recreate Lea Michele’s iconic styles!

Petite Studio Is Anything But Small


In the world of fashion, it’s safe to say that most pieces seem to be catered to the tall women who saunter down the catwalks every season. Yes, we’ll spot a petite gal every once in awhile doing her own thing, but the majority of fashion labels are not focused on women who are 5’4” or below. As a “shorty” myself, I completely understand the struggle of finding jeans that don’t cover my feet, skirts that won’t look like full-length gowns, and tops that aren’t meant to be oversized, but just happen to be so once on.

Being petite should not be something looked down upon in the fashion world, just like being full-figured shouldn’t be as well. Luckily though, moves are being made in this traditional field that sometimes feels as if it will never budge.
We’ve seen curvy models make it onto magazine covers and “shorties” take over catwalks. With every woman who breaks the glass ceiling, we get closer to more diversity in fashion and making designers rethink what they are putting out onto the market. Petite Studio, the only online womenswear brand made specifically for petite women, is one such label that has joined the innovative fashion lines. Created in 2015 and based in the city that never sleeps, this New York brand is not only made for petite women, but is created by them as well!
Each piece sold on petitestudionyc.com is thoughtfully made from head to toe. This is shown in their small, yet high-quality collections that debut on their site every season. And as thoughtful and caring as this company is, it isn’t everything they do; Petite Studio donates 10% of its profits to New York-focused charities and pursues volunteer activities in NYC with its employee base and network. We chatted with the founder, Jenny Howell, about this incredibly moving brand that is anything but small, despite being called petite.
Cliché: What led you to start Petite Studio?
Jenny Howell: We really felt like there was a market need for a dedicated brand for the petite frame. As a petite girl myself, I really felt underserved by most of the major brands and wished there was a brand that catered specifically to petites. I have always felt like if you are 5’9” and thin, you can wear almost anything and look great. But us petites really need to be thoughtful about what we wear to flatter our best attributes. We can’t just wear anything off the rack because most of the time there is something about the piece that just doesn’t really fit—either the sleeve is too long, or the length of the clothes is too long, etc.
Petites really require special attention to help them look their best. I always looked for pieces that made me look taller and slimmer, and that’s what we’re trying to do here. This brand is all about catering to petite girls and providing thoughtful pieces that help them look their absolute best.
Additionally, for me personally, I have always had a passion for fashion and a heart for being an entrepreneur. So far, running a business is a ton of fun!

How are you mastering the petite frame? Can you tell us a little bit about your fit and sizing strategy and offerings?
Our sizes are S, XS, and XXS. These are sizes that are very difficult to find just walking into any boutique store, and we found that petite girls generally fit into these sizes. We took measurements of many petite models who are below 5’4” to find petite standard sizing.
In terms of mastering the petite frame, we’re really trying to create pieces that make petites look tall and slim. Petites can’t wear all the same pieces as tall runway models. When you’re really tall, you have a lot of flexibility of what you can wear, but when you’re petite, you have to be more careful and wear things that flatter your frames.

Who is your ideal Petite Studio customer?
Our ideal customers are girls who are below 5’4” and usually wear XS and XXS. They are typically young professionals, aged 21-35, are career-oriented, and enjoy quality of life. They care about the quality and design of their wardrobe. We’re also centered in New York City, and the New York spirit is at the core of everything we do. We’re trying to empower petite girls living in a city atmosphere to look great during the workweek, but to also be able to let their hair down and have some fun on the weekend.  
How often will you be releasing new items?
We’re planning to release new pieces each month and also have seasonal collections. We’re not trying to go too fast or rush the process; we want to grow slowly and provide a small number of pieces that our customers can really be proud of.  

