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Sevenn Flexes an Underground-Influenced New Style With Four-Track “Hybrid Techno” EP. Out Now


Kevin Brauer has exploded into the international electronic music stage as Sevenn. In his repertory he has four global hits: “Colors Of The Rainbow” produced in collaboration with Kathy, and successful releases such as “BYOB” and “The Wall,” produced with Alok, which reached over 50 million streams. Sevenn‘s massive collaboration with Tïesto “BOOM” debuted on Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2017. The single’s 2018’s version with Gucci Mane on the vocals had peaked #14 on Billboard‘s Hot Dance/Electronic charts amassing over 120 million streams on SpotifySevenn played at some of the world’s most celebrated festivals, such as TomorrowlandLollapalooza, and Creamfields.

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Images provided by Sevenn

Riot Ten and Stoutty Revealed as Artists Behind The Mysterious Project Pushing Daizies. New Single “I Miss You” with Lucii. Out Now on Dim Mak


Pushing Daizies return to Dim Mak with one of their most meaningful releases yet – and a big announcement that reveals the artist duo behind the mysterious project. “I Miss You” features singer/songwriter/producer Lucii, with earlier releases on Subsidia and WAKAAN under her belt, whose velvety vocals croon out lyrics about missing all of someone – the good and the bad parts. Pushing Daizies lends their signature style to the track with future bass beats complemented by lush melodies, making “I Miss You” a relatable song that will tug at the heartstrings of any listener who has ever felt the nostalgic pang of missing someone, whether a lover or a lost friendship. The track also reveals more about the making of Pushing Daizies – it’s Riot Ten and Stoutty, who began the project during quarantine with the goal of making music that was outside their norms as individual artists. Read on below for more from Pushing DaiziesLucii and Riot Ten:

I Miss You‘ is that one song for someone we always miss. We hope this song brings back great memories of whoever that is, as it did for us during the creation of it.” – Pushing Daizies

I wrote this song when I was reflecting on the memories of a past relationship. It dawned on me that everything that I used to get really annoyed with ended up being the things that I was actually missing. Missing someone, whether it be a lost friendship or a failed relationship, is hard. The trips, the fights, the hanging out, the going out, it leaves a certain void that isn’t just replaceable overnight. To me, that’s what I wrote this song about, the absence of the presence of the person.” – Lucii

Pushing Daizies is a project that really began during the pandemic. With no shows happening, my livelihood all but taken away, stuck in quarantine with no end in sight, life became a little depressing. However, with the new found time, I began talking to my good friend Stoutty about exploring new genres together. Initially, we weren’t even thinking about making an entire project out of it. We just wanted to make powerful and emotional music that would be relatable during such crazy times. Something completely opposite of the music that we currently make, and we wasted little time before going full steam ahead. We worked so much on the sound that in just a few months we ended up with 2 albums worth of music, literally. At that point, we knew this had the potential to be something special. And thus, Pushing Daizies was born. This project means so much to us because it allows us to take listeners on a completely different journey. And it allows us to express our art and push boundaries further than we ever thought possible. We are pushing daizies.” – Riot Ten

Pushing Daizies is the pseudonym of US-based producers Riot Ten and Stoutty joining forces. The enigmatic duo makes groovy, bass-heavy, electronic dance music that creates an emotional roller coaster, pulling at the heartstrings of its listeners. The project, which initially began as multiple collaborations between the two artists, transpired as their synergy saw no end in sight. “Once we found our rhythm, we knew we had something special. It was bigger than just a few singles. I guess you could say that the project was an accident in the greatest way possible,” said one of the producers. The term “pushing daisies” refers to the flowers that grow over a burial plot when someone dies, which is symbolic of the cycles of life and death, light and dark. Said differently, when someone dies, life is created.

Lucii – the Orlando hailing producer and DJ is making waves. The music is captivating and is drizzled with swirling melodies searching lyrics and drifting vocals. Lucii is able to show off her otherworldly production style, as well as songwriting prowess all in one.

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Images provided by Riot Ten

Sisters Cap and Almero Join Forces For Tech House-Inspired “Get Enough.” Out Now on Protocol Recordings


Italian female duo Sisters Cap and French producer Almero collide for the first time on their new single “Get Enough,” a tech powerhouse track that incorporates some serious grooves on Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings. The production rides on a bouncy, driving four-on-the-floor beat, complemented with dynamic melodies and a catchy vocal riff that make for a natural dancefloor filler. “Get Enough” follows Almero‘s past singles on Smash The HouseRevealed Recordings, and of course Protocol Recordings, while Sisters Cap have been featured on Protocol‘s annual ADE 2020 and Miami 2021 EPs and received support from such artists as HardwellTiëstoDon DiabloNicky RomeroDannicLaidback Luke, to name a few.

