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Q&A: A Conversation with The Folklore’s Founder and CEO Amira Rasool


Writer, stylist, and entrepreneur Amira Rasool. Photo credits: https://www.theBlackownedbusinesses.com/businesses/the-folklore Amira Rasool is a freelance writer, stylist, and entrepreneur, who currently serves as the Founder and CEO of The Folklore, a multi-brand e-commerce platform that brings African luxury brands to the global marketplace.  She has written for various distinguished publications, from Women’s Wear Daily and Time ...

Online Fashion Shopping In The UK


In the last five years, online shopping has increased rapidly. According to this report by Sky News, almost three-quarters of the population now buy goods for delivery via the internet, at least once a month. The new figures, from communications regulator Ofcom, also found that internet shopping was more popular in the UK than in ...