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Miiesha Brings a Message of Strength in New Single/Video “Damaged”


R&B singer-songwriter Miiesha returns with “Damaged”, an unabashedly vulnerable take on intergenerational trauma and grief. Miiesha has set herself apart through her storytelling songwriting ability. She is known for music that “captures the complexity of the individual Indigenous experience through universally appealing songs.” 

Her latest release, “Damaged,” showcases the depth of Miiesha’s soulful vocals and ability to convey the intricacies of the human experience. It takes listeners on a deep dive into the pain and disconnect that accompanies familial loss. She shares, “Damaged’ is my most personal song yet and the most painful for me. It is a song about the broken relationship I have with my mother.  It’s about how much I have wanted it to heal and fix it, only to find myself hurting more.

Released alongside the single, is the stunningly cinematic visual for “Damaged”. Featuring images of Miiesha’s real family, viewers are given an intimate look into a family’s struggle as they wrestle with feelings of grief, each member doing so in their own unique way. 

Check out the video for “Damaged” here!

About the Artist

A strong, proud Anangu/Torres Strait Islander woman, Miiesha released her debut collection of songs entitled Nyaaringu in 2020. Meaning ‘what happened’ in Pitjantjatjara language, Nyaaringu explores the stories and the strength Miiesha inherited from her late Grandmother, whose interludes narrate the project. Since its release, Nyaaringu has garnered countless critical acclaim. It received the 2020 ARIA for Best Soul/RnB Release, a QLD Music Award, and topped Album of the Year lists.


Through her songwriting, Miiesha hopes to offer encouragement and expand perspectives, motivating her listeners to not only be strong but also be compassionate. She shares “I hope it will bring strength and comfort to anyone who has gone through what I’ve gone through, and what I’m still going through. Black people around the world have seen so much trauma. People need to understand that, even though we might be damaged from it, it has made us strong.” 

With a voice that showcases vulnerability and strength, often in one breath, Miiesha sings of her people, her community, and her story with the raw emotion of the lived experience.  By weaving the personal and political together, listeners are given the opportunity to understand the young Aboriginal woman. Miiesha’s story is long overdue and her strength is powerful. 

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HARLOR Drops Invigorating New Single, “Heart Games”


Alt-pop singer-songwriters HARLOR dropped their latest single “Heart Games” on April 9th. In “Heart Games” what begins with a muted guitar bass line develops into an invigorating production filled with acoustic strings and electronic elements, volleying between folk and electro-pop. Fresh newcomers HARLOR have developed a polished signature sound that blends an endless amount of influences. 

Behind the song’s distinctive style lies a message of introspection while yearning for a potentially destructive relationship. Describing their latest release, vocalist Nick Gerard explains, “I wanted to express the idea of being on someone’s leash, but not necessarily hating it. I wanted to express the idea that I’d rather take the chance of you hurting me than not being with you at all. The title “Heart Games” is parallel to someone playing mind games, but in this instance, you know what’s going on.”


Listen to “Heart Games” here!



About the ArtistHARLOR


For as much as they may resemble self-described “regular dudes, the HARLOR duo of Nick Gerard (singer, songwriter) and Max Anthony (producer) surprise with an unpredictable and undeniable spark. The music of HARLOR enables a cathartic release of emotions. The integration of the singer-songwriter spirit into modern pop punctuated by hypnotic harmonies is unique to HARLOR. Since crossing paths in a dorm room at the University of Dayton in 2015, Nick and Max have worked nonstop. They have taken their love for music and flawlessly carved their own path in the industry. 

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Julia Rizik Pushes the Boundaries on New EP ‘Self Destructive’


Julia Rizik is no stranger to pushing the limits. After her successful debut as a country music star performing at festivals like Stagecoach and Country Thunder, she took time in 2020 to reflect on her artistry. Through this, Rizik decided it was time to push herself out of her comfort zone. Her desire for creative freedom drew her to find a home within the alternative, R&B pop sound. Her latest body of work showcases her passion for this genre and her transition as an artist. 

