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EMPIRE Collection – NY Fashion Week SS20


EMPIRE Collection has just released their SS20 pre-season mini Collection at New York Fashion Week and we’d love to give you an early preview.

Inspiration for the collection

Jordan Prince designed this pre season mini collection as ‘a demonstration of edgy British contemporary style’, he also adds, ‘as I have previously focused more on menswear design, I wanted to softly introduce womenswear to the brand and show that we can create versatile styles’.


Notabe Features

EMPIRE Collection have previously featured in Vogue UK, GQ Magazine, and Schon Magazine.Designer


The designer Jordan Prince studied pattern cutting at the London College of Fashion and then went onto work on London’s highly renowned Savile Row.

Clean cut with an edgy twist. He takes inspiration from a range of areas but mainly classical fashion and modern streetwear.

Check out the full collection and their Instagram.


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Images provided by Empire Collection

Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina at New York Fashion Week


New York Fashion Week is an iconic event and every show during the week is unique and carefully crafted by the designers and all those who make it possible. I was very fortunate to attend one of the the Fall/Winter 2019 shows presented by Nolcha Shows. Designers Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina sent their models down the runway in beautiful collections that were both cohesive and distinct. The seats around the runway filled up quickly and before I knew it the show was underway. The lights dimmed and the music blared letting everyone know that what the audience was about to see was going to be nothing short of dramatic.

Bennov’s models took the runway first. From flowing, elegant dresses and skirts, to jumpsuits, every look had details that made them all stand out. Keeping materials and themes consistent throughout but crafting several different looks from the same colors and fabrics, Bennov’s collection had pieces that were all connected while also standing out on their own.

Supin took the runway second and “aesthetics is the cultural root of the brand,” specifically, “plain aesthetics.” These pieces were simple and to the point and there was such a coolness about them. These were looks that I could see roaming the streets of cities. Each look distinctly different from the last, there was something for everyone in this collection.

Videmus Omina was the last designer to send their looks down the runway. This was high fashion. Beautifully crafted pieces that are more on the side of avant garde. The amount of time each one of these looks must have taken to create I can’t even fathom. The designer kept some ideas consistent here too, like the use of ruffles and sheer materials. Each look was bold and just incredible to look at.



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Bennov, Supin, and Videmus Omina at New York Fashion Week: Image Credit: Paul Newland

Naeem Khan SS18 Collection


It goes without saying that Naeem Khan knows his way around a gorgeous gown. Mumbai native Khan fused his technical tutelage under renowned American designer Halston with his family’s design background to cultivate an aesthetic that is equal parts refined, sophisticated, and engaging. His admirers cement Khan’s reputation as a man at the pinnacle of his craft; his A-list clientele includes Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, and Michelle Obama.


A tribute to legendary prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, Khan’s collection unfolded much like Pavlova’s iconic performance of “The Dying Swan”: beautiful, mesmerizing, and a true tour de force of intricate technical skill. Khan’s woman clearly has a bold confidence and self-assured ownership of any room that she walks into, with a healthy flair for the dramatic and unabashed embrace of sex appeal. The runway effortlessly glided from fun fringe and fresh florals to plunging V-necks and see-through evening apparel. If the eternal question posed to every designer is “where is your woman going?” the answer here seems to be “to a swanky party…with an after party in mind, if her date plays their cards right.”

Far from being discordant, the wide variety of aesthetics embodied by the collection celebrates the many nuances of a woman’s personality and taste. Who doesn’t want to throw on a ’50s tea-length dress for a sweet and ethereal effect during the day and then transition to something sleeker and edgier by night? The color palette is also incredibly compelling, with Khan favoring bright yellows and teals. Wherever you would be going in one of these dresses, you would certainly be the center of attention and relishing every second of it.


One of our favorite pieces had to be the opaque gown featuring tiers of silky tassels. The fabric moved beautifully and granted the model an almost angelic quality. Simultaneously, it was still practical for real-world wear and perfect for any formal occasion. Also notable was the final look, a bridal-inspired piece that seemed to float across the runway with ease. Flattering, sexy, and a total showstopper.

Khan’s designs defy conventional categorization with mesmerizing results. In contrast to other runway shows, his aesthetic playfully and perhaps intentionally skirts a universal narrative. He could be offering a winking suggestion that the viewer can embody any look they want and do so with pride. One thing is for sure: much like his muse Pavlova, his collection keeps us on our toes.

