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Essential Handbags and Purses All Stylish Women Should Own


Handbags and purses are some of the most versatile fashion pieces but no two purses are the same.  Before you dig into the essential types of handbags you should own, click here to check what quality Italian leather handbags are all about.  Did you know that the average woman owns 11 handbags  but how many are purses she uses once and never again? Which bags does she pulls out again and again?  Read on for the ultimate list of the different types of handbags that are worth having in your closet.

The Cross Body

The best everyday purse is certainly the cross body. It leaves your hands free to push strollers and grocery carts, travel through public transit, make your coffee and do anything else that requires the use of both hands without any impediments.   The cross body is one of the best no-nonsense types of bags because it is so functional.

It’s extremely comfortable to wear because it spreads the weight of your bag evenly across your body. You avoid the strain and fatigue of carrying a purse always on the same shoulder.  Typically, cross body bags are small and sit flat against your body. Yet they are surprisingly roomy. You can often find several inner and outer pockets to keep your things organized.  Choose one in a playful hue for spring and summer and a neutral shade for the cooler months. This will ensure you have a purse that can keep up with your hectic life.

The Bucket Bag

The bucket bag was invented by Louis Vuitton in 1932 as a way to transport champagne. Yet the uses are so vast they go well beyond alcoholic beverages.  These types of bags can be both large and small. They have a flat sturdy bottom that helps them stand up on their own. The top is slouchy and closes with a drawstring.  You can choose to cart your bucket bag to work. You’ll easily fit your laptop or tablet, files, and your lunch.

It’s also a great everyday bag for going to the gym, doing errands and meeting friends for lunch.   See here for bucket bags that are both large and small.

The Evening Clutch

zannfauz / Pixabay

One of the best handbag styles that never go out of fashion is a clutch. It’s timeless, it’s elegant, and it’s sleek.  Best of all, an evening clutch is one of the most versatile types of purses on the market. You can invest in a good quality clutch knowing that you will use it again and again for years to come.   A black satin or metallic silver or gold clutch can go with you to any evening out. For a little extra oomph, choose a clutch with a bejeweled clasp.

What goes inside your clutch? Add a few items to help you touch up your makeup, a pack of gum or mints, your cash, ID, and credit card. Of course, your phone and keys can fit inside, too.  Don’t bother loading your entire wallet in these types of purses. Just take out the cards you need and throw them inside. The compartments are small enough that you won’t have trouble finding what you need inside.


The Weekender

If you like purse styles that prefer to go big rather than go home, say hello to the weekender!  Aptly named, the weekender is all you need for a weekend away. These purses have round bodies and two top handles. The interior is roomy enough to fit it all.  But you don’t have to wait until your next getaway to enjoy the weekender. These types of bags work super as gym bags, carry-on luggage, and even diaper bags.  If less is not more in your books, the weekender has you covered.  Go ahead and throw in a paperback novel or two, a snack and your water bottle. There’s plenty of room.

The Backpack Purse

freephotocc / Pixabay

The backpack purse, like the crossbody, is heaven sent. It lets you have full mobility and free arms and hands for whatever.  Unlike a big, bulky backpack, the backpack purse is smaller and can be as cute or as classic as you like. There are dozens of styles and types to choose from.  It’s perfect for accompanying your kids on their school field trip and for hitting the trails on the weekend.

The Wristlet

The wristlet is a small purse that looks like an envelope. Often, the wrist strap is removable so that your purse transforms into a clutch.  You can’t fit much in here: a lipstick, your phone (maybe) and a couple of bills. But the look is darling and these aren’t expensive.  These types of purses can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. Choose a neutral shade to match whatever you’re wearing. 

The Tote Bag

The tote bag is a simple rectangular handbag that is sometimes called the shopper.  Retail stores often sell totes with their logos.  The open top is the essential characteristic of this type of purse. You can easily reach in and grab whatever you need. Usually, totes have short handles so that the bag sits snug on your shoulder.  It’s the perfect bag to take to the beach or to the farmer’s market.

The Foldover Purse

The foldover purse is a type of purse that is ultra contemporary. You can wear it one of two ways: with the top folded over or not.  When folded over, the purse looks like a messenger bag. It’s compact and often has a crossbody strap.  You can also unfold the top and wear the bag like a long tote.  The best thing about this bag is that you get two looks for the price of one purse.