Julia, a multi-talented artist, used her time in quarantine to confront her feelings about her toxic relationship and the inevitable heartbreak. By writing in search of therapy and clarity, Julia culminated her debut indie-pop EP “Self Destructive.” The five-song EP highlights the typical emotions attached to heartbreak and self-reflection that we all face. The title track “Self Destructive” drops April 23rd followed by the music video release on April 28th. Ahead of these exciting releases, we caught up with Julia Rizik to discuss her evolution as an artist, her upcoming EP, and much more! 


Cliché: What inspired you to become a musician? How did you get your start?

Julia Rizik: I got my start in music at an open mic night when I was 11 years old. It was that night that I realized music was my calling. I was on stage, staring at the audience, and for the first time, I felt complete. 


Where do you draw inspiration from when you sit down to write a song?

I write about everything. I have such a crazy songwriter imagination that I could turn anything into a story to write about. Most often, though, I’m writing about my own experiences with love, heartbreak, anxiety, etc.


Julia Rizik

Is there a music genre that attracts you the most as a listener?

As a listener, I’m most drawn to Motown. I know that’s an old genre, but I truly think it’s the greatest of all time. I think Motown changed music forever, and we have so much to learn from its singers and songwriters.


Tell us about your upcoming EP, “Self Destruction.”

Self Destructive” is a 5 song project telling the story of my life over the last two and a half years. 2018-2020 was a transitional period for me, and I learned so much about myself during that time period, “Self Destructive” just follows that period of time. 


Who are some of your musical inspirations and idols?

Hmm, where to start! I really love the artistries of Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Post Malone, a few others. I feel so inspired by their voices and songwriting, especially. 


What can we expect next from you?

Well, my new EP is coming soon, and I’m so anxious for the release. I’m hoping at some point this year, it will be safe to get back on stage. I miss performing so much. My plan is to keep writing and releasing music & connecting with listeners & creating those bonds. I’m so grateful to be here doing what I love.



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TALIA Explores Mad Love and Messy Endings in Debut EP ‘headrush’


One of Brooklyn’s finest, TALIA, released her debut EP ‘headrush’ on April 2nd. TALIA establishes her transformative sound through her fluidity of genres and love for indie and alternative pop spaces. These seven tracks lead the listener through variations of sonic worlds masterfully crafted by this blossoming songwriter. With elements of alternative, rock, R&B and bedroom-pop TALIA defies expectations in polished narratives on expressing every emotion that comes to her.

The project ebbs and flows into many spaces. From the scenic tranquility of “hyde park,” a love letter to London, to the evocative R&B/alternative “HML,” to the hollow desolation of “colder,” each track serves its own purpose. According to TALIA this EP is “A place of introspection and reflection. I rediscovered my appreciation for all the experiences that have brought me to where I am today.” While each song may experiment with different elements, they all cohesively blend in an impressive debut. 


Check out the music video for “hyde park” here!

About the ArtistTALIA

As a black woman and artist TALIA expresses the importance of not being boxed in sonically and the importance of having the freedom in exploring any genre she chooses. Not only does she find her own space musically but lyrically the album’s thesis is on TALIA’s right to feel. She explains, “with these words, I hope I can create space for people who feel their voices have been minimized or silenced. I know that feeling as a Black woman. Black women do not have the space to be vulnerable. There is an expectation for Black culture to carry society forward with little regard to the silencing we face. My music is a place where I can feel those emotions because I had to fight for the space to have them in the first place.”

At the beginning of this year, TALIA was closing in on a career in acting, but when COVID-19 shut that door, the door to music opened wider. With acting, she realized, she could still hide — behind a character or a script. But with songwriting, she discovered a state of “complete vulnerability” that she ardently sought. Through self-discovery and pure talent, TALIA continues to carve her space in the music industry.  

