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The Secret Industry Behind Reselling Sneakers


Today we want to discuss the secret industry behind reselling sneakers. Have you ever wondered about the sneaker reselling industry? Or how people can make money reselling shoes? Well, this secret industry is thriving, and making a few successful resellers wealthy in the process. Having a passion for sneakers and using good automation tools like the snkrs app bot (highly recommend checking out this review) can help you, but there is a lot more to sneaker reselling that you need to know if you want to be successful.

How Do People Make Money Reselling Sneakers? 

If you are not a sneakerhead, you might be surprised to learn that there is an entire industry behind reselling shoes. 

People in this trade buy new or used sneakers at a low price, clean them up a bit, and resell them for a profit. The people who buy these shoes usually do not plan on actually wearing them. Instead, these sneakers are commonly displayed as collector items. 

Some of the most popular shoe brands resellers look out for are Nike, Adidas, and Jordans, among many other name brands. 

The Know-How Behind Reselling Shoes 

You might be thinking this side hustle sounds pretty straightforward, but don’t be fooled. There is a lot of know-how that goes into buying shoes. 

Reselling sneakers is a multi-million dollar industry that has remained relatively secretive. The majority of resellers communicate on Discord servers, private Telegram groups, and paid Twitter accounts, contributing to the industry’s exclusivity. 

Due to the exclusivity of this industry, knowing who offers the best sneaker proxies is sometimes a struggle.

What Are Sneaker Proxies? 

A sneaker proxy is a snkrs app bot add-on you can purchase to help you buy multiple pairs of shoes at one time. Sneaker proxies make you appear to be multiple people by giving you many different IP addresses

Sneaker proxies are a must-have if you want to make a big profit in the aftermarket. When the newest shoes drop, most often than not, there will be a limit to how many pairs one person is allowed to buy. So, having a sneaker proxy is important if you plan on copping a decent inventory size at one time. 

There are many sneaker proxies available to use but finding one that is trustworthy and works well is a large task. 

What Is a Snkrs App Bot? 

A snkrs app bot is a downloadable browser extension that helps resellers buy new release sneakers at retail prices. The most popular is Nike shoe bot, which offers insider knowledge about the hottest shoes alongside helping you get them at retail price. 

Nike shoe bot is one of the oldest and most developed bots available to resellers. Compared to other bots, Nike shoe bot is very reliable at running multiple checkouts simultaneously. 

Without snkrs app bots and the best sneaker proxies, buying shoes at retail price is not an easy feat. If you want to keep up with the most successful sneaker hustlers, these tools are a must-have. 

Why Has This Industry Grown So Much in the Past Decade? 

Before there were advanced bots and sneaker proxies, people trying to resell shoes had a much harder time buying them at low prices. Resellers had to search through discount/ thrift stores to find any brand of shoes worth flipping. If they wanted to cop new release shoes, they had to wait in line outside shoe retailers at the earliest hours of the morning for a chance of getting just one pair. 

Over the past decade, more retailers have built online stores, allowing for more consumer convenience. Today, online shoe retailers sell out new releases within seconds. Only the buyers with the fastest checkout times and internet speeds are guaranteed to cop some sneakers. 

Can Anyone Make Money Reselling Shoes?

Technically, yes. Realistically, it’s pretty difficult to start. 

Since the growth of the sneaker industry, more and more people have attempted to find success in reselling shoes. But only a handful of people have actually been successful at creating a career out of reselling sneakers.

Successful sneaker hustlers know exactly which brands are releasing the latest shoes and when they are dropping. To make a good size profit, you have to buy many pairs of shoes at a low price and sell them at a higher price. These two main points of know-how only scratch the surface of the whole industry.

In order to get rich flipping and selling shoes, you have to be willing to put in 110% effort because the competition in this arena is intense. 


It is pretty challenging to find reliable information about succeeding in this industry because virtually nobody is blogging about it. The lack of information out there only adds to its exclusivity. The value of this information is just too high to share with a large audience. 

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay & Creative Commons

Put Your Best Foot Forward with OOFOS


Buying new shoes can be daunting. Most times, consumers must decide between style or comfort. Whether it’s sneakers, heels, boots, or slippers, our feet deserve to recover after a long day. OOFOS has just the solution. OOFOS, the global recovery footwear leader, prioritizes comfort, recovery, and style. The Boston-based footwear organization uses its innovative foam technology to create a lightweight shoe that reduces pressure and demand on your feet and joints. Their shoes were made with everyday people in mind. From athletes to doctors, runners to walkers, OOFOS has a shoe for you. 


