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4 Stunning Beauty Looks From NYFW


Picture crowds of impeccably dressed people everywhere you turn, the constant sound of cameras snapping pictures, and the feel of the wind whipping across your face on the East Coast—it’s just another season of New York Fashion Week. I had the pleasure, along with Editor in Chief of Cliché, Megan Portorreal, to cover backstage beauty for a few FW16 collections. These included Creatures of Comfort, Rachel Antonoff, Banana Republic, and Babyghost, which all featured breathtaking and unique looks that effortlessly represented the designer’s latest fashion lines. Now, I obviously couldn’t keep any of this to myself nor how you can recreate these easy-to-achieve looks right at home! Yes, you read that right. Check out four stunning beauty looks from NYFW and learn how you can recreate them all on your own, thanks to tips from top-notch stylists.
Creatures of Comfort
The FW16 collection of Creatures of Comfort was all about the cool girl style. Strong, bold brows, neutral eye shadows, and rouge tones on the cheeks and lips were all created by the talent of Shiseido. The hair tied into the makeup look with a fresh and romantic feel by incorporating textured waves with a deep side part that was pinned back. Together these elements created an effortless, chic look that any city girl could easily master. Learn how you can replicate the show’s hairstyle yourself with tips from Davines’ lead hair stylist, Joseph DiMaggio.

  1. Quickly blow-dry the hair, pulling at the root in an upwards motion to create volume.
  1. Part the hair in a deep side part.
  1. Start with a 1⁄2 inch section at the nape of the head and spray the hair with NEW Davines Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Hairspray as you go through each section of hair.
  1. Using a 1.5 inch flat iron, create “push waves” by clasping the flat iron starting 1⁄4 of the way down from the root. Then twist your wrist over, pulling the hair vertically and rotating as you go.
  1. Hold the tip of the section with your other hand by pulling the remaining hair in the opposite direction.
  1. Create these push waves all over the entire head.
  1. Finish the look with NEW Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator and Brush all over the hair to enhance the waves
  1. Place a bobby pin on the heavier side of the part to hold the hair back. Give the waves a final tousle with your fingers.

Styling Products Used:

  • NEW Davines Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Hairspray, $37.00 available April 2016
  • NEW Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator, $30.00 available April 2016
  • NEW Davines Your Hair Assistant Volume Creator Brush, $55.00 available April 2016

Photographed by Abner James for Davines
Rachel Antonoff
The FW16 collection of Rachel Antonoff was inspired by a 1950’s secretary, but with a modern twist. Lots of lashes, stained lips, rosey cheeks, and the cutest manicures took center stage in the one-of-a-kind musical performance Antonoff created for her collection’s presentation. Makeup looks were created by M.A.C, while the nails were courtesy of Kiss Products. The performance showcased not only one, but three laidback, yet sophisticated hairstyles. Learn how you can recreate one of Antonoff’s hairstyles, the soft bun, thanks to Redken’s lead hair stylist, Linh Nguyen.

  1. Prep wet hair with Redken Full Frame 07 Volumizing Mousse for added texture and hold.
  2. Blow dry hair smooth, leaving the natural texture.
  3. Pull the hair back into a low ponytail, keeping the hair soft and slightly loose against the head.
  4. Twist the ponytail lightly; wrap and secure into a bun.
  5. Using Braid 03 Defining Lotion on your fingertips, put a finishing touch on some of the loose hair going back into the bun.
  6. Finish with Fashion Work 12 Versatile Spray.

Styling Products Used:

Photographed by Jane Kratochvil for Cutler/Redken salons
Banana Republic
The FW16 collection of Banana Republic encompassed the undone, yet put together vibes that French girls pull off so well. Redken’s team had taken a trip to Paris that was the main inspiration for the hairstyles they created. For the women, two different looks were chosen: a low ponytail and a side part with loose “S waves.” For the men, their hair was styled as if they had just ran their fingers through it, in a cool way of course, by having textured locks. As for makeup, a flawless complexion, striking cat eye, and lips in red/pink tones was Banana Republic’s beauty look known as ‘Camille’ by Stila Cosmetics. Learn how you can create Banana Republic’s “S waves” step-by-step from Redken’s lead hair stylist, Brian Buenaventura.

  1. Prep the hair with Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam and blow dry section by section, giving the hair volume and texture.
  1. Take a 1 1/4″ curling iron and create an “S wave” by angling the iron vertically for a more natural curl. Repeat throughout the hair.
  1. Give the hair a perfect middle part, leaving loose hairs in front.
  1. Gather the rest of the hair into a low ponytail.
  1. Take a 6-inch black elastic cord and loop onto the hair once. Allow the ends of the two elastic strands to fall and blend into the ponytail.
  1. Complete the look with Redken Quick Dry 18 Instant Finishing Spray.

Styling Products Used:

Photo Credit: Jane Karatochvil for Cutler/Redken salons
For the FW16 collection of Babyghost a dark, moody, and youthful appearance was done by Shiseido for makeup and Redken for hair. Dewy skin, full brows, and a smokey eye created a striking beauty look that was inspired by Babyghost’s name itself. For the hair, an intricate up-do styled with twists and braids was designed.

Photographed by Cutler/Redken Salons
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Featured image courtesy of Jane Karatochvil for Cutler/Redken salons

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