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The Art of Dressing Professionally In Summer


Summer weather is highly coveted all year long, especially after long winters, and most of us cannot wait to wear the fewest amount of layers that is both possible and socially acceptable. While summer street style can reflect crop tops and mini-skirts, these looks are not welcomed in the corporate world. But the work days do not pause in the summer, so we must adjust to the weather, and create looks that keep us looking cool and professional at the same time. We at Cliché understand the dilemma that you are in, and we are here to give you the top three tips and advice to stay on track all summer long.

Keep it Long & Loose

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.39.12 AM

Photo Courtesy of H&M, Trenchcoat $59.99.

When we think of heat and humidity, it makes sense that we would avoid pants at all costs. But the crucial aspect of our clothing choices that we should pay close attention to is the fabric. Light fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, and sometimes jersey are ones to purchase for your summer wardrobe staples. Pieces that are not clingy, like maxi dresses and skirts are ideal for staying cool. Avoid tight bandage skirts and high necklines; a light blouse and oversized blazer would fare better in the heat. Looks like this long vest over slacks, and loose maxis belted are ones to replicate.
Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Jumpsuit $69.

Tastefully Show Some Leg

Photo courtesy of H&M.

Photo courtesy of H&M, Jacket, $39.99.

While long, loose layers should be the go-to, especially for those working in more corporate or traditional environments, showing some leg is not completely forbidden. A great rule that has worked for me countless times, is when one body part is more visible, counter that with covering another. The look featured by H&M is a perfect example of this. Even though she is wearing shorts, she is wearing a blazer creating a more streamlined and professional look. Longer shorts with flats and a blazer is definitely appropriate for the workplace in summer. Another easy summer look is sleeveless dresses, right above the knee. Bring a cardigan to throw on in the office and voila.  
Photo Courtesy of Forever 21.

Photo Courtesy of Forever 21, Dress, $19.90.

Bright Colors

Photo Courtesy of Zara.

Photo Courtesy of Zara, Skirt, $49.99.

A pop of color is welcome all year long, but in the summer there is way more flexibility, leaving the gray, navy, and black staples behind. This pencil skirt featured in Zara, in bright yellow, is the perfect play on the fall and winter professional look. And if you are hesitant to add color in your wardrobe, partner it with more muted colors like white and nude, the professional colors of summer. But as long as the fit is right, let the color speak for itself.
Photo Courtesy of Express.

Photo Courtesy of Express, Dress, $69.90.

Though it is always dependent on your work environment and culture, there is more flexibility for summer professional work attire than you would imagine. Don’t be afraid to add in color as much as possible, and if you ever are unsure, as long as it is knee length and modest, throw a blazer on it. And the great part about summer professional looks is they often transition nicely to post-work events. Here’s to staying cool and chic all summer long, both in and out of the office.
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Featured image courtesy of Express

Dress to Impress: Outfit Ideas for Job Interviews


We’ve all been there – wanting to impress an employer so that you can finally get the job of your dreams. But what do you wear? Do you dress up to the nines, or keep it cool and casual? Never fear – Cliché Magazine is here to ensure that you look professional (yet chic) to ensure you make a good impression on any interviewer!


Blouses are always a safe yet fashionable option when it comes to job interviews! Pairing the right blouse with a body-con or cord skirt has the potential to create the perfect outfit. Here are a couple blouses on the high street right now!
Tie Front Blouse by ASOS
image3xxl image1xxl
This low cut V-neck line blouse is perfect for any job interview as it allows for a professional feel whilst the tie maintains a casual look which gives the outfit a little more character. This blouse can be found over the the ASOS website for just $54.00.
Blouse with Contrast Piping at ASOS
image1xxl-1 image2xxl
ASOS seem to be the place for blouses at the moment! This cute peter-pan collared blouse would look perfect teamed with a black skater skirt with matching brogue shoes. The sheer chiffon material of this blouse means a cool and comfy fit which is always a bonus. This blouse is $50.00 and can be found over on the ASOS website here.


You can never go wrong with a dress in an interview. Since the beginning of time the little black dress has had the power to flatter any body shape and has been the #1 go to for any job interview outfit attire. Here are some of the best interview dresses!
Metallic Threaded A-Line Dress by Forever 21
00056665-02-1 00056665-02
This simple dress makes your interview attire look effortlessly elegant as it also has a subtle sparkle within the material. The pleated waistline adds a youthful sense to the dress and the scooped neckline allows room for a classic statement necklace. This dress is a steal at just $19.90 over at the Forever 21 website.
Nikki Sleeveless Peplum Dress by Boohoo
azz60130_black_xl_1 azz60130_black_xl
Paired with the right shoes and accessories, peplum dresses can look simply stunning and are not only fitting for job interviews, but also days at work and office nights out! This dress is just as amazing $12.00 over at boohoo.com
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Complete Your Outfit With Your Nails


If you are as obsessed with your nails as I am, you live by two very important rules: chipped nails are your worst enemy, and the color must always go hand in hand with your outfit. Some girls don’t necessarily consider the color of their nails when getting dressed—which is fine—but let me tell you,  when you complete your outfit with your nails, it makes all the difference! Pairing a red top with bright orange nails can really throw off your whole get up.

Pay attention to the color wheel—yes, that big circular board with a bunch of colors that was taught in art class. The color wheel is a great way for you to visually see how your purple nails enhance your yellow loose knit sweater. All you have to do is locate the color of your choice on the wheel and match it with the corresponding color on the opposite end.

If you don’t like incorporating bright colors, flashy designs, or don’t want to change the color of your nails on a weekly basis, then shoot for the standard nudes. These can include light pink hues or different versions of pastels. For an added touch, incorporate some sparkles—they really add a feminine touch.

If you are getting into the fall spirit and love dark nails, deep burgundy reds are always a great choice for brisk weather outfits. But if you’re hesitant, stick with the one color that matches everything—black!
Image courtesy of Essie

Midi Mayhem


Midi Mayhem
Say goodbye to the mini and hello to the midi trend! It’s all about the balance in the short vs. long competition. The two lengths have overlooked their differences and created a love child in the form of the midi length: a not too short, not too long perfect combination.
Now here’s the big question that’s probably popping in your head: what’s so great about a midi length? For one thing, it comes in a variety of fits for any and every woman out there. Want something free-flowing that fits well on the waist? Midi has it. Want something that hugs your curves just right? Midi has that, too. This trend has been taking the world by storm, and has been seen on many celebrities, from Sandra Bullock to Lily Collins, in various shapes creating a midi mayhem.
The trend can be styled in multiple ways: by tucking a shirt inside the midi skirt of your choice, wearing a midi fitted dress, or pairing it with another favorite trend, such as a crop top.
If you’re new to the midi trend, a simple way to try it out would be by getting a staple piece. Start off with a basic midi skirt in a neutral color. The favorites that have been paired with it are booties and simple tops of a different color. Put it together and there you have it–a midi trend all your own!
Once you’ve conquered the first take on it, the possibilities are endless. It’s safe to say that the “simple is more” saying has transformed to “Midi is more.”
Here are some midi inspirations that you could own yourself!
(ASOS Midi Skirt in Sheer Burnout $70, Asos.com) 


(Missguided Skyle Front Split Skirt in Nude $24, Missguided.co.uk)


(Boohoo Elvie Velvet Full Midi Skirt $26, Boohoo.com)


(Bossy Midi Skirt $70, Piximarket.com) 


(Powerful Bodycon Midi Dress $45, Dailylook.com)


(Venice Midi Dress $398, Anthropologie.com) 


(Asos Bardot Body Conscious Midi Dress $46, Asos.com)