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Tips to Understanding Data Room M&A


Today we want to share some great tips to understanding data room M&A. Virtual Data rooms or VDR are vital assets that every modern business and organization should have. Data rooms are a secure way of storing vital business data especially for legal proceedings as well as mergers and acquisitions. They are also used for file sharing, keeping sensitive documents secure, and carrying out important financial transactions. These rooms have enhanced convenience and security from the traditional methods of storing documents where companies stored their files in file cabinets. Further, they have also reduced the cost of storing and sharing information significantly. There are a lot of companies offering these services today, so it is important to understand how this technology works to know what to look for.

Security Feature

The security feature comes top of the list of aspects that you should understand and consider in a virtual data room. As more organizations take their businesses online and abandon the traditional and cumbersome way of doing business, it calls for those adapting the new systems to also understand the threats or risks that come with technology and how to avert such threats. Get to understand security software that you can incorporate into your system to ensure that there is no chance of information leaking to the wrong hands. You can then control how you want files to be used, and also restrict access to only those that have a stake in any particular business.

Tracking Feature

The tracking feature is another important component when it comes to data rooms. You can track every activity that happens within your system remotely. You can see who is logging and the time they spent online. You can see the files they accessed and also see if they made any changes to the document. This feature makes it easy to complete M&A deals without having unnecessary physical meetings.

Artificial Intelligence

Using virtual data rooms will involve a lot of file sharing and communication. It is logically not possible for a human being to manually organize the number of files involved. Artificial intelligence ensures that documents are placed properly and no duplication occurs. It also ensures that all records are properly kept within the system.

Live Chatting

speech bubble, talking, chat

Photo by Deans_Icons on Pixabay

Live chatting is a vital feature to consider when checking out data rooms. Many business deals are now completed or sealed without the need of the involved parties having to travel from one country to another. With a live chat feature, you reduce these interactions significantly especially now when there is a pandemic.

Ease of Use

Virtual data rooms should not be complicated to use. Much as you want to protect your business’ privacy, you should also ensure that your workers do not go through a hard time trying to use your organization’s systems. Make it easy to perform simple and basic tasks such as uploading files, inviting users, and synchronizing files and folders. The easier your system is to use, the more efficient your business will be, and the more time and resources you are going to save. Of course, your files will still be secure. Making the system easy to use will not interfere with your files’ security in any way. 

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4 Socially Distanced Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


While many of us unfortunately may not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day with our family this year due to COVID, there are many contact free gift options that can help bring you closer together, even across the country. Here are 4 socially distanced Mother’s Day gift ideas!

1. Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Phone Stand by Multitasky

Image Credit: instagtam.com/multitasky

Make your video chats with your loved ones easier with this convenient phone stand. Compatible with every model of iPhone and Android, your mom will surely appreciate the newfound accessibility to your face and voice. Coming in five different colors, you might as well make things stylish while you’re at it.

2. Kast TV Subscription 

Like an advanced version of Netflix’s Telepathy, Kast TV allows you to simultaneously watch your favorite (ad free) T.V shows, movies, and videos with your loved one from any location. It also has an audio feature where you can chat to each other during streaming (if you can tolerate movie talkers). While some content on the website is free to anyone, a premium subscription is ideal to access something both you and your mom agree on. 

3. Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Image Credit: instagram.com/skylightframe

Since many of our parents don’t have access to smartphones, Skylight PhotoFrame is the perfect way to stay connected throughout the day. The owner of the gadget receives multiple digital photos from the sender instantly in a simple, classy device that goes perfectly with any piece of furniture in the house. With an easy set up for even the most technologically impaired, your mother will surely be thankful for the unlimited visual updates on your life.

4. MasterClass Mother’s Day Deal 

What better way to give thanks to the woman who taught you everything than giving her an opportunity to learn something she’s passionate about? Masterclass is an online education platform that offers tutorials and lectures on a vast array of subjects with some of the most expert leaders in their fields. Topics include cooking, photography, gardening, and many more. This Mother’s Day, they have a “Buy One, Get One for Mom, Free” deal where you can take a class together. Hurry up- the offer ends soon!

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5 Ways to Have fun With Your new iPhone 12


Today we want to share 5 ways to have fun with your new iPhone 12.  It is Fall, which means a few things. One of those things is the launch of the new iPhone – the iPhone 12. The new iPhone is always a coveted item for many people – from athletes, musicals, and movie stars to influencers, “Applephiles,” and everyday people (with enough money to drop on Apple’s annual release).

It always takes a while for individuals to get accustomed to their new phones. From new features, updated interfaces, and different applications – it can take a bit to experience your new phone fully. To help you out, here are five ways you can enjoy your new iPhone.