OOFOS slipperThis year, to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, OOFOS’s Project Pink campaign will donate 100% of profits from their newly launched Pink Camo Pack to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) and The Jimmy Fund for Cancer Research. OOFOS hopes to reach its goal of raising $1 million to support breast cancer research. The Pink Camo Pack is available in signature styles such as the OOahh Luxe Slide Sandal, OOlala Limited Sandal, and the OOcloog Limited Edition Clog. You can find every style of the Pink Camo Pack exclusively on OOFOS.com. 

OOFOS clog


The fight to end breast cancer is personal for the OOFOS team. The organization first launched the Project Pink campaign in 2015, when one of the company’s first employees, Duncan Finigan, was diagnosed with breast cancer. For OOFOS, breast cancer awareness is not just a month-long focus, but a year-round commitment. They have committed to donating 2% of profits from OOFOS.com to DFCI Since the campaign’s inception, OOFOS has donated over $1 million to help end breast cancer.  OOFOS lost their beloved friend Duncan in 2019, but her legacy and the legacies of the many who we have lost to this disease continue to live on. 


We will always continue to support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the taken, and never give up hope! Join us and put your best foot forward by supporting OOFOS to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

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Images Provided by OOFOS

The 80s & 90s Were the Best era for Sneakers


Today we want to share a few reasons why we think the 80s and 90s were the best era for sneakers. Retro, old school call it what you want but sneaker models from the 80s and 90s are probably the best ever made and it’s without question these models from the past are influencing today’s new styles.

When the world first said hello to basketball icon Michael Jordan, we only have to look at the birth of the Air Jordan to see the impact that this brand would have within sneakers and somewhat accelerated sneakerhead culture. Whether the Jordan releases were in the 80s or 90s, the brand til this day still remains at the top with the other major sportswear brands.

Best era for SneakersSimilarly, in the same breath, the Air Max (in all its variations) has not only dominated the footwear market it has become probably the most talked about sneaker model ever. Due to its popularity, the Air Max family remains a must have model and in some cases a grail amongst sneakerheads and celebrities.

The Nike Dunk, originally an 80s basketball shoe has only evolved and continued in popularity in the form of the SB Dunk. With that said, this sneaker is now one of the most sought-after models every time a new version drops.

Reebok Classic took the fitness market by storm in the 80s and is still one of the most loved sneakers of all time. The reason it continues to be adored today is because of its famous silhouette but also because of being so versatile and easily styled.

Do I even need to remind you of the Adidas ZX releases in the 80s with its Torsion system and if you had a pair of these, your cool and sophistication points went up astronomically. These were just another sneaker gift from a golden era.

Best era for SneakersWhether you are dressing these silhouettes up or down, the ‘old school’ sneaker styles never died but simply inspired the next generations of design. Meaning with new technologies and materials even absolute 80s icons such as the Air Force 1 can be kept fresh and remain hugely popular. There have been so many versions of the Air Force that you would think that this model would die a fashionable death but quite the opposite. With 30 years under its belt, the model is becoming more and more popular.

The influence of these 80s & 90s styles can also be seen in totally new sneaker models like the Puma RS-X, which takes today’s chunkier sole trend but mixes with it more traditional mesh/ leather paneling and colourways that you could easily pair with an 80s traxedo and a headband.

Yes, the 80s and 90s brought the world some great things like the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Furby toy that seemed to be in every household but what we really should be thanking this era for is some of the greatest sneaker models and designs of all time!

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Images provided by Creative Commons, Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

Nike: Just Do It, Conservatives: Just Burn It, Liberals: Just Be Fooled By It


I assume by now you have heard the controversy surrounding the newest Nike ad. Colin Kaepernick became the face of Nike and Americans found another reason to hate each other. While fervent liberals became inspired and ran out to purchase as much Nike as they could, racist conservatives threw a temper-tantrum and burned as much Nike as they could. Passions were flying, people were shouting, social media was exploding, shoes were burning, and sales were booming. All of this uproar, yet neither party actually did anything to help their cause.

If you haven’t seen the Nike commercial yet, definitely check it out! It’s heartfelt, inspirational, and passionate.


Just watching this commercial makes you feel a sort of adrenaline to stand up (or kneel) for what you believe in. Having Colin Kaepernick urging Americans to “believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” shows that Nike genuinely believes in the urgent changes that need to happen in America…or maybe they just want to make you think they do. Whether you’re heart fills with hope or disgust while watching this ad, buying or burning Nike does absolutely nothing except make the rich richer.