Bottom Line on Types of Handbags

There you have it! The ultimate guide to the various types of handbags for every occasion.  One of the best ways to spice up your outfit is to add accessories like jewelry and the perfect purse.  Make sure you look like a million bucks this Spring by reading these 8 tips for healthy hair.

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Images provided by Pixabay CC License

Leopard Print is the New Neutral


The most anticipated trend is finally here, and we are so here for it! Leopard print is the new nude this season. You can spot leopard print clothing and shoes in almost every collection this season.  Every fashionista has been waiting their whole life for this moment in fashion, and now that’s it’s here, we are totally thriving. It was no surprise that leopard print is the new neutral; leopard print is a combination of the two most iconic neutral colors, black and brown. For years leopard print has always been looked at as a wild-print. If you’re wearing leopard print you know you’re going to a party, like did you even go out if you aren’t wearing some form of leopard print? Didn’t think so.

Leopard print has always been the cherry on top of the perfect outfit, whether you are using leopard print shoes as an accent piece or perhaps a leopard print clutch. But now, the tables have turned, it is now not only socially acceptable but also considered super trendy to wear a leopard print dress, coat, pants or shirt. Add a solid color accent piece to complete your look, like a bold red or pink purse with matching shoes, this will leave you looking chic, yet edgy.

There are two types of people in the fashion world, people who hate animal prints and people who love them. Leopard print is super bold, so when you’re wearing anything leopard print, wear it with confidence. While wearing anything leopard print, you are bound to turn heads and draw attention to yourself, but who’s complaining? Although leopard print is now considered a neutral, it is still considered a bold/loud print. With this being said, make sure you do not mix other patterns and prints while wearing leopard print, play it safe with solid colors.

Let’s talk accessories, there is a multitude of options you can do to spice up leopard print. Gold jewelry is always a safe option, but if you’re feeling a little riskier you can always turn to bold colors like hot pink and orange. Play up your leopard print outfit with red lipstick or play it down with nude lipstick. Being that leopard print is so bold on its own, there isn’t a need to add too many accessories to your outfit.

Channel your inner wild side and start adding some leopard print to your wardrobe! Neiman Marcus is your one stop-shop this season, you will literally leave a hole in your wallet after leaving Neiman Marcus, but trust me, it’s totally worth it. You can find the hottest leopard print trends from your favorite designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Alice + Olivia, Tom Ford and Alexander Wang. Browse through their website and check out their large variety of coats, shoes, shirts and pants, you’re bound to find the purrfect outfit.


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Leopard Print is the New Neutral. Image credits: NeimanMarcus.com

Colorful Summer Statement Bags Under $50


Hand bags, purses, satchels, clutches—they have become an essential part of our everyday routine. Whether it’s a quick run to the store or a night out, our trusty purse is in our hands and ready for anything. Trendy clutches and handbags have become daily necessities and not only because they hold every random thing we may need. These fashion-forward must-haves help to redefine our wardrobe and give off a taste of our personality.


Unfortunately, because our favorite accessories are so handy, they can come at a hefty price. Summer means tons of new styles, colors, and designs to gush over and literally get our hands on, but that’s hard to do if they are all super expensive. To make sure you continue to stand out and look your absolute best, we have compiled a list of the top four perfect colorful summer statement bags to keep on your radar that are under $50!

Livie Pom Straw Tote
Nothing screams statement bags like colorful pom accessories. At Macy’s, the Livie Pom Straw Tote is making quite the name for itself. With a playful straw outer design, bright handles and matching poms, the tote is the ideal summer bag. Make a name for yourself with the trendy designs and summer-centered look.

Essential Wardrobe Pieces You Need For Spring Break


Every year, students highly anticipate the one week of freedom that the spring season brings. That freedom brings fresh air and warmth into their hectic lives. It brings them hope that the semester is halfway through and is close to being over, reminding them that they are making progress. For some of them, it might be the last time they’ll ever have this kind of freedom, so they want to make the most of it. It promises them a break; a break from all assignments, exams, and hopefully work. That freedom is the one and only Spring Break. Whether you’re going on vacation or staying home, you’re going to look fabulous doing it with these Spring Break outfit inspirations and tips.

