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Boston Artist Gillian Shares ‘Static’


Following on the heels of her recent single ‘High’, Boston based artist Gillian shares ‘Static’. The pop singer-songwriter releases the song off of her upcoming full length album, 3 AM, expected this summer. On her previous single she says, “The song took true emotions I was feeling in a relationship and created a story with them,” she recalls, “it’s about how addiction can affect a relationship.” If you enjoyed the poetic eloquence of ‘High’, you will love this next track full of melodic honesty and dance-worthy rhythms. 

Gillian's single 'Static'

The artist, just 16 years of age, beautifully documents the ending of relationships, battles with addiction, and facing loneliness. She never holds back her emotions in music, even with her independent debut last summer with her EP, Unfiltered. Even as an unsigned artists, her EP garnered hundreds of thousands of streams. Quickly establishing herself as an artist to watch, Gillian heads into what will be another successful summer. 

Her music switches between piano, guitar, tech sounds, and her vocals, bringing a soulful energy into her song that reaches out to us. Gillian effectively puts us in the feels with each note she hits while singing us the truth about life’s ups and downs. You will not want to miss the release of her next album, so stream Gillian’s music today, and be some of the first to support this artist on the rise. 


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Leah Kate Is Back And Grooving


Leah Kate is back and grooving with “Fuck Up The Friendship“, her latest single after “bad idea”. This groovy single is about falling in love with the wrong person, who could actually be the right one. The artist’s relatable lyrics remind us of the times we risk it all for love. Kate also returns with another self-made music video for the single, available here. She uses abstract objects and shots, like burning flowers, to represent the experience of falling for someone. During the current state of the world, the LA-based singer inspires us to keep the people we love closer than ever. On her single she shares, “music unites people and I hope someone can get a good dance out of it”. Watch out for her upcoming projects in 2020.Leah Kate

Cliche Mag: What got you into songwriting?
Leah Kate: When I was super young I just wanted to follow the lead of all of my artist inspirations, so tried to make songs like them! I used to record home videos and karaoke all the time, at the age of 6. Then my brother and I ended up making a studio in our home in Los Angeles and started writing songs together. We started really young and still make music together today.
Your recent music videos have been self-made, for both “bad idea” and your new single “fuck up the friendship.” Can you talk about that process?
I honestly prefer it. I love when there’s more pressure to get stuff done in impossible circumstances. It’s funny because they came out cooler than any other videos I’ve made in a non-pandemic crisis of a time. It really reflects the raw truth behind the song. 
Where did your inspiration come from for the new single?
“fuck up the friendship” was inspired by a crush I ended up having on a friend. I never thought I would fall for them but I did and just wanted to go for it, despite everything telling me not to.
Your music tells girls to lift themselves, and each other, up. What has been the drive behind these honest lyrics?

I just think it;s so important to support each other and lift one another up… I’ve experienced a lot of the opposite of that in my life, people trying to bring me down, make me feel bad, etc. That is something I’m super against and I want to make people feel good always. I’m like the free therapist to all of my friends so if i can do that through my songs, I’m happy.
Who would you like to collaborate with in the coming years?

Dua Lipa for sure.

As a young woman in the music industry, where do you hope to take your career?

Selling out stadiums!!!

So, how have you been keeping busy / active during shelter-in-place?

Writing , making content, exercising, baking, and I’m taking an online songwriting class which has been great!

You’re offering free consultations to up-and-coming BPOC and marginalized artists/creators in the music industry. How has that experience been for you? Did people email you and if so, what have you taken away from this experience thus far?

Yes! It’s been amazing. I love to talk to people and help people. In all the convos I’ve had with artists that reached out to me one thing I’ve learned is that we should never stop supporting each other and lifting each other up as we try to find the new normal. 
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