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A Sigma Male Versus an Alpha Male


If you are dating, learn more about what a sigma male is versus an alpha male and how they handle relationships.

Every man has character traits that are unique and sum up the way he acts. Though men make different decisions and seem to go about life normally, their actions can be categorized into particular tendencies and habits. Let’s learn more about what a Sigma Male is as we outline how they handle relationships compared to the alpha males.

Own Pace

Mostly sigma males prefer being alone, but that doesn’t mean they are lonely. They enjoy their own company and prefer to go at their own pace, not following or being led by anyone. A woman has to get ways to not only entice a sigma male into a relationship, but she also has to meet his standards which in most cases are pretty high.

fashion man in suitOn the other hand, alpha males prefer being leaders. If they are not in any group, they will long to be in one and take the lead as soon as they join. If an alpha male has close connections and feels comfortable with them, he will not feel lonely, but if they are lacking, then he will long to have them. His dominant nature makes him uncomfortable when he is not leading in any relationship.


 One outstanding trait of sigma males is the tendency not to want to follow the norm. They want to do what they think, not what they are told. They rebel in their actions, fashion statements, and careers. Their rebellious ways give them the title bad boys. Due to them not conforming to expected standards, they disturb to break the monotony as view it.

Alpha males only act out of the norm if there is a conflict with their values but are more careful not to break the law than a sigma male. Alpha males jump onto new trends. They lead in showing off the new style even if they are not keen on fashion.


While sigma men only speak when it’s essential and comfortable keeping to themselves, alpha males readily share what’s on their minds. The silence and knowledge of the sigma males attract people when they speak. It also serves as a sexy and puzzling trait that women want to decipher.

The bold and talkative nature of the alpha males makes women feel protected.


Sigma males keep to themselves, making them an attractive challenge to women. Women imagine there must be secrets well hidden, and they intend to get close and uncover them.

The trait of the alpha males of stating what is in their minds openly and boldly is equally attractive to women. Sharing is akin to self-confidence and sexy to women.

Centre of Attention or in the Shadows.

Sigma men would rather stay away from any spotlight unless it’s part of their career. However, this piques people’s curiosity and draws them closer.

Alpha men live for the stage to be the point of attention. They want the world to hear them. Whether a man has a puzzle-like character or is bold and open, they are attractive to women.

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6 Most Common Relationship Challenges


Today we want to discuss the 6 most common relationship challenges. Being in a committed relationship is not always sunshine and rainbows. Every couple experiences worse times at some point. The worst time for every couple is the end of the honeymoon period. At that point, they start to realize how many things are separating them and begin to argue over some fundamental issues like money or sex. The trick is to know which of those things are normal and which ones are red flags.

Below, you can find the six most common relationship challenges that almost every couple has to face. They include money issues, taking each other for granted, not listening, and many more. Read on and find out how to solve your problems!

You Don’t Talk About Sex

Common Relationship Challenges

Photo by Anthony Shkraba on Pexels

If your sex life has become dull and routine, do something about it. Mutual understanding is an essential part of every relationship. As such, both of you should openly talk about sexual needs and desires.

You need to discuss how often you want to have sex, what positions you like, and what time you are available for sex. Discuss the issue with your partner and choose the solution that will make both of you happy.

One way to bring some excitement back into your sex life is to use sex toys. If you are a female, you might want to search for the best squirting and ejaculating dildos. On the other hand, if you are a male, you may be interested in a cock ring or pocket pussy.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your partner’s body language. If they seem uncomfortable when you try something new, just back off and go back to the drawing board. When you stay open about your needs and desires, you will have an easier time connecting with your partner on an intimate level.

You Don’t Connect With Each Other Anymore

If you start saying things like “You’ve changed” or “You’re not the same person I used to know,” it means that the honeymoon period is over. Unfortunately, there is no obvious solution to this problem.

Maybe you need to slow down on work and spend more time with one another. Perhaps you need to go on a vacation together. Try to be aware of how your partner feels and find things that would bring back that excitement you felt at the beginning of your relationship.

You Start Taking Each Other For Granted

Do you remember what your partner was like when you first started dating? You were probably surprised by their every move and couldn’t imagine your life without them. Sadly, after a while, this feeling fades away, and you start focusing on other things, like work or your friends. It’s normal, but it shouldn’t happen too often.

