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Celebrate Earth Day With 3 Organic Skincare Brands


Protecting the earth goes beyond planting trees and turning off the lights for a few hours — it’s a way of conscious and responsible living that extends even to your skincare products. So in the spirit of Earth Day, here are three organic skincare brands that will keep your skin and the planet healthier. Be sure to tell us what your favorite organic skincare brands are!

5 Small Beauty Brands You’ll Love


You know that when it comes to seeking out the latest in the ever-evolving beauty world, I am all about it. However, between the newest goodies that make their daily debuts on social media networks and the products flashing ‘New’ labels every time I enter a store, it can be quite the mission. So, instead ...

Love For LUSH


LUSH Floor Manager Dennis Vazquez Entering the LUSH Cosmetics store in Garden State Plaza automatically lifts my spirit and senses. From the sweet, magnificent smells to their luxurious products, I feel energized just by walking in the store. This time, I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing one of the floor managers named Dennis Vazquez, ...

Prairie Organic Spirits


It’s that time of the year again, and what’s a party without some festive holiday beverages? Allow me to introduce you to Prairie Organic Spirits, a certified organic spirits company whose beverages are made from organically-grown corn on prairie farms in the Midwest. What makes Prairie Spirits special is that the corn is grown by ...

Reset Yourself Beauty


"All natural" is the new black. Everywhere you look, companies are altering the ingredients of their products to fit the organic mold. Whether it's food, health or beauty, everyone is looking for natural products to help them look and feel their best. Founders at Reset Yourself Beauty are no exception to the rule. They've concocted a ...

Philosophy Wine Review


Natural and healthy products are the latest trends in social media. From instagramming our healthy meals and snacks to posting workout videos and results, this fad has positive results for its large following. To build on this, eco-friendly lifestyle expert Danny Seo joined forces with Votto Vines Importing to create his organic line of Danny ...

How To Grow An Organic Garden


You have a busy life and the thought of adding another hobby to your ‘to-do’ list is not an appealing one but we bet that the thought of growing your own healthy, tasty and nutrient-filled food is a lot more appetizing.  Learning how to grow an Organic Garden can be extremely simple and gratifying if ...

Organic Beauty by Maijan


There’s no denying our obsession with all-natural organic foods, so it’s no surprise to see au naturale products hit the beauty scene. Who do we have our eye on when it comes to organic beauty? This season it has to be Maijan Beauty Products. They recently released a line of facial steams that include the most pure and luxurious organic ingredients we have seen thus far. ...

Tea Ingredients for Your Skin?


There’s nothing like a cup of piping hot tea to get you relaxed, but what can tea ingredients do for your skin? Well, ask the makers of Maijan Beauty Products. They’ve recently released a line of facial steams that include many of the same organic ingredients you can find in your favorite teas. The Maijan ...

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