According to Edison Trends, online Nike sales have gone up by 31% and according to The Washington Post, Kaepernick’s 49ers jersey is among one of the best-selling in the league. What does this mean? For the conservatives posting videos of themselves online with fits of outrage, this means that burning your already-paid-for Nike sneakers has done nothing except give Nike free advertising. Put down the matches before you hurt yourself and turn off your cameras because everybody else is laughing all the way to the Nike stores. For the liberals feeling like their actually making a difference by purchasing Nike gear, this means that the only difference you made was an increase in Nike profit.

Why isn’t increasing Nike profit a good thing? After all, the company has shown their dedication to urgent progressive movements. Well, according to Open Secret, this is not even remotely true. Open Secret reveals that in 2018, Nike gave 78% of their political contributions (about $424,000) to the Republican Party, the same party that has a president in power trying to demonize football players for kneeling against racial injustice. When you break it down, big corporations like Nike survive on capitalism. They don’t really care about racial injustice; they pretend to care because it gets you to care about their products.

While I can sit here forever and talk about the doom and gloom of the Republican Party and capitalism, there is one silver lining that we can take from this. Nike knew that we would care about Colin Kaepernick and his stance. Sales boomed for them because people care. Conservatives made fools of themselves because they cannot stand to be in a world where someone like Colin Kaepernick is respected and where a majority of people care about social equality. This whole ordeal shows that we can and that we are making a difference. Our voices are powerful. We are certainly not going to make a difference by buying into a corporate lie, but we can make a difference in numbers and in passion.


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Nike: Just Do It, Conservatives: Just Burn It, Liberals: Just Be Fooled By It: www.youtube.com, www.opensecrets.org, www.vox.com, www.abcnews.com

Anna Wintour’s Collab with Air Jordans is Everything Wrong with Luxury Streetwear


On July 12th, @voguemagazine on Instagram posted this video showing Anna Wintour sitting at her desk, scrawling AWOK (an acronym for Anna Wintour Okay) across articles while shooting hoops across her office. The very end of the video shows the neon orange-and-green ball rolling under her desk and revealing a pair of red Air Jordans. As the Editor-in-Chief of one the largest female magazines, it is a part of Wintour’s job to be on top of fashion trends and luxury street wear is the current biggest trend—so why does that commercial feel so misguided? The simple answer is: it’s inauthentic. Anna Wintour is not wearing sneakers or shooting hoops while meticulously going over Vogue edits. Beyond the fact that it is impossible to imagine Wintour decorating her sharp, white office with a basketball hoop, Wintour has worn the same style of heels for more than two decades, more or less.


In 1994, Manolo Blahnik took wooden models of Wintour’s feet and designed criss-cross, open toed, nude heels specifically for the Editor’s feet. He nicknamed the heels AW and makes them for Wintour every season; they are not and will never be for public consumption. Wintour will even edited them slightly as she pleases—change the thickness of the criss-cross or move them up her foot. They are small, detailed changes that just show how carefully Wintour curates her style even though the overall style of her nude slingbacks maintains throughout these decades. But now, all of the sudden, we are shown Wintour not just in loud, unexpected heels but Air Jordan’s! The same person that orders multiple pairs of the same Blahniks for each season. It doesn’t fit; it’s not real—it doesn’t feel like Anna Wintour.

But if fashion is a world of candy, streetwear is the Wonka bar with a Golden Ticket—everyone wants in. Over 2017, high end streetwear brought a 5% rise to the global luxury market and is expected to continue to do so annually through 2020 according to the consultancy Bain & Company. Sneakers especially have proven to be millennials’ soft spot in the fashion world—especially over heels. NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service has tracked that while sneakers sales have surged by 37% in 2017, heel sales have dropped 11%. This summer even saw Dior and Louis Vuitton’s Summer Cruise Collections feature no heels at all. So, Wintour’s movement from her classic Blahniks could not be happening at a more advantageous time.


However, streetwear is a market that is highly focused on authenticity. As something born of urban streets, as a trend, streetwear shows millennials are moving away from the lofty, exclusive world of high fashion. No longer are they interested in unattainable silhouettes and inapplicable styles. Streetwear is real—it comes from what real people (i.e., not just models or celebrities) are wearing. However, now that attainable look has been co-opted by luxury

 brands. As streetwear grows loftier and loftier in price, it becomes less and less what it was: the look of the streets. Anna Wintour only compounds that. She is a figurehead of high fashion; she is not urban. Her sudden collab with Air Jordan’s only highlights the distances streetwear has traversed.