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Ronnie Watts is Here to Get You Through Heartbreak


Heartbreak, but make it pop music” is how singer-songwriter Ronnie Watts describes her unique sound. The Rochester native continues to show her growth as an artist by taking creative control of her work. From artwork to videos and beyond, Ronnie Watts is displaying her vision for her growing global audience. Her myriad of talents can be seen and heard in her upcoming debut EP, ‘I DON’T TRUST U AT ALL’, set to release on September 25th, 2020.

The lead single, “Sad Summer” set the stage for the project and has been hailed as a lush pop affair… bridging 1989-era Taylor Swift with tinges of Lorde and Halsey”. 

Listen to “Sad Summer” here!

We caught up with Ronnie Watts to discuss her inspirations, her sound and her upcoming EP!

How has quarantine been for you?

Boring! Spring sucked. I didn’t have much motivation to write, and I felt like I was living the same day again and again in zombie mode. I think a lot of people felt that way. It makes me more grateful to be around my friends and family now though. Who would’ve thought we would ever have to separate from each other for months on end? The whole thing is pretty wild. I have spent a lot of my quarantine working on my EP and working remotely with Harper James, an awesome producer. It was lots of emails and texts and calls. It was really fun to work on and we’re so happy with how it turned out.

How would you describe your sound?

If my music was a person I think she’d be an emo, grungy, fairy bubblegum princess. It’s pop with a dose of heartbreak. I write all of my songs on guitar or piano, but I’m a sucker for synths, so it’s really fun merging the acoustic world with the pop/alternative world when we start producing.

Tell me about your upcoming debut EP.Kiran Gidda

I’ve been working on the EP for over a year now without even knowing I was. I had a lot of things on my chest and working on these songs helped me through it all. It was only after writing dozens of songs last summer did I realize that it would be cool to release them. This EP is pretty personal to me. It’s about losing all your trust in someone. Trust is really important to me. I think in a lot of ways it’s more important than love. Because no matter how much you love someone, if your trust is broken, it destroys everything. That’s why the phrase “I don’t trust you at all” feels so complex to me. I wanted the songs on the EP to show the complexity of being hurt by a person you really care about so I hope people can connect to it. 

I heard that you love to take creative control with your projects. What is your process like when it comes to creating new music and visuals?

Haha you’re right! I honestly would hate having someone tell me what to do creatively all the time. My ideas for songs and visuals come pretty naturally. I try not to rush or force anything. When I think of an idea I can’t rest until it’s come to life. A lot of what you see is homemade. I write my songs in my room, and my visuals are shot mostly on an iPhone with the help of my family or friends. I like it that way, I don’t want anything to ever feel manufactured or fake.

Who are some of your music inspirations?

The 1975, Lorde, Taylor Swift, they’ve definitely been big influences for me. All of their lyrics are next level, and they have such a distinct sound. Not to mention their performances are out of this world. The way they connect with people through their music is amazing. All of them have inspired me and my music so much. I think you can hear their influence on the EP. Real life experiences influence my music a lot too. Every song I write has to mean something personal to me. This EP is no exception. It’s basically my diary put to music. 

What’s next for you?

Music, music and more music! Obviously I would love to go on tour, but some outside variables are kinda stopping that from happening right now. So we’ll see. I’m really excited to see what happens next!

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Shirazee Drops Afropop Heat with “Zaddy”


NYC-based Afropop singer-songwriter Shirazee releases new heat Zaddy!” This is the first single to be revealed off his forthcoming EP Lost due out later this Fall. LISTEN HERE.

The Benin born-and-raised artist’s mission to amplify Black voices has been crystal clear across his life’s work. His discography to date totals over 25 million global streams. This includes smash hits MAKE WILD,” Sowetowith producer Michael Brun and Jujuwith SAINt JHN. In each song, Shirazee  shines a light on the wide array of art and culture thriving across the continent.  Shirazee’s technique and prowess has landed him on Spotify’s New Music Friday, African Heat, Apple Music’s New Music Daily, and many more. 

