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Staying Gorgeous with Shasha Lee


Celebrity hair stylist Shasha Lee certainly has her hands full crafting amazing styles for some serious A-listers. Her client list includes Lil Kim, Nicole Richie, and Janet Jackson, and her work has been presented in countless publications all over the world. Here, we chat with Lee about her favorite hair trends, tips for extension experimentation, and even some crazy client stories.

Cliché: What are some key hair trends we can expect this summer?
Shasha Lee: Shoulder-length bobs and loose waves, and sexy, short styles with deep parts are in style. Gorgeous, glamorous hair is making a comeback, and creamy caramel bonds and buttery highlights placed strategically throughout the hair are in. Large wand curls are perfect and versatile.
Which summer hair styles are your favorite to recreate for customers?
Khloe Kardashian-esque, banana colored hair. Classic, sleek bobs.
Tell us about your new LA weave bar. What type of experience can clients expect there?
Gorgeous by Shasha Lee is a total beauty experience. Walk in and get the Triple L Package: luxury looks for less. Our expert technique allows us to provide extraordinary extensions in a few short hours, allowing you to minimize time spent in the salon and walk out gorgeous, ready to maximize your day!
What piece of advice would you give to someone experimenting with extensions for the first time?
Research and find an experienced stylist. Anyone can post on Craigslist and social media offering budget extensions. You want an experienced professional who not only creates natural looking styles, but protects your real hair. Also, invest in high quality hair. It may seem pricey initially, but with proper care, it can save you money in the long run because you can reuse it. I’ve had my same Gorgeous by SL extensions for a year!
What are some upkeep hair care tips for those who have hair extensions?
Keep your scalp clean. I love tea tree shampoos because it stimulates the scalp so that it cleanses the hair, but also encourages growth. Don’t weigh your hair down. Make sure you thoroughly rinse conditioner so that your hair can have ultimate bounce and flow. I like to keep product use to a minimum, but one of my secrets is that I like to spray perfume in my hair.
Do you feel like location (LA and NYC) affects your clients’ style preferences at all?
ABSOLUTELY. California girls like bone straight hair while New York girls prefer lots of body and love unique styles with a lot of oomph.
Do you have any hair horror stories that have happened to you over the years?
When I first started doing hair, I did a color on Lil Kim. She asked for a T-Boz look and because of all the prior chemicals in her hair, it came out five different colors! That was the day I learned how to master a weave.
When I first became a salon owner at Shasha Lee Exclusive in NYC, I hired ambitious young stylists that came highly referred and quickly realized that not everyone reflected the top notch quality I wanted represented by my brand. Now, I require all stylists to audition first and give them multiple tests to ensure that everyone is capable of delivering an elite experience.
What can you attribute to your success? What advice do you have for others looking to get to where you are now?
I attribute to my success that I am my biggest fan. I never bet against myself and always have faith in my gifts and my path.  The advice I would give others is to be patient with yourself. Stay FOCUSED. NO is ON in reverse. Dream your dreams to life and stay gorgeous.
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Staying Gorgeous with Shasha Lee: Photographed by SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT – CREATIVE STUDIOS

Restyling Your Wardrobe


Girls can go through several style phases and at some point in time, a major life change.  So let’s face it, a new job or going to college can call for a serious closet revamp. Cliché spoke with Hollywood’s Elite Stylist Kimberlee Tokarz and asked a few questions about how to rebuild your closet from scratch. Read on for all the amazing tips she gave, and have fun restyling your wardrobe! By Emma Dyer


©Daniella Hovsepian

Cliché: What would you say are the three key concepts to consider when building your wardrobe?
Kimberlee Tokarz: First: who are you, and what is your style? A lot of people like a lot of different looks and styles, but narrowing that down to help you come up with your style will definitely help you figure out what is needed to complete or start building your wardrobe.
Second: quality. Choose to buy a quality piece (even if it means spending a little more) rather than a bunch of cheap items that will be out of style next season or that will end up sitting in your closet with tags for the next couple of years.
Third: be patient. A perfect wardrobe doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s never-ending. Don’t expect to find everything at one store or in one day. Take your time and figure out the right pieces for you, your body, and your lifestyle.
Why should you rebuild your wardrobe?
Your wardrobe says a lot about who you are, so if you’re not happy with how you look and are dressing that way, it can affect other areas of your life. When you look good, you feel good, and you do better! So, rebuilding your wardrobe gives you the opportunity to create a “new” or better you.
Should you change your wardrobe once a year, or per season?
I think it’s smart to consistently work on your wardrobe. Obviously budget is always a concern, but it’s hard to put a timeline on working on your closet. When I rebuilt my wardrobe from the ground up years ago, I chose to save a little out of each paycheck I received. I set a goal for myself, and once I reached that goal, I went on a “shopping spree.” The only reason I say this is because when you feel stuck in a rut with your wardrobe, buying an item here and there isn’t going to help. Not to mention you’d probably buy a new piece and then wear it out by the time you bought the next new item, so I highly recommend setting a goal and going to get a few items together. Once I did this, my basic foundation was built, and then each season I look for the fun items I can add!
Any pre-game tips to do before the big task?
The first thing I do with my clients is edit their current wardrobe. [You should] get rid of pieces that are old, outdated, or the pieces you never wear. Once you do this, you’ll have a better idea of what you have left and what you need to fill in. If you know what your style is, then it’ll be easier to go out and shop for replacement items and/or new items that work with your remaining pieces. If not, I recommend doing some looking around and figuring out what your look is and who you are in fashion. That way, you can look for items that will work for you and your lifestyle.
What category of style should you start with?
I would always start building with neutrals, like a great-fitting and quality pair of jeans, good-fitting neutral tops, sweaters, jackets, shoes, etc. Once you get this foundation, if you want to add bold colors and prints, do it! But having a solid foundation in your wardrobe will make it easier to style and create different looks with bolder colors and prints.
So, what do you hang and what do you fold?
Most of this is dependent on each person, but there are a few categories that should be one or the other. You want to hang blouses (button downs, silk, anything that could be wrinkled easily), pants/trousers, suits, skirts, dresses, jackets and blazers, and coats. You can fold sweaters (because a lot of times they grow if hung), casual tees and tanks (but these can also be hung if they’re nicer or if preferred), and jeans. But it’s alright if you also want to fold knits, skirts, or dresses.
What’s the one item everyone should have in their closet?
A great-fitting pair of jeans. Most people live in jeans and most people don’t see the benefit of having a great-fitting and quality pair of jeans. This is so important because not only will they last, but they work well with almost anything else in your closet. They’re insanely versatile in season, style, day or evening.
How many shoes does a girl really need?
That depends. For example, I’m on my feet all day long, I buy quality pieces, and I’m super picky, so I only have about 15 pairs of great “perfect” shoes. But I also have clients and friends that work in different environments and have certain events that would require them to have a wider variety. With that being said, depending on your budget, I think as long as you focus on quality and not quantity, you can go crazy!
Should we avoid statement pieces or add them?
If you have your wardrobe foundation, then there’s nothing wrong with cycling in a few statement pieces. Again, this also depends on your budget and what your lifestyle is. If you are trying to rebuild your wardrobe from the ground up, wait on the trendy pieces and focus on what you really need first.
For more information, please visit www.kimberleetokarz.com
Featured image ©Emily May on Flickr