Some of the Wintour x Air Jordans have already dropped and another pair will drop in September. They are made and marketed exclusively for women—the first Jordans collection to ever do that. Nevertheless, the lack of authenticity leaves a bitter taste. Among all the fake news and bots on social media sites, millennials and GenZ tend to focus on genuine ads and products; whether or not that will affect sales is hard to say. It seems pretty safe to bet that we will probably never see Anna Wintour in a pair of sneakers again—unless she decides to show off her skills on the court.


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Anna Wintour’s Collab with Air Jordans is Everything Wrong with Luxury Streetwear; Images Credits: @voguemagazine and Joan Smalls by @DexterNavy

Converse x Virgil Abloh is the Collaboration You Need to See


In a world of street style collaborations, it’s easy to always be interested in what’s next. In this case, the next major release is the Converse x Virgil Abloh sneakers.

Many know of Virgil Abloh, one of the newest creative masterminds to the streetwear game, and fashion’s busiest man. Between being the chief executive officer and founder of the high-end streetwear fashion house Off-White, as well as the newly appointed artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear, Virgil has also recently collaborated with Converse to release his version of High Tops.

Street style is taking off and selling out. It isn’t just the exclusivity of these collaborations that attract consumers. It is also the hype behind it. Major streetwear brands like Supreme and Off-White are able to sell anything they put their brand logo on. Some consumers may be attracted to the kitchiness, but many also buy these exclusive products for their resale value. Items like the Off-White Air Jordan 1s, which dropped in March, were sold at $190 and have an average resale price upwards of $1,700.

Now, in yet another collaboration with Nike, Virgil Abloh is producing his version of the Converse Chuck Taylors. This sneaker is one of “The Ten,” a Nike collaboration with Virgil Abloh which features ten of Nike’s iconic shoes from the past and present. Set to release on May 10th, these shoes have a translucent upper and a printed midsole with the word “VULCANIZED,” in true Off-White form. These shoes are expected to be priced at $160, although the resale value will likely be ten times that amount.

Around a hype like this, there are always critics. Many feel as though Virgil is stretching himself too thin in order to make the most profit. The creative artist received negative backlash after signing with Louis Vuitton, including from industry professionals. Karl Lagerfeld himself was even quoted by French magazine Numéro, when asked which designer, between Virgil Abloh, Jacquemus, and Jonathan Anderson, he would prefer to be stranded on a desert island with. He responded: “I’d kill myself first.” A critique like this could be more based on Virgil’s character than brand, but the disrespect he has garnered from major designers is still prevalent. Many feel as though he is more of an artist than a creative director, and therefore Louis Vuitton is only trying to make their brand more relevant because of the hype around him.  

The days of going to the neighborhood shoe store and buying the latest fashion are long gone. The exclusivity of sneakers has made them more of an investment and less accessible. As it is, you must be willing to wait in line for countless hours for just a shoe. Although Virgil may have some haters, his brand is always developing and his products are still major releases that sell out within seconds.

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Converse x Virgil Abloh is the Collaboration You Need to See: Featured Image Credit: Converse

Running into Summer with Karrimor Footwear


For many, “working out” is the annual new year’s resolution left unanswered. Having to get up from your comfy place and put on uncomfortable workout clothes and unappealing gym shoes never sounds tempting. But what if we told you about a high-quality, affordable brand based in the UK that specializes in creating quality sports apparel that will ensure you check off working out on every resolutions list to come?

Karrimor creates innovative active apparel that stands out like no other brand. From lightweight and breathable fabrics to waterproof shoes with attractive color schemes, Karrimor has everything you need from sweatshirts and shorts to camping gear and bags. But what really stands out is their running shoes. Karrimor’s sneakers are your workout necessity this upcoming summer season. So prepare to work out and get the beach bod you’ve always wanted while keeping your feet comfortable and stylish.


Karrimor Sabre Trail Ladies Trail Running Shoes ($140, karrimor.com)

One of the most difficult parts about picking workout shoes is balancing comfort over style. No one wants to work out in outdated running shoes, but too many times in fashion we have to sacrifice cute for comfort. With the Ladies Karrimor Sabre Trail sneaker, you find a sleek yet versatile running shoe ideal for both the treadmill and the trails.

