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Spring Fashion Trends for 2020


Today we will talk about the best Spring fashion trends for 2020.  The end of February is almost here, and that means one thing – spring is just around the corner, and you need to get your wardrobe ready for the first signs of warm weather. You certainly can’t wait to get rid of multiple layers of clothes and big, heavy boots and jump into something light and bright. So, let’s see what is a must-have in your closet for the upcoming spring.

Spring Fashion Trends for 2020

N-Y-C / Pixabay

Suits are always in

Just like the famous “little black dress”, this is something that every woman should have in her arsenal of “dress to kill” clothes. The practicality of a suit provides a welcome alternative to the evening dress. You do not have to worry about the painful consequences of wearing high heels all day long, as a pair of oxfords are a perfect fit. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to choose a three-piece suit or Bermuda shorts for the more casual look – elegant and sophisticated look is guaranteed, so don’t hesitate to get one of the Godfather-inspired pieces of clothes.

Retro is a new modern

If you happen to come across a tight tie-dye T-shirt, hip-hugger jeans, or boots that wound up somewhere in the pile of clothes that you thought you were never going to wear, do not throw them away that easily! There’s a good reason the ‘70s continue to be one of the most stylish decades of all time. From mini skirts to bell sleeves, shearling coats, and giant sunglasses, the ‘70s birthed an eclectic mixture of style influences that live even today. A classic button-down shirt with its collar (the bigger, the better) tucked beneath your blazer lapels, a fringe jacket, and a stunning suede mini skirt is all that you need.

Spring Fashion Trends for 2020

Clard / Pixabay

All that pink

Neon colors are the colors of the season. Green, orange, yellow, and above all – pink. A statement color that does require a certain kind of confidence to be worn. One of the loudest colors in fashion has made its way to red carpet, runway, and streets. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stunning pink blazer, or air-like midi pink dress that you ‘ll just throw on over your head in a rush, pink will never go unnoticed. With the right accessories you can just make it better, so spice things up with some rose quartz jewelry and go glow! Nothing can go unnoticed in such a flamboyant color!

White stripes

Stripes are considered as a timeless fashion staple, regardless of the season, and they perfectly blend in various themes. If you are not into suits, but you are still looking for an elegant look, pinstripes are the right choice. Whether it’s a dark blue, black or dark gray background, white stripes will give you the sophisticated look you were aiming for, and they will also make you look slimmer. Is there anything better than that? Pinstripe trousers are perfect in an office two-piece, but can also carry a certain level of neatness into more casual ensembles, instantly giving your outfit a sharper edge. If you’re styling your pinstripes trousers for the office, pair them with a flattering, fitted button-down blouse. For less adventurous dressers, it’s also an easy and accessible way of adding a touch of character to otherwise minimal looks.

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The Chunky White Sneaker and How It Will Help You Stay in Style While Going On All Your Spring/Summer Adventures


We have all been through it and cried about it; we have all seen it and laughed about it: that painful walk that happens after wearing uncomfortable shoes all day for the sake of fashion. Sacrificing comfort for a pair of shoes seems stupid until you’re put in that position. It sounds ridiculous, but for most of us, it’s a true story! I one time had a bartender cut me off at a sweet sixteen because I appeared too intoxicated. Not sure which was a greater loss of dignity, I decided not to tell her that my walk was due to my new black, velvet heels. Instead I just rolled my eyes and walked like I was shot in both kneecaps to the other bartender standing at the opposite end of the bar. Those shoes sure did elevate me to a new level of class.

Anyway, the gods and goddess of fashion have blessed us with a trend that will allow us to keep our style while keeping feeling in all of our toes. I present to you the chunky white sneaker and how it will help you stay in style while going on all of your spring/summer adventures. Now we can spend our spring and summer traversing the wonders of the world one easy step at a time without sacrificing the desire to keep a presentable outfit together.

Not only is the chunky white sneaker a miracle for comfort, but it goes with just about anything. Any outfit you decide to put on will most likely look just as good with a chunky white sneaker rather than an ankle-breaking heel.


You don’t believe me? Surely these dad-like sneakers can’t be worn with simply anything. Just check out Olivia Culpo looking clean, professional, and stylish while remaining comfortable in her chunky white sneakers. She demonstrates that a chunky white sneaker can still help you dress to impress.




Still skeptical? Kendall Jenner is seen here looking sexy and comfy in a bodycon dress. What is usually worn out to hit the clubs can now be splashed with a touch of casual from the chunky white sneaker trend so that you can proudly flaunt your curves wherever you choose and still tour your favorite city this spring/summer for hours on end.

Even our elite leaders are jumping on this trend. Michelle and Malia Obama put together fresh mother-daughter looks with summer dresses and their chunky white sneakers. They prove to all of us that effortless class can still be held together without throwing on constraining shoes.




Selena Gomez shows us just how functional and chic the chunky white sneaker look really is. Here she is seen marching at the March for Our Lives event. Comfort had to be the obvious choice, however, with the chunky white sneaker trend, she never had to sacrifice a great look.