For more information, visit www.naeemkhan.com.

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Naeem Khan SS18 Collection: Photographs courtesy of George Chinsee/WhoWhatWear

Top Beauty Looks From NYFW


New York Fashion Week is one of the many big events that take place in the city. The streets are filled with fashionable individuals rocking high-end designers or even slaying the sidewalks with their very own looks. However, the models aren’t the only ones dressed to impress; from popping, bright colors to mink or leather, the city itself becomes a fashion show during this time. As much as we love viewing videos or photos from the shows and admiring the pieces from the designers, many people don’t acknowledge the beauty theme for each show. Makeup and hair play just as an important a role as the pieces from the collections of any fashion show. The themes can go from simple and natural to bold and dark. Every model is beautiful in their own way, which makes the beauty part of the game an even more interesting feature to the runway shows. While the makeup and hair may be similar, every model wears them differently. That being said, here are the top beauty looks from NYFW. 


Pamella Roland SS18 X Frédéric Fekkai

For her SS18 collection, Pamella Roland brought in Stefanie Francois, the lead stylist at Frédéric Fekkai, and created a stunningly sleek and clean hairstyle and makeup that surely brought the collection to life. The entire look was created with Frédéric Fekkai’s collection The One and was inspired by highlighting every model’s high points on the face as well as embracing their natural features.

Banana Republic SS18, by Stila Cosmetics

This gorgeous look was created by Sarah Lucero, Stila Cosmetics, and Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry for Banana Republic. The look featured a dewy face and used Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color to shape the brows. For the eyes, Lucero opted to go for bold and lengthy lashes all while staying on the natural side. The look is finished with flushed cheeks and soft pink lips.

Brock SS18

The models had gorgeous burgundy-smokey eyes with a touch of bronze. The look reflected a romantic feel that brought the entire collection of floral and patterns together.

Jeremy Scott SS18

While the makeup here was minimal, the clothing is what did all the talking. Even though there wasn’t any eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, blush, etc., the models had crystals glued below their low lashes for a pop of shine. Certainly creative and unique for a no-makeup look.

Fenty x Puma SS18

The Fenty x Puma collection definitely was one that was most talked about. And, yes, you guessed it: the models wore Rihanna’s makeup line Fenty Beauty to give them a blinding glow on the runway. A highlighter from the line was placed on the models’ cheekbones, eyelids, and the inner corners of their eyes, making every model on the runway a shining star.

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Top Beauty Looks From NYFW: Images courtesy of E! Online, Vogue, PopSugar, Harpers Bazaar, nitrolicious, and Creative Media Marketing. Featured image courtesy of Stila Cosmetics.

alice + olivia Spring 2018 collection


alice + olivia founder Stacey Bendet has never been afraid to embrace the bold and unconventional. It’s fitting, then, that the alice + olivia Spring 2018 presentation bypassed the traditional NYFW runway format in favor of a series of quirky vignettes meant to evoke the iconic Chelsea Hotel, whose artistic tenants substituted their work for rent. In homage to its inspiration, many celebrities channeled their creative talent into the elaborate set designs, including Jemima Kirke and Tallulah Willis.


Bendet’s design aesthetic is described on the AO website as the juxtaposition of “whimsical and flirty with the sexy and sophisticated.” This collection is a direct testament to just how delightful a marriage between feminine and kitsch can be. Flirty florals and ethereal silhouettes mix effortlessly with sleek separates and unapologetic statement tees. Both the print selection and color palette are a feast for the eyes, with each pop of color and playful design beckoning the consumer to push the envelope with a hint of hippie nostalgia. Fear not; crisp tailoring and smart proportions balance the collection from teetering over the edge of good taste.

The very careful and deliberate styling of the individual looks seem to be organized thematically based on each set, transporting the viewer to different times and places. The softer pastels and woodland backdrop suggested a dreamy nymph vibe, while the charmingly irreverent interiors appeared to reanimate the charmed lifestyle of a ’70s socialite.

This collection has something for everyone, from bellbottoms and breezy rompers to showstopping full-length skirts and impeccably fitted blazers. It’s impossible to truly take a definitive favorite, but if we had to choose the pieces we think came out on top, special mention would have to go to the Woodstock-esque embroidered jeans and the leaf three-piece ensemble. What can we say? We are suckers for an unexpected print. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention the tee that proclaims “THE WORLD NEEDS MORE SPARKLE” because given the current state of affairs of the world we live in, we could definitely use a heaping helping of the stuff. On that note, the show exudes an undercurrent of magic and whimsy that feels downright cathartic in times like these.