With its quick-lace front and padded ankle collar, these shoes allow for a more secure and custom fit to your foot while sporting a subtle pink outsole that provides traction. Aside from its obvious innovative design, the Ladies Sabre Trail running shoe is stylish and simple. The black fabric of the shoe goes perfectly with any workout attire while the hot pink outsole gives you that touch of fierce feminine glam your exercise routine needs.


Karrimor Resolve ($195, karrimor.com)

Now that we know it’s possible to get comfort and style with Karrimor, how else can their running shoes outweigh other brands? With innovative technology.

Karrimor Energy Return System, or K.E.R.S., is named for the material used in the design of the soles to make a more responsive cushioning system on your feet for greater energy return. These rapid running shoes are made with a specialized midsole that provides up to 20 percent more energy return than your typical midsole made out of foam. The lightweight mesh on the body adds a breathable and customized fit while the shoe is equipped with an arch brace for security and support. The fun navy and coral color scheme and patterned laces make it the ultimate running shoe.


Karrimor Duma Ladies Running Shoes ($98, karrimor.com)

With working out comes sweat, which is one of the least attractive aspects of getting your exercise on. And despite being on the bottom half of your body, your feet aren’t excused from the sweating dilemma. With that in mind, Karrimor has designed its Ladies Karrimor Duma Running Shoes to have a mesh top-face for breathability and comfort. The soft fabric resembles that of a sock, providing room and breathing space while being framed by a waffle-grip outsole to ensure security and flexibility in your personalized workout routine.

Another plus to this awesome shoe is its elegant design. The delicate berry color of the Duma running shoe is a bold trend we are on board with that will help amp up your style while you amp up your body!


Karrimor Caracal Ladies Trail Running Shoes ($84, karrimor.com)

Continuing the trend of exceptional running shoes by Karrimor for your summer prep needs, check out the Ladies Karrimor Caracal Trail sneakers in purple and coral! The understated coral accents give your footwear a warm weather vibe, which means it’ll be perfect for a run down by the coast.

The Caracal Trail running shoes have a hard outsole to help with keeping traction on your run, while also having multiple flex grooves to allow for a more natural and flexible bend of the foot. Complete with patterned laces and breathable fabric, this affordable design of footwear will be unlike anything your friends have seen.


Karrimor Ridge eVent Ladies Walking Shoes ($140.99, karrimor.com)

One of the best parts about shopping for new workout styles is deciding what kind of trendsetter you want to be. Do you want to be bold and modern in your style, or do you want to bring back an old trend with a unique twist? With the Karrimor Ridge eVent Walking Shoes, you get to be a little bit of both!

The Karrimor Ridge Walking Shoe features a sleek, waterproof, and rubber-looking fabric that gives your shoe a more modern and soft touch. Paired with lace-hoops, a suede outer fabric, and taupe green color, these sneakers can’t help but throw you back into the 70s. Overall, the breathable fabric, waterproof lining, and cushioned midsole of the shoe is what really makes this design a must-have!

Aside from running shoes, Karrimor features several other exercise-related apparel items and outdoor necessities. Take the extra step to accomplish your workout goals while looking your best by running into summer with Karrimor footwear!


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Running into Summer with Karrimor Sneakers: Featured image and all images courtesy of karrimor.com.

Are Your Sneakers A Fashion Statement or Something Else?


Your sneakers…..a pure symbol of fashion right? If you said yes, you’d actually be wrong. We’ll forgive you this time but the data shows us that comfort is actually more important. You could be forgiven for thinking that these days sneakers are solely about fashion. But apparently, you’d be wrong. According to a U.S.-wide survey by PromoPony…….

