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Top 7 Perfect Celebrity Instagram Pages


Today we want to share the top 7 perfect celebrity Instagram pages. The power of Internet platforms and social media offers incredible opportunities for fame, money at platforms like Casino Chan, and success. That’s why even celebrities have their own accounts and try making them perfect for the followers. Not all stars can boast of a harmoniously active Instagram page. But there are those who put quite a lot of effort into promoting their profile. Here are 7 stars with the best Instagram profiles.

Gigi Hadid

The American supermodel posts bright and juicy photos with her fashion images and trendy makeup on her profile. This allows her to attract to the page enthusiastic young people who are interested in everything fashionable and fresh.

At the same time, staged and studio pictures are diluted with photos from everyday life. It makes Gigi closer and more understandable, more attractive to subscribers. The header and icons of the profile are made in one style.

Jennifer Lopez

Lo’s Instagram profile is all about harmony and poise. Calm shades of photos, neat color correction, competent alternation of images reflecting different aspects of the life of the singer and actress. Everything is well-thought-out to the last detail. The main picture, highlights, and photos in the feed are all in the same style.


Photos on Rihanna’s Instagram page are color-corrected. So the feed looks harmonious even though the pictures show different aspects of the star’s life. In the profile, there is no abundance of portraits and studio photos. Besides, images of body parts, full-length, or close-up shots are used.

Everything comes together, like a mosaic, in a single composition. In fact, it is quite difficult to combine such diverse images into a common picture, but in Rihanna’s Instagram it is done masterfully.

Kendall Jenner

Victoria's Secret Fashion ShowKendall’s profile is designed concisely, in a minimalist style. The photos are not just about capturing life’s moments and beautiful places. Photos with an idea, a beautiful posing are appealing, make you look at them over and over again. The design of the stories is diluted with cute, interesting icons, but this does not spoil the style and brevity of the profile but emphasizes them.

Elsa Hosk

The star’s account is characterized by a competent arrangement of colors. The overall gamut is pastel, dominated by beige, brown, muted green shades. Inclusions of bright colors (bright pink, lettuce, red, yellow, blue) make the page attractive, fresh, interesting.

There are few juicy shades, and they only emphasize the style of the profile. Elsa’s account is appealing with thoughtful photo ideas, quality processing, and trendy looks. There is not a single random photo. Everything is aligned and harmonious.

Ashley Graham

The whole profile is permeated with the idea of body positivity, and it is aired in every way possible. This is a proper move that appeals to the target audience and increases their loyalty. The photos also reflect Ashley’s fun and playful personality, which makes her appealing and approachable to her subscribers. The design is minimalist, processing the photos in calm tones and a unified color scheme.

Taylor Swift

Taylor posted her first photo on Instagram in 2012. So she can be called a “veteran” of this social network. Distinctive features of the singer’s page are the sincerity of the posts and atmospheric photos. There is no general color scheme of pictures. But the images are arranged in such a way that different shades harmoniously intertwine with each other. Regular square photos are diluted with storyboards for several posts, as well as black and white shots and sepia.

This approach makes Taylor’s profile memorable and unusual. It matches the personality of the celebrity and emphasizes her style.

As you understand from these examples, if you are a creative person, your Instagram profile should reflect your personality. This increases your reach and popularity. Explore, study stylish accounts, develop a mindset and use the tricks in your own profile. Proper management of your Instagram page will help promote your products, services, or personal brand.

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Brother Duo Eighty Ninety Talk Their “808s and Telecaster” Sound, Production Process, and RSVP Link For Upcoming Show


Brothers Abner and Harper have been making music almost their whole lives. With their first single, “Three Thirty,” they formed their current project, Eighty Ninety. Receiving a spot on Taylor Swift’s, “Songs Taylor Loves” playlist, with their single, “Your Favorite Song,” the brothers have been on a steady trajectory to success. Writing and producing all of their own songs which have elements across all different genres from pop to indie rock to dance, the duo has crafted their own sound that they self describe as “808s and telecaster.”


Eighty Ninety will be  playing a small in-studio show on March 30th at Douglass Recording that will be filmed and live streamed on YouTube / Facebook. You can RSVP here to go in person or RSVP here to watch the live stream.  


Listen to “Your Favorite Song” here: 


Cliché: How did you get your start creating music together? Was this something you both always knew you wanted to do?

