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Q&A with Eliana Alexander: Accomplished Actress and Novelist


Eliana Alexander is a veteran of the entertainment industry for over 30 years. She has shared her talents in both the English and Latin markets in series such as The Bold and The Beautiful and Desire as well as Telemundo hits such as La Ley del Silencio and Sin Verguenza. Recently she starred alongside fellow acting veterans Luis Guzman and Sir Ben Kingsley in an EPIX series titled  Perpetual Grace LTD, which critics have called exhilarating and infectious. 

Beyond her work as an actress, Eliana maintains a secondary career as an incredible novelist.  Her first book, titled The Neighbor, was released in 2012. She recently announced the first installment of an adventure/sci-fi book series called Tilt. The stories are set to follow two teens, Blane and Jake, who inadvertently set off an inter-dimensional time vortex that takes the duo on exciting and dangerous new possibilities and times whilst learning about the worlds within themselves.  The first book was newly released on August 8th

I had a chance to speak with the actress and novelist about her extensive list of talents, Perpetual Grace LTD, and her newly released novel. Check out our Q&A below: 

Clichė: As a veteran in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, what is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned? 

Eliana: To stay on my game. Stay in shape and skilled and very focus in order to keep working. 

What do you find most fulfilling in acting? 

Being able to breathe life into a character and to immerse myself in this new way of being as the character. To [be] a part of a story that unfolds right before peoples’ eyes. [And] to collaborate and be a part of a vast puzzle with lots of angles. Being a part of a tapestry that has a lot of threads that will unravel or come together. Once a project is done, being a part of a team that created something together is pure joy! 

Prior to your acting character, you started off as a singer as well as teaching dance and musical theater. Your passion seems to be tied to the arts. Why do you think you have such a love for music, acting, dancing, and theater? Where do you think it comes from? 

I have always been exposed to music and arts while traveling. Music was always playing in our house. I was raised overseas in South and Central America where I was exposed to a lot of cultures. I think the music and the arts of each country helped weave a beautiful pattern in my life. The unique sounds and rhythms of each country resonated in my heart. When I was young I wanted to be a doctor but the universe had other plans for me. I kept getting pulled into the arts and learning a lot. Even when I began teaching dance and musical theater at Dupree’s dance academy, I continued to evolve as an artist and spiritual human being. Music and arts open our minds to go to another place. Music and arts touch our souls and raise our spirits. Music and stories are something that will always pull people in. Even as [the] audience, it gives us a chance to be a part of someone’s imagination for a little while. 

You star alongside an all-star cast in a new series titled Perpetual Grace LTD on EPIX. Your co-star Sir Ben Kingsley has described the series as a “10-hour movie.” What can audiences expect? 

I am incredibly fortunate to be on a series with a stellar cast. The writing is magnificent and the cinematography is exquisite. Steven Conrad and Bruce Terris did a great job as they blend the modern noir feel with a western touch. As the story unravels they intertwine the characters beautifully. I love it because it is edgy, gritty and at times it will jolt you, wake you up with the unexpected. I truly feel that people are ready for something like this. 

You play Marisol Contreras in the series who is the wife of Hector (Luis Guzman). How does she fit into the story? What was it like working with Luis and the other actors on set? 

Marisol Contreras who is the wife of Hector Contreras who is the town sheriff in Hermosillo, Mexico. She is a mom of two very smart teen boys Emile and Mathias and she is very proactive in their lives. My TV sons are played by Alonso Alvarez who plays Emile and Calvin Benuto who plays Mathias and they are magnificent. Marisol truly values a strong family unit. You see her changing when she begins to discover that something is going on with Hector, yet she doesn’t know what. Throughout the series you see her step up for her family. On working with Sir Ben and Luiz, it is great. They are very different. Sir Ben is very focused throughout the day and when working with just the family, the boys and Luis, Luis is funny and keeps the cast and crew laughing. I mean it when I say I am truly blessed to be a part of this amazing project! 

What drew you to the character of Marisol Contreras? 

What drew me is her strength and how she becomes a warrior and not a victim. She does go through a lot and yet she still values her family and works at keeping them together. 

Perpetual Grace was filmed in New Mexico. What was it like filming there? Any memorable stories from the set? 

