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Thanks to Rare Beauty, my skin has never been so hydrated.


Finding the perfect skincare routine doesn’t come easy— especially when it comes to testing out beauty products. It can take ages of dabbling around with different brands before you find your perfect match. Nowadays, there are so many options available, how do you choose? 

Rare BeautyWhat’s most important is that you find a product that hydrates your skin and not damages it. That’s why I like Selena Gomez’s newly released makeup line, Rare Beauty. I was first in line to try it out at Sephora, and sure enough, my intuition was correct. 

I have never had a better experience with any makeup brand than I’ve had with Rare Beauty. Having dry skin can stand in the way of finding true beauty-love, but Selena’s dermatologist tested and sensitive skin approved formulas have given me hope for a better brand. Each product is silky smooth, lightweight, and it stays on all day. If you’re someone who is looking for a change in your beauty routine, let me be the first to recommend Rare Beauty. Take a look to see what makes these products ultra-hydrating and extra soothing.

Over the course of her beauty launch, two new eyeshadow palettes have been released and fingers crossed, more is in the works. As excited I am for more products to launch, I have always been driven back to one of her original top-seller products, the Dewy Lip Balm. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips because inside the Dewy Lip Balm is a botanical blend of lotus, gardenia, and white water lily that ensures maximum moisture and soothed, nourished lips. For just $16, you can choose from a variety of seven shades that will achieve a sheer, soft shine.

I’ve tried many setting sprays in my lifetime, but this Always An Optimist 4-In-1 Mist combines all things necessaryRare Beauty to a healthy, hydrated skincare routine. It includes; Niacinamide, a complexion brightener and pore diminisher, Sodium Hyaluronate, natural skin plumper and hydration layer, a Botanical Blend of lotus, gardenia, and white water lily which soothes, calms, and nourishes the skin, and lastly, Panthenol, a skin strengthening barrier. If you ask me, spending $24 on the 4-In-1 mist will save you from buying loads of other skincare products that help treat dryness, irritation, and other blemishes.


If you still need some convincing on whether Rare Beauty is right for you, the brand has a sustainability plan to gradually introduce post- consumer recycled materials into their packaging in 2021. A beauty line that cares about your skin and the planet? That sounds like the perfect routine. Get yours now online at www.rarebeauty.com, or at your local Sephora store. 

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Images provided by Instagram @rarebeauty

Beauty Gift Guides


Holiday gift guides are super helpful when you are shopping for yourself, family or friends. It is a great way to get ideas on the best products that are sold in stores. Take the stress off of your christmas shopping with these amazing gift ideas!


Trophy Wife Life Makeup Set

Image credit: Sephora.com

Rihanna created a limited-edition set that is inspired by Fenty Beauty’s gold shade, Trophy Wife. This set features full size products including Killawatt Highlighter, Gloss Bomb, Hyper-Metallic Liquid Eyeliner, and Hyper-Glitz Lipstick exclusives in a faux patent leather makeup bag. If you are a huge fan of the Fenty Beauty line, I highly recommend this limited-edition set available in stores December 12th.


Sugar Lip Legends Gift Set

Image credit: Sephora.com

If you love lip treatments then Fresh is the perfect gift for you. These sugar lip treatments include SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun. They are easy to apply as needed day and night. They are long lasting, hydrating, and perfect for keeping your lips moisturized for the winter.


The Midi Committee Kit

Image credit: Sephora.com


This set includes best selling products in travel sizes for soft and youthful looking skin. This kit features A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream, B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Serum, Protini™ Polypeptide Cream, and Slaai™ Makeup Melting Butter Cleanser. If you love skin care you should definitely give Drunk Elephant a try because it is safe for all skin types.

