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Saudi’s Top Female DJ Cosmicat Releases Debut Vocal Underground Single “Toxic Romance.” Out Now on MDLBEAST Records


Saudi Arabia‘s first and leading female DJ and producer Cosmicat makes her stunning debut with the first-ever single “Toxic Romance,” introducing herself to the global market as a sultry underground queen with both dancefloor and emotive potential. The track uses big-room synths and a rumbling, techno-influenced bassline to contrast exquisitely with her own feathery vocals; in this way, Cosmicat creates a soundscape that is both bold and delicate, personifying her own identity as a female artist who is trailblazing the electronic music scene in a culture that has traditionally forbid women from making any style of music. “Toxic Romance” is only the beginning for Cosmicat, so stay tuned to see what’s next as she establishes herself among electronic’s most exciting rising artists.

When I was working on ‘Toxic Romance,’ all I had on my mind was that I wanted to create the sound I love. It got me romanticizing about my relationship with it, as it’s a human being; how it was there for me every time I needed it or how I always come around to seek and chase it. On the sonic level, I wanted to add a big-sounding synth to make the track sound bold and highlight how synthesizers and electronic music can coexist with gentle whispering and my own vocals. I believe this makes ‘Toxic Romance‘ sounding delicate and personal, while still being dancefloor-friendly.” – Cosmicat

As she rises from the underground, the world is ready to be introduced to Nouf Sufyani – better known as Cosmicat – as the first and leading Saudi female DJ & producer in the electronic scene. Born and raised in JeddahCosmicat always had a strong passion for music in a world where it was considered taboo; there were limited record and music equipment stores and no live performances. Cultural protocol meant that she had to keep her passion a secret, so Cosmicat worked toward the more realistic 9-5 career but never gave up on her dream of producing. She became a “bedroom DJ” and taught herself everything she needed to know about producing in private. In 2019 she performed at the first music festival in Saudi Arabia – MDLBEAST‘s Soundstorm (which was also the biggest in the Middle East). Her reach quickly expanded to BahrainLebanonKuwaitUnited Arab Emirates, where she performed, and now she’s gearing up for the release of her debut original single. I believe that Nouf is a perfect example showing that it’s important to be persistent and take the chance whenever it arises. Currently, there are more female DJs in Saudi Arabia who support and empower one another, with Cosmicat being the first/leading one, paving the way for other Saudi female DJs. She also hosts her own TV show. Privately she’s a cat lady (hence the artist’s name). Her personal favorites are SolomunPeggy Gou, and Jamie Jones.

More info on Cosmicat / MDLBEAST:

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Sarah Barrios Releases Full Version of Her Viral TikTok Track, “IH8EVERY1”


May 26th, 2021 (New York, NY): Sarah Barrios has released her latest single, “IH8EVERY1”. This song was created as part of Sarah’s “You Ask, I Write” series on TikTok with a short snippet initially shared on May 3rd of this year. After its viral response on TikTok with over 3 million plays and over 650k likes, Sarah had to release the full version.

Image Credit: Jamie Rosenberg (Jar Photo)

“Fairytales are hard to believe sometimes, especially if your prince or princess charming doesn’t turn out to be who you hoped them to be. It’s easy to give up on love and hope altogether and can make you feel like it’s you against the world. But every once in a while, you meet someone you don’t mind being around, and you start to feel that small sliver of hope. That’s what this song is about.” – Sarah Barrios

“IH8EVERY1” was written by Sarah with Wyatt Sanders and produced by Evan Gartner. The release of “IH8EVERY1” comes shortly after her single, “Have We Met Before?” featuring Eric Nam. The latter garnered a lot of attention on streaming platforms and receiving praise from outlets such as Teen Vogue, Ones to Watch, Sweety High, and many more. She is definitely one you want to keep an eye on.


Image Credit: Jamie Rosenberg (Jar Photo)


Sarah Barrios is a breath of fresh air. With her unapologetically sweet voice, infectious melodies, and playful pop musicality. A proud reading enthusiast, her approach is akin to that of writing a novel. Weaving together stories with raw human emotion, Sarah wins her audience at first listen with a textured experience of imagery and color. Influenced by an intelligently diverse spectrum ranging from Jane Austen to Sci-Fi books, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to Jon Bellion and Paramore, Sarah’s music evokes both nostalgia and anticipation for the future. After years of songwriting with the likes of Zara Larsson, Alec Benjamin, Why Don’t We, Rita Ora, Andy Grammer, etc., Sarah is stepping out on her own.

