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5 Staples for Your Winter Wardrobe


For some, January means snow days galore and cozy afternoons snuggled up with coffee. However, most of us are experiencing winter doldrums in full force. Unfortunately, this seasonal slump often takes a toll on our wardrobe. After making sure every outfit from Christmas to New Year’s was right on trend, it can be hard to find the motivation to get out of those worn-out leggings that you’ve donned since New Year’s Day. Luckily, it is easy to appear perfectly pulled together and totally chic with these 5 staples for your winter wardrobe (that are totally comfortable).

Perhaps one of the most underrated accessories of all time, the belt, is the easiest way to pull together an outfit. Your loose boyfriend jeans and slouchy t-shirt become an instant trendy outfit with mega street cred. This belt can be paired with your favorite trendy booties to create an outfit that’s a little bit western and a lot chic.

(Image courtesy of Anthropologie, Bobby Double-Buckled Belt, $138)

Though an obvious winter accessory, the scarf can make or break an outfit. An oversized scarf, however, is always the answer. With this one accessory being the entire focal point of your outfit, you can afford to wear your coziest sweater (and sport those leggings) without looking slouchy.

Image courtesy of  Urban Outfitters, Nubby Oversized Blanket Scarf, $39)

Is it really even winter without a cute new coat? Obviously not. However, the puffy coat you’ve owned for 10 years isn’t going to cut it this year. Stay trendy with a satin bomber jacket. It’s simple, versatile, and oh-so-stylish. This jacket can be worn with anythingseriously!and perfectly integrates girly and edgy trends together.

(Image Courtesy of Nordstrom, Leith Satin Bomber Jacket, $89)

Often overlooked, a well-placed beanie can keep you warm while adding a cute, reformed vibe to any outfit. You can opt for one with a pompom to add some whim to your look, or select one in a rich green tone for a more earthy vibe.

(Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters, The North Face Shinsky Beanie, $30)

Every woman needs at least one winter dress, but it’s seems a daunting task to find something trendy enough, yet thick enough to keep you from reaching hypothermia-level body temperatures. That’s where the sweater dress comes in. A winter classic, it doesn’t get much better than ultra soft, loose material, and the sweater dress is all of that and more. To keep on trend, pair your sweater dress with some rad sneakers or some over-the-knee boots.

(Image Courtesy of Nordstrom, Treasure & Bond Turtleneck Sweater Dress, $89)

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5 Staples for Your Winter Wardrobe. Feature Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Folkloric Flair


Looking for a standout scarf for fall? It’s easy to become bored by the multitude of seemingly identical scarves that feebly attempt to draw our attention. Look to folkloric costumes for fun, bright prints, warm fringe, and luscious embroidery!

Traditional folk outfits abound in intricate details and bright colors and nearly every culture produced dazzling scarves that were worn around the head, across the chest, or draped from a shoulder. Don’t worry — you don’t have to wear these stunners Babushka-style!

Etsy store MulberryWhisper has modernized this traditional Russian accessory by modifying it into another incarnation of the perennially-popular infinity scarf. This beautiful piece is decorated with a print of tulips, roses, wildflowers, and grasses and the spectrum of colors will make it easy to coordinate this scarf with your favorite cold-weather outfits!

Infinity scarf made from Russian shawl, $40, MulberryWhisper at Etsy.com (Featured)

This small, coastal country hugged by Spain is known for the colorful costumes that reflect the happy spirit of its people. This large navy blue triangle-shaped scarf in the Domingar print of  northern Portugal can be worn by crossing the ends of the triangle behind your neck and bringing them to your chest. The fringe adds a fun texture and warmth!

Folkloric Flair

Portuguese Domingar scarf in navy blue, $15.42, Princezices at Etsy.com

Mmm… can you smell the pumpkin spice in the warm orange colors of this wool scarf? Created in cozy wool to withstand the cold Polish winters, this scarf is both functional and beautiful. The smaller size of this piece lends itself well to being wrapped around a purse handle or protecting your décolleté against the brisk autumn breeze.

Folkloric Flair

Black wool Polish scarf, $26, EnfantTerribleVTG at Etsy.com

You won’t look like you’re wearing grandma’s tablecloth in this vintage silk scarf. The stylized floral embroidery, known as matyó, is characteristic to Hungarian folk art and also appears painted on furniture and housewares. This silk scarf would make a perfect shawl to wear at formal events!

