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Album Review: Mac Miller ‘GO:OD AM’


It’s good to see Mac Miller having fun again.
A year ago, he was on a dangerous path consuming far too many drugs including cocaine, codeine cough syrup, and even angel dust. While that kind of intake produced some raw, depressing music on his last album Faces, it’s also just not a good style for Miller’s brand of music or for his personal health.
He’s more sober now (he still smokes cigarettes and parties, but he’s no longer pulling three-night bingers), according to an interview with Billboard, and it shows a lot on his new album Go:od AM. He’s back to having fun in life and translating it to his music.
“The world don’t give a f–k about your loneliness,” he raps on “Rush Hour,” which precisely sums up how he and a lot of fans view some of his previous work. The new life philosophy of Miller is “ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bit of fun,” which he repeats on the following track “Two Matches.” People gravitated to his old-school style approach to hip-hop because it sounded spontaneous and fun. He moved away from that for a while but this album has him back to form.
His 2011 breakthrough album Blue Slide Park had that spontaneous feeling to it. There was nothing remarkable about that album but it was fun and you could jam to it. That’s the same way Go:od AM is and why it’s his best release since that debut.
There are plenty of gripes to be had such as the excessive length of this album at 17 songs running an hour and ten minutes, the repetitive flow of all his lines and the lack of much substance in the lyrics. However, those critiques seem to miss the theme of this album. No, he’s not winning any accolades for this album and you probably won’t hear any of these songs blasting at the club, but there’s an infectious quality to it anyway that can only come from an artist enjoying life and the music that comes from that space. In this case, that seems like enough.
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Image courtesy of Mac Miller’s Official website haveagoodam.com 

Entre Interview


Baltimore-bred hip hop/rap artist Entre has been busy lately. Currently working on three different projects—which involve delving into trap music, releasing a freestyles tape, and putting together a new album—Entre is preparing to tell the world how he really feels about current events and life in general. Below, we chat with the artist about his passion for his craft and what he would be doing if he wasn’t making music.
Cliché: How long have you been passionate about music?
Entre: I’ve always been passionate about music. I grew up listening to gospel music, which made me understand that you can express your pain and what you have to say in a certain way. Now I’m a fan of all types of music from country, hip hop, electro, pop, and more. But from all that, that’s what really made me go into the lane of being a recording artist: I had things to say, but it just wasn’t really getting out there.
What are some upcoming projects you have in the works?
Currently, I have three projects that I’m working on. I have a freestyles tape that I’m going to release and let them witness my styles on a few industrial instrumentals. There are a few different flavors that I took a look into and tried from trap, pop, and hip hop. In another project named “The Orientation: Welcome,” I give access to my old life and things that I never talked about. This project will even shock my family once they hear it, so it’s going be a dope project. The third is a team album that I’m working on. My team Invincible Young Kings and I are just going to give music lovers that good vibe when they hear this project. We may name it The World Is Ours, but we’ll see.
What motivates you when you make a record?
What really motivates me is experiencing loss in my family or witnessing other crazy events in my city. I’ve always been a person to write down my perspectives in a composition notebook or write a poem about what’s happening around me. My thoughts and perspectives weren’t being heard, so that’s another motivation that pushes me to make records. I always tell the youth: if your voice isn’t being heard, scream it in their face. Now, that doesn’t have to literally mean walking up to a person and screaming at them, but just find a way where individuals will step back and say, “Oh, ok, now I understand.”
Who are your favorite artists to listen to when you are going through something and need insight?
Some artists that really speak to me would be Lupe Fiasco, Logic, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Meek Mill, Tye Tribbett, Donie McClurkin, Wale, Ace Hood, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Kid Ink. When I listen to these artists, I’m just seeing situations in another way, no matter how deplorable they are.
If not music, which career would you be pursuing?
I would be pursuing a career in Culinary Arts. Yes, I’m a very good baker. I learned how to bake pastries at the age of 7. My grandma always loved being a baker and cook. She noticed how much I always watched her as she made the best food.  One day, she brought me into the kitchen and showed me the steps. Every since then, I never forgot how to make my favorite desserts.
What’s next for you?
Sometimes I ask myself the same. What is next for me? Well, I can tell you guys that I’m going to continue making great music and being the best I can be. The next stop is being in every music lovers’ top 5.
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Entre Interview: Photographed by J.Perk Productions