Calculate Your Friends Height

new iPhone 12One feature of the new iPhone producing headlines is the camera’s ability to calculate the height of people. This new feature is not overly important – as knowing people’s height is not pertinent information unless you are writing a police report or trying to buy someone clothes.

Still, it can add some fun when you are out with friends arguing about how tall of you are. Or if you are out on a first date and their dating bio height seems off. Any way you use it, you can have some fun with this feature.

Bet on Sports

While this feature existed on previous iPhone models, many were unaware you could download mobile applications to bet on sports. The best betting apps on the iPhone allow bettors to bet on dozens of sports from all over the world.

Betting on sports on an iPhone is also great when you are on the go. Whether you forgot to bet on the game before you headed out for the night or you are out watching the game and want to jump into the action live, mobile betting apps on the iPhone are the way to go. This feature is also the only one we list you can use to make money to buy your next iPhone. 

Use People Detection If You Are Visually Impaired 

This feature is designed for blind people or have low vision, but you are welcome to test it out yourself. The new feature “people detection” helps visually impaired people detect people around them to help them navigate the world.

The feature uses augmented reality to detect and relay information to the phone owner. The feature is used in many different scenarios. Some examples include knowing if a seat is empty at the park or on the bus or knowing when to move up when waiting in line.

This feature is one of the biggest positives we have seen from the new iPhone. While the phone may not be without the budget for everyone, lower-priced phones may soon add this in, helping out a significant enough of people.

Enjoy 5G Connectivity

Enjoy 5G Connectivity  Apple’s newest version of the iPhone is the first to come with 5G capabilities. As 5G – even with the controversy and conspiracies around it – is growing in availability, having a phone with access is nearly necessary.  Depending on your provider and where you live will determine if you have access to a 5G network. However, if you can access one, you will have no problems streaming 4k or doing anything else that requires a lightning-fast connection.  If you cannot get 5G yet, do not worry. Everything on your phone will function without connecting to a 5G network.

ADMC / Pixabay

Apple’s newest version of the iPhone is the first to come with 5G capabilities. As 5G – even with the controversy and conspiracies around it – is growing in availability, having a phone with access is nearly necessary.

Depending on your provider and where you live will determine if you have access to a 5G network. However, if you can access one, you will have no problems streaming 4k or doing anything else that requires a lightning-fast connection.  If you cannot get 5G yet, do not worry. Everything on your phone will function without connecting to a 5G network.

Take Nighttime Selfies

While older iPhone models had nighttime mode, the new iPhone added it to their front-facing camera. This addition makes it much easier to send selfies in the dark – whether you are comfortably in bed or out at night.

Honorable Mention: You Get to Go Out and Buy a Plug 

So, this last – we will call it a feature for the sake of this article – is more of a joke or jab than a feature, but we should mention it, nonetheless. The new iPhone does not come with a plug for the charging cable.

Apple claims it did not ship a plug to cut down on packaging. The cord it ships with the phone also requires a USB 3.0, meaning older plugs will not work. If you have an older charging cable, you can use it, but buying a USB 3.0 plug will help charge your phone faster.

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A Deep Dive into Chatbooks with Co-Founder


Sitting with the co-founder of Chatbooks, Vanessa, in a noisy, yet quaint coffee-shop in Union Square, my eyes were opened to a new world. Guilty, as many in my generation are, of snapping hundreds of photos in any given week, letting them pile up on my phone’s SD card and never sharing them outside of my phone – many of us have promised ourselves when we have time we will organize them. With the emergence of the Cloud, and other electronic back-up devices, many have learned the hard way that in this digital age, you must back-up! Especially if you use a digital camera that requires a compact flash or SD memory card.  The best Micro SD cards have every type of memory card you can think of at affordable prices.


But what happens to all of those filtered selfies, vacation photos, and snaps of friends on a spontaneous night out? They often get lost in the cyber world. Never to be printed, and soon to be forgotten. A busy mom of seven, Vanessa contributes the idea to start her company to her family. “Scrapbooking was my hobby as a young mom, and my first three children have very well documented childhoods. But my seventh child didn’t even have one printed photo!” In this digital fast-paced world it becomes increasingly difficult to scrapbook, a tradition in her family for generations, so she needed a super simple way to translate all those iPhone photos to a tangible item to be shared with family and friends.


