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Summer Fashion Trends you need in your Closet


Summer is fast approaching, and I am here to provide you with all the trends you need to keep your closet full of the latest trends. 

Trucker Hat 

Trucker Hat from Amazon

Trucker Hats are becoming a huge trend. Whether you are having a bad hair day, or if you just feeling trendy these hats will guarantee you to look stylish. They can be found on Amazon and many other stores. 

Hibiscus Printed Dresses

Photo from Clothmyths.com

The perfect summer dress. Make a trendy statement with an hibiscus printed dress, they can be found everywhere. 

Midi Dress 

Photo From Rosedress.com

Midi Dresses are perfect for dressing up or down. You can where them anywhere, whether it be a girls trip, brunch or dinner. These dresses are perfect for the summer and keep you looking stunning. 

Swirl Print Tops 

Photo From Pretty Little Thing

Swirl Printed tops are so cute, and can make any simple outfit a statement. These Swirl Printed tops come in tanks, crops, and long sleeves, and can be found just about anywhere. 

Beaded Necklaces 

Photo By: Frasier Sterling

These beaded necklace are trending, and they make the 13 year old me feel like I was doing something right. They add such a cute element to every outfit.

Baguette Bags

Photo From Rue 21

Baguette bags are so trendy and perfect for the summer. They are the perfect size to fit just the essentials while adding some style to any outfit. 

Photos From Amazon | Rosedress.com | Frasier Sterling| Rue 21 | Pretty Little Thing| Clothmyths.com

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What To Wear To Your Socially Distant 4th of July Party


This Fourth of July is not like any most of us have ever experienced. With COVID-19 still a very real threat, how are we supposed to celebrate? Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, says, “Remember that COVID won’t take July 4th weekend off. Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Wash hands with soap often. Big July 4 parties — especially indoor ones — are a bad idea. A really bad idea.” on his Twitter, letting his 2.3 million followers know that just because we are being safe, it doesn’t mean we have to forfeit celebrations all together. 

After you have narrowed down the list of who is coming to your Fourth of July social distance bash, you have to decide what to wear. Being as it is the Fourth of July, naturally you gravitate towards the red, white, and blue in your wardrobe- but there’s more you can do to stand out. Here are 3 ways to stand out, from 6 feet away, at your Fourth of July celebration. 

sunflower, summer, yellow

mploscar (CC0), Pixabay

1- Be The Sunshine

While the Fourth typically calls for patriotic garments, it is also a summer event. As an adult, it may feel harder to put together an American flag outfit without it looking childish, so a good way to change it up, while staying in theme, is to throw in some light colors. Instead of a deep red, pick out a pastel pink pair of shorts to go with a white blouse, and add some bright blue accessories such as a wide brim hat or bracelets. Bright yellows are becoming popularized again, so incorporating a sunshiny hue into your outfit is definitely a pro-tip this coming summer. 

virus, mask, coronavirus

cromaconceptovisual (CC0), Pixabay

2- Masks, But Make it Fashion!

Masks are becoming more and more prominent in our day to day fashion and lifestyle. While many have been incorporating masks into fashion for events such as Coachella for years now, the average person is still getting used to wearing them for mundane tasks such as a grocery store run or a trip to the park. While masks can sometimes be a nuisance, it is important that we look at the bright side. Masks can actually enhance your outfit, especially themed outfits. If you are looking for a great way to show your patriotism and still stay safe, you can get a mask that has the American flag on it. If you are looking for something simple to tie in your outfit, a mask of the right color could be the cherry on top you are looking for. 

hat, panama hat, men

NatashaG (CC0), Pixabay

3- Filled to The Brim 

It’s 4:00 p.m. and the sun is beating down hard on your barbecue. You are sweating and it’s hard to see how much margarita mix you’re spilling when the sun is in your eyes. Where do you go from here? The perfect accessory for this year’s summer bashes is a wide brimmed hat. It functions as a means to protect your face, eyes, and head from the sun’s rays, while also being the statement piece of your outfit. Paired with a relatively plain and color blocked outfit such as the aforementioned white blouse with pastel pink shorts, this accessory stands out without creating a busy look of too many pieces put together.

While your Fourth of July look may be important, it is imperative that we all stay safe during these times.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Clothing that will Give you that Wow Factor and Boost your Confidence


If every time you leave the house, you feel drab and unimpressive, then this can really take its toll on your confidence. There are however one or two things that you can do to not only boost your self-esteem but also your clothing WOW factor in general.

Stylish Blazers

A blazer can dress up nearly every look. It can help you to go from nice and causal to well-polished. You can wear your blazer with jeans, a dress or even a skirt. There really are so many options available and it’s one of the more versatile clothing options you have. If you want to take things to that next level then don’t just focus on having a boring black blazer. Instead, opt for something a little more colorful. This could include black and white stripes or even a statement piece.

clothing wow factor

Classic Sunglasses

If you want to feel like a superstar, then you need to look like one. Sunglasses are one of the best ways for you to do this. They can give you that perfect level of swagger and they can also help you to feel more incognito too. When choosing your sunglasses, go to your local store and try a few of them on. Think about the shape that you suits the most, and then choose a color that is going to go with more than one outfit. This will help you to customize your look in more ways than one and it also gives you the chance to have a little more freedom when the hot weather hits. If you want to get that movie-star look even more, why not look into private plates for sale?

Statement Heels

Nothing can make you feel more empowered than high heels. You will get an instant confidence boost and you will also draw a lot of attention too. If you want to really stand out then it helps to choose heels that are sleek and black. They look way more commanding and it will also make it easier for you to match them in with the other outfits you have. If you want to go for something a little different then block colors are the way to go, and the taller the heel, the better.