Shirazee shares that “‘Zaddy’ was directly inspired by a girlfriend of mine. She saw me dressing up for a show (pre-COVID) and said ‘where are you going looking all fine, giving me Zaddy vibes.’ The term stuck in the back of my mind. When I got to the studio it was a no-brainer.”

The new release follows “Tired”, an emotional ballad paying tribute to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and all Black lives that have been lost at the hands of police brutality. Premiering worldwide with Ebro Darden via Beats 1 on Apple Music on June 17th, the powerful message in the song and video continues to cross borders and garner support. The raw, heartfelt track was also featured in Triller’s Black Music Appreciation Month campaign. “‘Tired’ is a three-minute capsule of how my generation feels,” Shirazee says. “I hope this song urges us all to continue to do the right thing and as a result, becomes a melodic beacon of encouragement and hope to keep demanding for what’s right.” Proceeds are donated to Color Of Change, NAACPLDF, and the ACLU Campaign Against Racial Profiling.

About the Artist

Shirazee was born in Cotonou, Benin, but his life has transported him to places like Ghana, Paris, South Africa, Atlanta, and New York City. Shirazee’s unique nomadic lifestyle is captured in Lost — his forthcoming EP that channels an explorer’s curious spirit.


Lost gives the listener a sonic world tour.  Its six tracks embrace Shirazee’s passion for fusing unexpected beats, while also telling a personal story through artful lyricism.

Growing up in Benin, the artist first discovered his love for music through his mother. She played a colorful mix that ranged from the country’s local artists to Motown-era stars. Tunes from the likes of Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, James Brown, served as the background music to his life.  He also admired Benin-born artists who skewed more traditional, Sagbohan Danialou, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou, and Angélique Kidjo.

He has written for the likes of Sting, Ty Dolla $ign, K-pop group Girls’ Generation, Kieza, Twista, and more before fully committing to solo stardom. “My strongest suit is my melody,” he says. “I just go into different spaces in my brain since I’ve worked with and listened to so many genres for so long. That’s what happens when you grow up overseas.”

Shirazee hopes his Lost EP will not only unlock the door for the world to fully engage with Afropop, but to also make sure that the roots of his home country aren’t forgotten. “I want Benin to be heard all through my music, where you feel like you’re hearing the voice of my ancestors,” he explains. 

Shirazee is set to drop his EP Lost via Human Re Sources this Fall 2020.

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Leah Kate Drops Her Latest Single and EP “Used to This”


LA-based artist, Leah Kate, has been on a roll with her pop bops this year! She’s back with a new disco pop x bass guitar-heavy smash called “Used to This”! The title track, out today, accompanies her previously released singles, “Bad Idea” and “Fuck up the Friendship” to complete her EP

Leah Kate describes her latest drop by saying, “Used to This’ is about a love interest that set a solid precedent for me.  In a lot of my songs, the negatives and pitfalls in a relationship get the spotlight. With ‘Used To This’ I’m trying to convey that I could get used to this feeling of getting treated right! My own experience with toxic relationships made me appreciate the good ones. It’s so refreshing when someone is finally good to you. It really inspires you to be the best version of yourself.

Listen to “Used to This” Here! 


Leah KateLeah Kate’s collection is a true embodiment of her journey in search of self-identity. However, her IDGAF attitude sets her above the rest. The rising artist successfully captures the young female experience, by looking inward at her own. You can count on her to deliver bops that will uplift you no matter the situation! 

Fusing honest and vulnerable lyrics with feel-good dance-worthy production, it’s no surprise Leah Kate has millions of streams since her launch in 2019! She has landed on Spotify’s US and global New Music Friday playlists. Additionally, her music has been featured on Freeform’s The Bold Type and MTV’s The Hills: New Beginnings. Leah Kate has received global support from the likes of 1883, HollywoodLife, LA Weekly, NYLON, Ones To Watch, Spindle Magazine, The AV Club, and more.

