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Get the Retro Look


This isn’t just a Throwback Thursday–the ’70s are back and the trend is stronger than ever! With the likes of Topshop and ASOS releasing 70s’ fashion ranges this summer is set to be the most vintage yet–suede and tassels at the ready. Read on to learn how to get the retro look!

Cord Popper A-line Skirt by Topshop
Team this vintage-style cord skirt with wooden clog heels to achieve the ultimate retro chic look! To go full ’70s, a turtle neck jumper or pussy-bow style blouse would match perfectly accompanied by a tan-colored side bag for your belongings. You can buy this skirt from Topshop here.
Cut-Work Embroidered Top by Topshop
Here at Cliché, we love anything embroidered–with this summery top being no exception! This look would be best matched with a pair of rolled up mom-jeans and gladiator sandals for those hot summer days. Grab this little gem over on the Topshop website.
Pussy-bow Blouse by Topshop
It wouldn’t have been the ’70s without the pussy-bow collar! These iconic blouses just scream ’70s and can be worn for a fun day out or a smart/casual event. With a skater skirt and some black wedged heels, you’re bound to look the classiest chick this summer! Snap this up here while its still half price at $35!
Maison Scotch Leather Tassel Backpack at ASOS
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What day out isn’t complete without a cute backpack to store your must-haves in? Tan is the ultimate ’70s colour and the tassels give the bag that edgy look to complete any outfit. This real leather bag can be found on the ASOS website at $123.05.
Catarzi Floppy Hat at ASOS
Classy meets retro in this floppy vintage hat by Catarzi. A girl can never own too many hats! This hat would match perfectly with almost any dress–whether it be a fitted bodycon for night or a floaty swing dress for the day. Whatever the choice of attire, this hat is sure to make anyone look chic. Grab it now on the ASOS website for $63.00.

The Best Self-Tanners


Jergans Natural GlowWhat is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer? Probably the beach (hopefully somewhere tropic, with palm trees, crystal-clear water, and fruity cocktails with little umbrellas), and what does one do at the beach? Tan. Although we all want to be bronzed goddesses, we know that overexposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays can cause more damage than beauty. Fret not, though, my fellow tan junkies, for there is a solution: self-tanners. Before you worry about orange fake ‘n bake and stubborn streaks, check out the best self-tanners that will make you think twice about skipping the sunscreen for the sake of a sizzling tan.
If you’re new to this self-tanning trend, you might want to start off slow and steady with Jergens’ Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. This mild moisturizer gives you a subtle glow that develops over time, gradually adjusting a perfect tan to your skin without a discolored, patchy mess. This product’s varying formulas give you options that include firming, hydrating, and revitalizing benefits, all while providing a perfect dose of sun-kissed radiance.
St TropezSt. Tropez have staked their claim on the self-tanning market and may have struck gold with their Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse. This luxe mousse has a light, airy texture that blends into skin with minimal effort and gives the ultimate golden tan. The streak-free formula sets into skin in just 60 seconds, making the application process quick and easy. After four (or more) hours, rinse the product off to reveal a dazzling glow that will last up to two weeks and fade naturally, just like a real tan.
For the daring few who desire a rich, deep tan, Vita Liberata’s Dark Tan Lotion will quench your skin’s thirst—literally. This tanning lotion comes in a decadently hydrating formula that nourishes skin while infusing it with silky, dense pigment. Using cutting-edge technology, this product guarantees 2 to 3 weeks of color that mimics the reddish-bronze hue of a natural tan without the baking heat.

– by Amanda Curran

California Tan Review



The need to gain a summertime tan is beginning to heat up just like the current spring season. For many of us non-Californians, the desire to achieve that natural sun-kissed glow is something we aim for each year. It’s always better to start sooner than later, and with the help of California Tan products it has been become a whole lot easier.

California Tan is a “sun business” that is an expert at creating products primarily designed to protect your skin; with over 20 years of experience in its craft, California Tan is always developing, innovating, and providing the best quality products it can for tanning lovers everywhere. The products are available for both indoor and outdoor tanning, and are guaranteed to give you that Californian tan. A reliable and helpful 3-Step-System is provided so that you are able to have your ideal tan: starting with a golden brown base (Step 1), you then move to a deep dark (Step 2) and finally to an enhancement that makes your skin look hydrated and natural (Step 3).
Produce, oxidize, and extend is the mantra for the 3-Step-System, with each one having products made with skin-friendly ingredients. California Tan’s Exposé Collection provides products for each step, including its Exposé Luxe Body Lotion, a Step 3 product. Made with coconut water, shea, pumpkin butters, and renovage age reversing technology, you are set for having the best glowing and youthful-looking skin out there this summer. The lotion both hydrates and protects your skin thanks to the butters, and they also help give off a lingering, sweet scent you will just want to eat up. Its smooth texture keeps your skin moisturized all day, making it feel light and healthy.
Itching to get that Californian tan now? Start it up with California Tan’s affordable products that you can purchase at your local tanning salon. To read up on some more on California Tan’s natural ingredients and incredible products, visit its site at http://www.californiatan.com. Once you become obsessed, be sure to follow California Tan on its social networks to be the first to see the latest products.
California Tan Review photos courtesy to Californiatan.com.