Ring in the New Year with These Beauty Looks


Ah, it’s a beauty lover’s favorite time of year! Why, you ask? Well, it’s a time to dust off our makeup skills that require a little more than a bold lip or winged eye; it’s a fitting time, too, to try out a makeup trend that you’ve had in mind but maybe weren’t sure when to try it or what to wear it for. Yes, ladies. The time is now, but if you don’t have any ideas in mind, we do! Ring in the New Year with these beauty looks.

Photo Courtesy of IMAXTREE

Cuticle Jewelry
If you have an Instagram account, then you know and understand the obsession with the growing nail art trend. There’s an incredible amount of talent (think Olive & June) and there’s so many fun looks to try! This time, though, we’re opting for an unsuspecting subtle look (let’s not forget the whole “less can be more” mentality). Start with a very pale pink polish or clear base and then use a thin brush to apply a gold glitter around the edge of the cuticle. It’s the perfect dainty element of surprise that also adds a little edgy and unorthodox element to your nails. You’ll have the perfect mani to open the door to your new year of adventures.

Featuring Hailee Steinfeld | Photo Courtesy of Daniel Zuchnik & WireImage

Metallic Eyes & Glossy Lips
Not everyone is a huge fan of metallic anything, but for whatever reason, metallic has been huge toward the end of this year, and we imagine it’s only going to get bigger in 2017. For this look, we encourage you to use your go-to favorite eyeshadow palette. Some of our favorites include Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette (retails for $42 at Sephora) and LORAC Pro Palette 3 (retails for $45 at ULTA Beauty). Feel free to use any sort of metallic eyeshadow, such as Makeup Geeks foiled eyeshadows or NYX–both extremely affordable, but still gorgeous, pigments. Another great brand of pigments includes stila’s Magnificent Metals Foil Finish (retails for $32 at Sephora). For a finishing touch, add a nice glossy sheen to your look to pull it all in. For lips, you can use a clear coat of gloss or opt for a nude gloss depending on the eye color palette you choose. The Sephora collection itself has an excellent line of lip glosses. Its Ultra Shine line has great color pigmentation and longevity without the extreme stickiness that some higher end glosses can have.
Another huge trend that’s been popular this past year (and we have a feeling will be making its way in other interesting avenues) is a monochromatic look for makeup. If you’re into that trend, then this metallic eyeshadow and glossy lip look could be a real stunner when you’re finished.

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Richter

Zigzag Styled Bangs
Whatever makeup look you choose, it wouldn’t be complete without hair! Bangs are our fantastic alternative to a new look without having to go too crazy. This look is the epitome of creating a look that shows your adventurous side, readiness to relax, and have some fun without committing to a style long after the party’s over that you may not be so fond of later (think those cringe-worthy days at the hairdresser when we’ve gone against our better judgment). To create this cool zigzag effect, make an uneven part down the middle to bring a little edge to the party and leave your go-to-style for bangs for Monday (you know, when we all, unfortunately, have to return to work).
So join us in the season to go all out with your makeup! Let us know what looks you’re putting together for the new year and which ones are your favorite. Feel free to let us know, too, what beauty trends you think will be making their way into the new year!
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Ring in the New Year with Beauty Style: Featured Image Courtesy of  Aaron Richter

The Holiday Nail Collections You Need to Own


Nail polish is my Achilles’ heel. There’s a thrill when you’re on the hunt for the perfect shade and an euphoria when you find it. When your nails are done, you feel pretty, girly, and put together, making even the worst of days seem not so bad! The holidays are the best for nail polish addicts as it allows us to feed our obsession (kidding not kidding), but in all honesty, the holiday seasons create that opportunity to find new colors to add to your collection and decorate your nails in ways you wouldn’t normally. This year, we have the holiday nail collections you need to own and we guarantee you’re going to want to show these off. Your lady friends and family will be tapping your shoulder to find out what you’re wearing (that’s how awesome we think these collections are!), so no need to stress about what ones to choose from because we’ve narrowed down the list for you. All you need to do is have fun and thank us later!