Try to be more proactive in showing your love and appreciation towards each other. If you are having sex less often, create romantic moments together, like candlelit dinners, walks in the park, or sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine. This way, you can pay more attention to your relationship and make it stronger.

Your Partner Doesn’t Listen to You Anymore

Common Relationship Challenges

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

When your partner starts listening less and less to what you have to say, then it’s a definite red flag that something is wrong in your relationship. Good communication is essential in every relationship, so if your partner is not interested in talking with you, something needs to change.

The most common reason for this behavior is that your partner has stopped enjoying being around you. In that case, carefully evaluate if this is a relationship worth fighting for or not.

Your Partner Doesn’t Make Any Effort

When was the last time your partner cooked dinner for you or bought you flowers? Was it before you got married or moved in together? If yes, it might be a sign that they have stopped making any efforts in making your relationship work.

It might suggest they don’t feel appreciated anymore, or they are unhappy with how things are going between the two of you and think that there is no point in trying anymore. If this is the case, then it’s time for a serious talk about what’s going on and where you want to take your relationship next.

You Don’t Feel Sexually Attracted to Each Other Anymore

When people get married or move in together, they often develop a routine when it comes to sex. It could be because they have stopped seeing each other as sexual beings and only as best friends and roommates who watch TV together after work every day.

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What 50 Shades of Grey Taught Us About Women


Today we want to discuss what 50 shades of grey taught us about women. When Fifty Shades of Grey rose to prominence, the public had very mixed opinions about it. Many feminists hated it for quite a few reasons, mainly due to its inaccurate representation of the BDSM community and its poor depiction of what consent means, given the hefty power dynamic between the two main characters.

That said, many people absolutely loved it. The book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, and the movie grossed a whopping $81.7 million on its opening weekend.

So, what does the titanic success of Fifty Shades of Grey teach us about women? That they secretly fantasize about being in a dominant-submissive relationship, or something more?

What Fifty Shades is about

50 Shades of Grey

Photo by W R on Pexels

University senior and virgin Anastasia Steele meets the broody, mysterious and ultra-sexy billionaire Christian Grey. She is automatically attracted to him, and the feeling is mutual. The hook? Christian Grey is an avid dominant, who has the women he is sleeping with sign a contract to commit to some kinky sex. Cue a series of sexual encounters, fights, and more makeup sex, they quickly fall in love and eventually live happily ever after.

It’s all about the sexual tension

A huge reason why women go wild over Christian Grey is the monogamy aspect of his relationship with Ana. Sure, he’s damaged and hurts her emotionally (sometimes even physically, but that’s a whole other issue) – but what keeps the audience engaged and empathizing with him is the fact that she’s the only woman he desires. If he’d been sleeping with multiple other women during his whirlwind romantic adventure with Ana, the audience would have written him off as a scumbag in a second.

But the sexual tension between them is intensified by the fact that she seems to have a different effect on him than other women in the past, and he lets her get away with things that he’d never let other women get away with. Although you can look at this objectively and think, ‘how is this romance?’, women find it romantic because of the context. A woman in general gets more turned on when the stakes feel higher and when it feels like her partner is going out of their comfort zone for her benefit. So, while letting Ana fall asleep with him seems like an obvious thing to do for most couples, it’s sexy for her because Christian doesn’t let anyone sleep in the same bed as him. The devil is in the details.

It taps into women’s subconscious desire to relinquish control

50 Shades of GreyFifty Shades was mainly marketed towards a middle-aged female audience, and turns out there was a pretty smart and strategic reason why. Middle-aged women often feel like they are carrying the entire world on their shoulders. Traditionally, they are the ones left making sure the children are fed, bathed and put to bed, making sure the house is well-kept, cooking dinner and making lunches.

The idea of having a partner who sweeps in, takes care of all her financial burdens, makes all the decisions, and makes her orgasm in minutes (without any guidance necessary on her part), sounds like a dream come true.

The perceived freedom and release that comes from the idea of simply submitting to a sexy, wealthy man who is obsessed with her is enough to keep her turning the pages. It’s a similar kind of pleasure as being pampered through an all-inclusive paid spa weekend with no kids or responsibilities.