Founded by Nicky RomeroProtocol Recordings is one of the leading imprints for innovative electronic dance music. It boasts a roster of heavy-hitters, complemented with immensely talented up-and-comers such as Thomas GoldDeniz KoyuTeamworxFuturistic Polar BearsTrilaneMarcus SantoroStadiumxTim van Werd, and Nicky Romero himself, to name a few. All with a diverse range of sounds that are guaranteed to light up a dance floor. While newer to the label, Almero is already making waves; his debut track on Protocol “They Don’t Know” with CAMARDA was featured on the Protocol Grooves EP, and “Focus” with DØBER was included in Protocol Lab – ADE 2020 EP. He has additional releases on Revealed Recordings and Universal, and has earned support from HardwellSander van DoornNicky RomeroSunnery James & Ryan MarcianoBlasterjaxx and Thomas GoldSisters Cap have graced the stages of notable venues across the world, such as Croatia‘s PapayaChina‘s Playhouse and EDCIndia‘s Playboy ClubItaly‘s Tenax and more.

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Images provided by Sisters Cap & Almero

Snavs Combines Grime and Future Bass Sounds in Emotionally Inspired New Track “Moods.” Out Now on Dim Mak


Danish artist Snavs is nothing but relentlessly unique in his artistic expression, and his new track “Moods” on Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak Records is no different. In an unusual fusion of grime and future bass music, the track is distinctly divided into two different sounds to represent Snavs‘s inspiration: the idea that our moods can easily oscillate based on circumstances in our everyday lives. Opening with splitting synths and grimy drops, “Moods” takes a turn to the future bass side with and back again, taking the listener on an emotional rollercoaster throughout its entirety. Snavs has previously released on MonstercatLowlyBig Beat/AtlanticMusical Freedom, and Spinnin’. Read more on his inspiration for this standout track below:

The whole idea around ‘Moods‘ is about reflecting on how fast your mood can change if something good or bad happens and how easily you can be affected by your surroundings. That’s why the mood of the track changes halfway through, and the first half is a grimey dubstep banger while the second half has more of a melodic and future bass vibe to it.” – Snavs

As the boss of his own label Riotville Records, DJ and producer Snavs has made it his mission to constantly push creative boundaries. He has explored the sonic realms through unusual collaborations that break genre barriers, including hardcore metal band Telos, legendary Scandinavian rocker Ulf ScottSøren Buhl of alt-rock band Blaue Blume, and indie singer Karen Lassen. His music has taken him to some of the world’s most prestigious clubs, including Webster Hall (New York), Avalon (Los Angeles), Bootshaus (Cologne), WOMB (Tokyo), Pacha (Sydney), as well as well-known festivals such as CoachellaTomorrowlandEDC Las VegasEurosonicMiami Music WeekAmsterdam Dance Event and more.

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Tommy Jayden Releases Groovy Vocal Progressive Gem “Stars” with New Artist IMPVLZ. Out Now on Protocol Recordings


Tommy Jayden returns to Nicky Romero‘s label with a new progressive gem titled “Stars” in collaboration with newcomer IMPVLZ. Opening with soulful vocals, the track incorporates dreamy melodies that set an ethereal tone before moving into a deep, groovy drop with catchy riffs. With that winning triad of elements, Jayden and IMPVLZ create a sonic ambiance that is both emotive and danceable, showcasing again Protocol Recordings‘ interest in supporting new talent and covering a wide spectrum of sounds. “Stars” follows Jayden‘s debut on the label “Deja Vu” from 2020, while IMPVLZ appears on Protocol for the first time with this stunning collaboration.

Dutch producer Tommy Jayden first made waves in 2019 with his dynamic and energetic sound, which has since led him to releases on such labels as Protocol RecordingsSpinnin’ RecordsRevealed RecordingsHexagon, and Armada Music. He knew he was meant for music at the age of 8, when he fell in love listening to his parents’ Michael Jackson CDs. Eventually, his interests shifted to house music, and after studying at the famous Dutch Herman Brood Academy, he has been steadily building his repertoire. Jayden‘s notable releases include “Looking At Me” and “Infected,” which collectively have amassed over 4M streams on Spotify to date. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next for Tommy Jayden and the rest of the Protocol crew!