Drunk in Love: Beyoncé/Jay-Z vs Christina Milian/Lil Wayne


Prepare yourself for the remix face-off! Drunk in Love: Beyoncé/Jay-Z vs Christina Milian/Lil Wayne!
Who did it better?
Remember when everyone was all night, drunk in love and “surfbording” on the beach with Queen Bey and Jay-Z? Well, who is ready for a part two?
Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne that’s who! The pair collaborated and created their own rendition of the popular song Drunk in Love on his recently released mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait 2, which raises the question, which couple truly intoxicated you with their love?
Beyonce and Jay-Z brought us Drunk in Love on the beach:

Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne haven’t brought us a video just yet, but they were sure to provide us with enough imagery that we could get the picture:

Although the alleged couple has not officially confirmed their relationship status they have been spotted together a lot in recent months and Milian gushed over how she loves making music with the rapper during her interview with DailyMail.
Milian took to Twitter promoting the release of Lil’ Wayne’s mixtape:

But whats the verdict on the Drunk in Love Remix? Some fans can’t take contain their excitement

and others…let’s just say they’re very loyal to Queen Bey

So who takes the crown?
Photo Courtesy of Billboard

Underground and Upcoming: Noah Woods


17-year-old high school senior Noah Woods is on the track for big things. With a mixtape coming out next month, Stoners Welcome, and multiple performances for upcoming Georgia State events, he’s on the come up!  I’m just glad I can say I knew him in his beginning years! He’s been doing music for almost 3 years now and will never look back. With no formal training, Noah learned to mix his own beats and music himself off YouTube! Isn’t it crazy what you can learn from the internet? Read more below!

Cliché: When did you first start making music?
Noah Woods: When I was 15, during freshman year of high school, but I didn’t really start “professionally” until I was 16.
What inspired you to start?
I just love music. I knew I was going to be doing music for the rest of my life, but I just didn’t think it was going to be rapping.
What inspires you now?
Experiences, honestly. I just like to talk about stuff I live, stuff I do, and stuff I want to work out for me.
Do you play any instruments?
I’ve tried to play guitar, but I wasn’t very good at it.
Do you have any formal training?
Do you write and produce your own music?
I write it all myself, but I have my own producer. I started mixing my own music, and I actually learned that off YouTube! I don’t have any formal equipment, but I usually just need to download a program to mix it all.
How do you get your music out?
Usually just social media: Instagram and Twitter. And I release music through my SoundCloud account (Check out: Noah Wood$)
What do you like most and what do you like least?
I like to be able to express myself. Any type of art, photography, music, clothes, whatever it is, I like the form of expression that comes from it. I don’t like how people act towards music and the business side of it. I don’t like dealing with the business aspect of it, I just want to make the music. 
What is your typical day like?
I’m still in high school, so I get up and go to class Monday-Friday, but when I’m out around 3:30, I go straight home and grab something to eat, first of all! Usually, I go straight to the studio after that until about 10pm, usually. I’ll go about 4-5 days out of the week.
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Take your time in releasing your music; perfect it first. Don’t be so eager to put it out so fast. And stay true to yourself. Don’t change your music to go with what’s hot, just do what you want to do.
Underground and Upcoming: Noah Woods: Photo courtesy of Davianne Gray

The Prelude


Kimberly Cole knew she wanted to do music when she was just four years old. Her first single, “Smack You,” broke the Billboard’s Dance Charts top four. Now, she has released two recent singles, and fans can expect her upcoming EP, The Prelude, very soon. Combining both music and fashion, Kimberly is one to watch out for. Below, we discuss influences, Twitter, and who she wants to work with in the future.

BY LAURA ANDERSON / Photographed by Solmaz Saberi


Cliché: How did you come up with the title for your EP?

Kimberly Cole: The Prelude for me is about being real. It comes from a place of honesty and it’s for the fans that have come along with me on my journey so far. I’m taking it back to the beginning

Who are some of your influences?

I love the emotional realness of Adele mixed with Gwen in her No Doubt days. I am heavily influenced by EDM as well as Bob Marley!

You’re also the host of the YouTube series, FM. How did you get started there?

I love how fashion and music go hand in hand and how they both heavily influence one another! FM is the perfect mixture of my two favorite things, fashion and music, so we created a show that delves into the lifestyle of the musicians that set the trends.

When did you know you wanted to pursue music?

Since I was four, singing and dancing loudly and annoyingly everywhere… ALWAYS!

As far as writing goes, do you usually collaborate or write songs on your own?

It’s always a mixture of both! Some of my best songs have been written alone as well as with others.

You’ve played with many big name artists, but if you could choose any other artist you could tour with, who would it be?


What can fans expect for 2014?

New music… new shows… a new me.
You can find Kimberly on Twitter @KimberlyCole1
Feature image courtesy of Kenny Sweeney