For more information about Sarah, please visit:


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Images Provided By Jamie Rosenberg (Jar Photo)

“Running For Grace” Star Olivia Ritchie Talks the Beauty of Young Love and Her First Feature Film


There’s nothing better than watching a romantic film that makes your heart ache and has you reaching for a box of tissues to wipe away some stray tears. The film Running For Grace, released August 17th, stars Olivia Ritchie in her debut role as Grace alongside Matt Dillon and Jim Caviezel. Set in 1920’s Hawaii, an orphaned boy named Jo (Ryan Potter) becomes the care of a physician named Doc (Dillon). Using his blazing speed, he delivers medicine to the coffee pickers of the plantation and soon falls in love with Grace, the daughter of the plantation owner. They soon become the true test of a forbidden love being meant to be.


Cliché: The trailer for Running For Grace tugs at the heartstrings. Are you a romantic at heart? What attracted you to play Grace?

Olivia Ritchie: I am definitely a romantic at heart! I totally enjoy romance movies and love songs and all things romantic. I feel like Jo and Grace’s relationship reinforces what I admire about pure and honest love.

I wanted to play Grace because I feel like I have a lot of similar personality traits. Grace is discovering her voice and developing strength throughout her journey. She is always caring for others and learns to stand her ground. I admire those qualities and wanted to advocate for her.


The story revolves around an orphaned boy named Jo and a privileged young girl named Grace. What does the film teach about young love?

There’s such a beauty in young love. It seems so innocent and hopeful with good intentions. Everyone has the capacity and willingness to pursue love if they put their mind to it. The film teaches that it can be worth fighting for. Jo knows he’s meant to be with Grace and will go all lengths to get to her. Love is worth going the distance!


This film has a clear theme of separation of classes and how different both worlds live. What can audiences take away from that?

Even though it takes place in the 1920’s, these themes carry a lot of relevance today. We are still having some of the same conversations and struggling with the same issues this story deals with. I hope that people can come away from it with sensitivity and compassion towards those who are still facing all the rejection that’s happening today.


The film takes place in Hawaii. Did the beautiful setting add to the romantic aura? What was it like filming?

Every day I would look at the scenery and think to myself, “This isn’t real life!!” It was absolutely breathtaking. The beauty definitely added to the forbidden love story. Not only do you root for Jo and Grace’s love story, but I think it’s also easy to fall in love with Hawaii while watching this movie. You so badly want Grace to experience the beauty all around her.


This is your first major feature film. What does this opportunity signify to you? Where do you hope your career goes from here?

I can’t believe I got to work with such a great cast and crew on my first feature film. I couldn’t be more thankful. I want to continue to do films with stories that matter and that I believe need to be told. I hope that I can continue to work with great artists and make films that have important messages!


What do you believe makes a good romantic story?

I love watching romance movies and wondering the whole time, “Will they end up together?” I can get really invested in a story when two characters start to fall in love. I want to see a true love that can conquer any obstacle. One that still remains honest and true to life, but gives me hope that love like that still exists!

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“Running For Grace” Star Olivia Ritchie Talks the Beauty of Young Love and Her First Feature Film: Image Credit: Marc Cartwright, Hair/make-up: Blondie for Exclusive Artists and  Mac cosmetics and Styling: Gabriel Langenbrunner

Crazy Rich Asians—All The Glitter, Is In Fact Gold


Crazy Rich Asians exceeded box office expectations and made $34 million on opening day. All summer we have been waiting for this best-selling book to come to life in the theaters. With the book being a best-seller, it was a no brainer that the movie exceeded almost $10 million more on opening day than expected.


Crazy Rich Asians is a romantic comedy about Rachel Chu (Constance Wu) and Nick Young (Henry Golding) . Nick invites Rachel to come to his hometown, Singapore, for his best friend’s wedding. Rachel is surprised to learn that Nick’s family is very wealthy and that Nick is considered one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Once they get to Singapore, Nick’s mom is quick to judge Rachel. Since Rachel does not come from the same background as Nick, his mom immediately disapproves of Rachel.



This movie was filled with drama, comedy and suspense. You will cry and laugh throughout the whole movie. The cast was perfectly selected and worked very well with each other. The ending of the movie was just the icing on the cake! If you think you know what is rich is, you don’t until you’ve seen this movie. All the glitter, is in fact gold for Crazy Rich Asians.