Many women have an internal hero complex

Unsurprisingly, the mysterious Christian Grey happened to have a very traumatic childhood, with a mother who was a prostitute and whose friend took advantage of Christian while he was a minor. This is where Ana’s shyness and uncertainty about her self-worth come in, which is an issue that many young women deal with, before really coming into their own.

Chances are, if you’re a woman, you’ve at some point dated a “damaged” man with the hopes of being able to “save” him, and you probably realized afterwards that those butterflies you thought were excitement, were actually warning signs.

Many women, particularly younger and more naïve women, have good hearts and are very compassionate. This makes them vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation, particularly to narcissistic men or people with manipulative tendencies. Books like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey, to name only a couple, romanticize having a woman love a man back to normal – and woman devour these books like a bottle of rosé on girls’ night.

But why is that? Well, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that often, women grow up with an unequal power dynamic with men, and some grow up in environments that may not be the most nurturing and supportive. This leads them to having self-worth issues and needing to validate themselves and prove they are worthy by saving “damaged” men. Many women also have innate abandonment issues. Christian managed to successfully prey on these insecurities with Ana, having her constantly in a state of fear that she would lose him if she did anything that displeased him, or violated their contract in any way.

Women want to be granted permission to be sexual

Adult affection bed closeness

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Prior to the Fifty Shades franchise, many women didn’t know where to start when it came to exploring their darker fantasies. But the books and subsequent movies’ success created a safe space for women to explore their own sexualities – it started a conversation about sexuality, and the franchise even launched its own product lines of beginner-friendly BDSM toys. Fifty Shades helped women reclaim their sexuality.

Having sexual fantasies like masturbating with huge dildos was considered a taboo prior to the Fifty Shades phenomenon. Nowadays, women have a reference point and use the internet to get educated about the best ways they can indulge in their kinks using websites like Hot Cherry.

Women crave those initial feelings of excitement

The fact that Ana is such a plain, simple character that many women can project themselves onto makes the story have more influence on women. Many women relate to her by remembering what it was like to be a virgin, and all the butterflies and excitement that come with falling in love for the first time.

Fifty Shades being a hit with middle-aged women in particular comes to no surprise to anyone – many women in that age group have been in a relationship with the same person for ages, and may have fallen into a stagnant daily routine of work, raising kids, sleep, repeat. The books and films allowed women to fantasize and live vicariously through Ana, and remember those feelings of not being able to get enough of someone. Heck, it even inspired them to shake things up in their own relationships.

The Fifty Shades of Grey craze in all its good, bad and ugly, taught us a lot about women and their psychology. But at the end of the day, reading or watching a movie is just a form of entertainment and escapism. However, if you can take bits and pieces of knowledge from studying how women react to phenomenon’s such as this one, you can spice things up in your own relationship, or at the very least, avoid falling into a toxic trap with an abusive man or woman.

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Signs Your Relationship may be Struggling and how to Overcome It


Today we want to talk about signs your relationship may be struggling and how to overcome it. The relationships we form as humans play a huge part in determining our happiness. Most of us crave a happily ever after but, sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way. All relationships have their ups and downs, but how do you know when the downs are unrecoverable? Let’s take a look at some warning signs.  

Warning signs 

signs your relationship may be struggling

Photo by Fa Barboza on Unsplash

Resentment – When someone feels misunderstood or unheard, bitterness and resentment can begin to grow. Once this gets too big, it can then be hard to negotiate your feelings over the immense negativity, making it hard to rationalise the situation you are in. Resentment could be caused by a difference in priorities, making you question whether they prioritise someone or something else over you. 

Dishonesty – It can be argued that the occasional white lie is excusable, or even necessary, when protecting other people’s feelings. However, once these lies become manipulative, it can be seriously damaging to your relationship and leaves you struggling to regain that trust.   

Disrespect – Respect is a fundamental part of any relationship so when it dwindles, it can create imbalance between the two parties. High expectations can often cause contempt. Acknowledging the bad and disregarding the good parts of your relationship can leave you wanting more, causing bitterness and disdain.  

What can you do to tackle this? 

Communicate – Whilst talking about your feelings might not always come naturally, communication is often the most effective way to resolve an issue before it escalates. Practising effective communication techniques can allow you and your partner to open up and work through your problems together.  