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Pushing Daizies Duo Encourages Listeners To Live In The Present With New Track “I Want To Know.” Out Now on Dim Mak


Ever since their inception earlier this year, Pushing Daizies made their sonic brand about meaningful future house music. The duo’s newest single “I Want To Know” follows suit perfectly, incorporating dreamy vocals, uplifting melodies, and groovy basslines to create a vibe that is guaranteed to lift your spirits. After all of the tumultuous times, the world has collectively been through over the last year, perhaps the most important takeaway for us all is to appreciate the present moment; Pushing Daizies communicate this message through positive lyrics in “I Want To Know” with the hope that all of their listeners will dance if they want to, too. Check out their quote below for their inspiration:

I Want To Know‘ is a song that should get you up to dance like no one is watching. Just living in the moment. It’s a song that makes us smile & shows us how truly blessed we are in this world.” – Pushing Daizies

Pushing Daizies is the pseudonym of two US-based dance music producers joining forces. The enigmatic duo makes groovy, bass-heavy, electronic dance music that creates an emotional roller coaster, pulling at the heartstrings of its listeners. The project, which initially began as multiple collaborations between the two artists, transpired as their synergy saw no end in sight. “Once we found our rhythm, we knew we had something special. It was bigger than just a few singles. I guess you could say that the project was an accident in the greatest way possible,” said one of the producers. The term “pushing daisies” refers to the flowers that grow over a burial plot when someone dies, which is symbolic of the cycles of life and death, light and dark. Said differently, when someone dies, life is created.

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Images provided by Pushing Daizies

Characteristics of the Best Sofa Reviews


Today we want to talk about some of the great characteristics of the best sofa reviews.  Reading reviews has become a regular practice for those shopping for a big ticket item. It is so important that a lack of reviews for a product can prevent it from selling just as a mostly negative review profile would. But there may be hundreds of reviews for an item, and you don’t have time to read them all. What are the characteristics of the best sofa reviews? And which ones should you read?

the Best Sofa Reviews

Megan_Rexazin / Pixabay

Actual Customers

Testimonials on a vendor website do not matter. They are easily faked, and they are often cherry picked from actual reviews. Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous vendors will seek fake five star reviews to inflate their rating. You can weed out some of these fake reviews on eCommerce sites by filtering out reviews that were not actual buyers. Another red flag is when there is a five star review but no text. That’s something a reputation management firm might post on the site so that the review isn’t necessarily a violation of the rules prohibiting fake reviews.

Detailed, Useful Information

The best sofa reviews contain detailed, useful information. They don’t just gush about how great the couch is, how cute it is in the living room or how nice the delivery people were. How well does the couch withstand wear and tear after several months of use?

You might find useful information in the reviews that the manufacturer didn’t include. For example, you might read about the tools people need to assemble it quickly, though the manufacturer says no tools are included. Or you may learn that the manufacturer doesn’t always include the washers and hand tools required to assemble it.

Valid Criticism

the Best Sofa Reviews

jeanvdmeulen / Pixabay

You want to read the negative reviews of the couch before you put it on your short list for potential purchase. Criticisms can reveal the truth behind the marketing content. Is the couch a shade lighter or darker than the picture they saw online or in the ad? Is the color uneven? The advertising may not be false. Instead, the issue may be presentation. Manufacturers may describe the seats as smooth or plush, but the reality may be “slick” or “soft”.

A major concern is quality of manufacture. Is the couch easy to assemble, if you have to assemble it? Do the legs stay securely in the frame? Are the legs and arm rests even? A high quality couch is uncomfortable if one leg is significantly shorter than the others. A related issue is the accuracy of the reported dimensions. If you bought a six foot long couch that is actually six foot six inches when you take the arm rests into account, you have a problem if the space it was going to go in is six foot two.

How easy is the material to clean? And how does that compare to the promised cleanability? If the manufacturer says it resists stains but their new couch is covered in juice stains after a few weeks, you probably don’t want to buy it.

Older Reviews / Established Customer Reviews

Read reviews of long-time owners. It doesn’t matter if people are thrilled with how it looks when it arrives. Are the seats still comfortable after six months or more of wear and tear? How does the material hold up? Do the legs break when someone tries to move the one year old couch?

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review: An Unexpected Take On A Beloved Franchise


The second installment in the new Star Wars trilogy is unconventional, unexpected, and unapologetically takes bold risks that, for the most part, work. The film takes place right after the first installment of the new trilogy with Rey (Daisy Ridley) turning to recluse Jedi master Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) for guidance in her newfound force abilities while the Resistance engages in a tense battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

While too much cannot be said about the plot for fear of giving away spoilers, a lot can be said about the fantastic work from the characters and director to the meticulously crafted new worlds and battle sequences.

Director Rian Johnson’s take on this installment is purely unconventional and bold. Johnson’s script and direction of the plot and its characters throughout the film make this installment a fresh story in the Star Wars Universe.