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Crazy Rich Asians—All The Glitter, Is In Fact Gold: Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Valentine’s Day Accessories with Pixie Mood


It’s February 14. You’re all dressed up in your sexy bodycon dress, your hair is curled perfectly, and your face is framed with dangly diamond earrings that shine as you move. Suddenly, as you’re preparing to walk out the door, you realize that you don’t have a purse to go with your outfit. Talk about a nightmare! We would never wish an accessory crisis on anyone, so to help you get prepared for the big day we have prepared some handy bag accessory ideas from Pixie Mood. Not only does this luxury, cruelty-free, and vegan brand have amazing bags, they have an amazing message as well. Dedicated to producing quality and long-lasting products that are good for the planet, Pixie Mood will guarantee you look your best while feeling your best knowing that your accessories are earth-friendly. 


Jacqueline Pouch ($38, pixiemood.com)

First up on our Pixie Mood must-have list this Valentine’s Day is the elegant Jacqueline Pouch in dusty pink. Doubling as a clutch with its removable strap, this cross body pouch is perfect for those of you who are opting out of the traditional Valentine’s Day colors when it comes to your outfit. Adding this subtle splash of pink to your look will tell those around you that you’re flirty and ready for a great night out. Pair this dusty pink accessory with silver heels and a black dress, and you’re ready to go!


Bethany Tassel Tote ($82, pixiemood.com)

If you’re looking for something a little bigger to hold all of your daily needs, check out the Bethany Tassel Tote. This black and hot pink purse is the perfect size to carry a quick change of shoes, your makeup, and several other items you may need on the go. The dainty tassels give your bag subtle detail while the underlining hot pink color ensures you stand out on your date. And as a bonus, this sleek bag comes with a separate mini-bag inside for your light traveling needs.


Bernice Drawstring Bag ($52.50, pixiemood.com)

Stray from the typical purse design with this unique drawstring bag from Pixie Mood! Aside from its trendy ombre design and adjustable strap closure, the Bernice Drawstring bag is the perfect accessory for your Valentine’s date. Whether you’re heading over to a friend’s house for Galentine’s Day or going out with your significant other on a romantic rendezvous, this bag will be the perfect conversation starter and accessory to any look.


Greta Work Tote ($98, pixiemood.com)

Last on our must-have list from Pixie Mood is the Black Cork Greta Work Tote. While this unique bag is intended for the working woman, it can double as the ideal handbag for your sophisticated and classy date. So whether you’re on the run from work or taking your time to get ready at home this Valentine’s Day, consider completing your Valentine’s look with this trendy cork-styled purse.

It’s safe to say that whatever your handbag needs may be this February, Pixie Mood has got you covered. From your typical purse design to ombrés, corks, and drawstrings, you’ll be sure to be the talk of the night with any of their bag accessories.


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Valentine’s Day Accessories with Pixie Mood: Featured image and all images courtesy of pixiemood.com

The Engagement Ring: Once A Symbol of Control Now a Symbol of Eternal Love


Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life. It is also an expected milestone for most couples in love that they will eventually reach this point and commit to spending the rest of their lives with one another. From intimate, romantic moments between two people to grand, public declarations of love, there are hundreds of different ways a proposal can happen, and in modern society, more and more women are the one getting down on one knee.

The Engagement Ring: Once A Symbol of Control Now a Symbol of Eternal LoveFor thousands of years, it has been customary for the man in a traditional relationship to provide the woman with a ring of sorts. However, it was not always a diamond, and it was most certainly not always a representation of the love and commitment the couple shares.
The use of rings within a relationship dates right back to prehistoric times where men would wrap cords around their partner’s waist, wrists or ankles. The ties were crafted from braided grass and were used to take the female spirit under the man’s control. Used more as a token of ownership and control rather than love, this practice continued for hundreds of years.
Engagement photoIt wasn’t until the ancient Egyptians came along, thousands of years later, that the ring became a symbol of love and was worn on the finger. The romantic Egyptians felt that the shape of the ring embodied the idea of eternal love between two people and the opening in the ring was the gateway to their future together. Wedding bands were a separate entity, as they are today, and were made of braided reeds, worn by each partner. Rings were worn on the left hand on the finger between the middle and little fingers. This is now aptly called the ring finger and is still where people wear their wedding bands, and in many cultures, their engagement rings. This finger was chosen due to the belief of a vein running from here to the heart, although later discovered to be untrue, this vein was named the  in 1686, which means ‘vein of love’.
Rings took a step back again in Roman times, according to Pliny the Elder who was a Roman author. Engagement rings during this period were, again, a symbol of ownership and property. There were two rings involved in the contract, an iron one for wear around the home and a gold one, which was exchanged at the wedding ceremony, and worn only for special occasions.

