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4 Socially Distanced Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


While many of us unfortunately may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with our family this year due to COVID, there are many contact free gift options that can help bring you closer together, even across the country. Here are 4 socially distanced Mother’s Day gift ideas!

1. Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Phone Stand by Multitasky

Image Credit: instagtam.com/multitasky

Make your video chats with your loved ones easier with this convenient phone stand. Compatible with every model of iPhone and Android, your mom will surely appreciate the newfound accessibility to your face and voice. Coming in five different colors, you might as well make things stylish while you’re at it.

2. Kast TV Subscription 

Like an advanced version of Netflix’s Telepathy, Kast TV allows you to simultaneously watch your favorite (ad free) T.V shows, movies, and videos with your loved one from any location. It also has an audio feature where you can chat to each other during streaming (if you can tolerate movie talkers). While some content on the website is free to anyone, a premium subscription is ideal to access something both you and your mom agree on. 

3. Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Image Credit: instagram.com/skylightframe

Since many of our parents don’t have access to smartphones, Skylight PhotoFrame is the perfect way to stay connected throughout the day. The owner of the gadget receives multiple digital photos from the sender instantly in a simple, classy device that goes perfectly with any piece of furniture in the house. With an easy set up for even the most technologically impaired, your mother will surely be thankful for the unlimited visual updates on your life.

4. MasterClass Mother’s Day Deal 

What better way to give thanks to the woman who taught you everything than giving her an opportunity to learn something she’s passionate about? Masterclass is an online education platform that offers tutorials and lectures on a vast array of subjects with some of the most expert leaders in their fields. Topics include cooking, photography, gardening, and many more. This Mother’s Day, they have a “Buy One, Get One for Mom, Free” deal where you can take a class together. Hurry up- the offer ends soon!

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5 Social Media Platforms to Leverage for Post-Pandemic Business Growth


Today we want to share 5 social media platforms to leverage for post-pandemic business growth. As the pandemic has forced many companies to evaluate their online presence, the remote workplace and transaction environment has grown dramatically. The online competition has increased dramatically during the pandemic. For businesses to survive, they have to preserve their visibility online. However, the typical digital presence strategies need to evolve to meet post-pandemic behaviors. 

Indeed, the days where a digital venture to promote brand awareness through their website and a handful of carefully selected social media platforms are long gone. Individuals who have been working remotely since the start of the pandemic have developed new online habits. They struggle with digital fatigue, as the majority of their day-to-day interactions happen online. Therefore, they are not mentally and emotionally equipped to research brands on social media anymore. If a brand wants to get noticed, it needs to be where the customers are. This leads to an important fact: Users are everywhere and do not match traditional digital marketing criteria. In other words, the long-term association between B2B and LinkedIn or B2C and Facebook is a thing of the past. Nowadays, online ventures should focus on growing their presence on multiple social media platforms at the same time. Here are the top 5 platforms in 2021. 

#1. LinkedIn

The virtual office environment has offered professionals new career opportunities. It’s easy to schedule a Zoom interview at home, which means that more and more individuals have been updating their LinkedIn profiles. The professional networking platform provides the ideal setup to boast about your company. Indeed, LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for digital marketers, providing plenty of meaningful insights to build your strategy. A tool such as Whatagraph can help businesses manage their page more effectively by making metrics more visible and digestible. Creating engaging articles and sharing the latest company updates can boost a brand’s awareness significantly. 

#2. Instagram


Instagram has become a source of inspiration, venting, and sharing during the pandemic. The home office can be a solitary experience, so it’s no surprise that more and more individuals are being active on the photo-sharing platform. Many have been also sharing photos and videos of their day-to-day routine, coping mechanisms to handle pandemic stress, home workout, or even homeschooling tips. In other words, Instagram is booming during the pandemic and it’s been a crucial mental health and emotional support tool for many. Therefore, growing your Instagram presence needs to take users’ emotional states into consideration. 

It can be helpful to make stories pop out with a musical background, and reach out to influencers to spread a positive message. 