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MABES is Back with Tender New Single ‘Too Young to Love’


British folk-pop artist Mabes has no plans to slow down this year as she continues to pen sincere and heartfelt stories inspired by her youth. Today she returns with her new single “Too Young To Love”

In this newest release, Mabes bares it all, capturing the essence of young love and all its highs and lows. With her warm harmonies and signature acoustic guitar melodies, Mabes creates a welcoming atmosphere for her listeners. 

Mabes elaborates further on the song by asking, “What is love? And how will I know when I feel it? “ She says, “As we grow up, our love radar develops, and we find ourselves having romantic connections. When it’s reciprocated it’s the closest thing to magic, but when circumstances change so can the ‘perfect soulmate’. When is it worth the fight through struggles? And when is it time to walk away? Or are we just comfortable and too fearful of the hurt if we said goodbye? What is love? At 24, maybe I’m too inexperienced to know, maybe I’m too young to love…” 

Listen to “Too Young to Love” Here! 

Too Young To Lovefollows a steady onslaught of releases including her debut album Wait & See (2019) and her latest EP Keeping The Noise Down (May 2020). Describing her sound as “honest” with “a country twang influenced by pop,” Mabes first picked up the guitar at just 15 years old and learned to write. Though oceans away in the UK, she developed an admiration for American artists and credits Carole King, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, and The Smiths as some of her influences. To date, Mabes has reeled in global praise from 1883, American Songwriter, Clash, Euphoria, Ones To Watch, and The Independent among many others.

Mabes’ forward-thinking yet vulnerable songwriting style beautifully accompanies her driven ambition. This combination has led to relatable, cutting-edge pop that makes her stand out of the pack. With her dreamy vocals and an air of timeless authenticity, there’s no doubt Mabes is cementing herself as a global entity and artist to watch in 2020 and beyond.

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ALITA Explores Sensuality and Empowerment in New Single ‘Bodies’


Female artists are, more often than not, discouraged from writing about their sensuality in their music. However, Seattle-based alt-pop artist ALITA is here to prove that there is power in owning your sexuality as a woman. ALITA is back with her new singleBodies” that is equal parts passion and power. The sultry track, laced with 80’s synths, offers a personal look at sensuality and the strength of being a woman. Her inspiration for this track came from her discovery of the translucent and unimaginative male perspective of sensuality in R&B music. We caught up with ALITA to talk about “Bodies”, female empowerment, and much more! 

How have you been spending your time in Quarantine?ALITA

It has honestly been a lot of what I’m currently doing, which is sitting in the yard with my dogs. About a month ago, I started experimenting with remote sessions. While it’s definitely not the same as being in person, they have gone really well! Like most people, my entire schedule & routine has been uprooted. Trying to find any sense of balance between work and the rest of my life has been non-existent. But I’ve also had the time to slow down and work on some house projects I’ve wanted to do. I’m fostering a dog for the first time, I’m learning to garden, working on new music. It could be a lot worse!

I saw that you have been doing a #ALITAcoustic cover series on your Instagram! Are there any upcoming covers we can expect?

Definitely! I did a Watermelon Sugar cover, accompanied with a homemade quarantine music video. It premiered on Stage Right Secrets and was a ton of fun! Right now, we’re focusing on getting “Bodies” out the door, but after release week, I’ll definitely pick up doing more covers. They’ll be uploaded on my socials every Thursday!

Who are some leading female voices today that inspire you?

Musically, my two favorite female artists right now are LEON & Lennon Stella. They’re exceptional – I’m serious. Sit down and listen to both their new albums, they’re phenomenal front to back. Overall, I’m a huge fan of Viola Davis, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. They’re all powerful, confident, truth-speaking women. I admire people who walk through the world with honesty and integrity, especially when it’s challenging. People who stand up and call out injustices and refuse to live in the comfortable. There are endless women who embody those characteristics – so many voices to choose from!

Talk about “Bodies,” what inspired the song and what was the creative process?