ESSIE Winter 2016 “Getting Groovy” Collection ($8.50)


Photo Courtesy of Beauty Packaging

Our good ‘ole Essie! Check out NailsByHarliG’s Instagram for fabulous nail art design, particularly for Essie’s fun winter 2016 collection. Harli’s step-by-step tutorial creates the ultimate holiday nail art with the collection’s colors, such as“Go With The Flowy,” “Getting Groovy,” “Party On A Platform,” and “Satin Sister.” If this doesn’t get you in the mood for the upcoming winter festivities, we don’t know what will.
Deborah Lippmann Her Majesty Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish Set

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

If you haven’t tried Deborah Lippmann’s nail polishes, you haven’t lived. Aside from the holidays being a great time to try new colors and trends, the nail collections that come out during this time are perfect for those wanting to check out and enjoy more expensive brands without hurting your wallet. Deborah Lippmann’s “Her Majesty Gel Lab Pro Nail Polish Set” has eight beautiful fall and winter shades to try for the value of $108 — but is currently priced at $45, according to Sephora’s website. Give yourself the royal treatment this holiday or gift it to a close gal pal you feel is deserving of this cute set.
NAILS INC. Nail Polish Candy Cane Set ($19)

Photo Courtesy of Sephora

You’ve probably already guessed it — a great stocking stuffer this set is indeed! It provides three perfect colors for the events you’ll be RSVPing to: there’s “London’s Calling,” a sophisticated, elegant nude perfect for your holiday family gathering, and there’s “Kensington High Street” and “Knightsbridge Nights,” which are red wine and gold glitter alternatives to amp up the party on New Year’s Eve with your lovely ladies.
These collections can be found online or at your local ULTA or Sephora store.
What are your favorite nail brands and collections you’ve found this season? What collection will you be experimenting with this year? We’d love to know!
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The Holiday Nail Collections You Need To Own: Featured Image Photo Courtesy of Essie

The Must-Have Makeup for the Summer Heat


Once the temperature begins to rise from 40 to 100 degrees, we know that a full face of makeup look can quickly become a thing of the past. With the heat and humidity peaking during the summer, wearing foundation, false lashes, or any type of makeup for that matter can feel like way too much. So what’s a beauty babe supposed to do when she wants to beat her face like no tomorrow, yet not have her hard work melt off by the end of the day? Well, welcome to the water world, beauty babes. Keep your makeup perfectly in place, no matter how hot it may be, with products that have one very important description: waterproof. From Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Rouge Lipsticks to Stila’s Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, these cosmetics are just as bright and long-lasting as the sun’s rays on a hot summer day while on land or in water. Think colorful eyes, bold lips, dewy complexions, and bronzed finishes; you’ll be the epitome of mermaid goals with these go-to beauty picks for summer time.

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“The Must-Have Makeup for the Summer Heat” originally appeared as “Mermaid Goals” in Cliché Magazine’s June/July 2016 issue. Featured image courtesy of Sephora

Must-Have Lip Color Trends This Spring


A gorgeous range of bright lipstick colors—pink, purple, red, and all the shades in between—have hit the scene on numerous runways. From DKNY to Marchesa, it’s no secret that bright lips are in. If beauty has multiple facets, so does glamour, and clearly glamour is being presented in a whole other light this spring. It’s all about femininity and simplicity that manages to be both natural and alluring with fresh makeup, well-groomed brows, and a bold pout. Effortless beauty, once again, proves its reign in 2016, so here are the must-have lip color trends this spring that we’re dying to share with you.