Overall, the alice + olivia Spring 2018 collection is a nod to every woman who’s not afraid to embrace her creativity and express her femininity. It certainly fulfills its mission of speaking to “the artsy intellectual living in a world where she wants to uplift others and be uplifted.” We can all aspire to live in a more uplifting world—and to look stylish while doing so.

For more information, visit www.aliceandolivia.com.

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alice + olivia Spring 2018 collection: Photographs courtesy of alice + olivia

Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore Stun At NYFW


In the world of fashion, the glamorous, mesmerizing brands are the ones that capture people’s attention, especially during New York Fashion Week. Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore do exactly this with their dapper lines of clothing and accessories. Badgley Mischka’s line adds a modern flair to seemingly timeless eveningwear designs, and Francesca Liberatore’s collection includes powerful colors and styles that represent the 90’s vintage look.

Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the creators of Badgley Mischka, both studied at Parsons School of Design in New York, which is where they met and realized their similar taste in styles. Today, they are both listed on Vogue’s “Top 10 American Designers” list for their creative designs that appeal to a variety of women. Their clothing line is all about appearing fabulous without having to spend hours getting ready. Similarly, Francesca Liberatore graduated from Central Saint Martins, and now has her own clothing label that continuously dazzles the fashion world with the powerful messages they represent.

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka’s Spring 2018 line includes looks that are simply captivating, with their elegant designs and neutral colors. Featured in their collection are several different shades of pinks, whites, reds, blues, and yellows instead of flashy, bright color combinations. The majority of the designs are solid colored pieces, although there are a few floral or patterned dress prints included to give more than one style option. This brand is so captivating due to the impressive detailing they add to their designs. Most of the necklines on the dresses they sell are embellished with embroidery, beads, or some form of jewels to add a statement piece to their otherwise simple designs. The necklines themselves are just as important, some pieces have halter tops, some are strapless, and others have plunging necklines. Each dress has an elegant flair to dress up an otherwise solid, neutral color. These dresses are the perfect choice for a polished event such as a fancy dinner or an evening party.

Francesca Liberatore

Francesca Liberatore’s Spring 2018 clothing line is absolutely alluring. This collection is composed of a variety of long dresses; a plaid one, a silver one with a black pattern, a strapless yellow dress with pockets, and plenty more. She also included several pantsuits and two-piece ensembles in this line; the plaid set with the ruffled pants by far the most memorable of all the selections. Francesca Liberatore uses minimal color, but the detailing in her clothing is evident. Each outfit has some form of ruffles, embroidery, or intricate necklines to capture attention. She uses simple whites, grays, and dark blues to compose her clothing, and offers a few bold options such as the yellow embroidered two-piece set as well.

The Finishing Touch

Besides their astonishing clothing line, Badgley Mischka’s accessories are equally as beautiful. Most of their Spring 2018 runway styles included a variety of tassel earrings, a statement piece that is very in style right now. Their jeweled pumps are nothing shy of fabulous and really popped on the runway, especially when paired with a neutral khaki skirt or a white dress. In contrast, Francesca Liberatore’s line included minimal accessories and neutral white shoes.

Although distinctive, both Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore made lasting impressions at New York Fashion Week with their new Spring 2018 lines. Badgley Mischka’s line is complete with neutrals, solid and bold colors, and sparkly accessories. There is something for women with all different styles. Francesca Liberatore’s line is simple, yet elegant. Her pieces have the potential to be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion, offering consumers some flexibility in their fashion choices.

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Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore Stun At NYFW: Photographs courtesy of Badgley Mischka and Francesca Liberatore

Katie Gallagher Presents “RAIN” SS18 Collection


When most people think of rain, they think of inconvenience. They see a cold, wet, and dreary day. They think of mud, big gray clouds, thunder, and lightning. There are rain boots and slippery sidewalks and clunky umbrellas; there are people running for cover under trees and awnings. But when luxury ready-to-wear fashion designer Katie Gallagher thinks of rain, she sees the beauty and mystery in it, enough to base her entire Spring/Summer 2018 collection around it.