Consider parting ways  If you feel you have exhausted all methods of reconciliation, then the best solution could be to part ways amicably. You might be able to achieve this cordially between yourselves or it might be worth looking for a divorce solicitor to help proceedings be as harmonious as possible.  

Self-care – While it’s amazing to have found someone to share your life with, the time you spend in your relationship must be balanced with time alone. Give yourself time to reflect and consider whether the issues you are facing need to be detrimental. Taking time out of your routine to do the things that make you happy can put perspective on a situation and help you find your inner peace.  

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What to do after a Divorce?


What to do after a divorce? A divorce can be an enormously painful and stressful process. In fact, it’s often right up there with a bereavement, since a significant person in your life is not going to be around anymore. If there are children involved, then it’s that much more complicated.

Divorce is still a common phenomenon in the UK, with around a third of marriages ending with divorce. With so many people around who’ve been there and done it, it’s worth listening to some of the advice floating around, for the sake of your own state of mind. Let’s look at a few strategies for coping with the emotional aspect of divorce.

Don’t isolate yourself

What to do after a divorce

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels

After a divorce, it can be tempting to push well-meaning friends and family away, and to wallow in isolation. While giving yourself the chance to get used to being on your own is a good thing, you shouldn’t allow your social life to collapse.

Allow yourself to grieve the marriage

It’s natural that you’re not going to feel spectacular for several weeks or months. Give yourself permission to be sad about it, and don’t beat yourself up if your state of mind doesn’t progress as quickly as you’d like.

Seek professional mental support if you need to

If you’re feeling really lousy, then it might be worth talking to a professional about it. They’ll help you to identify any unhelpful thought patterns, like catastrophising, and help you to eliminate them before they have a chance to self-reinforce and dominate your thinking.

Take care of your physical health

It can be tempting to put going to the gym on the backburner, especially if you’re feeling down. But if you allow things to slip, then you’ll have to spend more effort putting things right later. You might find that physical activity provides a kind of escape from thinking about divorce. Identify an activity that you enjoy, and stick to it.

Make sure you’re content with the divorce settlement

What to do after a divorce

Photo by Hannah Nelson on Pexels

If you feel like you’ve gotten a raw deal, then your state of mind is unlikely to improve. While there’s a lot to be said for drawing a line and letting things go, you shouldn’t put up with an unjust arrangement. Many solicitors will proceed on a no-win, no-fee arrangement and help you with your claim if you feel like your divorce solicitor did not handle your divorce settlement correctly.

Try to keep the kids out of it

It can be tempting to use the kids to score emotional points against your former partner. It might even be that you’ve been on the receiving end of this treatment. It’s not good for the kids, so don’t do it.

Focus on new personal goals or projects

If you have a personal project that you’ve always wanted to commit to, then now is a great time to get started. It’ll help you to fill all of that free time you have, and it might give you something other than divorce to think about!

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How to Ask for her Hand in Marriage if it’s the Right Time


Today we want to share insightful tips on how to ask for her hand in marriage if it’s the right time. Asking your girlfriend to marry you is the next step in your relationship. You want to tie the knot, and you have to be confident about this decision. When you’re already thinking about it, it’s a sign that you want to spend forever with her. You also can’t imagine your life without her by your side. While it’s good that you consider your feelings, you should also think the same way about her. You might be ready, but she’s not. Timing is crucial in deciding to pop the question.

There should be talk about marriage

If you didn’t reach the point where you talk about getting married, you shouldn’t do it. You imagine a life with her, but she doesn’t. You have to be on the same page before you ask the question. She might still be thinking about building your relationship and getting to know each other deeper. If you decide to take the next step when she’s not ready, it could be terrible for your relationship. You’re destroying something that is yet to bloom. Once you start talking about the future, it’s a good sign. It means that she’s ready to move forward.

The number of years doesn’t indicate anything

Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean you’re ready to take the next step. Some couples who decide to tie the knot after being in a relationship for many years still get a divorce. Years don’t indicate anything. It’s how you spend time with each other and how deep your relationship is. While it helps that you’ve been in a relationship for a while now, it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider before asking the question.

Look at her career trajectory

If you decide to marry her, it will change your life, but it will do the same to her. You will build a family together. She might be unable to fulfill her career goals if you decide to have a child. If she’s not yet ready to give up what she has now, you should respect it. She enjoys her career, and she deserves it. You might also be on the same path right now. Take your time to celebrate the peak of your career before getting married. Once you have a family, a work-life balance might be challenging.