Statement Lips


Photo Courtesy of IMAXTREE

We all know that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good or to have good quality. Milani’s Color Statement Lipsticks are a must in every girl’s lipstick collection. These babies will change your world as they have a light and creamy consistency with rich pigmentation and a wide color scheme. Formulated with vitamins A and C, these lipsticks give a moisturizing and nourishing feel, so there’s no need to sweat the thought of dry, feathery lips midway through the day. Milani can be found at drugstores such as Walgreens and CVS and is priced anywhere from $4.99-5.99 depending upon store and location. Well-loved and popular picks that will look stellar and on trend for this season are Best Red, the perfect go-to red; Rose Hip, a beautiful pink to get you feeling in the mood for spring’s beautiful weather, and Uptown Mauve, a gorgeous in-between of pink and fushia. With Milani’s smooth and long lasting formula, a lip liner is optional, but not a must.
Gwen Inspired
Optimized-Imaxtree (2)

Photo Courtesy of IMAXTREE

Another brand of lipstick that’s a must-try this season is Urban Decay. An in-between brand of drugstore and high-end, the Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani’s limited-time collection consists of six power shades, so get ‘em while they’re hot! These lipsticks retail for $18, but don’t forget to include the matching lip liners listed for $20. Some of the most popular shades include Wonderland (a dark pink-red), Firebird (a deep fuschia), 714 (a bright red and mega matte), Spiderweb (a satin red), and Rock Steady (a deep wine red). With these fabulous colors, it’s impossible to not be on fleek, so make Mama Gwen proud. Don’t forget to also check out MAC’s new line known as the Flamingo Park Collection because as always, MAC does not disappoint.
Finishing Touch
Optimized-Imaxtree (3)

Photo Courtesy of IMAXTREE

We all have that dream of one day owning—well, let’s be honest—anything of Tom Ford. However, there’s something about purchasing a Tom Ford lipstick that’s seriously goals. If you’re in the market to splurge or are in need of a girl power pick-me-up, Tom Ford will make any woman feel sexy and invincible. From his Spring and Summer 2016 collection comes Tom Ford’s Patent Finish Lip Color in eight juicy colors retailing at $52. Our “a girl can dream” shades include Red Corset, Infamy, and Erotic.
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Must-Have Lip Color Trends This Spring: Featured Image Photo Courtesy of IMAXTREE

3 Skincare Brands For All Skincare Types


As we’ve been told time and time again, it’s crucial that we take care of our skin. However, most of us don’t even have a regimented skincare routine. Perhaps that has less to do with our self-discipline and more with finding the right products that make having a skincare routine seem effortless and – dare we say – fun. Though the idea might sound intriguing and a little exciting, you’re probably skeptical of its outcome and will give in to a defeat-like mentality. Well, I certainly can’t argue with you; I’ve been there and done that, too. Around this time, almost every year, I can count on my skin not feeling or looking its best and in need of a lot of TLC. Whether it’s due to winter’s aftermath or my undying love of makeup, I’m in constant search of finding what the next best skincare routine is for me and, of course, other beauty loving gals. My motto: when in doubt, head to Sephora to check it out. You’re more than likely going to find something that’ll change your mind and, goodness knows, maybe change your life. I mean it. Sephora’s notorious for coming out with something new practically if not definitely every month. Currently, Sephora’s advertised a few of their newest skincare lines, which we just so happen to feel fall in line with what we’re about to talk about today: 3 skincare brands for all skincare types.
Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel ($25)
Optimized-Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Deep DIve Cleansing Gel
For those of us with sensitive skin or those looking for a deep clean that won’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry, causing acne due to the loss of the skin’s natural moisture and oils, this two-in-one daily facial cleanser removes impurities and waterproof makeup. That’s right; say goodbye to your beloved yet ever so frustrating attempt to remove waterproof mascara.
Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream ($65)
I don’t care what skin type you have – this cream is good for any skin type no matter what the range or combination. By illuminating the complexion by eliminating dark spots and uneven skin tones, this brightening and refining treatment will hydrate and visibly – yes, visibly – begin to make your skin look more plump, leaving you feeling confident walking out the door with beautiful, healthy looking skin that will have others asking what you’ve done differently. (Shushhh, who says you have to tell? This can be our little secret!)
Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($45)
Optimized-Brazilian Bum Bum Cream Urban Outfitters ($45) (1)
Pronounced bam bam, this Brazilian cream is fast-absorbing and helps tighten pores and smooth skin. This product is best used while massaging into the skin in circular motions so that it creates warmth, which absorbs the cream better and helps with blood flow and circulation. Guaraná, a native Amazonian plant whose fruit contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet, can be found in Brazilian creams along with incredibly nourishing ingredients like cupuaçu butter, antioxidants like açaí, and conditioning coconut, all of which help your skin feel irresistibility soft and smooth. What’s even more fabulous about this cream is that regardless of what skin type you have, moisturizing is crucial for maintaining healthy and happy-looking skin, and with this exotic cream and cute packaging, you can’t go wrong leaving the house in “a head-to-toe sensuality that comes through in a smile, saunter, a samba… a confidence that comes from playing up your best assets.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Que Gostoso. (*This product can also be found at your local Urban Outfitters store for $50.)
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3 Skincare Brands For All Skincare Types: Photos Courtesy of Beauty Editor Creator Michelle Villett, Kristina Medhus from Pretty Shiny Sparkly Blog, Urban Outfitters; Featured Image: “The Chief Bunny” Jen Mathews from The Beauty Bunny Blog

