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Coco & Eve: Summer in a Bottle


The summer heat has us in full tropical vibes with paradise on the mind 24/7. Shade from tall palm trees, music from colorful birds and the smell of fresh coconuts while basking in the sun sounds like the perfect place to be. If only we could pile it up into a bottle and open it up whenever we wanted to visit. Now even though that type of magic doesn’t exist, there is one that does. Crafted by hair goddesses Coco & Eve, inspired by the tropical oasis of Bali, a blush and palm leaf green jar carries the essence of vacation days. Coco & Eve’s Like A Virgin hair mask is formulated with raw virgin coconuts made to strengthen and repair, argan oil to tame and treat and fig, and shea butter to condition. All the while creating a soft and shiny texture to your hair that even Moana would love! It’s also 100% vegan, paraben free, sulfate free  and more just to name a few perks.



To experience this wonderful jar of goodness after you shampoo (preferably with a sulfate free shampoo) you apply Coco & Eve evenly through your hair. Once applied use the tangie tamer, provided in your package, to comb the mask throughout and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water and style your hair as needed. As your hair begins to dry you will see immediate results, including bounce, shine, strength and softness to the touch. It’s seriously like night and day when you compare the before and after!



Reach for this 5-in-1 masque 1-3 times a week depending on your hair type for optimal results. With the coconut scent, incredible benefits and cute packaging it’s something sweet to look forward to each time. Grab your own slice of paradise by visiting www.cocoandeve.com to order your hair mask today!


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Coco & Eve: Summer in a Bottle: Photographs courtesy of Coco & Eve.

Products to Help Your Hair in the Sun


When the weather starts getting nicer and the sun starts coming out more and more, protecting your hair is just as important as protecting your skin. Strong, harmful sun rays can do serious damage, leaving your hair weak, dull, and dehydrated. While you’re busy trading in your winter lipsticks for bright color Spring shades, here are some hair products to help your hair in the sun.

Portable, efficient, and powerful: all the things Marc Anthony True Professional’s Miracle Treatments are! Inspired by k-cups, these pint size haircare treatments restore, repair, and smooths hair of all types with ease. To use, simply apply from roots to ends for 1-3 minutes after shampooing and rinse.


Bye.Bye Frizz Damage Repair Miracle Treatment ($2.99) repairs and moisturizes damaged hair with the help of argan oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil and adds back the shine you lost during those cold winter months. Apply this oil-cream weekly to see best results.

Strictly Curls Perfect Curl Miracle Treatment intensely moisturizes, smooths, and defrizzes frizzy, brittle curls. Your curls will love the shea butter, soybean oil, and vitamin E that make it easier to control and style.

Strengthening Grow Long Super Fast Miracle Treatment is a concentrated deep treatment that nourishes and rebuilds frail, hair for healthy, longer hair. Take back your strands with the help of caffeine and ginseng extract in this beneficial hair product!

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil ($29) is the perfect on-the-go treatment to protect your precious locks from the harmful sun rays. Spritz on damp or dry hair before and during sun exposure and let this water-resistant UV defense do its work.


Sun Bum Revitalizing Conditioning Masque ($20) restores hydration back to parched strands and softens dry locks with bamboo extract, banana peel and pulp, sunflower seed oil, and more. For best results, apply to hair focusing on your ends and leave on for 30 minutes before rinsing. Trust us, your hair will thank you!

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Products to Help Your Hair in the Sun: Photos courtesy of marcanthony.com, aveda.com, sunbum.com

5 Tips For Restoring Damaged Summer Hair


Say goodbye to sun-kissed skin, bikinis, flip-flops, and day trips to the beach. Summer has left, and cooler weather has arrived! While we’re sad to see the warm weather go, it’s time to focus on revitalizing our strands once again. From swimming in pools and oceans to constantly being in the sun for long periods of time, summer can damage your hair more than you think. We chatted with Cutler Salon owner and stylist Rodney Cutler to help us bring our hair back to life for the cooler weather. Here, Cutler shares his top five tips for restoring damaged summer hair.



Try a Hair Mask
“Deep conditioning is always recommended,” says Cutler. “Try Redken’s pH Bonder Post Service Protector ($16) to moisturize strands and maintain a healthy pH balance. Hair pH should be around 4.4 – 5.5; any higher or lower could cause excess bacteria to build-up or frizz.”

Protect Hair
“Protect hair from further damage with Cutler’s Protectant Treatment Spray ($24). This light treatment detangles, softens, and protects hair from heat styling. A must-have for all hair types!” says Cutler.

Get a Cut
“Get rid of damaged ends and test out a celeb-approved lob for fall.”

Ditch the Elastic
“Give your hair a break from the ponytail,” says Cutler. “During summer months, hair is pulled all over, often tied up multiple times a day with an elastic. Not even the gentlest elastic can prevent breakage caused at the crown from constant pulling.”

Courtesy of Mickey @eightsandnines on Flickr

Braid It Back
“If pulling hair back is a must, opt for a low braid,” says Cutler. “Maintain a natural part instead of tugging hair all the way back. (Bonus tip: before braiding, apply a deep conditioner and leave it in for ultimate hydration.)”