I love Santa Fe, New Mexico! You can feel the energy of the land and everyone is kind and open. The mountains and the sunsets are formidable. Even though Santa Fe is a small town it has everything; culture and arts and lots of history. While there I learned that Santa Fe was established in 1610 and that Santa Fe is the third oldest city in the United States. Only St. Augustine, Florida, founded in 1565, and Jamestown, Virginia are older. It is always great when we can see new states and really learn about them; a huge added gift to my career! 


Along with this new series on EPIX, you also have a book releasing on August 8th, titled Tilt. What can you tell our readers about the book series? 

I am very excited about this novel. TILT is an action/adventure sci-fi novel series, TILT: Magic Ei8hts follows Blane and Jake, two teens who inadvertently set off an inter-dimensional time vortex that takes them on adventures to exciting and dangerous new worlds and times. Blane and Jake learn a great deal about themselves while learning about the Universe and eras. These teens are super savvy with technology yet when they travel back in time, they have to learn how to exist in a world with bare minimum necessities and no technology. TILT: Magic Ei8hts is the first book in the series. I am already in the midst of writing TILT: The Red Moon and I am looking forward to the readers getting their hands on that as well! 

You released your first novel ‘The Neighbor’ in 2012. What has your career as a novelist taught you? Now that you’re a storyteller yourself, do you read scripts differently? 

I started writing scripts for TV and film. The beauty of writing a novel is that you can expand and color. While adapting the script to novel form on “The Neighbor,” I got to expand the characters with more description. That vast colors of description allows readers to glide right into your imagination. As a writer/author, I am always learning about everything while I do research. That is what I love, that I continue to learn about many things as I am in the throes of research when writing a book. My mind is always expanding and I absolutely enjoy that. 

What is your writing process like? Where do you draw inspiration from and how do you deal with writer’s block? 

I love to write in the morning very early, we are talking 5:00 AM! The morning is quiet and the world hasn’t really started. I get an idea and my mind takes off. The idea comes with concept and characters and off I go. I will write for about three hours, take a break and come back to my desk for another two. Many times I want to keep going yet my day begins and my career has to keep going, so the book or scripts wait until the next morning. I wake up excited to bring life to the story and characters. I have so many ideas and concepts that I have a body of work to keep me busy for a very long time. I am blessed that I have an active imagination for it truly keeps me going. 

What do you hope your readers get when they pick up a novel of yours? 

I am in great hopes that they take a chance and they lose themselves into their imagination through my stories. Also that they go into another place. I would love for them to connect with the characters. Especially on “TILT: Magic Eights” I would love for them to root for Blane and Jake as they travel throughout this journey. Also from the worlds and dimensions the characters visit, to see how our world is affected by how we live. In TILT, the characters learn a lot about the planet and themselves and really evolve. While reading any one of my novels, I am hoping that the readers also experience a sense of evolvement on their own. To me, there are messages in the stories so we can all get something. 

 Who is your biggest inspiration as a writer? 

Too many to choose for I have many writers that I like and I really feel every novelist has at one point inspired me. To list only a few, one of my favorites, of course, being Shakespeare, the classic way of speaking and the stories hit my heart. Another book that to this day blew me away is “Memoirs of a Geisha” written by Arthur Golden about a fictional geisha working in Kyoto, Japan, before and during World War II. The way he wrote and the details in the story pulled me in to where I truly lost myself while I was reading that book. I loved it and I did not want it to end. 

Another great book that has crossed my path is “Fast Ball” author Anthony C. Tripari. It’s a fictional novel about the Boston mafia and is intertwined with an Italian family: the Panarellis. The book starts in the nineteen fifties, a time when families were bound together by their heritage. I was recommended to Mr. Tripari by a friend to adapt his novel into a film script. Once I read this magnificent book that pulled me in right away, I shared with Mr. Tripari that it has beautiful treasures throughout the book and that it would play better as a mini-series. He agreed and hence became the beginning of a great relationship. Mr. Tripari has now three books that are great, of course, they are the sequels “Butchie” and “Vendetta.” I can’t say who just yet, but several actors from the famed TV series “The Sopranos” have expressed an interest. Fingers crossed! 

When you’re not acting or writing amazing novels, what do you like to do on your downtime? 