The 5 Best Beauty Apps to Download


Whatever your passion is, you can guarantee there is some type of technology to help you get ahead in the game. The beauty world is no different. There are so many apps that can help you get your beauty fix wherever you are. From dermatology listings, shade matching, and even an online beauty community, we put together the 5 best beauty apps to download right now. 
Sephora to Go

Courtesy of Sephora

Courtesy of Sephora

This app, available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, is perfect for when you just can’t make it into your nearest Sephora store. With this app, you can find your favorite products, read reviews, and also keep track of your Beauty Insider rewards points.

Photo courtesy of Lifebooker.com

Needing to find a new place for all your beauty needs can be stressful. Lifebooker makes it SO much easier. It is virtually an online catalogue of a myriad of services from teeth whitening to hair removal to manicures. Perfect for the girl on the go, the app lets you put in a location and find a place near you to get your glam on. Available on not only your desktop, but iPhone and Android, too.
Nail Snob

Photo Courtesy of the Nail Snob App

Have you ever had a favorite nail polish and when it comes time to buy a new one you completely forget the name? This is where Nail Snob comes in handy. An app specifically for organizing your polish collection, all you do is scan the barcode of your current shades, take a pic of your nails with the color on so you can always go back and find the name/brand of a past shade. You can even share your favorite colors on social media and discover new ones to try.
Bella Shoot

Photo courtesy of Bellashoot

This app is perfect for anyone looking to get into the beauty biz or simply get advice from other beauty lovers. You can upload tutorials or beauty tips and can even keep track of your favorite looks. Inspiration on the app comes from all over the world so you never will feel lost for a look ever again. Bella Shoot is available on your desktop and iPhone.

Photo Courtesy of Visada

The most important thing when embarking on your beauty journey is to know the science of your skin inside and out. Visada helps you do this all with one selfie. By uploading a selfie onto the app, you can then find out what type of skin you have and what products will help or harm you. From there, you can get recommendations on product prices and reviews as well as what celebs are wearing what. Available on both Android and iPhone, this app definitely helps you put your best face forward.
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Featured Photo Courtesy of Dean Neville/BFAnyc.com

