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4 Socially Distanced Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


While many of us unfortunately may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with our family this year due to COVID, there are many contact free gift options that can help bring you closer together, even across the country. Here are 4 socially distanced Mother’s Day gift ideas!

1. Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Phone Stand by Multitasky

Image Credit: instagtam.com/multitasky

Make your video chats with your loved ones easier with this convenient phone stand. Compatible with every model of iPhone and Android, your mom will surely appreciate the newfound accessibility to your face and voice. Coming in five different colors, you might as well make things stylish while you’re at it.

2. Kast TV Subscription 

Like an advanced version of Netflix’s Telepathy, Kast TV allows you to simultaneously watch your favorite (ad free) T.V shows, movies, and videos with your loved one from any location. It also has an audio feature where you can chat to each other during streaming (if you can tolerate movie talkers). While some content on the website is free to anyone, a premium subscription is ideal to access something both you and your mom agree on. 

3. Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Image Credit: instagram.com/skylightframe

Since many of our parents don’t have access to smartphones, Skylight PhotoFrame is the perfect way to stay connected throughout the day. The owner of the gadget receives multiple digital photos from the sender instantly in a simple, classy device that goes perfectly with any piece of furniture in the house. With an easy set up for even the most technologically impaired, your mother will surely be thankful for the unlimited visual updates on your life.

4. MasterClass Mother’s Day Deal 

What better way to give thanks to the woman who taught you everything than giving her an opportunity to learn something she’s passionate about? Masterclass is an online education platform that offers tutorials and lectures on a vast array of subjects with some of the most expert leaders in their fields. Topics include cooking, photography, gardening, and many more. This Mother’s Day, they have a “Buy One, Get One for Mom, Free” deal where you can take a class together. Hurry up- the offer ends soon!

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Top Jewelry Gifts for Women This Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air this year. Starting off 2021 with love and appreciation for one another has been the glue that is holding us together during times like these. The pandemic and election has taken a toll on all of us, but nothing brings a bigger smile to one’s face than the gift of love. 

While the Tiffany blue box is a signature (and safe) Valentine’s Day gift, there are so many styles, selections, and stores to choose from. If you’re not ready to pop the question, a romantic gesture in $260 or less will always suffice. That’s right, no ring or excessive spending necessary.

If you want to find a gift that is simple, but still gets the job done one of the five Valentine’s Day items below might just be the perfect match for you. Shopping online this year for gifts may be temporary, but showing love to some of our favorite brands will never go out of style. 

We’re here to help! From earrings to bracelets, we at Cliche have you covered. Read on to check out the top jewelry gifts for women this Valentine’s Day. 

Tiffany Beaded Bracelet, $175

Nothing says I love you like the gift of a Tiffany Blue box. The bright red heart is just the perfect touch to top off your romantic holiday. You’ll remember it forever with this stackable beaded bracelet. 












Alison Lou Heart with Arrow Stud, $255

Emojis are brought to life with the help of Alison Lou. Instead of sending it through iMessage, try sending it in the form of 14K gold and custom pink and light blue enamel. That’ll surely top last years long-distance letter. 













Nordgreen Rose Gold Infinity Watch, $209

There’s no better time to flaunt off a new watch, especially when it’s on theme with the holiday. For watches under $300, this rose gold Nordgreen watch is a timeless, staple piece that you need not only for Valentine’s Day. Grab it wile you can, it won’t last long! 

If you’re in the market for the best men watches under $300, check out Nordgreen’s newest male selection. 













Alex and Ani ‘You’re My Lobster’ Duo Charm Bangle, $44

In the love language of Ross and Rachel, saying “you’re my lobster” is just as meaningful as those three little words that we so long for on this one day of year. If you’re looking for a quirky, inside joke type of gift that doesn’t break the bank, we hope this FRIENDS referenced bangle will do the trick! 














Kate Spade Loves Me Knot Mini Pendant, $58

Simple, small, and gold— a Valentine’s Day gift success story if I’ve ever heard one! This Kate Spade bestseller is surely one to add to your basket if you’re in a pickle and need a quick (yet meaningful) Valentine’s Day present. 













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Images provided in links; @alisonlou Instagram, Tiffany&Co, Alison Lou, Nordgreen, Alex and Ani, Kate Spade.

How to Shop Sustainably for 2021


The end of 2020 marks the long-awaited finale to a disastrous year. But it also provides new opportunities: the end of the Trump administration opens up opportunities for movements and rights as restrictive legislation ebbs. But an issue that is perhaps one of the most pertinent is the environment.