Folkloric Flair

Handmade vintage Hungarian scarf, $125, TransylvaniaMania at Etsy.com

Folkloric Flair: Photos courtesy of respective Etsy shops

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY


This Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY is a great way to transition your favorite bright summer scarf into the cooler months. The knotted fringe adds a luxurious, cozy texture without being too warm and bulky. This DIY is super easy and requires no prior sewing experience. If you are adding knotted fringe to an infinity scarf, just add it along one side.


This tutorial can use a new or old scarf; for this demonstration, I used a vintage thrifted scarf with bright, jewel tones. A gauzy scarf will be much easier to manipulate than a thick, wooly one. An awl, a sharp tool for piercing fabric, will also be used for this project and can be found at most hardware or craft supply stores for a low cost. Instead of cutting the fibers, an awl merely pushes them aside, allowing the yarn fringe to be attached. If you decide to remove the fringe from your scarf, ironing over the holes created by the awl will help them disappear.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY



A skein of yarn



Measuring tape or ruler


Step 1:

Begin by cutting pieces of yarn that are each 10 inches long. It is difficult to calculate exactly how many pieces of yarn you will need to cut, but working in batches of about 15 or 20 pieces is manageable. The fringe will end up being approximately 5 inches long, but you can cut longer or shorter pieces to suit your style.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 2:

With your awl, punch a hole near the edge of the scarf, wiggling the awl through to gradually widen the opening.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 3:

Take a piece of yarn in your hands, and twist it tightly between your fingers. Fold the twisted yarn to create a small loop, and slip the loop through the opening created by the awl. You can also use the awl to help you pull the loop through the opening.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 4:

Pull the tail ends of the piece of yarn through the little yarn loop and tighten. Your fringe is now secured to your scarf.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

Step 5:

To make the knotted fringe, grab tail ends from adjacent pieces of fringe. Forming a loop with your fingers, slide the tail ends through the loop and tighten, creating a knot about a half-inch away from the top of the fringe.

Knotted Fringe Scarf DIYKnotted Fringe Scarf DIY

This Knotted Fringe Scarf DIY is very easily adapted to suit any length of fringe and any number of knots. If you decide to cut pieces of yarn that are longer than 10 inches, two or more rows of knots along the fringe add a visually stunning textural display.

All photos courtesy of Gabriela Salvador.

The Statement Scarf


The cold weather has kicked itself up a notch this month and most definitely isn’t letting any of us forget it. Cue the oversized layers, gloves, and of course various hats to keep our ears from being bitten by the never-ending freeze. With all this going on, it can feel almost impossible to have time to show off our outfits (or even style for that matter) without feeling the nip of the cold.

Get ready to say goodbye to that fashion struggle! The statement scarf has proven to balance both style and warmth for this season.

Scarves are an easy accessory to pair with any look you are styled in. Not only do they come in a vast array of prints and colors, but you can tie them in various ways. The fun part is that you can never go wrong with it. A tip to stand out are bold scarves that come in plaid, animal print, and rich colors.

Below are some of our choice scarves for the bitter cold.

Anu Raina x Cliché Giveaway


Scarf Giveaway
We at Cliché LOVE the Anu Raina SS 2013 collection, so we’ve teamed up with the Canadian creative designer herself to give away this 100% silk chiffon scarf (pictured above) to one lucky reader!
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Head Shot[highlight color=”yellow”]ABOUT ANU RAINA:[/highlight]
In a short span of time, Anu Raina has made quite a splash in Toronto’s Art and Fashion circles. After interning with Canadian textile designer Virginia Johnson, Raina graduated with high honors, a top medal and several awards from the Textile program at the Sheridan College (Oakville) in 2010. In the same year she was selected as an Artist-in-residence at Harbourfront Centre and saw her artwork exhibited at the Pearson International Airport. Next, the award winning textile designer unveiled her debut ready to wear clothing collection at the Toronto Fashion Week in October, 2010. Since then she has been featured in The Globe and Mail, National Post, CBC Radio, CTV, Omni and several mainstream fashion publications. She was also nominated by Ontario colleges for the 2012 Ontario Premier’s Award for outstanding achievement by recent graduates. (via anuraina.com)