Eighty Ninety: We’re brothers, and have been playing music pretty much our whole lives. We always knew that we eventually wanted to be in a band together. It’s something we talked about growing up. So unofficially, we’ve been playing together for a while now. But Eighty Ninety started when we moved to New York and began working on what would become our first single, “Three Thirty”.


I recently saw you perform at the Ludlow House. It was awesome and the crowd was really engaged! What’s your favorite part about performing live?

Thanks so much for coming to the show, and glad you had a good time! Playing live is great because it’s a chance to just channel the emotions of the songs (rather than perfecting them, which is what the studio is for). It feels great and gives us a new perspective on the music that we can take back to the studio. Because of that, playing in-progress songs live sometimes is the final step before we finish producing them. Also, nothing is more motivating and incredible than meeting the people who come to the shows. We did an east coast tour last fall and saw our first Eighty Ninety tattoo — hard to put that into words.


You’ve been receiving recognition across the industry, including Taylor Swift putting you on her playlist, “Songs Taylor Loves.” What does it all mean to you and for your continuing success?

Taylor Swift adding “Your Favorite Song” to her playlist was a totally surreal moment for us in a lot of ways. We have so much respect, admiration, and unabashed fan-love for her and her music music (Abner once saw her two nights in a row) that it was definitely a pinch-me moment and also so motivating and inspiring to keep going and trust ourselves to keep making the music we want to make. And having “Three Thirty” connect and go viral the way that it did was amazing in a different way — seeing how many people across the world have listened feels like real evidence that writing and making something so personal can resonate in a universal way. That was really moving. It would be an understatement to say we didn’t expect any of this – we’re so grateful every day.


Describing yourselves as “808s and telecasters” is such an interesting and perfect way to describe your sound. Can you tell me a little more about your instrumentation and style?

When we’re in the studio we don’t really think about genre and as a result there are elements of pop, electronic, country, dance, and indie rock in our songs. “808’s and telecasters” felt like a good way to get that across – but also highlights the two things that show up the most frequently. Live, we’re a three piece band (vocals, guitars, drums + samples and tracks) that comes across a little more rock — so that dichotomy is also in there.


You write, produce, and mix all of your songs right out of a small space in NYC. What does that process look like for you? How do your songs come to life?

We usually finish a song before we start to produce it. We think of production as doubling down on a song’s emotional core — so we need to be clear on what that is before we start producing. Once the song is finished we talk about a big-picture vision and how we imagine the song coming across. Then we’ll get down the basic (main guitar part or pad) and do vocals until they feel right. After that we slowly build up around the voice and keep pushing until we feel like it’s finished. That last part of the process sometimes takes an afternoon, and sometimes takes weeks.


Who are your own musical inspirations, and who are you listening to now?

We’re really inspired by the new artists we see around us – so those two things are one in the same. We have a constantly updated playlist called “Our Favorite Songs” (get it!) that right now has artists like FINNEAS, Muna, Phoebe Bridgers, The Band CAMINO, Yoke Lore, lovelytheband, Des Rocs, pronoun, LANY, Queue, Sorcha Richardson, Aaron Taos, Mallrat, Loote, The Japanese House. And of course Taylor Swift.


You’ve said that you love collaborating. Is there anyone specific in mind you want to have the opportunity to collaborate with, and why?

If anyone from that playlist that we just listed wants to collab in any way – our studio door is always open!


What can listeners expect from you coming up in the near future?

We’re in the final stages of finishing a new EP. The plan is to start releasing singles soon – and not to stop.


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Brother Duo Eighty Ninety and Their “808s and Telecaster” Sound, Production Process, and RSVP Link For Upcoming Show: Featured Image Credit: Mallory Turner 

Tom Hooper to Direct ‘Cats’ the Musical Movie Starring Ian McKellen, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift


Andrew Lloyd Weber’s acclaimed musical Cats will sing and dance its way to the big screen with a star-studded cast. The very thought of this revival is surely giving all of the musical theater fans goosebumps. While it’s provoking excitement in some, it’s surely provoking a tinge of scepticism in others. However, the casting is pretty solid. Cats has already confirmed stars such as Ian McKellen, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, and—this one is a bit perplexing—Taylor Swift.  Surely, with all of the big names in place, as well as Tom Hooper directing, Cats will earn a new generation of fans, and hopefully, please the rest of us who already love the legendary masterpiece.