Founded in June 2014, about 1 million books were sold in their first year. Understanding the millennial tendency to spend more time editing their Instagram posts than curating a family Scrapbook, Chatbooks makes it easy by connecting the App right to your social media accounts, and My Favorites on your phone. For only $8 for a 60 page 6×6 book filled with your favorite memories, the decision-making is almost erased. Everyone can be a contributor to the creation of the memories, allowing multiple people to add photos to a new edition.

Looking to document a whole summer in one book, or add some extra flair, Chatbooks has an option to create a Custom Book, with added photos and a hardcover. For mindless magic, setting up the Chatbooks Ongoing Series service, you are able to create amazing books automatically, receiving notifications as you get close to 60 so you can edit or add captions. If you want the book as is, you can just sit back and it will ship as soon as it is ready, with no shipping fee! It is almost too good to be true.




While Vanessa attributes the business idea to being a mother, and not wanting to let the memories slip away, Chatbooks is the perfect solution to millennials and entrepreneurs everywhere. The ideal client is anyone with a smart phone, which according to PC Magazine, will be 70 percent of the global population by 2020. For small business owners, stylists, and artisans – it serves as the ideal solution to displaying your work to potential clients and employers.

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Images courtesy of Chatbooks

The Best Fashion Apps to Download


Apps have taken over the world! Okay, not really, but it sure seems like it. There’s seriously an app for just about anything. You can order food on your phone for a restaurant of your choosing. You can send money to your friends through Venmo, PayPal, or even Snapchat! And just recently, you can keep up with your favorite Kardashian rather than waiting for the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
So, how do you know which one is the right one to even download and worth keeping on your phone? Lord knows our phones can only store so much. I can’t be the only one who hates the pesky little notification warning you that your phone has reached storage capacity. THE HORROR. How am I supposed to choose which photos I want to keep the most?! That’s why we’re breaking down the fashion apps that you should consider keeping. You know, next to Instagram and Twitter.
We’ve all got those piles of clothes where you regret spending your precious paycheck on a piece of clothing that you wore once or not at all! Fear not, check out Depop. It’s the latest selling app that many famous fashion bloggers are leaning towards to sell their items. Just think, you can be wearing the same items as your favorite blogger AND make fast cash at the same time!
If you’re familiar with the website, you’ll understand the concept on your phone. Bring Polyvore with you while you’re on the go. When you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ll have this in your back pocket.
Fad – The Ultimate Fashion Dictionary
Let’s say you’re out at some big fashion event and it happens: someone says a term you’re not quite familiar with, so you need to think fast on your feet. Rely on Fad AKA the ultimate helper for my fellow fashionistas who wouldn’t exactly call themselves an expert.
This is like Chictopia 2.0! Post your #OOTDs or #OOTNs and share with thousands on where you got your skirt. Better yet, if you like someone’s outfit and you’re dying to know where they got a particular item from, just click on it and you’re well on your way to adding that cute top or pair of shoes to your shopping cart!
Rent the Runway
NYFW may be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done fawning over what we saw! Instead of drooling over an item you think you’ll never be able to own, why not rent it? Seriously!
You know those moments where you’re casually clicking away on the internet and you find that ONE item that you find yourself frantically searching for? Fret no more! This app helps you with that exact problem. Instead of coming up with no results and a heartbreak, this will do the search for you.
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Photograph courtesy of Depop

How To Live Without Your Cellphone


In a technology-driven age, we all spend way too much time on our Smartphones, tablets and on the internet. According to Beta News, approximately two-thirds of Britons hate how much time they spend using their Smartphone. A recent poll of 2,500 UK adults found that 62 per cent resent the fact that they find it so difficult to stop using their phone.
If you hate how much time you spend on your phone, it’s time to do something about it. This doesn’t mean living without it altogether or causing any iphone screen breaks either! You still need to have contact with the outside world, but you can get easily your sanity and social life back with a few simple steps:
several-phonesPractice Makes Perfect
No we don’t expect you to rid yourself completely on day number one.  Start by slowly weaning yourself off. Gradually reduce the amount of time you spend on it whether that’s limiting yourself to ten minutes a day on Facebook, Twitter, buying an alarm clock or taking less selfies! Begin by turning off your phone when you’re sleeping or even leaving it home whilst you’re at work.  You still have email and Skype to stay in touch with people.
Don’t take it everywhere with you
According to Digital Spy, 75 per cent of people use their phone whilst on the toilet. The poll of 2,000 people, conducted by Sony and O2, also revealed that a quarter of men choose to sit on the loo rather than stand, just so their hands are free to use their mobiles. You don’t need your phone on the toilet, in the bath or whilst you’re at the dinner table so put it away.
paintingGet a hobby
Rather than sitting on your phone playing Candy Crush or stalking friends on Facebook every evening, get a hobby. Get off the sofa and join an exercise class, get out and visit friends and family members or read a book instead. Apply the time you would normally waste on your Smartphone by working out, educating yourself, or spending more time with your family and you’ll certainly feel better for it.
Turn off notifications
Each time you receive a notification, you’re likely to then spend a further ten minutes unnecessarily fiddling around on your phone. It’s so easy to get sucked into the social media world through one alert. Turn off all unnecessary notifications i.e. Facebook, Instagram, emails, etc and this is far less likely to happen.
ap-modeMake use of airplane mode
Try to schedule in phone-free periods during the day and especially at weekends if you work Monday to Friday. When you’re busy doing something else like cooking, watching a film or getting ready to go out, put your phone on Airplane Mode so you’re not easily distracted.
Ask humans for directions
Stop using your phone for maps and directions and start asking people instead. Remember when this was the norm? You could even use a good old map! Stop googling everything you don’t know and start talking to people for answers.
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A Chic Buds Review