When Gallagher thinks of rain, she sees an early, rainy spring day in New York City, one where the rain quietly melts away any lingering ice on the sidewalk. Eventually, the fog lifts and the sun comes creeping through the parting storm clouds. The world is a combination of baby blue and black, morphing from one season to another.

Gallagher’s RAIN collection features just that: dark and breezy, yet icy, pieces. From lightweight layers and sheer garments to black tights and baby blue bodysuits, Gallagher’s vision of a rainy day is front and center. At the New York Fashion Week presentation earlier this month, the models walked out to an eerie mix by Gallagher and Mark McPheeters, all under moody greenish blue fluorescent lights. At the end, the music was drowned out by the sound of heavy rain.


Some of our favorite pieces from the collection include a translucent beaded black dress paired with opaque black tights, a baby blue bodysuit with matching netted leggings, tailored black ankle pants, and a bondage bodysuit.

The beauty looks, done by Bradley Miller for MAC Cosmetics (makeup) and Robert Totcherman for R&CO (hair), also helped make this collection pop. Loose double buns are effortless yet chic, and the icy eye shadow and pearl, teardrop-like embellishments were a nice touch.


For more information, visit www.katiegallagher.com.

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Katie Gallagher Presents “RAIN” SS18 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Nico Iliev and Katie Gallagher

All Comes From Nothing FW17 Collection


Fashion designer Eva Yiwei Xu has always aimed for simplicity, artistry, and elegance in her designs, and this continues to show in her latest Fall/Winter 2017 Collection for her brand, All Comes From Nothing. The collection, which debuted at New York Fashion Week this month, features an array of pieces from belted trench coats to trendy pullovers and is perfect for any woman who lives a creative lifestyle.

“The ACFN woman creates for life,” the designer explains on her website. “She is artistic, elegant, intuitive, and adventurous. Fashion is an accomplice, not her calling card.”

The collection follows a minimalist color palette familiar to All Comes From Nothing, which the designer has previously described as “art world uniform.” The pieces are mostly black, off-white, gray, and navy blue. However, Xu keeps it fresh with expert tailoring and flattering silhouettes and throws in pops of burnt orange, forest green, red, and purple towards the end.


A large tag that reads “#TNWIM” adorns several of the pants, pullovers, and outerwear. It stands for “That’s Not What I Meant,” a strong testament to this collection’s vibe and, undoubtedly, this day and age. The words “Please do not smile at strangers” are also visible throughout her entire creative lookbook and further add to the vibe of the collection in a thoughtful way.

Some of our favorite pieces include an array of turtleneck sweaters and pullovers in different colors, all embezzled with doodled artwork and phrases like “Seriously” and “Hello” across the chest. One top even reads “Too Glam to Give a Damn” under an electric blue bubble coat—a must-have in our book.

The styling of the looks especially caught our eye. Sweaters were layered over white blouses worn with striped culottes—a work-friendly outfit—while another model wore a black hoodie with an elegant black and white striped skirt and heels.

From carefully tailored striped ankle pants and patchwork dresses to red suede coats and oversized boyfriend shirts, there is truly something in this collection for every creative fashion enthusiast.


For more information, visit www.allcomesfromnothing.com.

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All Comes From Nothing FW17 Collection: Photographs courtesy of All Comes From Nothing

Back To School Trends: 3 Tips To Strut The Halls In Style


Nights are getting shorter, notebooks and pencils dominate the aisles of your local Target, and suddenly conversation has turned from pool parties to schedules. This can only mean one thing: school is, unfortunately, back in session. Whether you’re finishing out your senior year at university or starting your freshman year of high school, personal style is never more important than it is at the beginning of the year. While I made some pretty poor style choices in school (read: gauchos, hair feathers, and Aeropostale hoodies galore), I have since found my way in the fashion world. Here are three tips to help you avoid the mistakes I made…over and over.


Keep it trendy…but not too trendy.

Step into the halls with your best foot forward by picking a first day outfit that features something totally trendy and unique. Your outfit should be understated, but still leave your classmates wondering exactly how many fashion weeks you’ve attended (even if it’s zero). My suggestion? One super fashion forward, totally you accessory. Personally, I would take a hint from NYFW and go for something a little western, like this studded and embroidered leather jacket.

A cool bag is a MUST.