‘Cats’ the Musical Movie Starring Ian McKellen, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift

The good news is Tom Hooper is not a stranger to musicals. Hooper directed the Oscar-winning film, The King’s Speech, as well as 2012’s Les Misérables. Les Misérables—based on the classic novel by Victor Hugo—was nominated for eight Academy Awards, winning three Oscars when all was said and done. Obviously, Tom Hooper’s team up with Working Title and Universal worked really well before. Les Mis was gorgeously done, with absolutely brilliant casting, despite what some critics might say. If Les Mis is any indicator as to this future production of Cats, then we are in great shape.

Most of the stars have had musical theater experience, barring the exception of Taylor Swift. At any rate, one can expect a great performance from someone as noteworthy as Ian McKellen. Plus, it’s hard to deny that Jennifer Hudson has got some great pipes. Whatever the popular opinion, this cast will surely bring in a new generation of audiences. With any luck, perhaps even those who avoid musicals will purchase a ticket. As far as the budgeting goes, if it’s anything like Les Misérables’, then Cats will be as lavish as the production deserves.

A Brief History of Cats

'Cats' the musical movie

Cats 2016 Broadway Revival. Photo Credit: Jenny Anderson, WireImage

Andrew Lloyd Weber got the inspiration for Cats from Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, a collection of poems by T.S. Eliot. The musical first opened on the West End in 1981 and came to Broadway in the year 1982. Weber’s Cats is the fourth-longest-running show on Broadway, the run lasting for 18 years. There have been three recent revivals: two on the West End and one revival on Broadway. Clearly, Cats is one of the shows that remains a favorite for musical theater fans.

With a musical score that is a combination of playful, quirky, and haunting, it’s hard not to love at least one of the tracks. The most notable song from the production is “Memory,” a musical piece that many consider one of the best musical theater songs of all time. The story follows the Jellicle tribe of cats as they tell their tales, traditions, and woes. And believe me, if you aren’t a cat person, you still might be able to sympathize with the characters.

There was a previous Cats’ the musical movie version released directly to VHS in 1998, which was filmed at the Adelphi theater in London. But Cats has never appeared on the big screen, so this is certainly a first. 


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Tom Hooper to Direct ‘Cats’ the Musical Movie Starring Ian McKellen, James Corden, Jennifer Hudson and Taylor Swift. Featured Photo Credit: Suhaimi Abdullah, Getty Images.


8 Killer Summer Concerts To Get Pumped For


Less than two weeks for the start of summer. Yes! Wow, this year is flying by so fast. Some may look at summer as the time to sit back on a reclining beach chair, with a cold one in your hand, feeling the nice breeze. But we’re more concerned with summer as the time to get out and see as many of the best artists around in concert as we can. Here are the 8 concerts that you should be counting down to.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay Z photo

Photo by Athena LeTrelle

One of the hottest couples and reigning duo will be performing their Bonnie and Clyde act to 18 shows across America. So get pumped for the “On the Run II” tour, which kicks off on June 25, and runs till Aug. 6. You don’t want to miss the mind-blowing showmanship.



Paramore photo

Photo by laulawsky

At one point, this band was thought to be dead. But now they’re making headlines all over the country. This will be the fifth leg of the band’s successful “After Laughter” tour and I am sure it will be a beauty to watch. The band hits the road beginning on June 12 in Saint Augustine, Florida. Buy your tickets now, as tickets will sell out fast.


Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan photo

Photo by Joe Bielawa

Oh my god, get ready, for all the young ladies out there. One of the most handsome men is slated to bring his tour to the states. As he continues his red-hot tour, “What Makes You Country,” at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Saturday, June 2. Hooray! Joining Bryan on stage will be some of country’s popular stars like Sam Hunt, Jon Pardi, and Morgan Wallen.


Taylor Swift

Alright, as much as I’m feeling the “adrenaline rush,” folks out there should be as well. She’s back! The queen of all music genres and snakes! So guys, are you ecstatic for the “Reputation” stadium tour? The tour is currently underway in the US, but Taylor will also add some international flair to the proceedings with stops in England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.


Kesha and Macklemore

Kesha photo

Photo by oouinouin

Let the adventures and fun begin. The cutest pair are co-headlining “The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore” tour to support their albums, Rainbow and Gemini. My guess is that this tour will be epic to watch live. The tour kicks off on June 6 in Phoenix and ends on August 5 in Tampa.