Rey solidifies herself as one of the titular characters in this trilogy, showing her uncertainty, confidence, and fierceness in both her dialogue and action scenes. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is another titular character in this installment and mirrors the majority of Rey’s characteristics, except you are able to simultaneously despise and sympathize with his character. Mark Hamill’s return as a tired and damaged Luke Skywalker is a bold risk for the character but it’s a risk that works. Luke’s arc is unexpected but is integral to the direction of the plot.

Another integral piece is the side story of John Boyega’s Finn and Rose, portrayed by excellent newcomer Kelly Marie Tran. Their story shows how their characters have a good development in their friendship and their vitality in the direction of the plot. Boyega’s energetic and caring portrayal of Finn is still present. Rose’s humor and determination is a great new addition to this installment and shows how the underdogs can sometimes pull off the best accomplishments.

Late Carrie Fisher’s return as General Leia is steadfast, determined, and hopeful. One of her parts is so shocking and essential that is needs to be seen on screen. Her increased screen time on this film was never wasted and without a doubt, her emotion in every scene was meaningful and palpable. Another character with more screen time is Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac), who reveals to viewers that his heart and conviction makes him more than another Resistance pilot but an iconic leader in this installment. In addition, while Laura Dern’s role as Vice Admiral Holdo seemed small, Dern really makes you see the thoughts to Holdo’s actions, making her small but intriguing to the plot.

Although, characters that were not more developed were Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma, Domhall Gleeson’s General Hux, and Andy Serkis’s Supreme Leader Snoke. While Christie did an absolutely wonderful job at highlighting Phasma’s ferocity, maliciousness, and strength, there was no true development in her character. From the last film, it felt that Phasma deserved more of an arc that was not apparent in this film.

Also, Gleeson’s General Hux is despicable, cowardly, and malevolent but is irritating personality remained the same without any real transformation. Serkis’ Snoke is monstrous and manipulative but his backstory is still kept under wraps with little development in the knowledge of his anger towards the main protagonists.

What was more developed was the perfect combination of detailed space battles and face-offs with the masterful compositions of John Williams made each sequence feel intensified and connected. Each world in this film felt connected as well with each scene feeling immersed in the diverse environment of the planets and its cute and meticulous creatures. After this film, there even might be an abundant need to buy a porg stuffed animal.

The costumes of each character only meld with the characters unique personalities and their intentions. Costume designer Michael Kaplan knows how to put even more of a story with each character’s specific costume.

This film is truly special with its great characters, new and focused plot, intensive battles, developed world and costume designs making this penultimate installment in the new trilogy feel memorable. That is why Star Wars: The Last Jedi deserves an A-.

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Review: An Unexpected Take On A Beloved Franchise: Featured image courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Get Glammed Up with GLOSSYBOX’s Fashion Edition Box


This September, GLOSSYBOX is teaming up with one of fashion’s favorite artists Antonio Soares for one of their prettiest boxes yet. Just in time for international fashion month, GLOSSYBOX’s Fashion Edition box is adorned with blue flowers, birds, and one gorgeous girl. Get a look inside this month’s box and learn more about each product and the illustrator below!

GLOSSYBOX’s Fashion Edition Box

Each box includes a range of the products adored by fashion insiders everywhere. While each box varies slightly, customers can expect to find many glamorous products, like KORRES Modern Greek Apothecary’s Volcanic Minerals Twist Eyeshadow and Twist Lipstick, MODELLAUNCHER’s Brow Duo Pencil, or Vince Camuto’s Capri Eau De Parfum. In addition, customers may also find Sally Hershberger’s 24K Supreme Stylist Dry Shampoo and Borghese’s Superiore State-of-the-Art Mascara inside. No matter which products their box holds, all customers can expect top quality products.

About the Illustrator

Acclaimed illustrator Antonio Soares is well-known for collaborating with brands like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana. For this reason, he was an obvious choice for GLOSSYBOX’s special Fashion Edition box.
Britta Fleck, President and Managing Director North America of GLOSSYBOX, was particularly happy with this choice. “Mr. Soares was a perfect match for this collaboration as we both stand for creative, directional approaches to what beauty means nowadays,” she says. “The September box is the most exciting beauty box of the year. It has all the prestige products for creating instant glam, taking you from your closet to the catwalk.”
After trying these products out myself, I can understand why they are such big favorites among the fashion community. At only $21 for the entire box, it’s such a steal. For more information, or to purchase your own Special Edition GLOSSYBOX, visit GLOSSYBOX.com.
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Get Glammed Up with GLOSSYBOX’s Fashion Edition Box: Photographs courtesy of GLOSSYBOX

Mockingjay: Part 1 Review


the-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-1-final-posterThe majority of critics were all in agreement about one thing concerning the highly anticipated Mockingjay: Part 1; and that is that “not very much happens” (IBN Live).  Following in the footsteps of moneymaker series such as Harry Potter and Twilight, the studio stretched the final book into two separate movies. While filmmakers of the “HP” series started this trend for logical reasons (like including many important details and back story), it’s hard to imagine that the producers of the Hunger Games trilogy saw it as anything more than an opportunity to put more cash in the bank. Not cool, Lionsgate, not cool!

