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Salt Ashes Takes Synth-Pop to New Heights in Her New EP, counting crosses


UK alt pop singer Salt Ashes discovered her unusual moniker on the side of a boat - very in keeping with her self-described “upside down” artistic perspective. She eagerly applied her unique approach to her new EP, counting crosses, infused with her signature dark melodies and produced by creative collaborator Louis Souyave. counting crosses is ...



This week we're chatting with California reggae-rock artist Sunny State and Austin's synth-babes Moonray, for an insightful interview on the songwriting process, touring, and their personal heroes and inspiration (among tons of other things like their favorite food and albums!)  Sunny State: Please explain your songwriting process. Does one of you bring the other an idea ...

Great Good Fine Ok find interstellar love in “Touch”


New York City synth pop duo, Great Good Fine Ok, have shared the intergalactic video for their latest single "Touch." The striking short film picks up where the pairs previous "Change" music video left off. GGFO's cinematic “Touch” visual was brought to life by RiTE Media Group in Atlanta under creative direction of Sam Mason. According to band the underlying theme to the intergalactic ...