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars photo

Photo by Themeplus

If you’ve been to a wedding in the last few years, you’re probably very acquainted with the music of Bruno Mars. Lucky for you, his “24K Magic World Tour” is coming back to the US after stops in Asia and Europe. He’ll make his return July 25 in Las Vegas and will have dates across the country, ending October 27 in LA. To make things even better, he’ll be accompanied at almost all of the shows by Cardi B!


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran photo

Photo by GigPictures

Ahhh…the British singer-songwriter is coming! Back that is, after a long European leg of his “÷ Tour.” This time, things are going to be even bigger, as Sheeran will be performing at large stadiums on this leg versus the smaller arenas he played on the last American leg of the tour. Things kick off on August 18 in Pasadena and run through November 10 in Atlanta.


Britney Spears

Britney Spears photo

Photo by wereonfirenow

It might surprise some to see Britney on my list, but how could anyone doubt that she’s going to put on a great show. And who knows what might happen during any of them? Last year, a man rushed on stage at one of her shows and was quickly tackled by security. Let’s hope the excitement this time comes from the show itself. The American leg of her “Piece of Me Tour” starts July 12 in Oxon Hill, Maryland.


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8 Killer Summer Concerts To Get Pumped For. Featured Image Credit: Sffoghorn

The Most Influential Album Releases of 2017


No matter how much hype an album gets in the moment, it’s easy to forget about it once the next one comes out. But here at Cliché, we are firm believers in giving credit where it is due. As 2017 comes to an end, it’s important to remember that in the midst of all the madness, we were truly blessed with some amazing releases in every genre from hip-hop to rock to pop. To make choosing your favorite album of 2017 just a bit easier, we rounded up a list of all the most influential album releases of 2017.



I See You by the xx
Genre: Indie Rock/Dream Pop

The third studio album from the dream-pop power-duo, I See You marked the return of the band after a four-year hiatus. After years of uncertainty, I See You ushered in an era of creative stability for the xx, exploring countless new sounds to much critical acclaim.

Year in Review: Top Singles of 2017


One of the best ways to remember a certain period in your life is by listening to music from that time. As the year comes to a close, it’s inevitable that we begin reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. All in all, 2017 was a great year for popular music; we saw new faces, old favorites, and new twists on classic pop conventions. We’ve rounded up a list of the top single from the first week of every month to help you remember the good, the bad, and everything in between from the past year. Enjoy the newest installment of our series Year in Review: Top Singles of 2017.



“Starboy” – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

The titular track of The Weeknd’s third studio album, “Starboy” started the year off on a soulful note, with his signature electro-pop R&B tones and catchy lyrics.

Grammys 2016: Highlights and Winners


This is the Grammy’s!
There was every reason for Twitter to be on fire last night, as its feed blew up with favorite looks from the red carpet, performances of the night, and the anticipation and excitement for Lady Gaga’s tribute for the late David Bowie at the 58th Grammy Awards in the Staples Center. If you didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night, you seriously missed out. The night did not disappoint by any means as it was filled with hair-rising performances with top artists like Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, and Carrie Underwood and Sam Hunt. Grammy’s Host LL Cool J couldn’t have said it better: “This is the Grammy’s. This is where the people sing for real.” And for real, it was quite the show, but for those of you who missed out, Cliché’s sharing some of our favorite moments, and naturally, the awards of the night with you.

Taylor Swift - Kevin Winter, Wire Image

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter | Wire Image

The very first act of the night was Taylor Swift who slayed “Out of the Woods” in a stunning, sparkly jumpsuit and a blunt bob.
Kendrick Lamar - CBS Local Inc.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Local Inc.

Best Rap Album: “To Pimp A Butterfly” Kendrick Lamar
Sam Hunt & Carrie Underwood - Kevin Winter, Wire Image

Photo Courtesy of Kevin Winter | Wire Image

The next round of performances included a mix of Carrie Underwood’s “Heart Beat” and Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” which was mighty fine, and we’re not just talking about the two’s singing. Following behind them was The Weeknd whose show was a heart-melting collaboration of “Can’t Feel My Face” and “In The Night,” and then, Andra Day and Ellie Goulding presented a duet with “Rise Up” and “Love Me Like You Do” that was one of the many #micdrop’s of the night.
Chris Stapleton - Robyn Beck, AFP, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Best Country Album: “Traveller” Chris Stapleton
Tribute to Lionel Richie - Robyn Beck, AFP, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