If you’re going to be carrying an accessory around every single day, you may as well make a statement. Save the Jansport bag for gym class and dare to take your backpack game to the next level. Functionality is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Personally, I’m a rucksack gal, and this gorgeous leather bag from Madewell easily transitions from classroom to Sunday brunch. The key here is to find something that will compliment your wardrobe and add to every outfit—not take away from it. Be sure to pick a material that will last and invest in a piece you can carry post-graduation.


Now is the time where you can try out all sorts of different trends, pieces, and styles. Don’t limit yourself to one vibe at the beginning of the school year like I did. One year, I decided I was totally edgy and too cool for school (pun intended), and I stocked my closet with studs and all black everything. By the time the spring semester rolled around, not only was I completely bored with that look, I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes! Instead of a major back to school shopping spree, purchase a few cool items and keep collecting unique pieces throughout the year. That way, you’ll end up with a ton of variety, and have the freedom to choose from a lot of different looks. Start with a killer pair of statement shoes, like these trendy glittery booties, and go from there.

The most important tip? Find your style, and have fun with it. Purchase pieces that take you a bit out of your comfort zone, and be willing to try something a little different. The halls are your personal runway, so work it!

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Back To School Trends: 3 Tips To Strut The Halls In Style: Featured image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Trends to Take From the Runway to Everyday


Now that New York Fashion Week is over, we’re having major post-show feels. The show was one for the books—from athleisure to formal wear, there wasn’t a single moment where our eyes weren’t glued to the beautiful models strutting the trendiest looks across the runway. Our fashion editors were in the front row, snapping pictures of clothes and accessories that are to die for. Fashion designers like Oscar de la Renta, Rag & Bone, and Vivienne Tam blessed the runway this year, giving us major inspiration to upgrade our wardrobes.

Pantone’s Color of the Year has not only made a beauty statement, but a fashion statement as well by releasing ten different spring colors to incorporate and inspire designers and their clothing. The Executive Director of Pantone’s Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, told the editors at WWD.com, “Obviously, that’s a really important part of where the fashion industry is headed. You have to look at things and ask if people would say, ‘I love that color. I want it now.’ For us, it also plays into that whole idea of transitional seasons and offering options that are not just typical of seasons.”
“It seems to me that exponentially it just gets better and better, because there is just so much originality and freedom in the use of color, particularly in the use of combinations,” Eiseman continued. “It’s fun for us to see the extremes, too—from the silly to the sublime. And silly in a good way because it can also be inventive, creative, and eye-catching. You look at all the gorgeous dresses, gowns, and fabrics and that’s all lovely. But when there’s whimsy as well that puts a smile on your face, that’s what fashion is all about.”
With so many different options, it was hard to not be inspired and make a fashion statement this season. Here are some of our favorite beauty looks straight from the runway that you can wear every day.

Bra Tops

Seen at Michael Kors Spring 2017
Stay on trend this season with bra tops; they’re all the rage.

Seen at Bottega Veneta Spring 2017
Classy, chic, and comfortable all in one. Find a pair of slacks and cut off the bottoms to make a rough hem. Top with a leather jacket and bra top for a cool, edgy look.

Beauty Rewind: FW16 Trends to Remember


Makeup trends are constantly being invented, so a refresher on what is trending each season is the perfect way for us beauty babes to be in the know of what is currently in! Some of you may remember the makeup trends that were presented on models during FW ‘16, but for those of you that don’t, fear not. We’re here to rewind what sashayed down those catwalks so you are prepared for what will be raging during this year’s fall and winter seasons. Picture manicures that are too cool not to try, vampy lip colors, ethereal complexions, glittery details, and looks that are reminiscent of the ‘70s. Ring a bell yet? If not, we’ll let the pictures do the talking as we dive into more detail with each trend to help you master them as if you remembered them all along. Don’t worry—it’ll be our little secret.


©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Vampin’ It Out
Just when we thought the red lip couldn’t be topped, the red-black version of this classic trend was brought out onto the runway in Rodarte’s Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection. It gives us all mysterious, spooky vibes that we can’t help but succumb to around October. And can you blame us? With lips as dark as these, you’ll feel like an infamous vamp that no one will want to mess with. Paired with a simple face, full brows, and a leather jacket, you’ll be ready to slay the night.

©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Back to the ‘70s
We’ve seen 70’s trends take us by storm again in the fashion game—from chokers and denim skirts to suede pants and folk-like prints—so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the beauty side would be sharing their own take on this era. The cut crease and a smoky eye created an effortless grunge effect in Diane von Furstenberg’s FW ‘16 line. To master this look, all you need is a grey-toned eyeshadow and a blending brush.

