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How to Make Your Face More Attractive


Today, we are going to share some useful tips on how to make your face more attractive.  You can’t make an unforgettable first impression if your appearance isn’t in order. Disheveled clothes or dirty fingernails are the easiest way to come across as messy and unorganized.

But what about your face? Americans spend around $845 million each year on facelifts.   Is the investment in looking more attractive worth it? The short answer is yes.  Check out this guide on how to make your face more attractive so you reap endless benefits of beauty.

Why a Better Looking Face Matters

Being attractive is worth more than you think. People who are beautiful are more likely to make a positive first impression which gives them an advantage during job interviews or when networking.

Smithsonian Magazine points out that men who look poised and attractive can expect to earn around 13 percent more during his career than their peers. Research shows that people who are good looking are also more likely to be hired during a recession.

So why does society favor the beautiful? One reason is confidence.

It’s been proven that beautiful people are happier than their less attractive counterparts. This happiness exudes as self-confidence which makes attractive people also more likely to pursue opportunities than those without confidence.

The Science of Beauty

Believe it or not, beauty isn’t just in the eyes of the beholder. There’s a science behind why we think certain people look pretty or handsome.

Facial attractiveness, or how a person looks, drives our biological reproductive instincts. People with a pretty face draw others to them creating more connections.  So, what is it about a person’s face that makes him or her ‘attractive’? Some people believe it’s the golden ratio created by the Ancient Greeks of 1:1.618.

According to the HuffPost, the ideal ratio is when the distance between your eyes and mouth measures about 36 percent of the length of your whole face. The distance between your eyes should measure about 46 percent of the width of your face.  These percentages make your face look more average and symmetrical. The more average your features, like the size of your nose, the more attractive you’ll look.

Consider searching nose fillers near me to find rhinoplasty examples that show how nose jobs can upgrade your look.

Another thing that helps a face appear more attractive is more dramatic masculine or feminine features. For example, features that are specific to women like full lips or larger eyes can make them seem more attractive to the opposite sex.  In contrast, square jawlines might make a man appear more attractive. These are features that can be enhanced with both temporary and permanent procedures. 

How to Make Your Face More Attractive

What are your options to have a better-looking face? Women have far more options than men when it comes to looking more attractive.  Here are some of the ways you can make your face look more attractive.


One of the easiest ways to change your facial appearance is by using makeup. There are advanced products on the market that allow you to apply makeup in a way that makes your nose, eyes, and mouth look better proportioned.

You can achieve that magic 36 percent ratio with the amount of foundation and concealer you use. The only downside is that you need to learn makeup application in order to get the benefits.

Your daily morning routine might also take twice as much time to get the desired results. Plan to a longer evening routine to safely remove the makeup from your face.


Another easy way to change your appearance is through a haircut. People with longer faces might look dramatically more beautiful with bangs, for example.

The bangs help shorten the length of their faces making it look more average. Average features tend to look more attractive than dramatic facial proportions.  Haircuts are a great option for men since they don’t have many makeup options available to help transform their appearances. Hairstyling is also an option for both men and women.

Consult with a professional stylist on your color and style options to give your face more symmetry to balance out

your features. If you want to draw attention away from your ears, for example, it might be a great idea to try a center part.  Styling your hair so that it frames your face and blocks your ears makes your face see more average, and more attractive. Men with wider faces can try longer sideburns to help narrow their head shape.

Shorter sideburns have the opposite effect on men with slender faces. Women with longer faces can sport hairstyles with a long front.  An example is a side-swept ponytail or hair cut into layers. The effect is a slightly wider, more square face which is more visually pleasing.

Plastic Surgery

If you want to know how to make your face more attractive permanently, talk to a plastic surgeon. Many plastic surgery centers offer free consultations so you can see your options for enhancing the features in your face.

If you’re using the attractiveness ratio, it can mean reduces any features on your face that look too dramatic like your nose or ears. The exception is with features that are traditionally considered masculine or feminine.

For example, a woman might plump up her lips to have a softer more alluring appearance. Surgery centers can also help with things like permanent makeup and skin treatments.  Getting permanent makeup is one of the simplest ways to avoid long morning routines when applying makeup.

If you aren’t too keen on surgery, then you’ll definitely want to consider a non surgical facelift.

Easy Ways to Look Pretty

This guide on how to make your face more attractive isn’t a finite list. There are nuances that impact the way we view beauty based on where we live, our age and cultural norms.

Aim for a healthy self-confidence to reap the rewards of looking attractive. Beautiful people may attract higher pay but partly because they give off strong self-assurance that makes others gravitate towards them.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Sexy Summer Sleepwear


Ditch the old sweats and torn souvenir T-shirts for luxurious, elegant sleepwear! With delicate touches such as chiffon ruffles, gorgeous laces, and slinky fabrics, these sexy summer sleepwear pieces reinvent the basic pajama and will make you feel like a goddess. Plus, shorter lengths and lightweight materials will keep you staying cool during summer nights.
Cami Combo
Who says a cami and shorts have to be boring? This supersoft cami and short set is designed with a comfortable, loose fit that is also very flattering and will make it even harder to get out of bed in the morning. The sophisticated lace detailing works in lovely harmony with the dark satin, elevating these pajamas to Hollywood starlet status.

