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The Hidden Meaning Behind Silver Skull Jewelry


Today we want to share with  you the hidden meaning behind silver skull jewelry.  Silver jewelry is not only for people belonging to youth subcultures. Fashion designers fell in love with this symbol, too. Now you can see skull jewelry everywhere – from red carpet events to motorcycle rallies. They attract interest thanks to the ...

How to Take Care of Your Silver Jewellery


If you have silver jewelry, you might be wondering how to take care of your silver jewelry.  More understated than gold, silver jewellery is perfect for everyday wear. Yes, it may be hard wearing, but your silver jewellery does need a little care to keep it looking its best. When silver becomes tarnished it turns ...

AUrate Jewelry


In terms of a jewelry, I’m a big, big ring girl. Rings give attention to your hands. They make them look prettier, they bring an audience to the out-of-sight manicure you got with that Essie polish you love. Nevertheless, I’m not a bling-bling, huge diamond person. I like to keep my rings subtle, small, and ...