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Summer Sundresses Every Girl Needs


One of our favorite parts about the warmer months is getting to show off a bit of skin. Suddenly our closets transform to shorts, tank tops and swimsuits with large floppy hats and every color pair of sandals under the sun. Because with summer comes tanned legs, sun-kissed shoulders and beach waves. So let’s flirt with the summer and show some skin with these must-have summer sundresses that every girl needs.


The Yellow Maxi

Much Obliged Golden Yellow Wrap Maxi Dress, $69, lulus.com

It may be summer but we are not over our favorite color from the fall season – yellow! Starting off modest, one essential sundress you need to have is a flirty, maxi dress. For those early morning brunches and mimosas to long nights walking the beach and dancing with friends, the maxi dress will have you looking perfectly dressed for every occasion. Check out Lulu’s Much Obliged Golden Yellow Wrap maxi dress for its sexy slit to show off your legs while keeping the appearance of being covered up. The golden yellow color helps to make your skin look tan before you even hit the beach chairs, which is definitely another plus! Pair it with heels or gladiator sandals and you’re ready for anything.


The Off the Shoulder

Roman Holiday Dress In Navy Stripe, $46.95, showpo.com

One of the best comeback trends in the past few years was the off-the-shoulder style. Something about exposed shoulders just makes a world of a difference! The Roman Holiday Dress in Navy Stripe from Showpo is a fun, flirty and shifty sundress that screams wanderlust. There’s just something about navy and white stripes in an outfit that makes you feel like you are on vacation. So dress the part with this loosely ruffled off the shoulder top with a wrap bow. Throw on some white keds for comfort or simple heels for a more dressed up look and you’re ready to hit the town.


The Floral Eye Catcher

Caprice Blue Multi Print Shift Dress, $58, tobi.com

With summer comes floral and and bright colors so we prefer to make our own twist on the classic summer-y fabric by finding a floral sundress with lighter tones to accentuate the pattern. Tobi’s Caprice Blue Multi Print shift dress is the perfect shade of light, dusty blue to make your floral pattern look as simple yet stated as possible. One of the best parts about sundresses is their effortless style. Whether you wear makeup or throw your hair into a messy bun, a sundress will have you looking fluid and cute for a day spent in the sun and that’s exactly how this shift dress will make you feel! Show off a bit more skin with its low v-neck design or add your bathing suit underneath for a day spent by the beach.


The Embroidered Shift

Peace and Lovely Shift Dress, $79.00, modcloth.com

Lastly, to fulfill all of your summer sundress needs you must get your hands on a fun embroidered piece. Embroidery is making a comeback in all levels of fashion (from purses and shoes to tops, skirts and more!) so now is the time to climb aboard. ModCloth’s Peace and Lovely shift dress is the perfect combination of subtle yet sweet with its colorful top half and solid bottom. Wear this on your classiest of days in the sun with sum heels, a sun hat and a bright lipstick.

Stay breezy and sun kissed this summer with your favorite sundresses because every girl deserves to flirt with the sun!


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Summer Sundresses Every Girl Needs: Featured image courtesy of lulus.com.

5 Sunscreens That Won’t Clog Pores


No matter how much we love the sun, it’s harmful for our fragile skin. Even though sunscreen is the best solution to blocking out the powerful rays, many of us can’t use just any ordinary sunblock because of our sensitive skin. We end up with irritation, redness, and acne, which is not the look we’re going for! Luckily, there are brands that have sunblocks that are perfect for acne-prone skin. These five sunblocks won’t clog pores or irritate the skin, and they’re definitely gentle for your face.


La Roche-Posay’s sunscreen is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Not only is the product fast-absorbing, but it’s lightweight, water resistant for 80 minutes, and has a matte finish. It fights against UVA/UVB rays and also reduces the appearances of sun damage.

La Roche-Posay Review


Photo Courtesy of: Laroche-posay.usWith summer still here, protecting our skin is high on our list of priorities. Sunscreen should be worn at all times because even the slightest hint of sun can damage our skin. L’Oreal brand La Roche-Posay is well-known for their sunscreens and is dermatologist recommended. We received samples of their Anthelios 30 Cooling Water-Lotion Sunscreen and their Anthelios 60 Ultra-Light Lotion Spray–both with Cell-Ox Shield XL, an advanced protective formula that absorbs like water onto skin and helps protect against harmful UV rays. The products are water resistant for up to 80 minutes and are paraben-free. Even though the products say fragrance free, the lotion has a very light scent sunscreen scent that reminds me of a sunscreen I used as a young girl spending my summers in Florida. The lightweight lotion absorbs into skin quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. The water lotion sunscreen and the sunscreen spray each retail for $35.99 and can be purchased in locations such as CVS, Duane Reade, and Target. To learn more about La Roche-Posay, check out Laroche-posay.us.