Sexy Summer Sleepwear

Soft Sleep Boxer in Silver Shadow, Aerie, $24.95

One of the Boys
Trade in boring pajama pants for boxer shorts in sweet prints! The delicate chiffon tie details at the hip of these satin shorts add a hint of soft femininity while keeping them snug at your waist.

Sexy Summer Sleepwear

The Angel Sleep Tee in Blue Diamond, Victoria’s Secret, $35

Tee Time
Oversized T-shirts are almost universally hoarded as comfortable and practical sleepwear well after their potential to be worn in public has expired. Trade your worn and faded sleepshirt for a slouchy tee embellished with rhinestones. The turned up sleeve cuffs give this sleepshirt the cozy, worn-in feeling of a beloved T-shirt.

Sexy Summer Sleepwear

Losin It Romper in Black, Free People, $68

Romper Room
A romper combines the comfort of a chemise with the coverage of shorts. The lace trim and narrow strap details on this romper are so beautiful that you’ll be tempted to wear it well past noon!

“Sexy Summer Sleepwear” was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 issue.
Featured image courtesy of VictoriaSecret.com

Modern Citizen


Much like its name, online retailer Modern Citizen caters to the confident, contemporary woman and her on-the-go lifestyle. This company provides trendy, updated classic and sophisticated pieces in clean, neutral colors, allowing endless mix-and-match possibilities.

Modern Citizen’s Spring Clean lookbook highlights their most effortlessly chic looks in a palette of soft pastel hues and chic neutrals. Each piece beautifully balances sexiness and style.

The Stretch Cutout Dress, created in a flattering, figure-hugging material, has an exposed zipper on the back and contrast straps that add a touch of edginess. The Soft Oversized Trench’s waterfall collar and caped back will make you stand out in a sea of raincoats when summer storms hit.

Modern Citizen

(Darted Leather Bustier, $49, Modern Citizen)

Modern Citizen’s off-white Darted Leather Bustier elevates the crop top from music festival to family dinner. The darted Vegan leather front and stretchy back ensure a perfect fit.

Modern Citizen

(Lace Sheath Dress, $89, and Perforated Leather Vest, $99, Modern Citizen)

Perhaps the real showstopper in Modern Citizen’s Spring Clean lookbook is the Lace Sheath Dress and Perforated Leather Vest. Shades of pale blue and white allow the bold lace and leather textures to take center stage. Silver-toned details on the vest, such as zippers and snaps, add interesting accents to an outfit appropriate for both day and night. All of these pieces and more are available for purchase at modern-citizen.com.

All photos courtesy Modern Citizen.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt


The circle skirt is this season’s most versatile and flattering wardrobe staple. Named for their shape, which is cut like a big doughnut, circle skirts keep the fullness of the skirt at the hem rather than at the waist. The skirt, tight around your waist, flares out around your thighs, creating an hourglass shape on any body type. Sometimes called a skater skirt, this piece is comfortable and easily adaptable for every occasion and style.

Your entire summer wardrobe could be built around one of these striking skirts–like the Light Up My Life Skirt from Modcloth. A gorgeous black skirt is a great investment because you can wear it not only in the warm seasons but also in the fall and winter too! Here are 5 ways to wear a circle skirt:


Who says a skirt has to be feminine? Show off your inner rebel with a form-fitting crop top with a tantalizing metallic zipper closure. A bold color will help you stand out from the crowd.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Clear Cut Crop Top in Navy, $8.80, Forever21.com)


A tiered crop top in soft hues makes the perfect canvas for your most dangly necklaces. A peek of skin between the skirt and the top gives just a hint of carefree sexiness.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Tiered Crop Tank in Desert Flower, $12.90, Wetseal.com)


Channel the elegance of mid-century glamour with a pussy bow blouse tucked into your skirt. Soft colors like seafoam will evoke the essence of summer.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Science of Chic Top, $42.99, Modcloth.com)


Need a last minute dress for a fancy event? Reinvent the little black dress! Pair a circle skirt with a figure-hugging top with sheer details to keep you cute and classy.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(¾ Sleeve Mesh Inset Crop Top, $11.99, Cicihot.com)


When you’re hanging out with your girls or watching your favorite heartthrob on the big screen, keep it casual and pair a circle skirt with a relaxed-fit top featuring a tie-front detail.

5 Ways to Wear a Circle Skirt

(Ivory Floral Smocked Tie Front Tank , $29.90, Delias.com)

Featured image courtesy Modcloth.com



DSC_2706Every woman wants to look and feel like a goddess. That’s why we’re constantly dishing out dollars to keep up with the latest trends in apparel, hair and makeup. When we’re sufficiently decked out and dressed to the nines, not only do we look our best, but we feel our best too! If we could bottle those sexy, confident feelings in a bottle and sell them, we’d be swimming in gold. What happens when the trendy clothes come off though? Often times our undergarments are incongruent with our trendy outerwear.  This is not the case at Purpuratta.