The fashion industry is the second-largest consumer of water supply and contributes to 10% of total carbon emissions; and in total 10% of all textiles travel to landfills every year, as reported by BusinessInsider. If this trend persists, we can expect to see retreating glacier ices, alterations in climate-privy environments, and the disappearance of the year-round sea ice in the Arctic, as told by Climate.gov. It means losing Instagrammable igloo hotels and the extinction of more animal species upon those lost just earlier this year. It’s vital that the upcoming year is met with action then. 

Here are some tips to help:

1. Try your best to avoid fast-fashion brands – buy second-hand

The appeal of fast-fashion hidden behind big companies like Forever 21 and YesStyle is its inexpensiveness. This is made only by cheap, horrid cuts in human rights like their exploitation of child workers in underdeveloped nations. Instead, look to buy second hand from sellers through Instagram, Depop, and Poshmark, among others. Thrifting is also an option, however, use discretion as increased consumerism can drive prices up making thrift stores inaccessible to low-income families. 

2. Buy locally

Buying second-hand is half the battle as domestic shipping in and of itself causes pollution via gas emissions and packaging. Of course, there are circumstances that necessitate it but consider buying from local shops if you can. Buy from local businesses this gradually post-COVID environment as it supports them and you never know when you’ll find your next unique piece.

3. Research, research, research

When buying from companies otherwise, make sure to do your research beforehand. Utilize websites like https://goodonyou.eco/ to review a company’s efforts towards sustainability before investing in their work. 

Whether this article is a launchpad or a continuation of your awareness, make sure to continue researching and educating others on fashion sustainability. The effects of global warming on our environment are enduring and persisting and so should we be in trying for a better life. 

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Cliche Mag’s Holiday Gift Guide


And just like that, we’re wrapping up the year 2020. As we say goodbye to the fallen autumn leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, and hello to gingerbread cookies and Christmas trees, we’re now entering December knowing that the holiday season might be looking a little different this year.

Gathering in smaller groups may not be the ideal way to spend the holiday season, but there are ways to make up for not being all together eating a meal over the dining room table. While we may take the gift-giving season for granted, this year’s gifts should be especially meaningful in order to spread the love while social distancing. 

These last few months have been anything but the ordinary, but one of the upsides to having a Corona-Christmas is that you don’t have to immerse yourself in the holiday chaos! No more shopping in crowded malls for the same old department store deals. This year, we will be shopping in our pj’s from the comfort of our own home. 

We’re spreading lots of joy this year, especially online. If you haven’t thought much about what gifts you need to stock up on, no need to worry— Cliche has got you covered. Read on to check out what the Cliche team is buying this holiday season. 

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel Wood, I am Cliche’s Beauty and Lifestyle Writer.

“Not to tip my own hat or anything, but over quarantine I would say I became a pretty savvy baker. All thanks to the love and nurturing of a sourdough starter, I was up at the crack of dawn every morning making homemade bread loafs, different flavored bagels and crisp baguettes with my baguette baker. This holiday season, I am determined to learn how to cook (of course, with the proper chic materials).”

The Always Pan from Our Place is all the rave this holiday season. This non stick pan acts as more than just a pretty piece of kitchenware. For just $95, you’re getting the ultimate all-in-one pan that will replace your fry pan, sauté pan, steamer, skillet, and sauce pan! 

  Per usual, I’ll be decorating the dinner table this season. Setting the ambiance is important, ok? Elevate your holiday decor by freshening up your wine cabinet with these Crate and Barrel glasses. 

I may want to learn how to cook, but hey— I’m still a beauty lover! To add onto the list of reasons why Biossance is one of my favorite skincare brands, they offer a variety of samples for customers to test out. This season I’ll be trying the resurfacing night serum, but I can safely recommend that their rosehip oil is a life saver!

Hi, my name is Pooja Subramanian, I am Cliche’s Music and Entertainment Writer.

“Since this holiday season will be a bit different, I’m really looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday season. I’m hoping to see some fun and beautiful holiday decorations on the houses near me because it’s one of my favorite parts of the season! Also, I’m looking forward to eating good food and watching some classic holiday movies with my family. I hope all of our readers have a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!”

This holiday season, I think it would be hysterical to order this custom dog portrait off Etsy. Pets are family, too!

I will be taking all precautions necessary to relax this holiday season. Perhaps with this Amazon paint by numbers kit! 

Weighted blankets are really great, not only do they help maintain anxiety, they also help you get a much deeper sleep. I’ll be Amazon priming this one! 