over two-thirds of Americans are still far more concerned about comfort than they are about style when it comes to sportswear for our feet. Specifically, 68% of those asked say that the comfort level is the single most vital consideration when purchasing a new pair of sneakers, whilst a mere 15% of us respondents put “style” in the number-one spot in the list of requirements.
The reality as true fashion aficionados realize is that life isn’t that simple.  What we deem to be comfort can very often turn out to be style in a different guise. In other words, we select a pair of sneakers we love the look of and respect the brand of. Then, “miraculously”, we find that they’re really comfortable – and we’re equally “comfortable” with the purchase, therefore. If then asked why we chose them, we say “comfort” was the main factor because, after all – they’re sneakers – and sneakers are supposed to have a function.
If we conducted the same “style versus comfort” survey across American women on the subject of ultra-high heels, it seems likely that style would win out. But when it comes to footwear with a sports purpose, we maybe kid ourselves a little.
Of course, the world’s top sneaker designers are well aware of this subtlety and will always design sneakers that look great and which are comfortable. We may make sacrifices to go for that special evening out in a pair of Versace stiletto shoes that cripple our feet for a couple of hours – but we aren’t gonna make the same sacrifice for sports shoes.
So can comfort and style really co-exist? Well the answer is a resounding “yes” when it comes to sneakers – much more so than other forms of footwear. If we examine briefly, the history of sneakers, it’s easy to understand why this is.
fashion sneakers photoUntil the 1950s, sneakers were only worn to play sports, but this began to change with the so-called Beat Generation and continued to gradually build through the 60s and 70s. The real explosion then happened from 1984 onwards when Michael Jordan agreed the deal to wear Nike Air Jordans and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, the U.S. alone accounts for $29.7 billion in annual footwear sales, a huge proportion of which is accounted for in sneaker sales – and they aren’t all used for sports that’s for sure! But here’s the thing; they’re still designed for sports use – and tried and tested by the top endorsement-earning stars like LeBron James in basketball before they’re marketed. So sure, they’re cool designs which are ever-changing, but they have to be comfortable and usable for different sports as well. So Foot Locker’s top brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas and others have us covered here. They recognize the need for comfort and fashion to co-exist; their whole business model positively depends on it.
So yes, not only can we have it all when it comes to sneakers – we have to!
Images provided by Pixabay
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5 Pairs of Shoes for Those Walking Days


As we head into the summer season, long days of walking will become even more frequent. If you’re like me and love to walk everywhere (as long as the weather is nice), finding comfy shoes that are cute can be difficult. Read on to find out about the five best pairs of shoes you can buy for those walking days!

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.03.44 PM

Floral Beat
Floral Doc Martens are great for winter, spring, and the transition between the two. Comfortable, durable, and vibrant, these shoes add a pop of color to any outfit. I personally love the fact that I can wear them with a dress, jeans, or leggings.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.36.02 AM

Sandal Savvy
Birkenstocks are also a favorite choice to wear for more casual occasions or lazy days. Though some may call them “Grandpa Sandals,” their Papillio line sells vibrant, patterned versions. Florals are perfect as we enter the spring season because wearing a bright, patterned sandal can add a bit of flair to any spring outfit!  We also want to highlight the the 7 Best Birkenstocks of 2019.  These are absolutely awesome and will look great with your summer and fall wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.06.18 PM

Go-To Chucks
You can never go wrong with classic White High Top Converse. They come in a wide variety of sizes and can be dressed down with jeans and a sweater, or dressed up with a t-shirt dress and jewelry!  

Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.07.21 PMAll Stars
Adidas Black Superstars are great with jeans or leggings for more casual days. Stylish yet comfortable, I see countless students wearing these on my college campus every day. They are perfect for days when you may be more active than others.


Screen Shot 2016-02-20 at 4.08.13 PM

Boots Nation
Steve Madden boots are another great go-to shoe for spring and winter. They are both durable and comfortable for long treks. Boots, like converse, can be dressed up or down with jeans, a dress, or shorts. Though this pair is my personal favorite, Steve Madden has many different styles that are also comfortable and great for walking!

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5 Pairs of Shoes for Those Walking Days: Featured image courtesy of urbanoutfitters.com

Slip-On Shoes


Strut down the streets in these slip on n’ go sneakers this summer. Hey it’s okay because Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, and even Prada say so. Sashaying down summer streets just became a little more pleasant. No matter how sexy we look in heels, there is no better feeling than being comfortable. Now there is no need to sacrifice comfort for fashion since sneakers have been showcased down the runway for Chanel and Jeffrey Campbell.

There are so many patterns to choose from like leather, metallic, animal print, and studs. You name it, it’s out there calling your name, from designer to chic & cheap, we may all indulge.


When leaving the house in a sick pair of heels, we always pre-anticipate the agony we are going to be in by the end of the day or night, but not this summer. Don’t be afraid to get lost and walk all over town. The soreness to your feet is the last thing you’ll need to worry about. You wouldn’t be obligated to take cabs around the city to get from point A to point B for fear of the throbbing, aching, agony, and discomfort. Just slip on a pair of these slip-on shoes or laceless sneakers and voilà, out the door you go, looking as fabulous (dare I say more fabulous) than ever. No worries, no pain.

Images found on SaksFifthAvenue.com