On the surface, “Bodies” is a song about sex. With that description alone, I stand by it – I think it’s a bop. But the truth is, the writing process and deciding to release it wasn’t so straight-forward. The song carries a lot of weight for me because as a young woman, talking openly about body confidence and intimacy can still be pretty taboo. Whenever I’m working on music, I’m almost always the only woman in the room. That’s not because there aren’t endless women creatives to collaborate with, it’s more because they’re not always as easy to find, especially in the small music scene here in Seattle.

So when I was toying around with the idea for “Bodies,” I initially shut down the idea. I felt like the unconscious biases in the room would impact my ability to write honestly. I was afraid that I would have to hold back some of my ideas just to feel more comfortable in that space. Eventually, I had a little pep talk with myself and ended up writing it the next day when I had a session. It was freeing and fun to work on, but I wasn’t sure it’d ever see the light of day. A few months later, I brought it to another writing session, revamped a lot of the older ideas and production and finished it up. My manager was really the one who was pushing me to release it. She loved the idea since day one and I have so much faith and trust in her that I thought “alright, maybe she’s onto something”. I think a lot of that hesitancy was coming from my fear judgement. I claim confidence a lot of the time, but when push comes to shove, releasing a song about sex and releasing shame around it is intimidating. 

Listen to Bodies here!

The topics of female sexuality and intimacy are often told from the male perspective in music. How important is it for you as an artist to reclaim that narrative and share it from a woman’s perspective?

At the time I wrote “Bodies,” I was listening to a lot of male R&B and hip hop artists. I was bored with how unimaginative lyrics and stories about sex are. That was another reason I wanted to take a stab at it. I think challenging the taboo around sex is important for a ton of reasons for women. One of them being that I want women to feel empowered and entitled to pleasure, and I want them to feel comfortable expressing themselves with their partners. Women are entitled to enjoying sex! Another darker reason, (but extremely important), is that the taboo around women’s bodies and sex affects women’s ability to come forward when they experience abuse, and it affects their ability to be believed. I’m not disillusioned, “Bodies” is not a song really directly addressing that part of reality. However, I do think the more normalized talking about sex, consent, pleasure, communication with partners is… the better it is for preventing a culture that permeates sexual abuse toward women.

What makes you feel empowered?

Pushing my creative boundaries makes me feel empowered. I’m guilty of living very much in my comfort zone, and that ultimately informs what perspective I write music from. When I’m able to push myself just a little further past what my anxiety or nerves want, I know I’m growing. 


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

LEON, Lennon Stella, Adele, Rihanna, Sasha Sloan, Julia Michaels, Kacey Musgraves, Sigrid, The 1975, Troye Sivan, Jon Bellion, Ellie Goulding, Lorde… those are just the top ones right now. 

What is next for you?

More music! Hopefully touring in the new year depending on safety. I’m focusing on pushing further in my own craft. I stand by all the music I’ve put out, I’m also ready for the next evolution and I’m excited to discover what that will sound like.

ALITA has established that her musical journey is about both individual growth and professional progress. Her bold sound beautifully partners with her determination to tell intimate stories in fresh and innovative ways. Her fearlessness in her artistry is what sets her apart from the pack. With each release comes profound perspective as she lays the foundation for what’s to come.

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ABISHA Returns With New Single “ONE NIGHT”


ABISHA is back with her new singleOne Night”, an irrefutable alt-pop and R&B jam that sets the tone for a new chapter in her story. This is her newest release since dropping her EP Scorpio on February 28, 2020. With sweet, playful, and sexy lyrics backed by her slick vocals, ABISHA delivers another stunner for the summer!

According to ABISHA, “‘One Night’ was one of those songs that just needed to be written. I had so much emotion inside me and I needed so badly to release it. It’s an apology, reminiscence and closure in the form of a song. As soon as I got to the studio, the words poured out because it was so fresh within me.”

Listen to One Night here!