Sunhats and Sunglasses
These items are essential if you’re going on vacation in a hotter climate, going to the beach, or to any adventure park. (AEO Silver Flat Aviators ($15.95)Floppy Straw Hat ($22))

Sundresses, Maxi Dresses, and Rompers

In the spring and summer, these never go out of style. They’re easy to put on and make choosing an outfit easier. They’re cute, simple, and comfortable. (Peace of Mind White Multi Striped Shift Dress $29Shield And Sword Olive Green Sleeveless Maxi Dress $40Printed Bell Sleeve Romper $20)

Courtesy of Boohoo

Throw a kimono over that sundress or bikini. They also work if you decide to wear shorts. Kimonos look great wherever you go because they can be seen as stylish or casual. They’re also light and have several unique patterns to choose from. (Philomena Patchwork Paisley Maxi Tassled Kimono, $14)

Courtesy of Victoria Secret

Casual/Comfortable Outfits
Although you plan on looking your best throughout spring break, don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes if you’re traveling, or for those days you just need to feel extra comfortable. However, don’t pack or wear your old sweats! You can still look cute and be comfortable in Victoria’s Secret. (Slouchy Jogger $49.95)

Heels, Wedges, Sandals, and Flip Flops 

Bring. Them. All. When you’re on vacation, you certainly need shoes to match every occasion. Flip-flops for the beach, flats and sandals to explore the city, wedges for eating at a restaurant, and heels for the night life. (Women’s Zelda Espadrille Flip Flop $14.99Women’s Tillie GLadiator Flat $24.99Women’s Solstice High Wedge $34.99Stecy Heels $24.98-$79.95)

This has the same concept as shoes. You definitely need a purse or clutch for every occasion, and thankfully there are many styles. Bring along a backpack or cross-body bag for days when you’re out exploring and a fashionable clutch for evenings out. (Crossbody ($25.00)Backpack ($29.98)Clutch ($27.98))

There are so many to choose from, so wear what you feel you look best in and what makes you comfortable. (Kendall & Kylie Harness Bralette Bikini Top ($29.95), Bottom ($19.95)Strappy Low-Back One-Piece Swimsuit ($44.95), Scoop Neck Cut-Out Tankini ($16.81)
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Essential Wardrobe Pieces You Need For Spring Break. Photo courtesy of Pinterest. 

Must Have Handbags


Hey, Dolls!

Out of all the different types of accessories, handbags are my absolute favorite. I’m very picky when it comes to purses and only purchase one if I’m totally head over heels about it. Once I start second guessing the bag, I don’t buy it. When buying a bag, I make sure it has a complete zipper closure, or at least has a section with a zipper. I’ve had my share of bad luck with purses without zippers that resulted in lost phones and makeup.
NYC brand Henri Bendel carries fabulous backpacks that can be monogrammed. I’ve always been a fan of backpacks and first noticed the chic Bendel while walking behind a woman in Port Authority. Reading the etched “Henri Bendel,” I quickly researched their website and found my next purchase. The backpack comes with adjustable straps and can even be worn as a tote or crossbody.
I usually go for black colored bags since they look more classic and expensive, but the tote by ASOS is chic in gray. At first glance, the bag looks simple, but the croc print adds a little spice and attitude. Urban Outfitters also always has practical and affordable trendy handbags in stock. I really like the vegan brown tote by Silence + Noise. It has a clean vintage appearance and features a removable shoulder strap, making it a convenient everyday bag.
Last but not least, I’m obsessed with my Saint Laurent chain wallet bag; it’s definitely a piece I will always treasure. I love the sturdy construction of the flap and how elegant the gold chain looks. The bag’s main closure is a button, but I store my phone in the inside zipper to avoid any mishaps. Every gal needs a perfect gold chained bag, and mine is Yves!

Jetsetter Convertible Backpack, Henribendel.com, $278

Jetsetter Convertible Backpack, Henribendel.com, $278


Silence + Noise Zip Pebbled Tote Bag, Urbanoutfitters.com, $59

Saint Laurent Monogram Medium Grained Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet, Saksfifthavenue.com, $1550

Saint Laurent Monogram Medium Grained Matelasse Leather Chain Wallet, Saksfifthavenue.com, $1550

ASOS Croc Embossed Suede Tote Bag, ASOS.com, $72.79

ASOS Croc Embossed Suede Tote Bag, ASOS.com, $72.79

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