In my life, both music and fashion play prominent roles. Dressing up every day is a way of expressing myself and listening to music is therapeutic, especially when it comes to dancing when I’m really happy and singing along to the words when I need them the most. What happens when fashion and the equipment needed to listen to your favorite tunes join forces? Chic Buds happens!
Located in sunny California, Chic Buds take the adorable and fashion forward color palettes and patterns of popular fashion trends and combine them with reliable, efficient technology like earbuds, portable phone chargers, and cute wristlets. The company believes in making products that reflect a woman’s personal style and a product that they can rely on during a busy work week. Alongside their wonderful products, 20% of all sales are donated to the Vampire Diaries leading man’s Ian Somerholder’s charity, the Ian Somerholder Foundation, that impacts environmental causes for the planet.
The team at Chic Buds were kind enough to send me the Clutchette Power Jacquelyn, Luv Buds Sienna, and Slim Power Phone Charger Ashley. The Jacquelyn is both efficient and stylish, with pockets for credit cards and essentials during a day brunch or night out. It also comes with a handy strap to wrap around your wrist and the convenient charger element where you can connect your smartphone, Mp3 player, or any device to when you’re running low on power. The Slim Power Phone Charger does the same, while the Luv Bud Sienna is any fashionista music lover’s dream with the power of big budget earbuds, reasonable pricing, the cute colors any fashionista would adore.
Needless to say, my dream products have finally been created.
Visit ChicBuds.com for more styles!
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Chic Buds Review: Photographs courtesy of Chic Buds

Fashion Meets Technology


In 2001, Apple released the first iPod, a brick-shaped mp3 player whose later incarnations would go on to become one of the most influential devices of the 21st century. At the same time, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, two young celebrities whose fame was beginning to skyrocket, were sporting all-denim ensembles at the 28th Annual American Music Awards. While both Apple’s iPod and early-2000’s celebrity fashion were both hot topics, they had yet to become intertwined. Cut to today, where fans of Timberlake and Spears scroll through photographs of the stars on red carpets in sleek suits and tailored dresses, scroll through websites and apps searching for similar fashions—all while listening to the newest albums on the same electronic device. Today, fashion and technology are nearly one, forever influencing one another, forever on a path toward merging completely.
With all the fashion forward apps out there—and all the online shopping to do—you’re going to need a chic way to access all of that coveted online content. The Lenovo YOGA Tablet 2 Pro is sleek and stylish. Carry it with you to class, work, hangouts, or family get-togethers and be ready for whatever the day brings. This tablet, developed with Ashton Kutcher, features a 13.3” screen, an 8-watt sound system with a subwoofer, and a built-in Pico projector. The YOGA Tablet 2 Pro even allows users to choose from four different interaction modes—Hang, Hold, Tilt, and Stand—for a more enjoyable experience. lenovo.com
LOU app
Mobile apps are one means of integrating both fashion and technology. On the fashion app, LOU, users can view what big-time designers, bloggers, and models are posting to their various social networking feeds, including Instagram, Twitter, and blogs, all on the same screen. Users can “favorite” photos and luxury products they love and even purchase products they absolutely must have—all on the same app. LOU will even alert you when your favorite products go on sale! loulookbook.com
Apple Watch
Running back and forth from deal to deal will burn a lot of energy. With the new Apple Watch due for release early 2015, shoppers will be able to track their physical exertion with fitness apps. The watch will even make exercise suggestions based on wearers’ daily movement. But Apple Watch is about more than fitness; it’s also about style and personal customization. The high-tech watch is available in three different collections: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. Consumers will be able to choose different faces, bands, and even sizes—38mm or 42mm—to make the watch fit their personality and lifestyle. apple.com
Another wearable piece of technology is the Everpurse. The Everpurse, which comes in a variety of designs, is essentially a stylish mobile phone charger. Inside the purse, there is a special charging pocket, which, when you drop in your cell phone, instantly charges your device. The Everpurse can even charge an iPhone 5 up to three times over, making it the perfect accessory for travel. And when users return to their homes at night, all they have to do is place the Everpurse on top of the Everpurse mat to recharge the bag overnight. Easy, efficient, and stylish! everpurse.com
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“Fashion Meets Technology” originally appeared as “Stylish Tech” in Cliché Magazine’s Dec/Jan 2015 issue.
Photograph courtesy of Everpurse