The Best Winter Skincare


Here at Cliché, we’re all about sharing our Holy Grail items to help the next gal in need. This time, we’re showing how we fight the troublesome effects that arise from dry skin: roughness, irritation, itchiness, redness, and inflammation. Here are a few of our best winter skincare items, which are mostly animal cruelty and testing free, that will help knock the wind out of your dry skin this season no matter what the degree.
Hydrating Makeup Removers:
9 to 5
Makeup is always fun to put on and a nightmare to take off. LUSH’s Ultrabland facial cleanser ($17.95-$29.95), and LUSH’s 9 to 5 cleansing cream ($10.95-$22.95) will get the job done – eye makeup and all – without making your skin feel tight and dry.
Moisturizers & Serums:
Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream
Moisturizing is essential for delivering hydration and conditioning the skin while also keeping it feeling soft and looking supple. There’s no real rule as far as its usage; you have to find what works best for your skin type. Burt’s Bees carries an Intense Hydration Night Cream ($24) and LUSH Cosmetics has Celestial ($25.95) and Skin’s Shangri La ($49.95) for dry to severely dry skin.
If moisturizers don’t do the trick, serums will; for instance, LUSH Cosmetics has Full of Grace ($15.95). and Macy’s provides Bobbi Brown’s Intensive Skin Supplement ($72).
Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment
Masks are fantastic for cleansing the skin (two to three times a week) of its impurities as well as reviving, enhancing, and hydrating the skin. Drugstores like Walmart and Target have Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask ($4.29) while Sephora has its well-loved GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment ($19-$69). Last but not least, LUSH Cosmetics has fresh facial masks like BB Seaweed for $7.95. Feel free to check out Pinterest for DIY masks as well.
Curious to take a step away from the traditional masks? Sheet masks have made their way back on the map. Though the technique for application is different, the results are still the same. Check out Sephora Lotus Mask – Moisturizing & Soothing and the Sephora Rose Mask – Moisturizing & Brightening for $6 each. These are two of the many sheet masks that Sephora has i in addition to other brands. Other stores that carry sheet masks include ULTA, Nordstrom, and Macy’s.
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The Best Winter Skincare: Photos Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics, Burt’s Bees, Sephora, & Feature Image: GLAMGLOW

Best Beauty Products of the Year


Every time the holidays come around, the phrase “this year has flown by!” always seems to slip out of our mouths. Despite the cliché business that comes with that saying, nothing rings more true than it. The year has flown by! As we prepare for the upcoming new year with our plans, resolutions, and aspirations, we look back on 2015 with a bittersweet adieu. Now, we couldn’t let the year just flutter on by without some well-deserved memorabilia. We’re taking a trip down memory lane in the beauty department of the year 2015, before 2016 takes its place. See which beauty goodies in makeup, skincare, and hair made the cut down below. Are any of them your faves? Let us know what you think are the best beauty products of the year on Twitter via @ClicheMag and @ClicheMagBeauty!

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Makeup Stocking Stuffers


Hello, my blushing beauty babes! Our favorite time of year has made its appearance once again as we’ve snuggled into cozy sweaters with steaming mugs of hot cocoa. Amongst the endless array of holiday decorations, the smell of pine, and peppermint-flavored goods, the beauty world has gone into a frenzy with deals and bargains galore. We at Cliché know how exciting and terrifying shopping can be during the holidays, so just like Santa has a list to keep everything in check, we’re more than glad to help with a shopping guide of our very own. For all of you beauty lovers out there, move the old school idea of stocking stuffers to the side and make room for bags of beauty topped off with a bow. From glittery nail polishes to rich colored lippies, I’ve looked high and low for the best and most adorable makeup bag “stuffers” available. This year, give beauty aficionados (or yourself!) a lovely makeup bag filled with goodies that can be used year-round. Don’t forget to check your list twice! Happy holiday shopping, beauts!
Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Rollerball Trio

(Marc Jacobs Fragrance Daisy Rollerball Trio $45, www.sephora.com)

One for your mother, one for your BFF, and one for you! You go, Glen Coco!
Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Hand Cream

(Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream $12, www.sephora.com)

A.) It’s in the shape of a cuddly panda. B.) It’s a Korean beauty product, which means you know anyone’s hands will be totally covered throughout the winter season with this product. They’ll feel just as soft as panda fur!
O.P.I Infrared-y to Glow

(O.P.I Infrared-y to Glow $9.50, www.ulta.com)

Essie Luxe Effects

(Essie Holiday Luxe Effects Fringe Factor $8.50, www.ulta.com)

Sparkly nails every day are perfectly acceptable.