My name is Madhura and I am interning as an entertainment writer at Cliche.

“This holiday season, I look forward to enjoying some downtime with both my family and myself. I’m looking forward to cozying up on the couch to watch a good family movie. I am most definitely looking forward to continuing to read and write, mostly for myself. We are a family of foodies, so above all, I am excited to try out new recipes and fill up on indulgent meals.”

The Origins Skincare Bestsellers Set is the best of both worlds. It’s on the affordable side, yet totally luxurious. This one’s for the all the skincare lovers in your life.

David’s Chocolate Earl Grey Tea is for all the tea lovers of course. But it’s also for anyone that wants to cozy up with something fragrant and warm on cold holiday mornings or nights… or really any time of the day. Anytime is indeed tea time!

There’s nothing better than a good old book to settle down with during the holidays. December is always family time, but there’s no harm in sparing a moment for yourself with a satisfying, Christmas-themed book! I highly recommend Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot’s Christmas.

My name is Livia Caligor, I am Cliche’s Art & Culture Writer.  

“Born and raised in New York, I remember my mom and I would spend the holiday season visiting the beautiful window installations at 5th Avenue department stores, roaming the Columbus Circle holiday market, and building snowmen in Central Park. I’ve realized that what I cherish about these memories are not just the intricate lights and seasonal treats, but the festive family time it fosters. Things will likely be different this year amidst the pandemic, but I look forward to recreating these experiences within my bubble at home. As a college student, especially amidst the pandemic, time at home is rare, so I am excited to devote the holiday season to going home and spending time with my family.”

I am excited to give this Gingerbread House set, which is allergen-friendly, to my family, and spend the holidays building one together.

I would love to gift my friend a vibrant block-print holiday scarf.

I am loving these Dauphinette quirky, one-of-a-kind fruit earrings.

My name is Erin Watson and I am a lifestyle writer at Cliche.  

 “I’m looking forward to watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my family and eating a ton of badly decorated sugar cookies!” 

Cozy up with this Amazon essential. I couldn’t live without mine! 

 There’s something about a personalized charcuterie board that just sits right with me. I know my mom would love it! Thanks for the idea, Etsy.

A perfect gift for a friend or sibling would be a ring with their birth flower on it. Such a cute idea I saw on Etsy that isn’t your zodiac sign! 

My name is Julie Ham and I’m currently a writing intern.

“Admittedly, this holiday season I’m most looking forward to shopping for holiday gifts. I’ve always loved the process of gift-giving: the thinking of the perfect gift based on someone’s characteristics and person, it’s a psychological puzzle that I love solving. And this year, I have more time than ever to find the perfect gift for my friends and families.”

This Morphe palette will allow me to test out my makeup skills! I’m looking forward to seeing some bold colors. 

There’s nothing better than sitting by the fire with a good book in hand! I recommend this one from Barns and Noble.

I love Baggu! I never go anywhere without my reusable bags. They’re light and chic, what more can you want? 

My name is Quavondo Nguyen, I am Cliches Editor-in-Chief

“To be honest, I’m looking forward to the vaccine. Although I doubt that it will arrive by the holiday season. 2020 has been a year to forget, but luckily I sense an upswing starting with the election. Our country was teetering on a societal collapse.”

To pass time in isolation, I found that these Buffalo puzzle pieces fit well together. Some jigsaw puzzles aren’t cut as well so it leaves you second guessing where the piece goes.

With quarantine, I’ve been working on the house more and find it frustrating when you don’t have the right tools for the job. You can basically fix anything with this Zoopy product in hand!


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Top 10 stress relieving gifts to order this holiday season


It goes without saying that the holiday season brings out the best (or worst) in all of us. In a season filled with lots of joy, the holiday festivities are all fun and games until you have to start all the cleaning, wrapping, and preparing your guest bedroom for the in-laws. It doesn’t take much time before the sudden realization that Halloween is over and you’re already behind on your holiday shopping. Soon, your short list of things to do becomes the never ending gift that keeps on going.

While this year’s holiday season may look a little different, the upside to having a Corona-Christmas is that all your seasonal sales are online. What a relief! Say goodbye to standing in long lines at midnight and hello to the future of online sales! This year you can wake up and spread the joy of relaxation by shopping for gifts online all month long.

And since the best deals are starting early this year, read on to check out these 10 stress relieving gifts to treat either yourself or someone else. 


Silk Sleep mask  $50

Get 15% off this mulberry silk sleep mask that will ensure a restful beauty sleep that will help you prepare for the holiday chaos. 