Erin Micklow Interview


All women can relate to a hectic schedule of balancing work, school, relationships, kids, deadlines, you name it. Life can get overwhelming and we tend to feel that putting emphasis on appearance is a frivolous matter. However, this isn’t the case according to fashion stylist and image consultant Erin Micklow, who is dedicated to make her clients the best dressed.

“The way a person dresses and puts themselves together can alter the way other people see and judge a person,” Micklow said. “Before someone can really get to know another person, they make a snap judgement on their appearance.” Erin Micklow began styling and advising men and women on how to dress in 2008. Honing her skills, Micklow branched out on her own and launched her own image consulting and styling services. From styling red carpet events, television, and commercial shoots, to raiding closets and taking clients on a shopping trip, Erin Micklow covers it all.

“The first thing I usually ask my client is what their fashion goals are,” Micklow said. “Then we go shopping to fill in the gaps of their closet, or to purchase an entire new wardrobe for my clients looking to reinvent themselves entirely.”

“For a job interview, women should always dress conservatively,” Micklow said. “You want to be judged on your skills, aptitude, and achievements and not how attractive you are.”

The importance of women being treated with respect and on the same level as men is an issue Micklow stresses when advising women on office appropriate attire. “A woman should still take pride in her appearance because it definitely says a lot about her, but she should remain on the conservative side because you never know the tastes of who you are interviewing with,” Micklow said. “Appropriate office outfits would be things like dresses with a blazer, women’s suits with a colorful or printed collared button up shirt, kitten or medium heels, and some statement accessories like bold necklaces, brooches, a scarf, a nice watch, a chic purse, or a briefcase to brighten your work wear. Choose pieces that you can mix and match to make more outfits out of a limited amount of pieces.”

Micklow highlights the importance of accessories with outfits to transform and play up any ensemble. “Accessories are a great way to look appropriate at the office, but still hip and

trendy if you’re going out to dinner or drinks after work,” Micklow said. “For your office look, wear a nice pencil dress with a blazer, a bold necklace, and some medium height heels. After

work, remove the blazer and you’re ready for an evening out! Another option could be a pants

suit paired with a sleeveless collared button up shirt, and a bold brooch on your

jacket lapel. After work, remove the jacket and move the brooch to your shirt and voila!

Another office to evening look!”

Dressing appropriately for your body type can prove difficult for some women, but Micklow maintains the importance of identifying what your insecurities are and what you love about your body to balance out your outfit. “Show off your best assets,” she suggests. “If you have great breasts, wear a form fitting top on your day to day, and show some cleavage on a night out. Great arms? Stock up on sleeveless tops. If you’ve got a great booty, rock those form fitting skirts, pants, and leggings.”

Micklow goes on to describe how she helps her clients choose flattering ensembles. “If there’s an area on a woman’s body that she is a little self conscious about, typically I would cover that with a looser fitting garment as opposed to a tighter one. Then to compensate

for the loose fitting clothing, I’d pair it with a more form fitting piece on an area that she’s

not insecure about. For instance, if a woman has a voluptuous body below the waist and she wants to minimize that, I put her in a fuller swing skirt and a fitted top. If she has really great legs, but is working on her midsection, I’d put her in a loose fitting top with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans. The key is to have a good balance, it’s about showcasing your best features and wearing clothes that fit properly to accentuate them.”

Micklow warns against choosing ill fitting pieces. “One thing to be wary of when showcasing your best features is if the clothes are too tight. Even if you have the nicest legs in the world, it never looks good if clothes are rippling because they’re a size too small. It will make a person come off in a negative light as opposed to a positive one.”

As an image consultant, Micklow emphasizes the importance of looking good and how it builds confidence. “It’s about taking pride in your appearance and investing in yourself, which in turn, is a huge self confidence booster!” And we couldn’t agree more.

Erin Micklow Interview: Photo courtesy of Tom Sutton.