©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Goddess Glow
Believe it or not, an au naturale vibe was also favored on some catwalks during FW ‘16. Spotted at Valentino, Prada, and Gucci, models were photographed with fresh skin that had just a hint of a peachy glow for a goddess-like effect. It’s a look that reminded us so much that less can be more when you stick to minimal details and let your natural beauty just show.

©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

All That Glitter
Who knew glitter could be a normal everyday makeup look? Thanks to Burberry, we were introduced to gold glitter perfectly placed on the cheekbones of their models. Anyone who is brave enough to rock this trend more than once through fall and winter deserves serious kudos. This look is very much like the freckle trend that has been ruling out there, so if you’re a little taken aback by putting glitter on your face, reach for a metallic liquid liner instead and gently create dots along your nose and cheeks for this mesmerizing effect.

©Rachel Antonoff

Graphic Manis
Cutesy stickers to glass nails with artsy touches—the nail game at NYFW ‘16 was something that was totally new to us. Creatures of Comfort, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Opening Ceremony, and Rachel Antonoff (just to name a few) made a statement all on their own and had us wanting to up our manis right afterwards. If you’re not the best manicurist out there, don’t worry. We recommend grabbing nail polish strips, like the ones by Sally Hansen, which won’t have you swearing every time you can’t perfect a sharp, black line.

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“Beauty Rewind: FW16 Trends to Remember” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Oct/Nov 2016 issue. Featured image courtesy of  ©Sonny Vandevelde / Indigital.tv

Hair Trends Straight From NYFW


It feels like only yesterday when I was rushing from fashion show to fashion show during New York Fashion Week with Editor-in-Chief of Cliché, Megan. That was last year, though, and here we are again; another season of NYFW having come and gone, one that was filled with endless celebrity sightings, head-turning streetwear, awe-inspiring collections, and models that have you crushin’ non-stop. The addictive feeling created by NYFW is one like no other; it’s a time that makes many people just wanna pick up and move there. And we don’t blame ya! Being engulfed by fashion and inspiration around every corner is something we all would love to have year-round. For a lot of us, though, NYFW may be something we are still drooling over from our computer screens. Luckily, Cliché is always here to share with you what we witnessed during this iconic time that sometimes feels like a split second.

Believe it or not, at NYFW fashion isn’t the only part we’re there for. We’re there for everything: the one-of-a-kind characters, eclectic outfits, and must-try (even if it takes us a few attempts) beauty looks. Thankfully, we have such dear friends who are happy to share with us how we can nail the hair trends that’ll be poppin’ this season. From behind the scenes of these magical productions to your fingertips, check out how you can master Fall’s soon-to-be hair trends from NYFW. We’re casting a spotlight on our favorite hair trends from this season with Alice + Olivia, Naeem Khan, Kate Spade, and Rebecca Minkoff. Read how to style down below! 

Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia stole our hearts with its fanciful and enchanting Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The inspiration for Stacey Bendet in this season’s collection spurred from mystic gardens and 18th century tarot gardens. According to Stacey, “The collection is about the power of positivity and even though life sends us so many messages, it is all about how we interpret them – that is the beauty of the tarot card: it is totally interpretive.” TRESemmé sought to create stunning and unique hair looks that would pair perfectly with each whimsical outfit. Check out how Jeanie Syfu, hairstylist of TRESemme, styled each model’s hair into a fairy-like + city girl braided look that you’ll want to create right away.

  1. Prep damp hair with a generous amount of TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam through roots and lengths, and brush through for fluffy texture.
  2. Create a center part down to the nape of the neck and use a 1¼” curling iron to make loose waves along the part for texture and volume. Lightly tease the surface of the roots to give added lift.
  3. Starting below the ears, create a fishtail braid along both sides of the head and fasten with elastics.
  4. Add additional elastics through mid-lengths of both braids to create more shape; wrap hair around all elastics.  
  5. Using fingers, gently dishevel braids while pulling a few pieces out for an undone, wispy texture. Finish the look by lightly spraying TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Brushable Hold Hairspray all over for touchable hold that lasts.

Styling Products Used:

  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam
  • TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Brushable Hold Hairspray

Tools: Blow dryer, tail comb, elastics, bobby pins, clips, 1 1/4” curling iron.
Photos courtesy of TRESemmé and Alice + Olivia