I always love spending time with my family, my husband John Nikitin and my amazing dog Bosco. We spend time going on hikes and long walks. Being by the beach, it is easy to want to be outside enjoying the day. John and I enjoy home time yet we occasionally have dinner watching the sunset at several of our beach community restaurants. We enjoy working out, one to stay in shape, yet it is fun especially while taking dance classes or even Jazzercise with Dwain and Marie at our Beach City Jazzercise community. We love supporting our local beach community. At home, we read and also dig into some streaming and binge on TV series. 

 I’ve read that you are an avid animal rights supporter. What organizations do you support and what drew you to the cause of animal rights? 

I am a huge animal lover. I believe in caring for these beautiful souls. They need our voice and that is why I appreciate and support Sea Shepherd. Captain Paul Watson and his crew risk their lives supporting the sea life, especially whales and dolphins. We need to care about our oceans and they really help us learn and understand how to do that. I support PETA and appreciate how Ingrid and her team strive to better the lives of all animals. I am a proud vegan. Even in my nutrition, I support animals and in addition, I get to stay very healthy. 

I just want to add that I am grateful and honored to be interviewed by Cliché Magazine!



You can follow the latest on Eliana on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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Q&A with Eliana Alexander: Accomplished Actress and Novelist: Featured Image: Courtesy of Melina Kelly / Shandrew PR

Why You Should Be Watching NBC’s The Village


From This Is Us to A Million Little Things, it seems as though NBC has made it their mission to produce dramatic television shows that, if nothing else, pull on your heartstrings. The latest series to join that batch is one that you should be watching: The Village. Created by Mike Daniels, this ensemble drama follows a number of residents, all living in the same apartment building in Brooklyn, who have built a close-knit, family-like bond. They all deal with their own personal issues, but still find time to be there for each other.

Lorraine Toussaint (left) as Patricia Davis. Grace Van Dien as Katie Campbell.

The series stars a number of familiar faces, including Michaela McManus (of One Tree Hill and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit fame), Lorraine Toussaint (The Fosters and Orange is the New Black), Frankie Faison (The Wire), and Dominic Chianese (The Sopranos and The Godfather Part II). The show also stars Daren Kagasoff, who is most recognized as bad boy, Ricky Underwood, on the ABC Family (now Freeform) series The Secret Life of the American Teenager

What makes The Village such a good show, aside from the fact that it will most definitely force you to shed a few tears, is the fact that the acting is very powerful. When you have three legendary performers such as Toussaint, Faison, and Chianese on one show, you know you’re in for a treat. In addition, the show deals with issues that anyone can relate to. From teen pregnancy, to an amputee war veteran dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to cancer, to immigration issues, to caring for the elderly, this show certainly has something for everyone. You care for these characters because you either see yourself – or someone you hold dear to your heart – in them. You relate to their struggles and celebrate their triumphs along with them.

Lorraine Toussaint (left) as Patricia Davis. Michaela McManus as Sarah Campbell.

Sure, the show may not pull the numbers that This Is Us has seen in its three seasons, but it does get better as it goes along. There’s also something very endearing about a group of people who aren’t blood-related, coming together to create a stronger family than those who are!

The Village airs Tuesday nights on NBC.


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Why You Should Be Watching NBC’s The Village: Featured Image Credit: Ice Cream Convos.

Favorite TV Characters: Fiona Gallagher’s Best Moments On Shameless


The latest season of Shameless ended last month with an emotional goodbye to the Gallagher family’s beloved leader, Fiona. When the news of Emmy Rossum’s departure from the series was announced, many were wondering what the endgame for Fiona was. After nine seasons following Fiona Gallagher’s highs and lows, viewers got to see a memorable goodbye to a character we all fell in love with eight years ago.  

It’s hard to describe why viewers felt such an attachment to Fiona. Emmy Rossum’s portrayal of Fiona lit up our screens every season. Fiona wasn’t perfect. She had plenty of missteps along the nine-season ride and countless bad judgment calls that were frustrating to watch, but we never stopped rooting for her. Shameless fans knew what she meant to the Gallagher family, and it’s hard to envision them without her. In fact, Fiona’s final goodbye consisted of her taking pride in all that she’s done for her family, and that is why we always loved her.