Poesy Rings photo

Photo by woofiegrrl

Over a century later, rings were still teetering on the edge of ownership when sultans and sheikhs would give their partners a puzzle ring. These rings were specially designed to fall to bits if removed and therefore minimized any risks of infidelity. Females only wore the rings in the relationship.
The ring did not come back to depict love or care until 860AD. Pope Nicolas made it a requirement that a woman is presented with a gold ring, by her male partner, as a mirror of his wealth and ability to look after her.
The first diamond appeared on an engagement band in 1477, centuries later. Mary of Burgundy was given a gold band with the letter ‘M’ detailed in diamonds by her partner, the Archduke Maximillian of Austria. The ring gained a lot of attention and later became a trend among the most affluent.
Poesy Rings grew popular in the 1700’s which encompassed beautiful poems inscribed along the band. They were incredibly romantic and continued to be popular into the 1800’s where the addition of brightly colored gems and clusters were added into the mix. Ornate rings continued through from the Victorian times right up until the Edwardian times, where they were called Dearest Rings. Victorian and Edwardian rings are still popular choices now, for lovers of vintage designs.
Diamonds became much more accessible in 1867 when mines were located in South Africa. It was only two decades later that the esteemed & Co launched a new design, which they called the ‘Tiffany Setting’. Using six prongs, the diamond was elevated above the band to create a more prominent dazzle.
Custom designed engagement rings became fashionable in the 30’s as couples wanted to present their own personality and love through what the ring represented.
engagement ringsIn 1938, the economy after WWI and during the Great Depression resulted in the decline of the diamond industry as demands fell. However, large enterprise De Beers was persistent and created a marketing campaign to boost interest, which is still one of the best of its kind to date. A decade into the campaigning, a new slogan was released, which stated ‘A Diamond is Forever‘. During this period, females were led to believe that a diamond was the only thing good enough to be a measure of true love and it became an inevitability within a relationship. Men were expected to spend an entire income earned in a month on a ring. Otherwise, it wasn’t enough. This was later increased in the 1980’s when the campaign published another line suggesting they spend two months: ‘Isn’t two months’ salary a small price to pay for something that lasts forever?’.
The diamond is not only the preferred engagement ring jewel of choice in western cultures. It has been the tradition for years that the women in China wear a simple ring on their right hand when engaged and transfer it to their left hand following the wedding ceremony. However, since the 2000’s, the presence of diamonds has increased and now 30 percent of married women in China fashion diamond rings. A similar transition also occurred in Japan back in the 70’s.
Recent statistics show that China and India, along with the States will be the leading countries in the industry over the next ten years. Not surprising, since 80 percent of proposals in America already include a diamond. Beyond this, however, it may not be too early to predict that 3D diamond rings could become the norm, along with custom designs continuing to prevail.
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Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review


Contracts, whips and chains, oh my!
Okay, ladies (and gents) Valentine’s Day weekend is here and so is Cliché Mag’s Fifty Shades of Grey movie review!
Audiences are flooding their local movie theaters this weekend with their friends, significant others and some even solo to see the film that’s been heating up movie screens, but is it worth it? Well…some things you’ll love, some things you’ll hate and others will make you go WTF.
First things first, the movie is based on the first book in British author E. L. James’ erotic trilogy, which began as Twilight fan fiction and stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele, a sexually inexperienced college student and Jamie Dornan as Christen Grey , the handsome, charming, BDSM-obsessed young billionaire. The two unexpectedly fall for each other, but Steele wants a love story and fairytale romance while Grey admits that he wants her, but on his own terms.
Let’s break things down. If you were expecting to see heart racing erotica, steamy sex scenes in the “Red Room of Pain” or anything that was too hot for TV in order to pick up a tip or two- you’d be disappointed. It’s not to say the film lacked these things, but let’s just say the build up was better than the actual climax.
Now, if you’re one of those people who knew all along that the film was going to be a bust, you’re not entirely correct, but you have a point. The lovers of the Fifty Shades book series would encourage those to read the book and just skip on the movie, but we must remember that only so much can be translated from book to big screen, so bare with it and keep an open mind.
Some things you’ll love about the movie: the sexual chemistry between Steele and Grey, although their regular interaction was a bit awkward and reminiscent of the relationship between Bella and Edward from the Twilight movies. The two did an amazing job capturing the lust, sensuality and dominance of their relationship, while also staying true to the real life situations people encounter while dating (i.e. drunk phone calls and jealousy).
Some things you’ll hate: the contract, the contract, the contract! The constant talk about the contract, which became irrelevant as time went on. Also, the ending. Compare it to a bad sexual encounter, just when things start to get good, they finish first and just leave you hanging. Completely unsatisfied. Now, you have to wait for the next time around or in this case for the next movie.
Overall, did Fifty Shades of Grey live up to the hype? Not exactly. Was it enjoyable? Yes. It kept audiences interested and might have sparked some sexual fantasies, but it also triggered many side conversations about book comparisons, inconsistencies and more laughs and funny lines than expected.
For the first installment, the movie was OK, but the real verdict is how the trilogy will do as a whole in the future.
Photos Courtesy of E! Online