This up and coming line of undergarments founded by two college girls from Colombia is absolutely breathtaking. The timeless collection boasts a variety of daring cuts and colors while maintaining a simplicity that just oozes elegance. There’s no sacrifice of comfort either. Though you may be scantily clad in your sheer lace undies and matching bra, the materials are nothing if not top-quality.  I highly recommend the Laced-With-Love Bra that is unbelievably soft and fits like a dream with its beautiful cross back design. Might I add that it looks absolutely scrumptious when paired with a cheeky pair of panties? The styles are just incredibly sexy while maintaining a sophistication that most lingerie doesn’t.DSC_2644

The girls at Purpuratta didn’t stop at bras and panties. Their new swimwear line is almost too stunning to wear anywhere other than the sublime beaches of Europe (but we’d wear them to the Jersey Shore anyway). Normally, I would never recommend a one-piece, but I’m not talking about your grandmother’s swimsuit! Purparatta’s Elegant Halter Mokokini is simply mind-blowing – who knew you could look so alluring while you’re completely covered? Their bikinis are equally lovely, with a variety of colors, cuts, patterns and of course styles to choose from. Pair your swimwear with one of their must-have cover ups and be ready to turn heads once you sink your toes into that sand.

Purpuratta was created in 2009 and has been a hit in the fashion market ever since, even being a celebrity favorite at Coachella. With ever-changing styles, the company keeps its customers both interested in new, upcoming products and stylish in bestselling favorites. With a small team that is very hands-on in the creation process, it’s no wonder that all of these hand-picked fabrics are logical, comfortable and undeniably on trend.

To check out the rest of Purpuratta’s beautiful collection of lingerie and swimwear, visit their website.

DSC_2762 DSC_2744

Post and feature images courtesy of Purpuratta.


Fifty Shades of Great


“Palm-twitchers” across the globe have been very vocal concerning casting for the upcoming film, Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie adaptation of the best-selling novel is pressured with the daunting task of depicting Christian Grey—the young, impossibly gorgeous, mega-rich bac50-shades-of-grey-photos-dakota-johnson-jamie-dornan-portraithelor with a dark past and even darker fetishes. Fans don’t seem too thrilled with E.L. James’s final choice, Jamie Dornan—preferring favorites such as Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder instead.  While some finally agree that Somerhalder is too boy-next-door and Bomer doesn’t have that wow factor, why Dornan? Admittedly, at first glance, the former Calvin Klein model doesn’t seem quite right for the role. However, after researching Dornan’s modelling and acting careers, one can see why James’s choice was the right one.

First and foremost, take a look at Dornan’s steamy C.K. ads, especially those beside Eva Mendes. Aside from being insanely handsome, he always has the brooding and mysterious look that the character is so famous for. With his messy dark hair, built frame and infamous grey-blue eyes, he fits the character mold “to the T”. If you haven’t seen the film Marie Antoinette, check out some of Dornan’s scenes alongside Kirsten Dunst. Once you see the smoldering look Count Axel Fersen often gives Marie Antoinette across the table, you will have no doubt that Dornan will do his part in portraying a deliciously reprimanding Christian Grey.  Dornan definitely has the necessary tools to slay this role. As long as he bulks up as he’s done for past photo shoots and keeps a little bit of stubble on his chiseled face, he’ll be able to win over those that are still in doubt.

Let’s move onward to Miss AnastaskPsVl6Eia Steele, the unassuming object of Mr. Grey’s desires. Steele is described as a bit of a “plain-Jane” and quiet beauty with uncooperative brown hair and “too-big for her face” blue eyes.  While Alexis Blidel and Emilia Clarke were both fan favorites, E.L. James unexpectedly went with Dakota Johnson. The immediate complaint expressed by readers was that Johnson is (heaven-forbid!) blonde. Nothing that a simple dye job can’t fix! Johnson now sports the brown locks that fans are expecting. The actress has somewhat of an older look about her, though she is only 24. As a recent college graduate, the character of Anastasia has to have that fresh-grad aura. Looking into some of Johnson’s previous roles and on-screen interviews, fans will notice that she is quite youthful, although it doesn’t translate well in photos. Most importantly, she is a solid actress and has an unconventional sex-appeal that might prove disappointed fans wrong—not to mention she has those perfect, coveted, full lips that is crucial to the role!

Still in doubt? Check out YouTube and watch some of the more recent fan-made trailers for the film. You’ll be surprised at how well cut and paste works at giving us an idea of what Dornan and Johnson will look like on the big screen. Simply put, they are blazing-hot! While the two aren’t what we expected and are far from our first choices, there is some serious potential for a great and intense film.  Some of the other finalized roles include Eloise Mumford  as Kate Kavanagh, Anastasia’s best friend; Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey, Christian’s brother; and Max Martini as Taylor, Christian’s right-hand man and bodyguard. We won’t get to see Grey’s scrumptious grey tie until February 2015, but we will be waiting anxiously and obediently, Sir.

Photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Feature image courtesy of FanShare.