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Japanese artist MIREI Celebrates New Album


As she uses music to call attention to important issues like #MeToo and #TimesUp, Japanese artist MIREI celebrates new album, Take Me Away. Her English debut album uses kaleidoscopic sound to produce a potent backdrop to her lyrical reflection on the painful push for authenticity in a deeply conformist culture. “‘Take Me Away’ is about how hard it is to feel like you belong, especially when you’re dealing with things like anxiety and depression,” she says. By the end, the singer encourages us to embrace our own truth. Finding collaborations with Dai Burger, DJ Sliink, and DJ Shiftee, she perfects this amazing rendition of ‘No Ordinary Love’ which she gave a portion of its proceeds to NAACP. Get to know this influential, inspiring artist as you hit replay on her music.

Cliche Mag: Tell us about your cover of Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” – why this track and why now?

MIREI: Because of COVID-19 my tour and all my gigs were canceled and I was stuck at home. It was frustrating but also gave me time to dig into some music. I felt a new connection to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love” while sheltering in place. This was certainly no ordinary love or life. The song just hit differently – originally it’s a simple love song but now listening to it, I just think about how people are finding new ways to give love to each other while we’re kept apart from each other. The virus has taken so much from us, but not our ways to connect. After I performed it on my IG TV (aka MIREI TV), the fans really loved it and I decided I needed to release it officially with a video to further share the message.  That’s why I decided to cover this song, dedicating to all the frontline workers for COVID-19, and also all who are fighting against racial injustices.

Talk about your album Take Me Away

Take Me Away is my first album in English, and it’s inspired totally by my experiences and stories as a young 21 year old woman living in Japan as well as my friends. Growing up in the big city of Tokyo has been such an inspiration and influenced all that I do, but there is a dark side too.I wanted to break the stereotype of cute, east, kawaii girls in Japan. I wanted to break the toxic masculinity around us, pushing us down. There’s more to us and we have something to say!

What inspired your English language debut?

I have to be honest, the internet was the biggest inspiration for me. On social networks like Twitter or Instagram, many people started to voice their opinions and fight for their rights and equality in movements such as #metoo, #timesup, and #blacklivesmatter. We’re all so connected and the internet has empowered us, especially to tell the stories that maybe would go unheard normally. Growing up in Tokyo is exciting but also gave me so much discomfort as a musician and woman. I want to solve those discomforts, or at least start a dialogue on it all. And that’s when I realized it isn’t enough to sing these songs in Japanese… so with English being more of a universal language, I knew more people would listen.  I needed to tell the WORLD about what was happening here.
Do you have a favorite song on the album?

I love every song from my album so it really depends on my mood each time. Right now I feel like I wanna choose “Let Me Be.” I love how the song is just buttery smooth and an honest exchange from one lover to another. If you love 90s R&B, I’m sure you’ll love this one.

Talk about your tribute to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements

While watching the #metoo movement, I just felt like I could relate and that’s what seems to be the common thread with women around the world. I experienced similar situations, and heard some horror stories from my friends. The story I was shocked the most by was Shiori Ito’s. She came forward about a Japanese journalist who raped her. At first Japanese media tried to hide the news but thanks to the internet, it wasn’t possible to keep it a secret. She could also speak English, so media all over the world had covered it. Finally the civil court found the journalist guilty in December of 2019 after Shiori had initially lost it in criminal court. Here’s the thing though – we still don’t know ALL the stories and we still don’t know ALL the cases, and how many cases have been swept under the rug like this without the same result? So what if she didn’t have internet? What if she couldn’t have the strength to keep fighting and pushing? There are so many hidden victims treated unfairly. I tell this story a little bit in my song “Not A Number” on the album.

Tell us about MIREI TV. How has it changed your work as an artist during shelter in place?

Since we have to keep social distance, it became impossible to do concerts or shows and sing together face to face. As I said, my tour was canceled and that’s so frustrating, but this also gave me the opportunity to keep live streaming. I have my fans all over the world and most of them are living in outside of Japan anyway so they can’t come to the gigs. It has been so awesome to communicate with my fans and talk about many topics together, while also laughing and keeping positive through all this. I go live on Fridays at 7 pm EDT but people are tuning in from so many different time zones! I’m just thankful for this.

Who inspires you lately?

Roberta Flack. I started to do YouTube live in June and since June became Black Music Month, I’ve I’m digging into soul music from the 1960’s to 70’s. It’s all I’ve been listening to these days. “old but gold” as they say. Spotify and YouTube are now suggesting so many nice classic recordings! Roberta Flack’s voice is just so elegant and sexy at the same time, which I’m trying to be in my real life (haha). I’m listening to her everyday, drinking hot green tea. That’s my chill.