The third set comprised of John Legend, Demi Lovato, Luke Bryan, Meghan Trainor, and Tyrese Gibson who did a fun and heartfelt tribute dedicated to Lionel Richie, who later joined the artists on stage to sing “All Night Long,” which comprised of songs like “Easy,” “Hello,” “Penny Lover,” “You Are,” and “Brick House.” Little Big Town took the stage afterward with their song “Girl Crush,” which was nominated for “Song of the Year.” Then the talented Pentatonix and Stevie Wonder sang an a capella version of “That’s The Way Of The World” in honor of Maurice White. Might we just add their harmonious tunes were raw, beautiful and just plain perfect – as expected.
Ed Sheeran - CBS Local Inc.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Local Inc.

Song of the Year: “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran (As excited as we were for Ed, we can’t help but feel that Taylor was a little more excited – just a little more.)
Kendrick Lamar - Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images for NARAS

Photo Courtesy of Kevork Djansezian | Getty Images 

Midway through the show, The Eagles played “Take It Easy” in honor and farewell to their founder and lead guitarist Glenn Frey; meanwhile, Tori Kelly and James Bay followed after with a mashup of “Hollow” and “Let It Go” that gave us goosebumps on the arms and chills up our spines! Not to mention, they’d make quite the couple, don’t you think? Then Hamilton, a hip-hop Broadway play, made its way to the stage with a dynamite act, and Kendrick Lamar finished with a firing rap and performance – we mean that literally and metaphorically – of “The Blacker the Berry” and “Alright.”
Hamilton - CBS Local Inc.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Local Inc.

Best Musical Theater Album: Hamilton
Alabama Shakes - CBS Local Inc.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Local Inc.

Best Rock Performance: “Don’t Wanna Fight” Alabama Shakes
Adele - Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times

Photo Courtesy of Robert Gauthier | Los Angeles Times

One of the few artists that sounds as beautiful live as she does in her records (regardless of some early on technical difficulties), the lovely Adele sang an emotional “All I Ask,” a single from her new album 25. The following act featured Justin Bieber with Skrillex and Diplo of Jack U and left us feeling a little uncomfortable as we watched an awkward acoustic version of “Love Yourself,” and then a futuristic mix of “Where Are U Now” with some dance moves that were interesting, to say the least. (Sorry, Biebs!)
Meghan Trainor - CBS Local Inc.

Photo Courtesy of CBS Local Inc.

Best New Artist: Meghan Trainor (the cutest and sweetest winner of the night)
Lady Gaga - Robyn Beck, AFP, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Nearing the end of the night, the long-awaited tribute of the night was well-worth it as Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Intel wowed the audience and viewers at home with its entertaining and well-thought out arrangement of songs like “Changes,” “Rebel Rebel,” “Fashion,” and “Let’s Dance” to name a few. The late David Bowie would have been honored and proud of no questions asked.
Alabama Shakes - Matt Sayles, Invision, Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of Matt Sayles | Invision | Associated Press

Afterwards, Bonnie Raitt and Gary Clark Jr. nailed their performance in honor of B.B. King, and Alabama Shakes’ “Don’t Wanna Fight” created a fierce presence on stage, and we’re not just talking about Brittany Howard’s lips or her awesome white cape. Later, The Hollywood Vampires featuring Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp, which we’re curious: were we the only ones that didn’t know about Johnny Depp being in a band?! Last but not least, the youngest nominee, 12-years-old to be exact, Joey Alexander took the stage with an astounding piano performance that made us sit back and contemplate where we might have gone wrong with our lives.
Taylor Swift - Matt Sayles, Associated Press

Photo Courtesy of Matt Sayles | Invision | Associated Press

Album of the Year: Taylor Swift (#GirlBoss of the night! Taylor’s speech was short, sweet and a total knockout. Kayne, suits you right.)
Bruno Mars - Matt Sayles, Invision, AP

Photo Courtesy of Matt Sayles | Invision | Associated Press

Record of the Year: Bruno Mars
The 58th Grammy’s Award closed with a bang featuring Travis Barker, Joe Perry, Robin Thicke and the ever passionate Pitbull with his song “Taxi.”
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Grammys 2016: Highlights and Winners: Featured Image: Photo Courtesy of Robert Gauthier | Los Angeles Times

The Best Looks from the Grammys


The 58th Annual Grammys Awards took place Monday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and it was truly music’s biggest night—especially on the red carpet. Our favorite musicians, artists, and performers brought their A-game to the star-studded night. While black was definitely a trend on the red carpet, there were also pops of jewel tones, pantsuits on women, and some seriously cool jewelry, accessories, and hair styles to boot.
From Taylor Swift in a red and pink Atelier Versace top/skirt combo to and Adele in a black Givenchy gown to the super dreamy Sam Hunt in a pink Dolce & Gabbana suit, we’ve got some of the best looks from the Grammys below.