Buy the perfect ring when you’re ready

Take your time to think about this difficult decision. Once you’re confident that your girlfriend is the right person, the next step is to buy the perfect ring. You can consider purchasing an oval diamond engagement ring that you can find here. If it matches her personality, you have to get it. Show her that you know her well, and you found the perfect ring that will look great on her.

Once she says yes, it calls for a celebration. Don’t rush planning the wedding details. There’s always an opportunity to think about them later. For now, you have to enjoy what you have.

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5 Reasons why Second Marriages end in Divorce


Today we want to provide 5 reasons why second marriages end in divorce. Second marriages often end in divorce, and the reasons vary. However, the most common reason is that it is simply easier to give up on marriage the second time around. According to divorce experts, 70% of people who divorce their first spouse decide to remarry. Nearly 30% of all marriages now involve at least one party who has already been married at least once.

The stats show that men tend to remarry faster than women, and Caucasians remarry at the highest rate compared to Asians and African Americans. Unfortunately, second marriages rarely last more than 8 years. Some couples have even stated that you can complete divorce online.

Top 5 Reasons Many Second Marriages End in Divorce

why Second Marriages end in Divorce

Photo by Alex Green on Pexels

While fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce, 67% of second marriages and 74% of third marriages fail to have a happily-ever-after. The reasons second and third marriages seem so doomed include the following:

1. Sex, Money and Interfering In-Laws

Many second marriages end up in divorce because of The Big Three: sexual incompatibility, money problems, and interfering in-laws. Experts claim that during a second or third marriage, sexual issues become more transparent, and spouses tend to compare their sex experiences.

Money issues often arise over child support, alimony, and voluntary contributions to first families. In-law tensions may double when existing in-laws compete against the new spouse for their child’s time and attention.

2. Fights Over Children

Children are often cited as the main reason first marriages stay together, but kids play a different role in second marriages. New spouses usually have highly charged relationships with their step-children, and other parenting ideas can generate tension in a marriage.

Children often don’t get along with the kids from a different marriage, and problems frequently arise between spouses if they feel they are not supported in the decisions they make about disciplining step-children.

3. Resentments Between an Ex-Spouse and a Current One

Some ex-spouses are perfectly happy to see their former spouses remarry, but others may become resentful. The resentments often lead to renewed family court trips to renegotiate alimony, child support, and visitation rights.

Ex-spouses often force their former spouses into court to negotiate even the simplest agreements. Some even turn their children against a former spouse or the new spouse.

4. Being Uninvested in the New Marriage

Surprisingly, a new spouse might decide to stay uninvested in a second marriage. Often, the first marriage led to kids, long-term family relationships, and memories that may date back to primary school. It is hard to work up a lot of concern for a new marriage with no children or long-standing ties.

It is easier to give up on the marriage than deal with constant bickering and fighting when things go south. Divorce simply is not as scary the second time, and new family problems are easy to shed because the basic emotional investment in the new marital relationship is lacking.

5. Married for the Wrong Reasons

why Second Marriages end in Divorce

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels

Feeling lonely or needing a breadwinner or housekeeper are very poor reasons to get married. However, many divorced people marry for the wrong reasons. These include:

  • Financial security
  • Companionship or sex
  • Making a former spouse jealous
  • Fear of being alone
  • Rebounding
  • Temporary infatuation with someone very different from the former spouse.

Any reason for getting married other than love quickly wanes. Infatuations fade, and loneliness exists even in a marriage. Rushing from one failed relationship into another is never a good reason for tying the knot.

Get Premarital Counseling

Before getting remarried, the best strategy for a successful second marriage is to seek premarital counseling and financial planning. Divorce statistics are not encouraging for second or third marriages, and a little advance planning might head you off from making (another) big mistake.

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How to Get Back Into Dating After 50


Today we want to share some valuable tips on how to get back into dating after 50. Getting back in the love-game can be scary for people over 50 especially if you haven’t dated for a while. But there is nothing to be scared of. As long as you know what you want and where to get it, jumping back into the love-game will be easier than jumping in the pool.