La Roche-Posay Review: Images courtesy of Laroche-posay.us

What to Bring to the Beach


There have always been dueling opinions from beach vets and tourists alike on what’s acceptable to bring to the beach. After many experimental visits, a few suggestions, and trial and failure – here is my fool-proof list of items to bring in order to have a perfect sun soaking, sand stepping beach day.
1. Sitting Options
Some go for the bare minimum and grab a towel, but I suggest bringing at least two sitting options to the beach. Snag a beach chair and lay a blanket in front. The blanket will preferably be made of a cool, tight-woven fabric, so as to avoid unnecessary sand sticking and sweat. This way you’ll be able to sit comfortably to watch the waves, and stretch out on the blanket at your leisure to steal a few rays on your back.
Photo courtesy of www.skiptheoutfit.com
2. Moisture Mends
If you’ve been to the beach, you know the toll it takes on your lips, skin and hair. To counter the salt and sun, bring your favorite chapstick and sunscreen. I suggest Neutrogena Fresh and Cooling Body Mist Sun Block SPF 45– which has cooling affects that keep you feeling fresh no matter what the temperature outside. For extra sparkle, pack a spray bottle with fresh water and spritz it on your skin whenever the sun gets too warm.
Photo courtesy of www.nydailynews.com
3. Refreshments
Finally, you’ll need something to sweeten your insides. After a dip in the deep blue, nothing beats a cooler packed full of frozen fruit. The night before your ocean outing, cut up some fresh pineapple, mango and strawberries, throw them in a zip-lock bag, and stick them in the freezer. The next day, the frozen fruit will double as an ice pack to keep your cooler icy, while chilling your insides and putting a smile on your face.
Photo courtesy of m-e-z-z.deviantart.com
If you follow my suggestions of What to Bring to the Beach, you will be sure to enjoy your day with sweetness and ease. Have your own beach-accessory suggestions? Tweet @Clichemag and let us know!

End of Summer: Healthy Hair


The beach is the perfect day long escape in the summer. The sun warming your bronzer-glossed skin, sand between your toes, and wind blowing in your hair is the perfect combination for a perfect day with a book in your lap with icy drink in hand. In fact, the sound of that is enough to relieve tension and ease the mind, right? Think again! The combination of sun, wind, and sand takes a huge toll on hair that goes unnoticed until weeks after serious damage is done. This combination dries out hair, and without proper care, split ends and a flaky scalp is the result. These simple steps will be sure to give you healthy hair!
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.38.12 PMSunscreen and Aloe
Consuming alcohol dehydrates the body. So, if you’re having a margarita or shandy on the beach, make sure to drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin. After all, to help your hair, it’s best to start inside out. In addition to keeping hydrated, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your scalp! This is often forgotten about, but your scalp is just as exposed to the sun as the rest of your body. If a burn occurs, brushing will be difficult and there’s a great chance that your scalp will peel in patches … gross! Try a facial sunblock like Aveeno. These are great for sensitive skin and don’t paint your entire head white.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.38.26 PMOlive Oil
After a day of sun, relax a bit when you return home. Pour yourself a glass of water with some lemon slices or veg out and have a snack. Whatever you do, be sure to drizzle some olive oil evenly on your scalp prior to. Let this soak into your scalp and roots for at least fifteen minutes, and then rinse it off with the leftover sand and sea salt you trailed home from the beach.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.38.37 PMLeave-In
Leave in conditioner is super easy to use, but can go a long way. Simply spritz a bit into hair and finger comb or fully brush from root to end. This will moisturize your hair (until it gets wet) and leave it perfectly hydrated.
Hot Oil
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.38.49 PM
This slightly differs from olive oil, but if all else fails, pick up a hot oil treatment from any drugstore and follow the directions on the tube. For the most part, all you’ll need to do is allow the tube to heat up in boiling water for a few minutes and apply to hair. The effects should be noticeable post shower.
Summer only comes once a year, but the damage it causes to your hair can last for an extended time. With these tips, your hair will stand against the natural forces summer brings and be healthier for much longer.

Feature Image Courtesy of Martin de Witte on Flickr Creative Commons
Post Images Courtesy of Aveeno, TRESemmé, and VO5

No-Fuss Summer Lips


The sun is plastered against a clear blue sky, school is out, and your earbuds are blasting your favorite song. Summer time means no worries, and there are only three precious months of it to enjoy before school starts again. Don’t waste time in front of a mirror when you could be on the beach, underwater, or partying. These classic summer lips will help salvage those few extra minutes you need to pack some extra bottles of water into your cooler.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.26.44 PMPledge Allegiance
In honor of summer holidays, like Flag Day or Labor Day, fully embrace your red, white, and blue spirit with some fiery red lips. For perfect lines (and so that you don’t have to constantly reapply), fill your lips with liner after lining them to your desired shape. It might feel odd, but this provides lips with extra primer, and if your lipstick does wear off, no one will notice! Try Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in “Gash” ($19.00) underneath your red. The creamy liner will cover every spot.
Princess Pink
It’s summer! Grab an umbrella drink, your bikini, tanning oil, and embrace your inner girly-girl. Shades of pink will help increase the effect of tanned skin. Lady Gaga’s Mac Viva Glam is just enough pink to brighten up any look.
Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 10.27.08 PM
Au Naturale
If it’s too humid for an intense look, and your face is melting before you can even apply concealer, then your best bet is to go natural! I don’t mean skinny dipping, though. Any lip balm will saturate lips, but for a super glossy finish, apply a tiny amount of non-tinted aloe vera to lips. It’s a natural lip gloss that will get you noticed while curing sunburn.
Duck face or prune pout, these basic lips are essential to get you through the rest of summer. So pucker up and get ready to hashtag your favorite looks all summer long.
Feature Image Courtesy of http://www.dazzlejunction.com/tumblr-backgrounds/
Post Images Courtesy of Urban Decay and CVS