What are your goals for your future as a rising female artist?

I want to be a musician who voices the things people can’t say easily. In my album, it was about Japan and Women’s rights but there’s so much I want to say. It could be about relationships, racial injustice, or just life. Music has a special power to me and with music I feel like I can be a spokesperson for my fans. Of course I do have a dream to go on a world tour, collaborate with who I love and admire, but at the end of the day I want to be someone who always stays with my fans and listens to their voices. That’s how music empowers me and I want to do the same for them!

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Leah Kate Is Back And Grooving


Leah Kate is back and grooving with “Fuck Up The Friendship“, her latest single after “bad idea”. This groovy single is about falling in love with the wrong person, who could actually be the right one. The artist’s relatable lyrics remind us of the times we risk it all for love. Kate also returns with another self-made music video for the single, available here. She uses abstract objects and shots, like burning flowers, to represent the experience of falling for someone. During the current state of the world, the LA-based singer inspires us to keep the people we love closer than ever. On her single she shares, “music unites people and I hope someone can get a good dance out of it”. Watch out for her upcoming projects in 2020.Leah Kate

Cliche Mag: What got you into songwriting?
Leah Kate: When I was super young I just wanted to follow the lead of all of my artist inspirations, so tried to make songs like them! I used to record home videos and karaoke all the time, at the age of 6. Then my brother and I ended up making a studio in our home in Los Angeles and started writing songs together. We started really young and still make music together today.
Your recent music videos have been self-made, for both “bad idea” and your new single “fuck up the friendship.” Can you talk about that process?
I honestly prefer it. I love when there’s more pressure to get stuff done in impossible circumstances. It’s funny because they came out cooler than any other videos I’ve made in a non-pandemic crisis of a time. It really reflects the raw truth behind the song. 
Where did your inspiration come from for the new single?
“fuck up the friendship” was inspired by a crush I ended up having on a friend. I never thought I would fall for them but I did and just wanted to go for it, despite everything telling me not to.
Your music tells girls to lift themselves, and each other, up. What has been the drive behind these honest lyrics?

I just think it;s so important to support each other and lift one another up… I’ve experienced a lot of the opposite of that in my life, people trying to bring me down, make me feel bad, etc. That is something I’m super against and I want to make people feel good always. I’m like the free therapist to all of my friends so if i can do that through my songs, I’m happy.
Who would you like to collaborate with in the coming years?

Dua Lipa for sure.

As a young woman in the music industry, where do you hope to take your career?

Selling out stadiums!!!

So, how have you been keeping busy / active during shelter-in-place?

Writing , making content, exercising, baking, and I’m taking an online songwriting class which has been great!

You’re offering free consultations to up-and-coming BPOC and marginalized artists/creators in the music industry. How has that experience been for you? Did people email you and if so, what have you taken away from this experience thus far?

Yes! It’s been amazing. I love to talk to people and help people. In all the convos I’ve had with artists that reached out to me one thing I’ve learned is that we should never stop supporting each other and lifting each other up as we try to find the new normal. 
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Pop-Singer CAROLINE Drops New Single


Pop-singer CAROLINE drops new single, “We Should Break Up”, to give her fans, CAROLINE’s BFFs, an uplifting jam as they stay home and stay safe. Her single is dedicated to the moment when you know something just isn’t right, and it’s time for a change. This relaxed pop song gets you dancing and crying at the same time. Stream her single now for real lyrics and dance worthy tunes. 

Based in Los Angeles, she appreciates all styles of music and brings authenticity to her lyrics with her southern roots of North Carolina, and living through the teenage experience. Her connection not only to music, but to her fans is constant and deep. She shares her advice with her BFFs on her diary blog. 

Even during quarantine, the artist made her own music video alongside her single release. 

The young artist has gained millions of streams, and her song “Already There” is a viral TikTok sound for thousands of viewers. Through her music, CAROLINE delivers personal and passionate lyrics alongside her upbeat melodies. To pair with her music she has created a daily music video series on YouTube. She strives to bring positivity to her fans and to help them through mental health struggles, hoping her music makes their day a little brighter.

The singer also promotes a life style brand, The Caroline Collection, encouraging girls to express themselves. Her slogan is “Making You Feel Glittery” and her site features her clothing and inspired fans. Don’t miss out on this entrepreneurial singer as she makes her debut across the nation. Get to know CAROLINE as she goes live weekly on Instagram and remains in touch with her fans to wait out the crisis together. 