Age is Just a Number, Don’t Be Shy About It

You have to know that being over 50 and dating isn’t embarrassing. Age is just a number. Yes, it’s a cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. Because it’s true, everybody will respect you if you wear your years with pride. And everybody will mock you if you try to hide your age. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Be yourself and relax.

Dating After 50

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels

Dating Site as a Way to Find a Like-Minded Person

Experts agree that online dating is the simplest way to get back in the game. You can meet a lot of like-minded people from the comfort of your home without spending a fortune.

If you are over 50 and think it’s not the time to start dating online, this site will show you another side of age. When you’re over 50 you know what you want from relationships and will not waste your time. Other people on that site don’t want to waste time either, so your chances of meeting your new partner are very high.

Start from a Conversation Online

Another benefit of online dating for people over 50 is the possibility to talk (text) online. That will soon give you a better image of the person you’re talking to. If you click from the beginning, you can arrange a meeting the next day. If you feel like it could be good, but it needs time – continue texting for a while. Sometimes you’ll know from the beginning that nothing can happen between you two. In those situations – stop the conversation after a message or two. That makes online dating a perfect time-saver.

Choose the Best Image for a Profile, But Be Honest

man sitting beside woman looking at laptop

Photo by DocuSign on Unsplash

While making an online dating account, you’ll have to put your photo there. It’s normal for you to try to look good so you’ll choose your best image. But some people try too hard and post fake photos. That screams desperation. Everybody will see you used every filter in the world or spent 2 hours in Photoshop to look younger and better. Don’t do it. Be confident and believe in yourself. Other users will admire you because of that.

Don’t Give Up Just Because Your First Date Wasn’t Perfect

When you start dating after a while, you may expect too much from the first date. It’s normal, but keep in mind that your first date probably won’t go as you planned. As long as your date doesn’t become a disaster, you can work from there (with your new partner).

Another situation is when you start dating in your 50s, and your first date really turns out bad, so you become scared to look for new partners. Don’t let one bad date ruin the rest of your love-life. There are many people over 50 looking to start dating. You can try again.

Leave Your “Life” Baggage at the Door

Everybody has baggage—even people in their 20s. If you keep thinking about bad things that happened to you before, you’ll never be relaxed, and you’ll never trust anybody. That doesn’t mean you have to trust everybody, but being open will get you a long way. Don’t dig too much into the past of your new partner. Let the past be past. You have a present and a future to enjoy. But you’ll never do it if you can’t let go of your life baggage.

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Moving Forward With Your Relationship Status: Getting Back Into A Relationship


Today we want to talk to you about moving forward with your relationship status. Getting back into a relationship isn’t easy.  When you have had troubling relationships in the past, it can be hard to move forward with your life and to dip your toe back into the world of dating, yet alone a new relationship. Of course, time can be a healer and you may find that you are starting to explore this part of your life again. It is natural to feel intrigued by the world of dating, and as things change so much, how is the best way to move forward with your relationship status? Here are some suggestions to help getting back into a relationship. 

Dating applications

getting back into a relationship

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels

There is no denying that there are a lot of dating applications right now, and so you may be curious as to what they are all about. Some are more in-depth than others so it might be that you want to work out what it is you want from them. Whether you just fancy swiping left or right, or fancy doing personality tests to be matched with potential suitors there is an application for every possibility. Try a few and see how you get on. 

Chat lines could help

If you like to talk then why not consider a chat line option instead. This could be another way to grow your confidence in the world of talking to new people and eventually having a relationship in the future. Whether it is gay date numbers you want, or finding people that share similar interests, there is bound to be somehting that suit the stage you are at with this new stage of your life. 


Zoom and skype are excellent virtual dating options 

getting back into a relationship

Photo by Yan on Pexels

Sometimes the pressure of a face to face meeting can be too much. So you might want to think about another alternative. There has been a huge rise in the world of virtual dating and this can give you the opportunity to talk to someone face to face without leaving the comfort of your home. This could suit you if you are interested in getting to know somebody first before making big commitments of meals out. 

Really get to know someone on calls and text

Dating doesn’t always have to be done face to face. You could consider taking time to enjoy phone calls and text conversations first as you get to know someone. The chances are you may be more careful as you approach a new relationship, which is understandable. So having conversations over the phone or on text could help you to feel more at ease with meeting someone eventually. 