Are Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez a Couple?


Surprise couple alert! Are Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez a couple? It sure seems that way. The two were spotted smooching during a a romantic holiday vacation in Sardinia this weekend. The two lovebirds couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and weren’t afraid to display some serious PDA in front of their friends.
The stars kissed and cuddled as they relaxed on a sailboat and took dips in the ocean throughout the outing. At one point, the 26-year-old actor even helped his leading lady onto the boat and fetched her a towel. How cute is that? The 35-year-old brunette proudly showed off her fit body in a black-and-white bikini while Efron opted for a pair of green board shorts. (E! Magazine)
Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, has been documenting the couple’s trip on social media.
In fact, just last week Vacchi shared several adorable clips of the That Awkward Moment stud dancing and one sexy shot of Rodriguez doing a headstand in a bikini.
“Welcome to my friends Michelle and Zac at l’Eremita…enjoy,” he wrote. (E! Magazine)

During their two week vacation Zac and Michelle went from friends to inseparable. I wonder if this new found attraction is just a summer fling, or the real thing? I guess only time will tell.
(All Images courtesy of E! Magazine)

It’s You, Not Me Premiere


Love: that one thing we all long for and sometimes can’t seem to find as easily as the fairy tales make it seem. As technology booms, it seems newer ways to find the “one” pop up, but that doesn’t mean any of these new ways make meeting your soulmate easier. It’s You, Not Me is a new comedic take on trying to find romance on the web. The series follows Karen and Luke as they use online dating to find that perfect someone. Their story is one that a lot of people will be able to relate to in this day and age. Who hasn’t known someone that’s tried online dating and it ended up a bit awkward, or possibly a bit crazy? Male or female, there’s a bit of each of us in Karen and Luke.

Of course finding love isn’t easy for them either, and sometimes the two end up in tight spots when meeting their dates, like Karen with the “exterminator” or Luke and the drunken blonde. Thankfully, the pair have their good friends to fall back on—Karen with her roommate/sister, Tracey, and Luke with his best roommate and pal, Ben. It’s a story of hope, humor, and the will to never give up when faced with so much chaos.

Although the series follows Karen and Luke’s search for love, they aren’t the only ones to suffer through love and heartbreak. Close friends and family members deal with their own troubles with love. There are times where characters in the show want to just give up, or rethink their lives.

Cliché partnered up with the series and spoke with writer and producer, Renee Kay, and director Lauren Patrice Nadler. They gave us some great insight into what went into making the show possible and why this series will make you laugh as you follow the struggles that Karen and Luke, along with their friends, face to find the “one.”

Meanwhile, don’t forget to watch our It’s You, Not Me premiere this Friday, March 28 at ClicheTV.tv!

The End of Cuffing Season


These two singles knew there was only one way they were going to survive the cold and lonely wintry nights, and it was through bout after bout of seemingly coincidental engagements. Cut to round after round of pre-planned and self-fulfilling cuddleage with each other; all precursors and tell-tale signs of the notoriously hashtagged and socially-noted Cuffing Season.

Cuffing Season is the time when wanton singles bundle up with one another and cease their promiscuous summer activities to avoid spending the winter months cold, alone, and depressed. However, when winter’s icy grip relents, and as the ice and snow begin to melt the cuffer’s self-imposed metaphorical shackles, so does recede the necessity for these heartwarming dates (I use the word loosely). Both realize the freedom to once again meet beautiful, new, and possibly (likely) more interesting people. These two feel a pull, something tugging at their shirts, a reminder of what used to be, of what could be, and during this time there are particulars that become considered, discussed, and eventually addressed. There are red flags that hint to these pseudo lovebirds that they must eventually nip this relationship-y thing before it blooms into an unnecessary drama-filled life bane. The warning flags are plentiful, and they’re usually picked up by the most astute of cuffers, but if your participation in this illegitimate affair is born of more romantical aspirations, then it’s best you read on and brace yourself for the end. Behold, the end of Cuffing Season.