Which celebrities were on your best dressed list? Which ones missed the mark this year? Let us know in the comments below!
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Featured image courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The Revolution of 1989: A Review of Ryan Adams’ Cover Album


There is a mist of eeriness that passes through you as you listen to the dark vocals of Ryan Adams. That eeriness, however, is followed by a lavish wave of enlightenment. His music, rich in essence, alongside the words of lyrical genius, Taylor Swift, at hand, Adams has evolved 1989 from what it once was.

Being the huge Taylor Swift fan that I am, when I first discovered Ryan Adams was covering her latest album and releasing it on September 21, I lost my cool and my heart raced with momentum. Adams’ composition is similar to that of an indie artist and taking on a new perspective of
1989, he made it his own. Although the words remained the same with the exception of minor changes, his sound gave them a whole new meaning.
My favorite track that he covered, “This Love,” was sung with such ease and it’s his simplistic approach that gives his sound its authenticity. The way his voice shifts when he sings, “When you’re young, you run,” echoes with movement, vibrating into the depth of your core. Stripping down the energy and playful disposition that Swift carries with her sound, Adams leaves the music in its rawest form, further revealing the naked truth of his conceptions.
Music is subjective. Once it’s placed into the world, it is no longer just the artists’ but it is also the listeners’. The significance of a lyrical verse varies from person to person and what is taken from it is subject to the context of one’s current situation. With that, Ryan Adams told his story though Swift’s words, allowing his melodies to speak for him. And so, “How You Get the Girl” became a ballad and “Shake it Off” was showered with melancholy.
Taylor Swift’s album and Ryan Adams’ covers are both tasteful in different lights, making it nearly impossible to hold the two in competition against one another. Instead, both are created with contrasting energies and unfold different narratives. And yet, they carry the ability to complement each other. Perhaps it was the amount of love and support the two artists have for one another that translated through music. Either way, if you have yet to listen to the cover album, I highly suggest you do it now and I can promise you won’t regret that decision!
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Photograph courtesy of  Paxamrecords.com

Taylor Swift: ‘Wildest Dreams’ Music Video Review


With the premiere of her new music video for “Wildest Dreams” at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift has yet again displayed her storytelling skills as an art form. Working with video director, Joseph Kahn, the mastermind behind the “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” music videos, “Wildest Dreams” is laid out with an old-school 1950’s Hollywood take, set in the Serengeti. Model-turned-actor Scott Eastwood plays the love interest of Swift as they both begin to fall for one another on the set of a film production. Although their romance seems to be taking off during the making of the film, it fizzles out as the cameras disappear and they are left to deal with the reality of the relationship when Swift finds Eastwood’s character has brought another woman as his date to the movie premiere.

Much like the modern take of relationships nowadays, Swift may have created this storyline with the use of actors as her characters, but it is still relatable to those who have had a similar situation with a relationship where commitment remains a gray area and knowing where you stand is next to impossible.

“I can see the end as it begins,” is a line from the song that elicits Swift’s vulnerability in its most sincere form. She speaks from a place of acceptance, knowing what the outcome will be and although it may not be the best situation, that single lyric is able to show the growth in her maturity.    
“Nothing lasts forever / But this is going to take me down,” alternatively shows how Swift’s outlook on love may have taken an unfortunate turn. That being said, her strength for moving forward with it despite her ill-fated luck in her past relationships speaks for the amount of courage and positivity that remain a part of who she is.
Although the video ended on a tragic note, with Swift driving off on a deserted road in the dead of night as she stares through the rearview mirror, watching Scott Eastwood’s character come running after her, it sends a great message for all who may be or have been in unhealthy relationships. Although she left heartbroken, she also left with more self-respect. Letting go is always difficult, but sometimes you need to let go to give yourself a chance at getting something better and more deserving. There is a reason Taylor Swift has risen in success throughout the years and she has proven to us just why that is once again with this song and music video.
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Photograph courtesy of Taylorswift.com