The old fashioned correspondence with a modern twist

Last of all, many years ago, there was the only option of writing to potential love interests and getting to know them that way. You could put a modern twist on this and reignite the love letter through email. Again it gives you a chance to get to know someone and also share things in your own words without the pressure. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to move forward with your relationship status.

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Where to Find the Best Asian Brides


Today we want to share valuable information on where to find the best Asian brides.  Having a good love life can mean having a more fruitful and fulfilling life, ready to reach new heights.  Besides, having someone that you cherish and love is one of the most endearing sentiments in life.  Finding that special someone who you can share forever with is not as easy as many people assume. Indeed, it may take years to find someone you feel really comfortable with and who shares all of your values.  One of the reasons for failing to find a perfect partner is that you are searching in the wrong direction.  The truth is, your true love might actually live in another country,  say Asia, for example.

find the best Asian brides

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If finding real love is the only thing that is missing to make your life complete, you might want to open your mind and experience dating with Asian mail order brides.  As odd as it may seem, searching for “buy an Asian bride” might lead you to the best websites that have such experience in helping potential couples meet.  The latter phrase is used commonly as a reference to learning more about mail order Asian brides, since you cannot literally buy an Asian bride.  If you are curious where to find potential matches and Asian brides, take a look at some of the possible options below.

Appropriate dating websites

If you are curious about what Asian brides are like, you may go directly to an Asian mail order bride service. First of all, referring to a dating website will usually give you enough information about Asian women. Secondly, you can immediately create an account if you are confident with the information provided. What you have to do in advance is evaluate each website you visit, check security features and anti-scam policies.  From there, you can select the best dating site for you.  You may also need to check the quality of the dating profiles: you will instantly notice if other users’ accounts are unrealistic or seem phony.  After you are finished assessing a website, you may register and discover more about Asian women by view profiles and communicating with profiles you like.

Dating websites reviews

find the best Asian brides

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Another way to learn more about Asian brides and various Asian bride websites is to read reviews by other customers or visitors.  While you can spend hours looking at some key facts about Asian women in blogs and dating websites, it is always good to rely on real reviews.  Normally, men always leave their comments regarding their dating experience and whether they are satisfied with the quality of their relationship. With the help of such reviews, you will get a general understanding of what to expect.

Travel abroad to find your bride

If you prefer to browse profile online, it’s best to check out a dating website.  On the other hand if you are open-minded and willing to actually travel to you Asia to meet prospective Asian brides, you will find the experience quite unique and unforgettable.  You will get a chance to see first hand how they behave, their habits, etc.  If you are ready to travel to Asia and meet singles in real life, now is the time to get started!

Social media and Internet in general

find the best Asian brides

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Last but not least, social media can be pretty helpful if you want to find out more about Asian brides. You can discover Asian women’s profiles on social media and make some conclusions based on their accounts. Besides, you may refer to travel blogs where people describe their experiences traveling to Asia and exploring Asian culture, traditions and people in general.

The bottom line

If your goal is to find and marry a beautiful Asian woman, then it’s imperative to learn more about their traditions and culture.  Because we all have access to the internet, websites and social media, this information is readily available whenever you are ready to take the first step.   Of course traveling abroad will give you the best perspective and experience in learning more about Asian culture and women.

Jamie Polsters is a dating coach, thanks to whom many people from all over the world managed to meet their other half.  Jamie has been putting every effort into guiding people through the dating process and assisting them in the online dating process for more than fifteen years. Together with YourMailOrderBride team, Jamie strives to help people engage in a healthy relationship that successfully ends up with a marriage.

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Caring For Your Family: 4 Top Tips


Today we want to share some great tips about caring for your family.  Caring for the health of your family is vital to ensure that your whole family is able to enjoy a full and healthier life in the future, minimizing the chance of serious diseases and illnesses during their lives. There are many ways you can take care of your family, including fostering a healthy lifestyle and attending frequent check-ups at a healthcare center such as https://southwestcare.org/. To find out more ways of taking care of your family, read on for some top tips on looking after their health and well-being.

Invest In Healthcare

One way to care for your family is to research, and invest in, the best healthcare. Of course, this comes with a price tag, but using your insurance plan you can find the best healthcare available to you and your family.