This day of romance does more than celebrate love–it also serves as the beginning and the end of all Cuffing Season activities. Valentine’s Day is kind of like storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day (if you know your World War II history). Not every couple is going to make it. Think about it: after months of on-and-off rendezvous, flirtatious conversations, odd yet strangely arousing body contact, or, for the least inhibited, sexual encounters, someone on either side will eventually anticipate this particular day. One of the two will become self-aware, and on that day, if gifts aren’t plentiful (among other things), one will ask the other with a tone unheard of before the winter months, “So… what is this?” Boom. Silence. There it is… the proverbial dagger. The inquisitor with the courage to ask such a question may have just cut down their fanciful fling to the flames of Hades. Valentine’s Day will always weed out the first wave of cuffers (this is what I’m calling them) who have overstayed each others’ welcome.

March Madness
At this point, this unholy alliance has either gone south, turned sour by a Valentine’s Day debacle, or evolved into a chirpy Kodak moment–something someone might recall during the summer months over drinks and nostalgic laughter. The spring time is a test of endurance, because it shines a bright light over several cuffers, notorious for their nocturnal activities; it forces them to go public with their naughty venture. Days become longer and nights become shorter, and less and less beneficial; people (friends and family) begin to notice and wonder why introductions haven’t been made.  “Who’s that person you’re always with?” someone might ask. There’s also the matter of competitors. These are the months of legitimate and totally non-secretive romancing, and lovebirds hot off the heels of Valentine’s Day are staking claims to each other. Social statuses go from super vague yet telling posts, like “gonna have fun tonite ;P” to something more ominous and exclusive like, “I’m tired of these games. I need more.” Since these cuffers passed the first test of V-Day, they’re likely realizing that they don’t actually know who the hell they’re talking to, and begin to reevaluate this whole thing. March cues the marathon months, a true test of how long one can stand the other person when they’re not in your bed or, you know, on your phone (if people still do that).

Island in the Summer Sun
They found each other and it made it work once. That was some time in October, but this is the now, my friend. The month of May and the following summer usher in the theme of finality for delinquent cuffers who, by this point, haven’t faced the ultimate truth. It’s over. Usually, people who are cuffing never admit that they are dating one another, and after months of straight up denial to other people, especially themselves, an observer–such as my humble self–might wonder if insanity had finally set in within either of these two crazies. They’re no longer an accessory to cuffing; either person can totally walk away from it all and move on with their life–maybe even pick up a summer fling (that takes much less dedication); however, the truth is the sun is out, adventure is everywhere, and people are exposing a considerable amount of personality and skin. Mostly skin. Temptation is everywhere, even for people in established relationships, and cuffers, with their lustful appetites, are prime for these sizzling hot summer days.

Never doubt Cuffing Season. Ever. One can lose themselves in the nightly bliss that it provides while the world and its brilliant gifts freeze for some time. Take note of these following months and whatever you do, don’t play yourself out.

Photo courtesy of George Eastman House Collection on Flickr

Valentine’s Day Playlist: Music for Your Funny Valentine


As we gear up for Valentine’s Day 2014 in this dreadful winter weather, remember that music is a key element in any situation. This playlist will surely set the mood for any setting, whether it is fun and casual or more romantic and intimate.

“Love Shack” – B 52’s, Cosmic Thing

This song is perfect for a more energetic atmosphere and if you want to get into a dancing mood. Just be sure to bring your best moves if you’re trying to impress anybody!

Photo credit: my80splaylist.com

“L.O.V.E.” – Nat King Cole, L-O-V-E

A classic track that everyone can learn the lyrics to, Nat King Cole’s song about that funny thing called love has been recorded in multiple languages such as Italian, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

“XO” – Beyoncé, Beyoncé

Bringing a more upbeat pop sound to your V-Day listening, the one and only Beyoncé’s single from her much talked about fifth-album is sweet, soulful, and uplifting.

Photo credit: hollywoodreporter.com

“I Will Always Love You” – Dolly Parton, Jolene

Whether you listen to Parton’s original composition, Whitney Houston’s iconic rendition, or a more recent cover, this love song is one for the ages. A song that is equal parts cheesy and emotional, you can belt it out with your friends or your one true love.

Photo credit: countryuniverse.net