Pencil Skirts

StockSnap / Pixabay

A pencil skirt is a must-have accessory for just about any wardrobe. It will enhance your curves and it will also make you feel more feminine. If you are concerned about the body shape you have then you need to take note that there really is something out there for everyone and that it’s very easy for you to find something that flatters your figure perfectly.

Animal Print

Wearing animal print can really unleash your confidence. Consider opting for leopard print, or something else fierce. If you are not used to wearing bright colours like this then it is understandable that you’ll feel a little out of your comfort zone, so take it easy and pick up a top to begin with, or even some pumps. When you do this, you can try each item on and you can also experiment with different clothing combinations. If you don’t feel as though your animal print top with what you have, jazz up your outfit with some accessories and see how different you look.

Fitted Jeans

It’s so important that you find the right pair of jeans. When choosing jeans, it helps to take into account the body shape that you have. Some jeans will suit your shape more than others, so it helps to try on a lot of different brands and different styles before you buy. You also need to remember that there are so many other bolder colours out there for you to choose from too, so don’t limit yourself.

clothing wow factor

Fashionable Scarfs                                                                                                                      

A scarf can be a stylish and even fashionable addition to your wardrobe and clothing wow factor. It can transform an entire outfit and it can also give you that bold and daring look. You can wear a scarf around your neck, on your shoulders and you can even tie it to your purse if you want. Depending on the hairstyle you have, it may even be possible for you to use your scarf to put your hair up. Either way, you need to remember that scarves can be made out of many different materials, so look around to try and find one that suits you. If you are stuck for ideas, silk is a fantastic choice because it comes in a huge range of colors and it’s super lightweight too, so you can wear it even when the sun’s out.

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Images provided by Pexels and Pixabay CC License

Outfits Ideas You Need To See For Coachella


Aside from the amazing music, festivities, and people at Coachella, we can’t help but get excited about the fashion side of it all. At Coachella, people around the world have the ability to freely express themselves through fashion and be comfortable in what they wear. And the best part is, everyone is looking and feeling great. The vibrant colors, unique accessories, abstract and floral patterns of Coachella fashionistas create the love and happiness in the atmosphere. Keep scrolling for outfit ideas you need to see for Coachella this year!

Let’s start with this metallic bralette paired with shorts for the beautiful weather you’re going to be in. Make this outfit pop with this blue and gold plated triangle Coachella necklace with a hint of orange in the middle.

I love this multi-pattern wide-cut pants. They have a combination of colors that complement each other. If you have, or want something similar, pair it with a solid crop top like this black one. Throw on a sunhat to accessorize!

This white crochet romper is one of my favorites because it’s so easy to slip on! And, it has Coachella written all over it. Instead of black, I’d wear a red bandana for a pop of color.

Tulle and lace–two of my favorite fabrics. This pink tulle overlay maxi skirt and white lace crop-top will surely give you a soft and simple look at Coachella.

Courtesy of Shein

If you feel like being edgy for Coachella, look at these ripped blue denim overalls worn with Converse, a plain white tank top, and a cap.

Don’t forget accessories! Sunglasses, cross-body bag, or a floral head piece. Coachella wouldn’t be Coachella without these babies.
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Outfits Ideas You Need To See For Coachella. Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters. 

Romantic Wear for Valentine’s Day


Romantic Wear for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air with Valentine’s Day a heartbeat away. Sweethearts are rushing around everywhere with plans to show their special Valentine just how much they mean to them (Date Night, anyone?). Whether you are the giver or receiver this Valentine’s Day, it’s always fun to get into the holiday spirit. What girl doesn’t love to dress up every now and then? Spark up the romance this year by wearing something that will be sure to catch your Valentine’s attention! From gorgeous lace to beautiful flowy textures, these dresses we have chosen will have you ready to keep your Valentine’s heart beating non-stop.

A little bit of detail can go a long way when dressing up for someone, such as wearing a dress with little hints of lace. This in turn shows just the right amount of skin for your special someone. Remember, less is always more!

(Nasty Gal Coquette Lace Dress $78, Nastygal.com)


Who says you can’t wear black on Valentine’s Day? Black can be just as romantic as red if it’s styled in a light manner like this dress. Not only does it show off that romance theme we’re going for, but it also provides a mysterious factor that will definitely get your Valentine’s attention. A stain of color on the lips, such as red or pink, can balance the black tone of the dress to amp it up a bit.

(Free People FP New Romantics Lovers Lane Ikat Dress $140, Freepeople.com)

For a bit of a more laidback approach, a simple fitting dress with some intricate detailing is sure to do the job. A dress that fits in all the right ways doesn’t need to have a lot to make a statement. You are wearing the dress; it isn’t wearing you, so flaunt what you have! Picking one in a light hue as pictured will give room for you to show off your beautiful locks in any style you want with it not being too much.

(STYLESTALKER Love Me Do Dress $190, Dailylook.com)


Of course we had to go with at least one classic red dress for this occasion. You can never go wrong with a number like this, especially with a pair of fabulous heels. Red just screams romance and attention when you walk into a room. There will be no hiding from your Valentine! When pairing a dress like this with heels, stay away from prints and go with a simple color, such as black. It won’t overpower the red of the dress but will instead pull it all together.

(Cooperative Queen of Hearts Fit & Flare Dress $79, Urbanoutfitters.com)


Keep in mind with this next dress that there is no such thing as being too romantic. What else says romance other than hearts? A heart-printed dress, of course! The detailing of the hearts on this dress is balanced perfectly with the small print of the images and the sweetheart neckline. Not only is it super wearable, but there are so many different combinations you can do with it by adding tights underneath or even just throwing a cardigan over it. Whatever you choose to do you’ll definitely be the true “Queen of Hearts” in this piece.