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Artist Leah Kate releases new single “bad idea”


LA-based artist Leah Kate releases new single “bad idea” along with a self-made lyric video. Amid stay at home orders and social distancing policies, Kate taught herself how to edit and create the lyric video to her single. Her honest, independent talent is clear as she captures the young female experience through music. 

The artist shared this about her new single:

“We all have imperfections, and can have distorted thinking caused by love or desire, and that’s okay. This internal conflict is real, it is normal, and it is something we all find ourselves needing to address at some point. Sometimes doing something that seems like a bad idea can be exhilarating and fun, and it ultimately helps us to learn about ourselves and grow. I want my listeners to feel a sense of comfort when they may be in a similar situation… to know that they’re not alone, and can bring a little light to the situation.”

She draws inspiration from her own life as she searches for confindence and self-identity. All the while sharing her journey with us through an IDGAF attitude that leaves us dancing to her songs. The artist shared, “I am a big advocate of following your gut and listening to your heart.” 


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Alt-Pop Songtress ALITA Shares New Emotional Single “Too Close”


Alt-Pop songtress ALITA shares new emotional single “Too Close”, but has been ready to take on the world with her genre bending music from a young age. Singing Mariah Carey at age 6, and writing poetry to express herself, she continues to lean into her roots as she makes music. She pulls inspiration from her personal playlists of Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, and The 1975, as she seeks to tell honest stories through her relatable and open lyrics. 

ALITA has released two singles, If I Have To” and “Human Nature”, that explore the complex questions she hopes to create more dialogues for. “Spoken word reminds me that pop music, music in general, is better when it explores questions like: What does it mean to be a certain race? What does it mean to be a woman? Why do we do the things we do? What is really holding me back from saying or doing or being the person I want to be? Literature and poetry and performances all impact my writing because it reminds me to go deeper,” shared ALITA.


She celebrates the release of her new single today, “Too Close”, where she explores her experiences in what she deems a ‘situationship’. This beautiful breakup ballad tells the story of two people figuring out what they mean to one another. Yet ALITA gives us a fresh narrative told from her partner’s perspective to reveal her own anxieties, it’s that moment of fear in a new relationship, when you realize you’re past the point of return,” she shared, and admittedcutting things off is really hard and releasing this song feels like a bookend to that whole situation.” 

Embracing the unconventional elements, ALITA is sure to continue creating unique lyrics and nonchalant, yet intimate tempos that bring us into her world, while helping us reflect on our own. 

Stream her new single today.

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Underground and Upcoming: Noah Woods


17-year-old high school senior Noah Woods is on the track for big things. With a mixtape coming out next month, Stoners Welcome, and multiple performances for upcoming Georgia State events, he’s on the come up!  I’m just glad I can say I knew him in his beginning years! He’s been doing music for almost 3 years now and will never look back. With no formal training, Noah learned to mix his own beats and music himself off YouTube! Isn’t it crazy what you can learn from the internet? Read more below!

Cliché: When did you first start making music?
Noah Woods: When I was 15, during freshman year of high school, but I didn’t really start “professionally” until I was 16.
What inspired you to start?
I just love music. I knew I was going to be doing music for the rest of my life, but I just didn’t think it was going to be rapping.
What inspires you now?
Experiences, honestly. I just like to talk about stuff I live, stuff I do, and stuff I want to work out for me.
Do you play any instruments?
I’ve tried to play guitar, but I wasn’t very good at it.
Do you have any formal training?
Do you write and produce your own music?
I write it all myself, but I have my own producer. I started mixing my own music, and I actually learned that off YouTube! I don’t have any formal equipment, but I usually just need to download a program to mix it all.
How do you get your music out?
Usually just social media: Instagram and Twitter. And I release music through my SoundCloud account (Check out: Noah Wood$)
What do you like most and what do you like least?
I like to be able to express myself. Any type of art, photography, music, clothes, whatever it is, I like the form of expression that comes from it. I don’t like how people act towards music and the business side of it. I don’t like dealing with the business aspect of it, I just want to make the music. 
What is your typical day like?
I’m still in high school, so I get up and go to class Monday-Friday, but when I’m out around 3:30, I go straight home and grab something to eat, first of all! Usually, I go straight to the studio after that until about 10pm, usually. I’ll go about 4-5 days out of the week.
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Take your time in releasing your music; perfect it first. Don’t be so eager to put it out so fast. And stay true to yourself. Don’t change your music to go with what’s hot, just do what you want to do.
Underground and Upcoming: Noah Woods: Photo courtesy of Davianne Gray