Like I said, the chunky white sneaker goes with just about anything. Rihanna shows off a beautifully unique outfit with pops of color across a nearly all-white ensemble. Even her chunky white sneaker reflects the same theme with a gold platform. These sneakers complete her outfit with a sporty sparkle in her street-wear.




Last but not least, Gigi Hadid shows us just what summer can look like for all of us. Her chunky (pink) sneakers are the perfect look to attach to her casual tank and shorts as she briskly walks the streets. Don’t feel the pressure to have to “dress-up” an outfit in order to look your best. Gigi Hadid has the right idea with supportive shoes to match her casual look that still manages to twist heads without twisting an ankle.


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The Chunky White Sneaker and How It Will Help You Stay in Style While Going On All Your Spring/Summer Adventures:Image Credits: www.marieclaire.com, www.footwearnews.com, www.elle.com, people.com, snobette.com, www.heroine.com

The Rise of the Chunky White Sneaker


We’ve all seen Adidas’ Stan Smiths in every color and iteration since the shoe was relaunched in 2014, so it’s easy to think that the world has a penchant for white sneakers—but there’s a new kind of sneaker starting to fill the streets. Last September, Balenciaga premiered the Triple S, a retro sneaker with triple-stacked soles and a pre-worn look. Despite looking like something your grandparents would wear, the rise of the chunky white sneaker is definitely upon us.


Dior, Vetements, and Gucci have all hopped on board with this new trend and while it’s a little mind-boggling, there is something appealing about these sneakers. They are no longer the pointedly minimalist Stan Smiths, but a mix of high and low fashion together. The hints of Cubism and avant-garde are balanced with the nostalgia these shoes invoke. These new sneakers are anything but basic or nondescript; they are a twist away from normcore into the extreme.


That isn’t to say that the rise of the chunky white sneaker has been greeted solely with acceptance. They are bulky, overdone, and sometimes referred to as ugly. In the words of one Twitter user, “£500 for these new Balenciaga’s and they really be looking like shoes found in the lost property at school.” He’s not wrong, but isn’t that part of the appeal? They are harkening back to our pasts in a new and exciting way. If they remind me of a pair of Sketchers my dad threw out about a decade ago, aren’t they doing their job in the best way fashion can? Balenciaga and all those now hopping on the chunky sneaker trend are bringing the pasts and future together.

The mixed reviews have done little to stop the rise of the chunky white sneaker. Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Migos, and A$AP Ferg, to name a few have all been spotted in a pair of these extreme kicks—and it seems unlikely that they’re going to disappear anytime soon. With spring running rampant and summer on the way, keep an eye out for over the top sneakers and check out garage sales to find your own.


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Images provided by Flicker and @kimkardashian on Instagram

Must-Have Pastel Outfits for April


It’s finally time to trade in your bleak winter wardrobe for pastel colors. Now that spring is upon us, soft shades of pink, purple, yellow and blue are perfect transition pieces as we head into warmer temperatures and brighter days. Pastel pieces are a necessity and can be worn year after year. Both trendy and classic, pastel colors can be styled in a variety of ways depending on your preferred style. Here are some of the must-have outfits for this April!  

Purple is a trending color this year. It was all over the runway during this year’s New York Fashion Week and we are seeing people style it during a variety of seasons. This dainty dress has beautiful lace detailing and trim along the sleeves and the bottom of the silhouette. Paired with ankle strap heels, it is a perfect lighter shade of purple for spring and Easter.

Hadley Open Back Lace Shift, www.francescas.com ($44)


Pale yellow is another up and coming color. This color is soft enough for the spring months but not as common as pink and purple. The shift style is very popular and flattering and the subtle v-neck adds a trendy flair. Lace is a popular texture this season and the white lace at the top makes this an ideal piece for both spring and summer. Perfect for a fancy occasion such as a dance or a dinner!


Sandi Stretch Shift Dress, www.lillypulitzer.com ($248)


Over the past few years, two pieces have become really popular. They can be worn together or separately with other pieces of clothing depending on the look you are striving for. This two piece comes in a soft blue and easily one of the most adorable looks this spring. The scallop detailing along the top and the bottom of the skirt are the best part!

The Carly Two Piece Set, www.laurenjames.com ($128)


For a trendy look, bell sleeve tops are in. This is another ideal transition piece for spring because it is three quarter sleeves, which is perfect for the changing temperatures. The soft pink color is almost light enough to pair with other pieces of clothing as a neutral and will match with a variety of outfits. Most importantly, the bow detail on the sleeves adds a flair of elegance!

Bow-sleeve Top, www.factory.jcrew.com ($29.50)


Button-down skirts are a versatile clothing item. They can be worn in a variety of seasons and used as a neutral. This blush skirt is trendy with the buttons down the front and the frayed material at the bottom. Paired with a plain sweater or blouse, it can easily be dressed up or down for the spring and summer!

Frayed Button-down Mini Skirt, www.forever21.com ($15.90)


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Must-Have Pastel Outfits for April. Featured Image Credit: francescas.com