Saje Essential Oils $28

The best part about this stress release roller? You can fit it in your purse. Take it to-go this holiday season and get 10% off your first purchase at Saje. 












Wooden Goods Moon Diffuser $40

This moon inspired diffuser sets the perfect calming ambiance. 











Urban Outfitters Girl, You Need To Calm The F Down Candle $29 

Need I say more? Sometimes, you just need to calm the F down. 












Luna Weighted Blanket $70 

Weighted blankets have shown to reduce anxiety by helping achieve a more relaxed state of mind through the comfort of weight. Read more about it here on Healthline.












Milk & Honey Aromatherapy Bath bombs $5 

Say hello to the perfect stocking stuffer! Plus, get 10% off your first purchase. 








ALTWELL Gift of Glow CBD Kit $135

A CBD sale? I’m in! This Gift of Glow kit was $169 and is now $135. It includes a bonus candle, a facial serum and infused lotion that will help brighten your skin. For a limited time only, ALTWELL is having a sale buy one get one 50% off on CBD soft gels using the code SOFTGELS at checkout!  












Anese License to Chill Stress face mask $34 

Want to know the benefits of eucalyptus oil? Click here to find out and use checkout code FEELINGMYSELF for 15% off your purchase when you buy this License to Chill Stress mask.  












DMH Aesthetics Light Shield $190 

This hands-free LED light therapy mask gets rid of those pesky stress pimples almost instantly. Worth the investment? YES. 

Kerotin Scalp Massager $16 

Fun fact: stimulating your scalp can reduce stress and anxiety! Use this scalp massager to moisten your hair and boost your immune system. 








Images provided by their respective copyright holders. 
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9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap Without Looking the Part


Today we want to share with you 9 simple ways to live cheap without looking the part.  This topic is quite interesting knowing that Americans spend an average of $101 every day.  For the entire country as a whole, that’s about $10.7 trillion every year. With many people still under quarantine or struggling to work, it’s important to make every dollar last.

Here are nine simple ways you can start living cheaply. With these tips, you can save money instead of spending it all away.  Learn how to live cheap and save money with these nine easy tips today!

1. Review Your Expenses

9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap

viarami / Pixabay

Before doing anything else, take the time to track your spending. Where is all your money going? Gather all your bank statements, paycheck stubs, and bills, and start auditing.

Take the time to break all your expenditures into categories. It’s easier to set specific budgets for each category if you know where you’re spending.

For example, you can separate your spending by:

  • Transportation
  • Groceries
  • Entertainment
  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Cable
  • Debts

Now set a hard limit for each category. The first trick to living cheap is to minimize spending. Once you cut frivolous costs, you can put that money into savings instead.  Take the time to review your expenses over the next few months. You might find you spend more money in one area than another. If that’s the case, adjust your budget as needed. After reviewing your expenses, you can start living on a budget and saving some cash!

Set Saving Goals

Do you have a major expense coming up soon?  Maybe you need a new car or want to save up for your child’s college tuition. Determine how much you need to save overall. Then, set a monthly amount to save for that amount.

Keeping your savings goals in mind can help you stay on track while you live cheaply. Neglecting those long-term goals might make it more difficult for you to save in the present.

2. Stop Subscribing

9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap

Jade87 / Pixabay

A single-family can pay for a long list of subscription services in a single month. Make your own list, possibly including:

  • Hello Fresh
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Birchbox

Those monthly subscriptions can add up to a huge bill. Which of the subscriptions do you use the most? Which subscriptions can you remove to lower your monthly expenses?  If you want to live cheap, turn your “auto-renew” switch off. Every month, determine whether you need those subscriptions. If you need to save money next month, remove a subscription or two.  Don’t forget to look at your budget. Which categories do your subscriptions fall under? Which categories do you need to save money on?  Cut back on those subscriptions to start saving instead of spending!

3. Get out of Debt

House Finance Financing Cost Budget  - TierraMallorca / Pixabay

TierraMallorca / Pixabay

Your debts can add up, too. While debt can make any person experience stress, learning how to dig yourself out of debt can help.  First, set realistic goals for yourself. Consider making a debt management plan to keep yourself organized and on track. Your plan can help you pay off credit cards, a mortgage, and your student loans.

The average American household has about $137,063 in debt.  While you can’t pay off all your debt in a single day, you can start working your way there. Making an effort to pay off your debt little by little can reduce your stress.

First, determine which of your debts is high-interest. Those charges are stealing the most from your account. Make an effort to pay off those larger debts first.  Getting out of debt will make living on a budget much easier moving forward.