At the beginning of the year when ABISHA released her debut EP Scorpio, it reeled in support from publications such as 1883 Magazine, Billboard / Billboard Pride, BBC Introducing, COLORSXSTUDIOS, Fault, NYLON, Pride.com, Gay Times and many more. 


ABISHA embodies a quiet self-possession, an element especially evident in her sophisticated yet soulful vocal presence. Her journey of coming of age as a gay person of color in her homeland of Devon was not painless. Her strength in overcoming this profound sense of insecurity, bleeds into her artistry. Imbued with both raw sensitivity and understated power, ABISHA’s music intimately documents her transformation through the years while speaking to the urgency of representation and the beauty of self-acceptance. 

Throughout Scorpio, ABISHA’s lyrics unfold with a directness that also reflects a greater self-assurance as well as a heightened clarity about her mission as an artist. She states, “I think it’s so important for artists to be open, because it helps other people feel comfortable with themselves – especially those who come from a place like I did, with no one to relate or talk to. I’d love for my music to help people understand that how they feel is completely okay. They don’t have to hide who they truly are.”

ABISHA is currently in the studio and looking to release new music throughout 2020. 


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Tei Shi Releases New Single “Goodbye”


Tei Shi is back with her new single “Goodbye”! The 80’s influenced tune about letting go of what no longer serves you, is the second single off of her new EP ‘Die 4 Ur Love’, available on July 17th. This EP will take you on a sonic journey exploring Tei Shi’s personal experiences and musical depths. 

Listen to “Goodbye“!


Valerie Teicher, also known by her moniker Tei Shi, is an LA based artist/producer. She spent her childhood between Bogotá, Colombia and Vancouver, Canada. As a bilingual artist, she has released songs in both English and Spanish.  Tei Shi has already released two EP’s, Saudade in 2013 and Verde in 2015. Her 2017 debut album, Crawl Space, projected her as one of today’s most influential, multidisciplinary acts. She has collaborated with Blood Orange on his album, Negro Swan and partnered with iconic brands like MoMA, Helmut Lang, Christopher John Rogers & Collina Strada. Her latest album La Linda was released on Nov 15, 2019 with.

Her upcoming EP Die 4 Ur Love, which is set to be released on July 17th, has already garnered attention from Billboard, Paper, Teen Vogue and V Magazine. 

Be sure to pre-save Die 4 Ur Love today! 


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We The Commas Releases Their Debut Single “SHERRY”


Introducing SoCal band of brothers, We the Commas! The band, composed of Cam Comma, Jordy Comma, and Lenny Comma describe their blend of chill acoustics and soulful vocals as “Surf Alternative R&B.” We the Commas are ready to shake things up with their debut single “Sherry” out today!

When discussing their debut single, We the Commas shared “We wrote the song ‘Sherry’ because we wanted to capture the feeling you get when you feel like you found the perfect romantic partner. Finding your Sherry is just an amazing feeling. Our goal was to create a song that would encompass our full vibe as a band. We really wanted to make something that people from multiple generations could enjoy.” 

About We the Commas


Cam, Jordy and Lenny’s journey began early in their family living room void of cable, singing Motown classics like Stevie Wonder and The Jackson 5 on an old school boombox. Playing games like Rock Band led the brothers into music lessons. They switched over from toys to real instruments, which eventually lead to the formation of We the Commas.“This first project is really vulnerable,” says Cam, “and we’re really excited to share our story with everyone and have them connect to our experiences.”

Given their personal mission to break down racial and social constructs, We the Commas are committed to keeping their values at the forefront of everything they do. Lenny adds, “[Being Black] influences our music, because it tells our experiences. There aren’t a ton of people who look like us where we live. This has taught us to be the most authentic version of ourselves. We’re trying to do something different that people haven’t seen before… the overarching goal is to let people know that no matter what, don’t let fear or social norms restrict you from doing the things you love.” 


We the Commas are currently in the studio and plan to release content independently through 2020.


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