Though the sadistic Hunger Games arena is absent this time around, there is no shortage of violence in this third installment to the series—though perhaps not in the amount you’ve come to expect from these films. While there is very little action throughout the film, producers did a fantastic job of relaying the overall destruction caused by the civil war in Panem. Wide screen shots of ruined cities and charred remains of fallen victims definitely highlight the large-scale ramifications of war.

Fans of the bestselling novels will agree that District 13 was one of the environments we were most looking forward to seeing on the big screen. Lionsgate delivered on that aspect of the film, and the underground “honeycomb” bunker city was spot on with the book’s description, a dark location which complemented the somber mood of the entire film.hunger_games_mockingjay__part_one_ver9

As always, Jennifer Lawrence gives us a brilliant performance playing the reluctant hero, Katniss Everdeen. Once again she tries to resist playing a part in political propaganda, but knowing she must put aside her feelings in order to save her loved ones, the ever-conflicted Everdeen becomes the raw, empathetic and honest protagonist we have come to know and love. Similarly, Josh Hutcherson’s performance as Peeta Mellark is just as palpable. Fans want to save “the boy with the bread” just as badly as Katniss does, even in spite of his complete character change.

In conclusion, Lawrence and Hutcherson steal the show, as usual, with their intense performances. The elaborate dystopian sceneries are also to be admired, but what the movie lacks is the franchise’s usual fast-paced action – due largely in part to the story being split into a two-part film.

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 Mockingjay: Part 1 Review: Photographs courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment

Friends Fun Wine Review


Canned wine is the new adult way of drinking and we’ll tell you why in this Friends Fun Wine review! Instead of worrying about having a bottle opener on hand, these low-calorie single-serving cans are great for wine lovers on the go! Toss them in the cooler on your way to the beach, bring them along to barbeques and tailgating parties, or simply enjoy at home.

Friends Fun Wine comes in eight different flavors: Strawberry Moscato, Peach Moscato, Rose Moscato, White Moscato, Red Sangria, White Sangria, Cabernet Merlot, and Chardonnay Sauvignon. Friends Fun Wine provided Cliché with samples of the Rose Moscato, White Moscato, and the Red Sangria, which were great. Containing two glasses of wine per can, these convenient beverages are best served chilled. The best part about Friends Fun Wine is that it’s all in the name—grab a can, your friends, and have some fun!

To learn more about Friends Fun Wine, go to Friendsfunwine.com.

Our Must Have Apps


The world is full of many different kinds of apps. Here are just a few of the apps that we love and are must haves.

For Reviews:

While there are sites that offer helpful reviews, Yelp is the one that we stand by. Yelp does its best to ensure that reviews are made by real customers, even to the point of suing over companies making fake reviews.

For Gaming:

It seems that everyone is in love with Candy Crush, and we are too. The game offers hours of fun and though simple in nature offers an amazing workout for your brain. You never know what you’re going to get as you reach higher levels.

Zombies have been all over the brains and hearts of pop culture. Some zombie games seek to scare or try for realism. Zombies Ate My Friends gives gamers the fun of killing zombies with a light hearted nature. The animation is done in a cartoonish manner while filled with tasks to keep players running around for days. You can attack zombies with zombie arms to sniper rifles. You don’t need to add friends to reach new episodes, which means you don’t need to wait for help to pass a level or enter a new zone.

For Relaxation and Health:

In the noisy world we live in, it is sometimes hard to find peace. That’s why we love White Noise Lite and Relaxation Nature Sounds. These apps help to ease the mind when studying, mediating, or trying to get a good nights sleep.

For Music and Entertainment:

Like most people, we love our music. iheartradio has been a great source of enjoyment, with no annoying ads to interrupt, while Shazaam makes it easy to find that song you’ve just fallen in love with.

On a lighter note, the ifunny app offers users the chance to smile with a touch of a button. ifunny is sure to make you laugh when  life is heading for an “fml” moment.

All apps on our list our currently free to download.