4. Eat Smarter

9 Simple Ways to Live Cheap

viarami / Pixabay

You can eat away your budget without realizing it. If you want to start living cheaply, you need to consider your food spending. There are many ways you can eat smarter to spend smarter.

First, determine how much money you’re spending on food each month. Is it from a monthly subscription box, a specialty grocery store, or restaurants? Cut back on your most expensive grocery costs.

Next, make a grocery list before you go shopping. Stick to the list to avoid impulse buys and overspending.

Before you go shopping, check online. Many grocery stores offer online specials and coupons. Plan ahead based on the savings that are available.  Try to reduce how often you eat out at restaurants or order takeout. Instead, plan a week-long family menu. You can plan meals that use the same ingredients to reduce spending.  If you do plan on eating out, look for “kids eat free” nights or happy hour specials so save money!

5. Buy Generic

Most people buy the same brands over the years due to brand trust.  For the most part, name brands aren’t much different from generic brands beyond the packaging.  Try buying generic the next time you go shopping. You can purchase generic brands for your cleaning supplies, paper products, and staple food needs. Even medicine and makeup are available in generic brands.

6. Shop Around Savings

Wine Cheese Grocery Store  - ottawagraphics / Pixabay

ottawagraphics / Pixabay

The time it right! Before you go shopping, make sure to plan your purchases based on the sales available. You can always check online before you shop.  Are you a student, teacher, or vet? There are usually discount prices available for AAA members, too.

Don’t forget to look for coupons! Many grocery stores have their own online coupons available. There are online coupon websites, too.  You can view more here to find coupons online to help you live cheap!

7. Do It Yourself (DIY)

You don’t always have to buy something new or hire an expert.  Instead, see if you can do it yourself. Head online to find a tutorial video to fix the TV or sew up a shirt to save money.

8. Think Through Travel

Do you want to plan a family trip?  Make a budget for it first! Make sure to think about travel, entertainment, and food for the entire trip. Making a budget for your vacation can help you save. You can always try a staycation if you want to live cheap!

9. Barter a Bit

Do you have a skill you can share?  Try bartering with a friend or family member.  You can “trade” your skillset for one of theirs to help you save money!

Living Cheap Never Looked So Good

Want to live smart and savvy?  Try these nine tips for living cheaply. Using these tips, you can live cheap without looking cheap and start saving!  Check out Clichemag’s latest posts for more helpful tips and guides!

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5 Brilliant Tips to Buying Jewelry


There are certain things to know and do when picking out jewelry so today we want to share 5 brilliant tips to buying jewelry.  Each year, Americans drop around $80 billion on jewelry and that amount is projected to grow in the coming years. From timeless treasure to the newest trends, the demand for jewelry will always be there, and so will the sellers.

However, you’re not alone if you hate the hassle of making a jewelry purchase. If you don’t know how to shop for jewelry, the process can definitely be overwhelming.

Keep reading this article if you want to learn how to buy jewelry the right way. This will guarantee you a quicker, simpler, and more enjoyable shopping experience.

  1. Know Your Style
Tips to Buying Jewelry

steven_yu / Pixabay

Are you on the hunt for silver or gold? Or do you prefer pearls?  What is your everyday look like? A woman with a job at a corporate office and a stay-at-home mom might have two very different tastes.

Having a general idea of the piece you’re searching for will save you heaps of time in the end, so do some research before you start browsing!

  1. Prestige Brands

If your wallet allows, prestige brands offer some of the most beautiful and sought-after pieces on the market. Most of the time, items from big-name brands are made with real gold, silver, and diamonds.

However, everything from Swarovski to Tiffany totes carries a hefty price tag. If you settle for a no-name piece, you’re really not missing out on anything but tiny engraved letters.

  1. Precious Stones
Tips to Buying Jewelry

sarakgraves / Pixabay

Gemstones and birthstones never go out of style. They make incredible gifts and will last a lifetime!  You can buy the real deal, like sapphires or rubies, or you can go with a synthetic gemstone that looks almost indistinguishable. Try to avoid imitation gems, though, since they’re just bits of plastic that are dyed.

Not sure which birthstone you need? See a list of birth months with their corresponding birthstones.

  1. Try Smart Jewelry

Get ahead of the trend and switch out your bulky, not-so-pretty smartwatches for smart jewelry. With smart jewelry, you don’t have to compromise fashion for function.

In fact, smart jewelry performs the same as your other smart devices! They look a lot more appealing and blend in as if you’re not wearing a mini-computer on your body at all.