(eos Holiday 2015 Limited Edition Decorative Lip Balm Collection $9.99, www.evolutionofsmooth.com)

What’s cuter than festive eos lip balms? Being able to decorate them yourself!

stile Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set

(Stila Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick Set $39, www.sephora.com)

These lippies will last through any winter storm.

(MAKE UP FOR EVER Lash Show Instant Drama False Lashes $18, www.sephora.com)

Holiday parties call for a little sparkle and shine with dramatic lashes.
Smashbox Art Love Color Eyes

(Smashbox ART. LOVE. COLOR. EYES $42, www.sephora.com)

Get colorful eyes to enter the New Year.

(Kate Spade New York ‘glitter bug – ezra’ cosmetics case $60, www.shop.nordstrom.com)


(H&M Makeup Bag $12.99, www.hm.com)

Breakups to Makeup Canvas Pocuh

(Breakups to Makeup Canvas Pouch $35, www.urbanoutfitters.com)

The cutest makeup bags to store the best beauty goodies in!
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Makeup Bag Stuffers originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Dec/Jan 2015 issue

Holiday Gift Sets


There are plenty of reasons to get excited for the winter holiday; however, let’s be honest: it’s one of the most stressful times of the year, too. Here at Cliché, we’ve decided to help take some of the guesswork out of your Christmas shopping by providing glamourous gift sets for the beauty lovers in your life. But! Don’t forget that they’re great sets to add to your wishlist as well; after all, you know it’ll be on ours.
LORAC: Limited Edition Holiday 2015 Love, Lust & Lace Makeup Sets
I highly recommend buying these gift sets for the makeup junkie because these sets are packed with irresistible goodies. With gift sets like these, you might want to buy two sets instead of one, if you know what I mean!

LORAC Pro Eye Collection

Retails for $28.00

This collection holds everything you need to create the perfect holiday, as well as everyday eye makeup. The Love, Lust & Lace PRO eye collection consists of the PRO Eye Shadow Palette, PRO Eye Pencil in Black, and PRO Plus Fiber Mascara.
LORAC Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil Set

Retails for $29.00

All beautiful colors for the season ahead! The Front of the Line PRO Eye Pencil set has four full-size matte and metallic PRO shades in Black, Black Pearl, Gold, and Silver.
LORAC Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set

Retails for $25.00

For the lippie obsessed, you’ll want to get the Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set, which contains Sexy Symbol, Debutante, and Coquette along with inline shades CEO, Vamp, and Dominatrix.
Smith & Cult: Holiday Trio 2 (Red and Glitter) Inspired by the Diary of a Beauty Junkie
Retails for $54.00

Retails for $54.00

Often described as the “polishaholic’s ultimate weakness,” Smith & Cult’s holiday nail set is a must! The colors are to die for: Kundalini Hustle is as opaque poppy red, Shattered Souls is a clear base with a beautiful mixture of large and small gold glitter particles, and Dark Like me is an opaque aubergine. There’s really no need for further explanation because this set speaks for itself.
Sephora Favorites:
Sephora Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler

Retails for $65.00

For the fragrance fanatic or the girlfriend looking to up her fragrance game, perfume gift sets are the way to go! The best set to buy? Sephora’s Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler. It holds a small collection of the most sought after and well-named brand perfumes. It’s perfect for your friend to try and enjoy without you having to break the bank. Plus, the feeling of it being a bunch of little surprises in one is much more interesting and thrilling than your typical perfume, lotion, and body gel set.
Other awesome sets include Bottled Dreams Perfume Sampler ($58.00), My Little Chloe Gift Set ($75.00), Philosophy Wishing You Grace, Love, and Joy Limited Edition Set ($37.00).
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Holiday Gift Sets: Photos Courtesy of LORAC Cosmetics, Neiman Marcus & Sephora