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5 Best Highlighters For That Dewy Summer Look


Highlighters are the cherry to the sundae; a look isn’t complete without some radiance. Yes, they are meant to glow the high points to your face and totally blind your surroundings. But in the summer, highlighters can be looked at in a different way. You’re all bronzed up from either the sun or bronzer (of course), and you’re looking too matte with your new tan. How about adding some highlight for a dewy finish and achieve that true summer glow?

The Five Best Mascaras


Mascara is to the beauty world what heels are to the fashion industry: the majestics of the realm. Both can instantly transform your look while also making you feel feminine and beautiful. So, for the heels of the beauty world, we’ve put together the five best mascaras we think will have you feeling even more beautiful, too.

3 Skincare Brands For All Skincare Types


As we’ve been told time and time again, it’s crucial that we take care of our skin. However, most of us don’t even have a regimented skincare routine. Perhaps that has less to do with our self-discipline and more with finding the right products that make having a skincare routine seem effortless and – dare we say – fun. Though the idea might sound intriguing and a little exciting, you’re probably skeptical of its outcome and will give in to a defeat-like mentality. Well, I certainly can’t argue with you; I’ve been there and done that, too.

SPF Beauty Products


Beat the sun’s harsh rays with SPF beauty products that will have your face both protected and looking good this summer. The sun is at its strongest during this season, making your skin more sensitive and at greater risk for damage. Let’s make our chances of getting sunburn or skin damage zero to none! We’ve ...

Our Latest Issue

Covers: Lilia Buckingham & Ruby Modine
Inside, cover star Lilia Buckingham opens up about trying to end cyberbullying, her role in Dirt, and more; cover star Ruby Modine discusses creating her own legacy and Happy Death Day 2U; actress Keesha Sharp discusses acting and directing on Lethal Weapon; actor Hank Chen chats about making Life-Size 2; and much more!