  1. Shop With a Buddy

A second opinion always goes a long way and this is especially the case when it comes to buying jewelry!

Bringing along someone you can trust is a great way to gauge if an item looks good on you or not. If they’re your friend, they’ll be honest with you about the price tag and let you know if they think you’re making a smart purchase or not.

Now You Know How to Buy Jewelry the Easy Way

Now that you know how to buy jewelry, you can feel confident the next time you step into a jewelry store. You can shop smarter and have no regrets about your purchase when you walk out with your perfect new piece!

Did you like this article? Check out the rest of our posts for all things fashion.

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7 Key Tips to Getting the Best Savings While Shopping


Do you love shopping but hate draining your bank account?  Today we’ll share 7 key tips to getting the best savings while shopping.  If you want to get more bang for your buck, there are plenty of simple tricks you can use to generate huge savings.  Are you ready to become a shopping expert?

1. Always Check for Coupons

The best way to save on shopping is to use a coupon on your order. Although you can find incredible discounts, even coupons as low as 5% off your order can lead to big savings over time. Before you make any purchase, make sure you refer to websites like Yes We Coupon to see if you can find any deals.

2. Sign up for Newsletters

Another one of the easiest ways to save is to add your email to your favorite stores’ newsletter lists. After you sign up, you’ll be notified whenever there are any sales and you may even gain access to exclusive coupons.


3. Browse Other Retailers Before Making a Purchase

If you’re shopping for an item that’s sold at other stores, it’s a good idea to scope out those retailers to see if any of them offer a lower price. This step is especially important for big-ticket items like electronics or luxury clothes.

4. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Special Sales Events

Sometimes you can find the best savings on shopping by waiting for a big sale event. Stores can offer random events throughout the year that are hard to predict, but you can always depend on special sales during holidays.

5. Try Shopping in a Private Browser

One lesser-known tip on how to save on shopping is opening a private or incognito browser. Although this doesn’t happen all of the time, lots of stores can offer different prices based on your specific location. When you’re in a private browser, retailers won’t be able to change their prices based on your browsing history or location.

7 key tips to getting the best savings while shopping

jp26jp / Pixabay

6. Always Be Mindful of Shipping Costs

Since shipping can cost an arm and a leg, it’s best to avoid these charges at all costs whenever possible. Before you start shopping, try to find coupon codes that can give you free shipping or figure out if there are any price thresholds to earn free shipping. If you’re ever close to a free shipping threshold, it’s better to buy another item instead of paying the same price for less to cover shipping.

7. Tease Retailers by Leaving Items in Your Cart

Retailers don’t want to lose your business, so they’re more willing to offer better deals to close the sale. To us this strategy, create an account that’s linked to your email then leave your items in the cart for a day or two. After some time passes, you might be surprised to find an email with a discount code in your inbox.

These Tips Will Help You Score Major Savings on Shopping

If you follow these 7 tips, you’ll be able to find the best savings on shopping. With extra money in the bank, you’ll have more opportunities in the future to treat yourself.  Do you want to become a shopping expert? Explore Clichemag.com to find more helpful tips and guides.

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6 Reasons Why Shopping Online for Clothes is the Wave of the Future


Technology continues to change the way consumers do things. Shopping online for clothes has become easier thanks to the many choices available to men and women today. Furthermore, with many retailers closing physical locations, more and more people are turning to the internet to obtain things they want and need, and apparel is no exception. Why are people so willing to spend their money to buy clothes online without touching the item?

Shopping online for clothes

Mediamodifier / Pixabay


Millennial’s love to shop online. A study in the UK found that 73 percent of individuals between the ages of 16 and 24 purchased clothing online in 2018. With so many clothing boutiques to select from, every person can find a clothing retailer they love regardless of where this retailer is physically located. Clothing choices expand as a result, and humans love having choices.

More Competition

shopping online for clothes

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay

Online retailers often don’t maintain a brick-and-mortar location. As a result, they can offer lower prices on popular items and the consumer is the one who wins. A man or woman will find he or she can purchase more items by shopping online in many cases. This benefit alone is why many now choose to buy their clothing online as opposed to in a physical store.

Artificial Intelligence

Imagine picking out a piece of clothing and having a computer make recommendations for coordinating items? This is being done in a few stores across the globe and the internet makes it easier for consumers to find outfits they love. Simply choose an item at an online retailer and recommendations can be made for coordinating pieces. Many online retailers now offer this service at no additional charge, so be sure to check it out. Only a few select retailers now offer this in store.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

Some retailers offer virtual fitting rooms so a person can try before they buy. Simply enter height, weight, and bust measurements and an avatar will be created. The avatar can then be clothed in different outfits so the buyer can see whether or not he or she would be comfortable in the clothing. This is much easier than going to a store and trying things on in a dressing room.

