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Currently Playing: Night Drive’s Summer Playlist


Need some tunes to get you through the remainder of the summer? Plug in your headphones and imagine yourself on a road trip through the desert at night with the eclectic band Night Drive, who put together an artist playlist of some of their favorite summer jams just for you. Night Drive’s personal sound that’s inspired by sci-fi cinematic landscapes has been influenced by some of the artists on this playlist, so put the top down and enjoy the ride under the stars.


Mac Demarco – “On The Level”
It’s morning, you’ve just started the drive, and this song sets the tone for your trip. Slow yourself down and enjoy; you’ll be in the car for a while.

Boulevards – “Got To Go”
At this point, it’s just starting to hit you how long this drive is going to be. Do you have it in you? Time to inject some upbeat disco to keep your spirits up.

Matthew Dear – “Earthforms” 
You’re beyond the point of no return now, in the zone and driving 90 in a hypnotic trance through the desert.

Miike Snow – “Cult Logic” 
You’ve just passed a huge array of wind-power turbines, a nice change of scenery in the trip.

Felt – “Penelope Tree”
It’s late afternoon and there’s been nothing for miles; time for an ’80s throwback.

Pixies – “Silver”
It is now dusk and Texas has amazing sunsets if nothing else. This song feels like the sun setting in the desert.

Anoraak – “Heart Out”
Time to start the night-time vibes.

Black Marble – “Woods”
This drive has been going on for so long, you get delirious and start to wonder if maybe you took a wrong turn. Are you lost?

Boxed in – “Forget” 
It’s now late night and there are no street lights. You’ve become reckless and you’re driving much faster than you should be at this point.

Broken Bells – “Perfect World”
You just saw a sign and you’re only 30 miles from your destination. Here’s your song to celebrate the home stretch.

Check out the Spotify Playlist here and check out the synth-tastic Night Drive’s music video for “Rise and Fall” below.


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Currently Playing: Night Drive’s Summer Playlist: Photo by Daniel Cavazos