Find Your Cuddle Buddy with the Cuddlr App


Ever had the overwhelming urge to just want to cuddle, but there seems to be no feasible options for you? Or those Tinder matches of yours are just a little too aggressive when you’re just looking for some PG-rated activity? Well, it’s time to find your cuddle buddy with the Cuddlr app.
Yupp, you read that correctly, an app that helps you find someone in your area to cuddle with. The location-based, social-meeting app was created by Charlie Williams along with Jeff Kulak and Damon Brown in hopes to bring people together for gentle, no-pressure intimacy.

    How it works:

“Tap to request a cuddle from a specific person or respond to someone else’s request. If you both agree, you can shoot them a brief message like “let’s meet at the park” or “I’m wearing a green shirt”. Cuddlr will then show real-time walking directions between the two of you. Once you meet and have a cuddle, you can give a thumbs-up if everything went ok, or in the event of a somewhat too-grabby cuddle, you can report the user. That’s it! The app also lets you share a picture of the cuddle, and, when you’re ready, you can ask for another cuddle through Cuddlr ” (Cuddlrapp.com).
Currently the app is only available for download for Apple users, however will soon be made accessible for Android users.
Your next cuddle buddy could be around the corner (literally)– Are you DTC? (Down to cuddle?)
Photos courtesy of Cuddlr

iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Release


Apple has done it again ladies and gents, the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 release has taken over the technology world! Another year, another iPhone and another iOS update. Released just a few days shy of last years iPhone 5c and 5s, we welcome the birth of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
We’ve all heard that ‘bigger is better’– well, ‘bigger than bigger’ seems to be the motto for these newest members of the Apple family. Prior to the release of the iPhone 6 duo, iPhone screens on average measured with a 3.5-inch screen display (diagonally) with the iPhone 5s and 5c at 4″, but it seems like Apple had other plans in mind for this new generation. Topping the list at 4.7″ (iPhone 6) and 5.5″(iPhone 6 Plus)
With much of its influence stemming from the design of the iPad Air, the 6th generation iPhone’s aesthetics are something to take note of. Both with glass faces, curved around the edges and aluminum backs, the 6s are not only the newest, but also the thinnest iPhones to date. Last year Apple boasted about the iPhone 5s being the best iPhone ever, well now the 6 is here and with 4 million pre-orders within its first 24 hours of availability, it might be safe to say there is a new sheriff in town.
If you happen to be an existing iPhone user and haven’t gotten your hands on the new iPhone, don’t worry there’s something for you to be excited about too– Apple would never leave their loyal customers without something new to always look forward to.
The iOS 8 update is here and ready to make the life of an iPhone user even easier than before!
With new messaging updates, location sharing, new apps, photo editing and more. So even if you don’t run out and get the iPhone 6, there’s still something for you to bask in!
Photos courtesy of Huffington Post First Post Apple Inc.

Wellograph Wellness Watch


Staying healthy and looking good just became easier with Wellograph’s Wellness Watch. The sleek timepiece with a sapphire steel face plate doubles as a fitness monitor that tracks your activity, monitors your heart rate, and records your speed while running. The Wellograph Wellness Watch provides automatic information regarding your activity throughout the day and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring your pulse rate. The watch acts solely on its own and displays activity information on the sapphire faceplate and doesn’t require the help of a smartphone.

The Wellograph Wellness Watch won the Consumer Electronics Show Award in 2014 for its innovative design and functions which includes the option to link to apps for even further analysis into your activity.
“Wellograph is the first wellness watch to wrap fashion, fitness and functionality into one unique device that consumers will love,” Nick Warnock, President of Wellogaph Inc., said. “We’re looking forward to bringing our product to those who are not only interested in their health and wellness, but those who are fashion-minded as well.”
A fashion forward fitness accessory is the perfect addition to the summer wardrobe.

The Wellograph retails at $349.95 and is available for purchase on www.wellograph.com.