Though picking the best Fiona moments from Shameless is a difficult task, I’ve gathered memorable Fiona scenes that we all remember. My top 10 includes emotional tearjerkers and some Gallagher humor.

Let’s take a trip down Fiona lane:

  1. “You were my mother too!” 

Emmy Rossum’s performance in this scene makes it the most memorable moment in Shameless history. In this scene, Fiona confronts her estranged mother, Monica, who returns with her girlfriend in hopes of taking custody of the youngest Gallagher, Liam. After many episodes of watching Fiona carry the family without any help from Frank or Monica, Fiona finally explodes and delivers a powerful monologue. This scene is particularly satisfying for Shameless fans because we loved seeing Fiona remind her parents of the sacrifices she’s made for her siblings while they were absent. Plus, Emmy Rossum’s acting in this scene was award-worthy.

2. “Get out of bed, mom!” 

In the second season, we finally get to see Fiona make some great strides. She lands a decent job, she’s bringing in more money and seems to be putting herself first for once. This, of course, all falls apart when Hurricane Monica returns. When the Gallagher ‘squirrel fund’ goes missing thanks to Monica, Fiona gets a devastating reminder: Her mother will never change. In this scene, we see a typical Fiona. She hits rock bottom, breaks down and cries, and seconds later pulls herself back up and tries to dig her family out of the mess. Viewers once again are reminded that Fiona is the backbone of the family.

3. “I’ve done what I could…”

In season 3, Fiona seeks to gain custody of her siblings. This lands both Fiona and Frank in court as they argue who is better for the children. Fiona once again has to describe everything she’s done for her siblings while Monica was nowhere to be found and Frank was busy…being Frank. Fiona reminds the judge, Frank, and the viewers that she’s been the protector and caretaker of the family since the age of nine, and she’s done the best that she could.

4. “You are on your own.” 

In season 6, Debbie makes bad decision after bad decision, including getting pregnant…on purpose. In this scene, Fiona is fed up with Debbie and lets her know that not only is she against Debbie having a baby but she refuses to lend any support to Debbie if she goes through with it. Fiona may seem harsh by putting her foot down but she begins to hold her siblings accountable, which made this scene special.

5. “She wasn’t here!”

In season 7, the infamous Monica dies and the Gallagher children are all unsure how to mourn the death of a parent that was never there. Frank and Fiona come head to head as he argues that Monica cared deeply for the children despite her absence. Fiona delivers a harsh truth to Frank as she tearfully tells him that Monica didn’t care for anyone but herself. As if the scene couldn’t get more brutal than it already is, she tells a heartbroken Frank she’s glad Monica is dead. Once again, Emmy Rossum is astounding in this scene.

6. “Piece of hipster trash!”

In season 7, Fiona is a professional business owner but that doesn’t mean the southside has left her. In one of the lighter scenes in Shameless, Fiona confronts a customer who left an unpleasant review about Fiona’s laundromat.  Fiona soon finds her and lets her know just what she thinks about hipsters and their Yelp reviews.

7. “I need my family back. Please…”

Season 4 was one of the darkest seasons for Fiona. Fiona is on probation after a near-fatal incident with Liam. Lip takes over Fiona’s role as the main caretaker of the family after no longer trusting Fiona’s judgment. As her siblings begin to give her the cold shoulder, Fiona soon cracks. Her tearful phone call to Lip is one of the most memorable moments on this show because it displays how much her siblings are apart of her life. After hitting rock-bottom, all Fiona wants is her family back.

8. “I’m Fiona” 

In season 8, Fiona is still scorned over the betrayal from Sean. In this hilarious scene, Fiona tries to seek closure by giving his new wife advice she wishes she was given. In typical Fiona style, it doesn’t go as planned.

9. “I was right.”

In season 8 Fiona owns a building! This means she’s not around as much to keep track of her siblings and all the typical shenanigans they get into (thanks to Frank). As usual, her siblings find themselves in deep trouble and beg Fiona for some help. Fiona lines each of them up, delivers an “I told you so!” speech and asks each sibling to tell her she was right. Petty!

10. “I did it all!”

In the finale of season 9, Fiona says goodbye in the best way possible. A final scene with Frank (played by William H. Macy) was the perfect exit for Fiona. “I did it all,” she says, and she sure did.