You can find Rodney Cutler and his team of top-notch stylists all over New York City: Cutler Soho, Cutler Salon Park Avenue, Cutler Brooklyn, Licari Cutler Salon, and Licari Cutler at Domenico Vacca.

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5 Tips For Restoring Damaged Summer Hair: Featured image courtesy of Hairzoo @hairzoo on Flickr

Summer Hair: Headwraps


The summertime is a season that many of us have been counting down the days until for many reason. It is filled with vacations of paradise, road trips, visits to see friends or families, days to ourselves, and spontaneous happenings. Throughout all of these momentous events, our hair is one situation we can either embrace or let loose. The summer elements of humidity and heat are our hair’s two worst enemies that are in constant battle. Luckily, there is one hair saviour that always has our backs: a headwrap! Headwraps have always been my secret hair go-to on rainy days, bad hair days, and those I-don’t-want-to-do-my-hair days. With summer now in session, I’m extremely happy to share them as a summer hair go-to for all of you gals and your manes out there.

Free People

Spacedye Yoga Headband $14, www.freepeople.com


Cara ‘Pretty Flower Crown’ Head Wrap $15.60, www.shop.nordstrom.com

Whether you’re heading out to the beach, a family event, a concert, or a day out shopping, headwraps are completely versatile and can fit any occasion. They come in a variety of fabrics, prints, embellishments, and designs; what could be better? You can style them into numerous looks as well! Is your hair up in a messy bun? Just wrap this piece around it for some extra detail. Wearing your mane loose?  Use this hair piece the traditional way by just shimmying it over your head. Want something new? Create a faux bob by tucking your long pieces of hair into the headwrap and then securing it with bobby pins. The styles are endless with headwraps, and they work for every type of hair out there—curly, straight, or in-between. My favorite summer go-to look with a headwrap includes a top knot, with a few locks out of place, and the headwrap twisted around ready for display. It’s the perfect way to get anything done or have fun without my hair getting in the way or making me hot. Talk about a perfect summer go-to!


Rhinestoned Front Print Headband $7.90, www.forever21.com


With Love From CA Flower Crown $14.95, www.pacsun.com

Headwraps are a definite must this summer, and there are countless numbers on sale for anyone to grab. Snag your own today and share with us your favorite way to style it via our beauty Twitter handle, @ClicheMagBeauty! We can’t wait to see your fabulous looks with these awesome summer headwraps.
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Summer Hair: Headwraps: Featured image photo credit to www.daisynatives.com (Melina Front Tie Headwrap $18). Photo credit to www.freepeople.comwww.shop.nordstrom.comwww.forever21.com, and  www.pacsun.com

Natural Beauty Products for Healthier Hair


We all know that summer brings the heat, the humidity, and, sadly, the damage. Those beach days and pool dives will catch up to you sooner or later, and commercial products often pack stripping and drying agents into their cleansers or styling creams. But don’t let that get you down! We’ve found some natural products that are sure to keep your hair healthy this season. Going back to basics can help strengthen your hair and can improve the overall length with time!  Use these natural beauty products for healthier hair this summer!

1. Coconut Oil
Depending on who you know, this may be either the most underrated or overrated beauty product on the shelves today. However, it’s one of the holy grails of shiny locks, particularly for curly ones. It not only adds life and shine to hair, but it also stimulates hair growth! Coconut oil is actually a solid oil, meaning it can melt down into a liquid but can be stored on a shelf. With such a long lifespan, this is one product you should definitely check out

2. Jojoba Oil
Pronounced “ ho-ho-ba,” this oil comes from the seed of a plant that originates in the desert. Though grown in such a dry climate, this oil will do anything but leave hair dull, frizzy, and dry! This oil reaches deep and gets rid of a lot of impurities while also sealing in moisture and repairing split ends. It’s great for ALL hair types because it breaks down all the extra grease and oil while balancing out the natural moisture your body produces. Remember to always try and get your oils cold pressed and organic if possible and to make sure the oil still has all of its powerful nutrients.
3.  Apple Cider Vinegar
For those who are already on the “No Poo” regimen or are new recruits, Apple Cider Vinegar comes as no surprise to be on this list. For those who have never heard of “No Poo,” perhaps Co-wash makes more sense. Basically, the idea is that there’s no shampoo! So many shampoos contain harsh cleaning agents that strip the gunk and our natural oils away, leaving hair dry, dull, and thirsty. While Apple Cider Vinegar may not smell like gardenia and hibiscus, it gets the job done and cleans without drying. Try going a few days between washes so your hair can reap optimal benefits from its own oils.

Bonus: Here’s a recipe for my own Sea Salt and Lightening Spray for those who might want to get those beachy highlights and waves but want to avoid harsh chemicals and dying :

What you’ll need:
– Coarse Sea Salt
– A whole lemon or unrefined lemon juice
– An empty spray bottle
– Water

1. Warm up enough water to fill about 75% of the bottle.
2. Add about ½-1 teaspoons of salt.
3. Add either a tablespoon or all of your lemon juice.
4. Close the bottle and shake it all around until the ingredients are nice and mixed.

To use:
Spray on damp hair and style as usual!

Don’t use too much; salt is a drying agent! But using this spray every once in a while won’t cause too much damage.

Photo Courtesy of  Martin De Witte  on Flickr.com