What is your goal or focus for Petite Studio in the future?
We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. We’re not trying to expand out of what we know best. Our focus is really on developing our brand to cater to petite girls and provide them with the type of thoughtful wardrobe pieces that they can’t find anywhere else. We don’t want to grow too fast at the expense of that special touch. Our plan is to continue making a small number of high-quality pieces that the petite girls community can really be excited about.
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“Petite Studio Is Anything But Small” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Feb/March 2017 issue. Photographs courtesy of Petite Studio.

AUrate Jewelry


In terms of a jewelry, I’m a big, big ring girl. Rings give attention to your hands. They make them look prettier, they bring an audience to the out-of-sight manicure you got with that Essie polish you love. Nevertheless, I’m not a bling-bling, huge diamond person. I like to keep my rings subtle, small, and significant. I like rings that make a statement and are dainty. This is where AUrate Jewelry comes in.
AUrate, founded in 2014, is high quality gold jewelry with a look all its own compared to its competition. With each product sold, someone is being helped in the world. An underprivileged child receives a book to read.
The look of the rings are nothing short of spectacular, with clean cut shapes and lines that are both a statement and minimalist fashionista’s dream. The use of stones is sincere, honest, and straight to the point. AUrate plays with classic ring silhouettes, like the snake ring that can make waves beautifully wrapped around a thumb or an index finger. These rings are wonderfully constructed and can be used in both day and nightwear, easily making it a staple in your jewelry box.
For more information of AUrate and their beautiful statement jewelry, visit and shop online at auratenewyork.com. Happy shopping!
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Images courtesy of AUrate

Patuna Bushyhead SS 2015 Collection


Couture Fashion Week 2014 graced us with all the elegance and fine details a fairy tale princess and modern day fashionista could ask for. Among the new and returning designers whose impeccable visions walked the runway in the past weeks, Patuna Bushyhead—a couture designer originally from the Republic of Georgia—made her return with her SS 2015 collection that dazzled everyone. The show made its debut right after an upbeat performance from Nini DeRossi, which had everyone in their seats bumping to the beat and ready for more. Patuna’s latest collection left little to no room for wanting more after its fabulous runway show featured models wearing gowns draped in silks or lace. Each piece fit beautifully to the models wearing them, showing off every detail that Patuna puts into her designs. Touches of crystals, Swarovski stones, beads, and layering of different fabrics were present in this year’s line, creating an almost romantic 1920’s effect. Sounds like fashion couture love, doesn’t it?

Check out some wardrobe wishlist looks below from the show, and visit Patuna Bushyhead’s website, patunafashion.com, for more information on her line.
Patuna Bushyhead SS 2015 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Michael Doroc 

VARNHH by Sakshee Babbr SS 2015 Collection


Debuting her first line at Couture Fashion Week was a fashionable success for designer Saskshee Babbr of VARNHH. Her eveningwear collection, feturing colors in Sanskrit, represented just that with each vibrant and intricate gown that lighted up the runway. Nothing but silk was used in each design, creating a fluidity in the line with the various colors. Each colored, full gown wowed the crowd with the attention that went into creating such well-done and high-quality pieces. From pleated details on waistlines to gorgeous neck pieces on some the gowns were the definition of couture fashion. VARNHH no doubt brought some color to the runway that was positively received. This was indeed a sophisticated, elegant, and strong first collection from Sakshee Babbr! It’s safe to say that Cliché cannot wait to see what else is in store for this young, talented designer. We wish her the best of luck!

Check out some of VARNHH’s beautiful looks below that we loved, and visit Sakshee Babbr’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Varnnh, for more information on the line and upcoming news.
VARNHH by Sakshee Babbr SS 2015 Collection: Photo credit goes to Julian Alexander  and Michael Doroc 

DJ JES Interview


New York native JES has not left her throne since she entered the dance music game. From her hit song “As the Rush Comes” to “Imagination,” the blonde bombshell is as lovely and beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. From her Los Angeles apartment, JES talks to us about her constant craving for the Big Apple, her two-story studio, and her positive yoga lifestyle. Check out the DJ JES interview below!