One of the crucial things about taking care of your family’s health is knowing the early signs of a problem. If you have small children, you should research the early signs of allergies or other problems that could be difficult to spot at first. By doing this, you will be able to ensure they get the treatment they need, if and when the situation arises.

Similarly, if you are responsible for elderly family members, finding the best specialist healthcare professional for rheumatology, or any other conditions, is important to give them the greatest opportunities for health in old age. 

caring for your family

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Encourage regular exercise

It is thought that as much as eighty per cent of US adult and children do not get enough exercise for optimal health. That is four out of five people! Exercise is one of the most effective ways of keeping both your physical and mental health in check.

You do not have to hit the gym for hours every day, but try to build in plenty of physical activity into your day. That might mean walking to school instead of driving, swinging by the park on the way home and having a run-around, going for a walk or a bike as a family on the weekend. Even gentle activities such as a game of bowling or gardening counts. 

Eat well

caring for your family

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We all know that we should be eating well to feel well, but do you actually know what makes up a healthy diet? It is not just eating plates of lettuce and drinking nothing but water – you can enjoy a slice of pizza or a candy bar AND eat a healthy diet too. Just make sure junk food and those continuing excess fat and refined sugars are enjoyed in moderation, and that you eat meals that are balanced the rest of the time. Look for a balance of carbs, protein, healthy fat and at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. You can even make some unhealthy favourites healthy – make your own pizza using a base of wholemeal pitta and spread with tomato puree and low-fat cheese, and top with plenty of fresh veggies. It’s great fun for the kids, tastes great and is a healthier option.

By maintaining a healthy weight and making sure that your diet has all the nutrients that you need, you are less likely to suffer serious health conditions such as heart disease, type II diabetes, stroke, cancer and other illnesses. 

Take care of mental health

Many of us take care of our physical health but neglect our mental health, and this is important. Given the current circumstances that we find ourselves living in, taking care of our families mental health should be just as much of a priority. Try to encourage some mindfulness into your day – anyone can join in, even children. You can do some coloring, focus on breathing – anything that works for you. It helps to bring you back to the present moment and ground yourself, and that can benefit your mental health significantly. 

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Finding Love in the 21st Century


Finding love in the 21st century can be challenging. While your friends may be settling down and thinking of having kids, you might feel left on the shelf. There’s nothing worse than feeling like the third wheel when heading out with your pals or being the only person without a plus one at a wedding. While you might be eager to find love, you probably don’t know how to go about it. Read on to find out how to maximize your success in the dating game.


Finding Love

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The first thing you need to do is relax. Putting too much pressure on yourself to find love can ruin every date that you go on. You might be overthinking everything you say, everything your date says, every verbal cue and every mannerism they have. By being so focused on the nitty-gritty details you won’t have the ability to get to know any potential partners. 

Consider heading online and signing up to a dating app. These apps are way more intuitive than they ever have been before. They will look at your dating history, your likes and dislikes, and most importantly, your motivations. Some dating apps are for mere hook-ups, but others focus on finding real-life partners. Some are global and will search worldwide for a partner. You could find your soulmate halfway across the globe, meaning that you may end up needing a fiance visa to get married and settle in the country of your choice.

Take Things Slowly

When you are looking for love, you might be keen to go a hundred miles an hour when it comes to dating. You aren’t getting any younger so you want to have the marriage conversation on the second date and the kids’ conversation on the fifth. This desperation is not an attractive quality and could lead to your potential soul mate running a mile.

Finding Love

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Instead, take things a lot slower. It’s ok to get to know someone over a few months and move in with them when you’re ready. Living together is a massive step and a huge sign of commitment. You are letting go of your dating life to give a full-blown relationship a go. Don’t just settle for someone who takes an interest and wait for that individual who truly deserves you.

Drop The Baggage

If you have been cheated on in the past or you have had some pretty messy breakups, it can be hard not to take this baggage into your next relationship. You need to be open and trusting. A partner who has nothing to do with your cheating ex won’t appreciate your constant need to check their phone. This smothering behavior will not result in lasting love. You need to drop the baggage that you have and leave it outside the relationship. Being open and vulnerable can be challenging but it is necessary to let someone get to know the real you. If they want to stick around, you know that you are onto a good thing.

If you are still looking for love, enjoy the dating process and enjoy being on your own and getting to know what you want in life. Only then will you be ready for Cupid’s arrow.

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