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The Oil Products You Need to Try


I solemnly swear that I am a skincare junkie. Shout, “Girl, yes!” if you constantly find yourself in the same aisle surrounded by cleansers, moisturizers, face masks, and so much more. If so, then like me, you are always ready to try the next “big thing” because when your skin feels good and looks good, there is no stopping you. Personally, my skin has been feeling on cloud nine for the past couple of months and it’s all because of what has been taking up space on my shelves: oils.

DIY: Watermelon Coconut Mask


Masks are an essential part of healthy hair care, especially in rough weather. If you feel like your strands are getting dry, brittle, and thirsty, it’s time for some hair TLC. Sometimes you can’t always go out and purchase the newest hair masks on the market, so why not make your own? With the help of Latest-Hairstyles.com, we have a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own Watermelon Coconut Oil mask to give your mane some much needed moisture.

White Sand Rollerball Review


Nothing says relaxation like the beach. The warm sun on our skin, the sound of the ocean, sand between our toes, and the blissful atmosphere. Well, now you can bring the beach with you at all times with the White Sand rollerball fragrance oil from Finn & Co. It’s difficult to find the time to have ...

Mani-Pedi Musts


There’s nothing like a fresh mani-pedi to provide feelings of refinement and rejuvenation. However, week after week of attention can lead to a lack of green in wallets with an excess of cobwebs in its place. So, why not bring the salon home and give yourself endless mani-pedis for a fraction of the cost? These ...