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The 5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know


Eco-friendly fashion has quickly demanded that brands and shops step up to meet their demands. Though as the millennial generation, we definitely love getting the biggest bang for our buck, in this day and age we are more aware and progressive than ever of the lasing effects of our decisions, as well as the purchasing power that we possess. It is sometimes overwhelming to have all of the pressure on your back to be conscious and knowledgeable of the various shops and brands you patron on a daily basis. To ease that pressure, we are here to give you a short and sweet rundown of the go-to accessible eco-friendly brands.

H&M Conscious Collection

Our very own H&M — a brand that we have come to love for its variety of styles and price points — has expanded in the past few years to offer conscious pieces. The H&M Conscious Collection strive to bring the eco-friendly pieces to the masses, by seamlessly incorporating the pieces into the everyday H&M fashions. H&M is a brand that has so much visibility and gives every type of shopper the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is in terms of sustainability. And just as its motto states, “looking good should do good too,” the signature style and diversity of the brand is not lost in the conscious collection; there is something here for everyone.




A brand built by two sisters with the aim to style the globe ethically and without sacrificing fashion, all Orgotton pieces are homemade in Philadelphia, PA. You can be sure that local means local. Their collection consists of pieces that are made of sustainable fabrics with variety and flair. Filled with statement items that, while an investment, lend themselves to be worn in a variety of ways from the office to a night out. Each piece goes a long way.




Pieces hand-crafted from the people of Ghana, West Africa, Della prides itself that all of the fabrics and textiles used in the production of the line come right from the Volta region in Africa. Della stands for “responsibility not charity” — all of the proceeds of the sale go right back into the communities of these women, towards employment opportunity and fair wages. And it does not end there; Della offers financial and entrepreneurship classes for the women so they are able to continue to invest and build their own business endeavours. An example of this is weekly literacy and money management classes. Along with making real and deep impact into the community, Della offers everything from tanks and skirts to ipad and computer cases. And we cannot forget the chic and colorful designs!



ASOS Green Room

ASOS — a brand that we rely on for fabulous shoe designs at stellar prices, and everything from statement coats to a flattering blouse — has also joined the eco-friendly team. ASOS Green Room is an edit of ASOS that consists of hand-picked vintage pieces, along with accessories and beauty products. And the best thing is, when making purchases from this eco-friendly spin-off, you can ensure you are getting treasures from all across the globe. These fun spring floral jumpsuits, skirts and kimonos are just a preview of the offerings from ASOS Green Room.




We cannot forget about loungewear and athletic gear, because our investment in sustainability does not stop at being comfortable and fit. LoomState was founded in 2004 as a pioneer in the casual fashion sphere producing active wear from 100 percent certified farm grown cotton. They stand out as a brand with a commitment of full sustainability focusing on uplifting at-risk and marginalized peoples to farm the land, making this company dedicated to the full life of sustainability. The clothing speaks for itself: well-made, great quality, filled with stylish pieces. It just does not get better than that.



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The 5 Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Know: Featured image courtesy of H&M

3 Ways to Creatively Incorporate Color Into Your Winter Wardrobe


Bleak. Dreary. Frigid. All words that we can associate with the winter-time blues. Getting your wardrobe ready for winter is always a grueling task. Ideally it is an excuse to hit the shops and buy the latest trench in a shade of brown or the go-to black, perhaps a chunky sweater or two, and at least three pairs of boots. But where do you go from there? It is hard to feel excited to get dressed when you face the monotony in your closet every morning. As a fashion stylist living in NYC, one of the most exciting things that I can tell my clients on dressing for winter is that color is indeed your friend. While black can still be your go-to, a pop of color will break up the regularly scheduled programming of your usual monochrome pieces. To avoid feeling overwhelmed about all of the color possibilities, I give you three specific areas to add the spice: outerwear, accessories, and shoes. Pay attention to one or all of these, and you will be oozing cheer and happiness from head to toe!
The Colorful Coat
Visions of winter are filled with images of black and grey. It’s no wonder that we are sad and depressed all season long. Walking down the NYC streets, all that can be seen for blocks at a time is a sea of black. We often leave the bright trenches and jackets for the spring and summer seasons, but one thing I say to all of the people I have the pleasure to work with is to throw all the old rules out the window. Why can’t you wear a bright yellow wool coat in December? Trust me, it will do your wardrobe justice, and you will be the object of envy throughout the sea of black.


©Diego Zuko/Harper’s Bazaar

The Patterned Scarf
I used to think, “Who can afford to add color?” If you have to wear the same scarf and pair of gloves every day, why would you choose green, when black goes with everything? But remember, if you take away anything from this rundown, leave the rules at the door. Bright blue and green both go with brown, black, and navy, so why can’t color be the new staple? If bright colors give you anxiety, take some baby steps with muted blues, greens, and reds. Play around with adding multiple colors to one look, and grab some inspiration from our fashionable creatives here at Cliché – or Blake Lively, who is the perfect example of breaking up black with a few doses of color.


Must-Have Booties
Like our girl T. Swift, we got to shake off the haters and rock maroon booties all year long. Deep hues for boots and flats is a seamless way to incorporate color into your outfit – it also adds a nice flair to a solid pant in the winter. My go-to colors are deep reds, greens, and even deeper blue tones as a nice reprieve from black. These colors can be incorporated into a professional setting, too… just throw on slacks, a blouse, and blazer, then voila – you are chic and colorful all in one.


So don’t let the blustery weather affect your creativity and innovation with your personal style this winter season. Take it from us, a little color goes a long way.
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3 Ways to Creatively Incorporate Color Into Your Wardrobe: Featured image ©StyleHaus