Try Before You Buy

Certain retailers now allow a consumer to try items before they actually make a purchase. These clothing subscription sites send items based on the customer’s stated preferences, so he or she doesn’t even have to go shopping. The retailer does all of the work, the items are delivered to the buyer’s home, and he or she can wear them a time or two to determine if they work. Those items the buyer does not like can be returned with ease.

Realistic Advertising

The average internet user spends two hours every day using social media. When a person posts an image or video on one of these sites, others can see what he or she is wearing and may wish to try shopping online for clothes. They can actually see someone in the garments and get a better understanding of whether it is something they would like to own. Consumers consider these posts to be more honest than the advertising provided by the brand itself, and this gives them the confidence to make a purchase.

If you have yet to try shopping online for clothes, now is the time to do so. Retailers understand people want convenience and value when they shop and work hard to provide this. Prices are affordable, returns are easy to complete, and shoppers don’t have to deal with crowds. It’s a wonder anyone buys clothes the traditional way when the internet makes doing so effortless.

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Suited Up: How To Buy The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape


After what was for many a long, seemingly endless winter, sunnier days are finally upon us and here to stay. With these higher temperatures also comes another occasion: swimsuit season. For some, the thought of dancing around on a beach clad in an itsy-bitsy bikini with a Mojito in hand is nothing short of heaven; and yet, there are still those of us that, even upon hearing the word “swimsuit”, experience a unique sense of panic (and perhaps a few blushes). But that needn’t be the case. Whatever your body type is — slim, curvy, busty, athletic — there’s absolutely a perfect swimsuit out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the most flattering style for your shape.

Here, we’ve taken the stress out of swimsuit shopping with a simple guide to help you buy the best swimsuit for your shape this season. Though we of course believe that any woman can and should try out any look she so desires (#bcbodypositivityisimportant), the right fit is undoubtedly the one key to looking good, no matter your size and shape. Read on to select the perfect ensemble that will take you from pool parties to tropical vacays in these warm months to come.


The Hourglass

The ladies of the Hourglass are blessed with beautiful proportions that are meant to be shown off. If you’re one lucky enough to have this covetably contoured shape, your balanced figure works in your favor come swimsuit season, as there are so many different designs suitable for your body. Perhaps the best of all is the cult classic: the triangle string bikini. This barely-there style allows your curves to take center stage, and is not to mention ideal for a bronzing session while sprawled out on a towel with a good book, or an impromptu photoshoot with your friends (whichever suits your fancy). We love this glamorous metallic look by Lisa Marie Fernandez, as well as another popular style this season: crocheted swimwear, for those who adore a bohemian aesthetic. Hourglass shapes also look especially seductive in underwire styles, which also provide additional support and definition up top.



The Pear

For Pear shapes, your thighs, hips, and behind are your greatest assets (pun intended? yep.), but also the features that you’ll have to work on balancing out for a more proportionate look. The idea is to celebrate your bodacious bottom half — you put all those squats in for a reason, right? — while also finding a style that will help to elongate you since your lower body tends to dominate your physique. Boy shorts and skirt styles are no-go’s for these reasons, as these designs cut you off at the mid-thigh and will actually make you appear shorter and stockier.

For a longer and leaner silhouette, opt for tops that draw the eye — be it with bare shoulders, cutouts, twists, or ruching — and bottoms cut high on the hips for a leg-lengthening effect. Sports-bra-inspired styles present an alternative option for these ladies, as the straight-cut design assists in creating the illusion of increased width up top that will match well with your lower half. Our picks for this shape include this minimalist, lilac-hued set by LA Hearts, and this wallet-friendly ASOS find perfect for those who’ve recently put a little extra work into their abs.




The Apple

Apple girls boast a full bust, but often carry more weight in the mid-section area, which sometimes makes swimsuit shopping a bit more intimidating for these folks. But, the reality is, there’s a wide range of styles conducive for this body type. For one, plunging necklines were made for the Apple shape; not only are you able to play up your plentiful cleavage, but the vertical line created by this style draws the eye up and down, creating the illusion of more length. Surplice necklines are similarly flattering, as they serve to highlight the upper waistline and thus create a curvier silhouette.