#3. Facebook

Is Facebook still growing during the pandemic? The answer is yes. Facebook is for many users one of the oldest social media platforms still active. Additionally, a lot of individuals have turned to Facebook to share their challenges during the pandemic, seek help, or offer free services to those in need. Facebook has bloomed into the friendly and social-aware platform that many needed during the covid-19 crisis. Therefore, it makes sense to remain visible on the platform and use it for business purposes. Setting up a business page is free on Facebook. But it provides a unique opportunity to establish your brand within the community, and provide support and assistance to your users. 

#4. TikTok

TikTok has only recently launched its business side for marketers. The platform is wrongly associated with young Millennials and Gen Z. However, the pandemic has also shown a boost of interest coming from all demographics across the world. The TikTok for Business services includes a variety of engagement techs, ranging from brand takeovers to AR format. The AR format is especially interesting as it enables brands to insert themselves more directly into the content generation process, breaking the bridge between users and companies. More to the point, it is fully aligned with the playfulness and light-hearted videos that users have grown to love. 

#5. YouTube

How do I install an update on my laptop? 
How can I cut my hair at home?
How do I use Excel? 

The pandemic has prevented access to career mentors, in-house services, and everyday small offline businesses. As such, a lot of individuals have found themselves looking for answers to their everyday needs on Google. How-to queries have increased dramatically, which offers the ideal opportunity for businesses to establish themselves as the new expert. Creating video content that answers the most common issues related to the products or services in your industry can help reach out to a new audience group. 

Growing your business presence on social media in a post-pandemic world needs to focus on what your audience truly needs. It’s essential to acknowledge pandemic challenges and how these have impâcted professionals and individuals in their environment. Therefore, the new social media strategy is built around the creation of a relevant, helpful, and meaningful presence. 

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Getting Married in the Middle of the Pandemic


You might not be thinking about getting married in the middle of the Pandemic but it has happend.  Emma Stone and her beau already postponed their wedding, while others are finding creative ways to push through with the wedding bells despite the pandemic. In the past, holding a grand wedding in a hotel or luxury ship was easy. But as soon as lockdowns and home quarantines were implemented, wedding plans were halted. This begs the question — is it still possible to get married when there are so many new don’ts? Wedding industry players like Landmark Event believe that if you want something badly enough, you can always find a way to make it happen. 

getting married in the middle of the PandemicLove is patient and lovers across the globe now find their patience being fully tested. Limitations on the size of gatherings, along with border closures and travel restrictions, affect wedding ceremonies that have long been in place. But are these restrictions really stopping couples from tying the knot? The simple answer is no. Yes, love is patient, but it can also move mountains

Online ceremonies and wedding live streams

Many couples have turned to online platforms that offer marriage services from securing the marriage licenses, to performing legal online marriage ceremonies and live streaming the ceremony. However, some online platforms have had trouble keeping up with the sudden demand. When working well, these platforms can offer people a way to secure a marriage license and hold a wedding in a private home. 

Hold simpler ceremonies with minimal guests

For those who don’t want to give up on their booked wedding venue, there are still states that are not on quarantine and lockdowns. There are couples who continue to hold their weddings at their desired venue, with all the decorations and reception preparations, but with very minimal guests. There are even couples who didn’t have guests at all. While observing social distancing protocols, they were still able to say I do before an officiant. This can be an option for you, too.

Civil wedding with a few family members 

The pandemic won’t stop people from getting married and this is proven by those who had their civil wedding officiated by a judge or a civil official with the power to officiate such ceremonies. And since their wedding ceremony can’t be grand, they chose to make their civil wedding ceremony luxurious. A popular choice among these couples holding weddings is having their reception on board a luxury ship with their immediate families only. Instead of serving food for hundreds of guests, the menu is adjusted to cater to a few guests. With this option, the food selection has been upgraded, offering a superior experience to the newly-wed couple and their families. 

There are even couples who go to the extreme to get married while also keeping their loved ones safe from the virus. They wear masks to their wedding of zero guests. It’s just them and the officiant. 

The world is in chaos but seeing people manifest their love in extraordinary ways sparks hope that everything will be okay. This may be a challenging time for the rest of the world, but it’s also a time to tell and show the people we love how much they mean to us. It’s time to go the extra mile for our loved ones because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Couples getting married despite the pandemic are indeed the epitome of how love can overcome anything and everything. 

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