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These Trends Are Making A Comeback


Early 2000s trends have finally come full circle; we’ve fallen in love with them, cringed at the sight of them, and love them all over again! Fall 2016 runways were filled with jean skirts, shearling, and exposed lace and lingerie in perfect 2000s fashion. Designers modernized these trends by changing the silhouette and styling them for a new look. Denim skirts are largely made in A-line cuts and exposed lace is styled in a much more subtle and feminine way.
Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin have turned the jean skirt from a thing of the past to a chic wardrobe staple. Pair a jean skirt with over-the-knee boots in cooler months this fall or a strappy gladiator sandal as you transition out of the warmer summer months. The A-line cut of this new wave of jean skirts make them a trendier version of their 2000s counterparts. The A-line cut looks great with a crop top for a night out and can even be dressed down with a graphic tee for a more casual look. However you wear it, the denim skirt is a classic and versatile piece that belongs in every wardrobe.

Burberry Shearling Biker Jacket, $4,795, burberry.com

Burberry Shearling Biker Jacket, $4,795, burberry.com

Another throwback style taking the runways by storm is shearling. Burberry models sported exaggerated shearling trim on bomber jackets in the Fall/Winter 2016 runway shows. Shearling appeared on several other designer runways for the coming season, each designed with a different style. Chloé took an entirely new approach to this comeback trend with a shearling and leather pullover, a look that is sure to extend to the masses in no time. Upgrade old sweatshirts to a shearling outer layer for a luxe and comfortable look.
For Love & Lemons Sonya Tank Dress, $266, forloveandlemons.com

For Love & Lemons Sonya Tank Dress, $266, forloveandlemons.com

Exposed lace and lingerie are rising from the ashes of the Britney/Christina era classier than ever. For Love and Lemons offers high-quality bralettes and lace pieces that perfectly embody the romantic clothing style. A lace bralette works under virtually any garment, particularly shirts with a low neckline or exposed back for a taste of femininity with exposed lace.  For Love and Lemons also features dainty lingerie-inspired dresses that look best paired with a classic pump for a night out or ankle booties and a jacket for a daytime look. This season in particular, opt for black lace pieces inspired by Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino for a darker, more gothic look. Whether you’re sporting a lace dress, denim skirt, or shearling pullover, make your 2002-self proud this fall with these comeback trends.
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These Trends Are Making A Comeback: Featured image courtesy of urbanoutfitters.com

Essential Fall Fashion: Outerwear


Autumn not only marks the start of sweater weather, but the launch of being able to wear outerwear once again. It’s time to push back those summer cardigans and jackets to make room for some serious warmth this season. Trenches, shearling jackets, faux fur details, robe coats, and duster coats hit the streets of New York during Fashion Week, marking new and welcoming outerwear trends for fall. The key to these frosty months is all about remaining both stylish and warm, a perfect combo for both the weather and yourself. No fashion don’ts or colds here! Coats and jackets this year are all about making a well-made statement from pastel colors to bold prints like houndstooth. Don’t worry about not being able to show off your exquisite outfit underneath anymore; let your outerwear do that for you while braving this cold weather.

H&M Trench Coat

(H&M Trenchcoat in Black $27.97, Hm.com)

Zara Trench Coat

(Zara Destructured Trench $99.99, Zara.com)

The Trench
Trench coats will forever be the classic fall outerwear no matter how many seasons of autumn pass by. The versatility trenches come in allows them to remain both effortless and timeless. Not to mention, they’re easy to wear through any fall weather, rain or wind. They’ve changed up a bit this year by opting for shades such as black or a dark green, thus making it an easy transition from summer to autumn colors. Trenches are now also being seen in a drapery style that was one of the top trends during New York Fashion Week.

Asos Shearling Jacket

(River Island Faux Shearling Jacket $106.64, Us.asos.com)

Top Shop Shearling Jacket
(Cropped Shearling Jacket $700, Us.topshop.com)

The Shearling Jacket
The shearling trend has made its reappearance once again in the fashion world, and we are welcoming it with open arms. There is no subtle touch about this trend; it’s always the main star in the jackets its on. Not only does it provide that extra cozy factor we’re all about this season, but it creates a complimentary texture on denim, cotton, or wool. There’s no such thing as being extra warm and fabulous when wearing one of these.

Latiste Leopard Faux Fur Coat

 (Latiste Leopard Faux Fur Coat $49.97, Nordstromrack.com)

Via Spiga Faux Fur Collar Coat

 (Via Spiga Faux Fur Collar Coat $125.97, Nordstromrack.com)

The Faux Fur Details
Being able to wear faux fur once again is like opening presents on Christmas. It’s safe to say we’re full of excitement for this one! The plus of wearing coats with faux fur is that no animals were harmed in the making of them. Kudos for that! Faux fur details are another classic autumn trend that will never go out of style. The details provide a glamorous touch in both look and feel. Elizabeth Taylor much? We surely feel like her when wearing them.

Fleurette Robe Coat

 (Fleurette Clutch Belted Wrap Coat $1,125, Neimanmarcus.com)

Urban Outfitters Robe Coat

 (Kimchi Blue Fuzzy Duster Robe Coat $199, Urbanoutfitters.com)

The New Robe
A new catch on the fashion market comes in the form of our favorite homewear—the robe. The fact that it is now acceptable to wear in public is great news to all of us! The idea of the robe isn’t new in the fashion history books, but the variety of styles and fabrics it is popping up in are eye popping. From leather ensembled pieces to crisp wool structured ones, each robe coat is made to fit a woman’s body and create that sexy idea of walking around in one’s, well, robe. But in a much more sophisticated, elegant, and sultry manner, of course.

Longline Duster Coat

 (Longline Duster Coat $158, Us.topshop.com)

Asos Duster Coat

(Asos Duster Coat with Storm Flaps $70.46, Us.asos.com)

The Duster
There is a new longer duster coat out for all of us to purchase for the fall season now. Its longer length allows experimentation for layering underneath. It has been most prominent in pastel colors that we will never be able to get over, and that’s okay! Soft pinks, light lilacs, and easy blues are happily welcomed into our closets with no hesitation. Just make sure your coat isn’t sliding across the floor!
Essential Fall Fashion: Outerwear. Photographs courtesy of respective stores.