Details are especially important to consider when shopping for the Apple shape swimsuit. Styles featuring gathering at the front or side have a slimming effect, as do suits with colorblocked side panels. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and prints, too — especially at the bodice, which helps to draw attention away from the fuller waist area. Strategically-placed ruffles conceal any lumps or bumps, and moreover add a feminine feel. High-waist bottoms are always a safe bet when you feel the need to streamline your silhouette, or if you’re going for a retro look.


image courtesy of swimsuitsforall.com


The Inverted Triangle

Ladies with the killer upper body strength, we’re looking right at you. As the name of this body type suggests, Inverted Triangle gals are best known for their beautiful backs and shoulders. These features should be shown off — but the lower half of this physique can sometimes be overshadowed in result. Since a proportionate look is the end goal, swimsuits that attract the eye to the core and below are the most successful fits for this shape. Halter strap styles are especially ideal for balancing out broad shoulders, and self-ties at the hips help to add emphasis to the legs.

We love this sensual bandage bikini design by OYE Swimwear because it still bares the shoulders, but moreover wraps around the body in a fashion that accentuates the natural waist and midsection for an hourglass effect. As a basic rule: everyone should own at least one black swimsuit, the most slimming color of them all. This one-piece style by Suboo is another attractive option, with a chevron-pattern knit fabric and flirtatious side cutouts that add interest.



The Ruler

The Rulers are the naturally long, lean girls of the group, with straighter, athletic builds often equipped with a solid core and powerful legs. Given their more “rectangular” shape, these ladies will benefit from a suit that gives their sweet and subtle curves some extra love. Bikinis are perfect for showcasing your toned bellies, but avoid straight-cut styles that will only further emphasize the straightness of the body and instead search for styles with ruffles, cutouts, strappy details, and the like to add dimension. Bikini styles with high-waist bottoms are also helpful for Ruler shapes since they enhance the natural waist, like this chic one by Solid & Striped.

We also can’t forget about a basic one-piece, which was made for athletic ladies who are more likely playing volleyball on the beach than just chilling in the sun. If you’re not so into solid-colored suits, playful patterns and textured fabric elevate these simple pieces so you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality.




Remember: these guidelines are tips — not hard and fast rules. The truth is, each and every one of us has a unique and beautiful figure that only we know best, one that’s also determined by other factors such as genetics, health conditions, and lifestyle choices. We’re the ones that have to be both happy and comfortable in the style we choose. The one real mantra to bear in mind is this: rock what you got, and play up what’s lacking. And make the shopping experience as fun and positive as possible, of course. We certainly wouldn’t frown up a dressing room fashion show should the need arise.


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Suited Up; How To Buy The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape. Featured Image courtesy of The Curvy & The Curveless

Must-Have Textures This Winter


There is nothing more exciting for me than spotting my first snow flurry of the season. For me, winter holds many warm memories of time spent huddling around a fireplace with my sister, sipping coffee with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and that magical first snow. Unpopular opinion, I know, but winter is absolutely my favorite season. Even if you can’t get on board with the cold, everyone with a fashionista inside of her knows that cold-weather fashion can’t be beat. Layers, coats, scarves, and the boots. Enough said, ya’ll. This year though, it is all about texture. Winter is the time to get creative with fresh fabrics and materials, and I couldn’t be more excited to break out some of the funky pieces that have been staring longingly at me from the back of my closet.

Listen up ladies; pom poms are the new black and I am living for it. This bag, from one of my favorite sustainable brands, Mercado Global, has all of the winter essentials—neutral colors, a leather strap, a textured print, and pom-poms! This fun detail adds some whim to your wardrobe and may even alleviate some of the drear cold that winter weather can bring. The spherical burst of texture is exactly what every gal needs to break up the monotony of an otherwise flat outfit.

Who needs real fur when faux fur is this cute? This blush, gloriously fuzzy coat is an absolute necessity as the snow begins to accumulate. It’s practical, fun, and absolutely makes a statement. Perfect for everyday wear or as a fashionable companion to keep you warm in your LBD at a rooftop cocktail party (first off, just why?), this jacket adds just the right amount of pomp and circumstance for, well…any circumstance.

Velvet pants. Velvet pants, you guys! What a world we live in, am I right? Talk about texture, velvet is and always will be the quintessential winter fabric—and these cropped pants are everything that is good in the universe. Trendy, comfortable, and office appropriate, these hit the jackpot. Pair these with a cozy sweater and your favorite footwear and you’ll be rolling into work feeling like you just rolled out of bed (and who knows, maybe you did).

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