Cliché: You’re originally from New York City. Which part did you grow up in?
JES: I grew up on 10th Street between University and 5th. Then when I was around 12 years old, my family and I moved uptown to the East Side, but I still have an apartment in the East Village.

Do you visit New York often?
I never really thought I’d be in LA as much as I am, but it’s much easier because I have a studio and I’m always working. I do go back and forth as much as I can. Last year I really tried to move back to New York. I was there the whole year, but nobody wanted to come with me. It was very hard to be the head of my business and control it from New York when everyone is here in LA. I try to go every month or two and I try to stay as long as possible. These days you can write on a computer, and I have a microphone I bring with me, so I can write anywhere. Recording is a little bit different; if I need to work on vocal production, then I really need to be in my studio. When I am in New York, I like to visit as many museums and take in as much of the city as I can.

Tell us about your studio.
I have a beautiful and huge studio in LA. I partnered with a few people, so it’s actually a full, two-story live recording room with a bunch of different writing and media rooms downstairs. I also have a workroom in my apartment where I can sing all the time with a whisper room so I don’t bother my neighbors! In my New York apartment, I just pretty much close the door and hope my neighbors don’t get mad. My neighbors are funny; they’ll come to me and say, “I really like that song you’re working on.”
What kind of music did you listen to when you were growing up? Was there a specific group or artist you gravitated towards?
I was always into songs and voices; I wasn’t necessarily really into groups. I was listening to Madonna and other kinds of pop music. My good friend introduced me to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Van Morrison. It taught me a lot about songwriting and different styles.

What influenced you to take the step to work with music?
Well my dad is a businessman, but my mom is very musical. Growing up in my house, the radio was always on and we had a piano and a guitar. I grew up going to plays and recitals, and I was humming, singing, and making up songs from a really early age. I can remember being as young as 5 years old and making songs. I went to a performing arts school and was part of the choir and always going out for auditions. I never really wanted to do anything else. I feel kind of lucky that way because I was always surrounded by music and knew what I wanted to do. It’s not easy you know, but I kind of went into it sort of naive. I was working at studios, working for anything that can get me around music.

Would you consider yoga as one of your hobbies or is it more of a lifestyle?
I’d definitely consider yoga a lifestyle. It kind of saved my life. I’ve always done yoga, but I started doing a Vinyasa power/hot yoga and also meditating. Anything that can quiet my mind for an hour or two is relaxing. It’s very hard; you have to be so strong, but it’s such a great workout that has calmed me down and helps me maintain my focus. I know it’s not for everybody, but I find that it’s one of the best workouts for me. I ran a marathon and I work out every day at the gym, but I’ve seen more change through yoga than any other workout. 

Which marathon did you run?
I ran the Honolulu Marathon about two years ago and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever done. I actually had a show on a Friday and ran the marathon on a Sunday. I ran for an LA-based charity APLA and I met a lot of wonderful people. I remember training on the treadmill and I was so nervous about the marathon. I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but I did and finished under six hours, which is pretty good time. I would suggest anybody to run in a marathon because it’s an incredible life-changing experience. I’d love to run the New York marathon, but there’s something very magical about Hawaii. 

From watching your music videos and performances, you have a very rockstar style. What are some of your favorite pieces in your closet?
I do so many shows and it’s kind of funny because you can’t wear things too many times. I like a lot of vintage pieces and my sister is an amazing photographer in New York who finds some really nice pieces. I also work with a designer here named Maggie Barry who designs a lot of stuff with me. When I’m in New York, I check out downtown shops, and in LA there’s a place called Santee Alley, which is a great place to go for cool jewelry and artsy/trashy boutiques and shoes. I’m kind of eclectic with things that I put together. When I started out, I was the girl with the corn rolls. Now, through the years, I am a little more dressy, but I love the sneaker wedge craze. I know they aren’t the most beautiful things, but you can find some really cool ones and for long shows they are very comfortable. I love to dress up and I get the opportunity to indulge that when I perform.

You collaborated with ATB and are featured in three of his songs on his album Contact. How was the experience working with him?
I did shows over the years with him and we’ve always bumped into each other. We’ve been wanting to work together for about five years now and when I put out my song, “Higher Than the Sun,” he wrote me and said, “JES, I’m doing my album; we gotta sit down.” It was a wonderful experience and he’s such a sweet guy. Unfortunately, we were too busy to actually be in the studio together because he’s in Germany, but we went back and forth for a year with tracks and he really pushed me in certain directions. I was very happy because the first track we did was a mid tempo ballad and I’m very known in the EDM world, but I really come from the rock/pop world, so it was nice to be able to collaborate on different tracks. They had different elements and they really came out great. The track “Together” is one of my favorites. “Hard To Cure” is a big dance anthem that I think will be one of the singles, and “Right Back to You” is a little more pop. I love them all and I’m so happy with the way they came out. We did a few preview shows for the album in Chicago, San Francisco, and Roseland Ballroom in New York City before it closed. My mother came and it was a really special and wonderful show. It’s very exciting and I’m really looking forward to doing more shows.

You have collaborated with many artists over the years. What has been one of your favorite collaborations?
Like I said, I don’t always get to go in the studio with artists, but one of my favorites and one of my most successful collaborations was with BT. I had a song called “Every Other Way” and we performed it with a huge orchestra. It was like a dream; it was amazing. I actually have been able to work with him in the studio so that’s special. I think Tiësto and BT are the only two people I went in the studio with. BT was one of my favorites and we’ve written so many beautiful things together and are very good friends.

Since you’ve DJed all over the world, what is your absolute favorite city to play in?
You can’t beat Ibiza, but I love so many places because they’ve been so wonderful. Mexico City and Kuala Lumpur are amazing. One of my favorite places to play is the beautiful Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

JES’s Interview “The Queen of EDM” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s April/May 2014 issue.


Sara Emanuel


Premiering just this past February at New York Market Week, the new women’s clothing brand Sara Emanuel proves to be quite the sight for sore eyes. The debut Fall 2014 collection—with its palette of black, navy, red, and gold—utilizes fabrics from leather to lace and was inspired by the modern woman and her evolving, feminine figure. The dresses, often garnished in flowers, bows, and frills, are perfect for dinner parties and red carpets. Fit for a more mature, though flirtatious, customer, the line has received much acclaim in these few short months for its undeniable charm, sophistication, and elegance. Below, we chat with the designers about their designing process, their favorite pieces, and what’s to come.
Twiggy Mod
Beaded Wave
Cliché: What got you interested in fashion design? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
Sara Emanuel: As a collective of designers, we have all been interested in fashion from a young age. Building the Sara Emanuel brand through a collective has been an amazing experience. We have the ability to fuse different people’s ideas and concepts and create adventurous and innovative designs.
What is your designing process like?
As a group, we brainstorm and take trips to London or Paris. Doing this usually triggers our themes, key inspirations, and looks. As we are a collective, it’s important to do this as it gets us all on the same page, working towards the same overall idea. From there we work on approximately 80 to 100 styles to create the full look book.
Which look from the Fall 2014 collection is your favorite, and why?
The Champagne Delight is one of our favorite looks as we feel it represents the brand and our costumers so well. It’s fun and flirtatious, but also classy and timeless.
Where did you get your inspiration for this collection?
London and Paris were our top inspirations. Premier Vision helps, too, as it has exciting fabric collections on display, inspiring us to be adventurous… one fabrication will normally take precedence and becomes the front runner. Our collection is designed using these key fabrics.
What is next to come from Sara Emanuel this year?
We plan to travel and seek new exciting fabrications and inspirations. We will continue to work as the collective designing Sara Emanuel and work towards creating a new collection maintaining our ideals of femininity, class, and fabulousness.
Photos courtesy of Sara Emanuel