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Favorite TV Characters: Fiona Gallagher’s Best Moments On Shameless: Featured Image: @Shameless on Instagram. 

Top 5 Transgender Characters That Have Made an Impact


It really is amazing how far we have come as a society when it comes to media representation of the LGBT community. While gay and lesbian characters have long been represented on television and film, the shift to include transgender characters has only recently occurred. Up until the early 2010s, there were virtually no trans characters on our television screens or on the big screen. Nowadays, it has become the norm for shows and films to represent the community in some way, casting a necessary spotlight on their struggles and triumphs. Their inclusion has allowed trans folks to realize that they are not alone, and do not have to feel ashamed to be who they are. For some, just seeing a trans character depicted on screen has literally saved their lives. Here is a list of the top 5 transgender characters that have made a positive impact on our society.


Dr. Terry Randolph, General Hospital

The character of Oncologist, Dr. Terry Randolph may not be known by many outside of the daytime soap opera community, but that does not lessen the positive impact she has made. Portrayed by trans actress Cassandra James, she is the first transgender character on ABC’s General Hospital. She was first introduced to viewers of the show on June 29, 2018, as the childhood friend of longtime fan fave, Elizabeth Webber (played by Rebecca Herbst). Elizabeth was initially shocked to see that the boy she knew as a child (as well as her first kiss) is now a beautiful woman – the woman she was meant to be all along – and embraced Terry with open arms almost instantly. Speaking on her thoughts of playing Terry, James posted to Instagram: “Terry, like many trans people, struggled to find love and acceptance from her family. Transition is rarely arbitrary. Personally speaking, it took me several long years of self-discovery and soul-searching before I decided to transition. I’m thankful to be telling Terry’s story and grateful to everyone at #GH who were committed to have a trans woman portray Terry.”

Trevor, Shameless

Shameless is the longest-running scripted series in Showtime’s history, and in its 7th season, the show introduced fans to Trevor. Portrayed by trans actor and activist Elliot Fletcher, Trevor would become a love interest for Ian Gallagher (played by Cameron Monaghan), an openly gay man and one of the show’s original characters. As a social worker at the local LGBT center, Trevor was fundamental in educating Ian, and simultaneously, viewers of the show, about the trans community. He was the first trans character on the show that was prominently featured and his inclusion opened eyes and expanded many minds as it pertained to the trans community and their place in our society.

Sophia Burset, Orange is the New Black

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black has been credited by many for being the first show to prominently feature a trans character, played by a trans actress, since the show’s inception. Portrayed by the amazing Laverne Cox, Sophia Burset was initially incarcerated for credit card fraud, which she used to finance her gender confirmation surgery. This is a notable struggle that many trans individuals face. Her relationships with fellow inmates and her family were often depicted as complicated due to her being a transgender woman. Despite all of this, at her core, Sophia is a genuinely good person, as long as you don’t get on her bad side. Sophia’s impact on the show, and with fans, as well as Laverne’s critically acclaimed portrayal of the character, garnered the actress a Primetime Emmy Nomination. She also landed the cover of Time Magazine in June 2014, making her the first trans actress to accomplish both.

Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista, Pose

Created by Ryan Murphy, FX’s Pose has the distinction of having the largest cast of transgender actors ever for a scripted television series. One of the show’s characters that is truly making an impact is Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista, portrayed by trans actress and singer MJ Rodriguez. Living in New York City during the AIDS crisis of the 1980s, Blanca is the epitome of never giving up in the face of adversity. After being diagnosed with HIV, she takes matters, as well as her fate, into her own hands by forming House Evangelista, a self-selected family that prides itself on providing safety, love, and support to those that have been abandoned by their birth family for being themselves. MJ’s portrayal of Blanca has garnered overwhelming praise from critics and has been called the “breakout star” of the series. 

Nomi Marks, Sense8

Sense8 may have ended way too soon, but the popular Netflix series will live on in our hearts as one of the most groundbreaking shows ever produced. Created by sisters and trans women, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, along with J. Michael Straczynski, Sense8 featured a racially diverse cast, in addition to the fact that it tackled subjects that are not normally depicted in many science fiction shows and films, such as sexuality and gender identity. One of the show’s breakout characters was Nomi Marks, portrayed by trans actress Jamie Clayton. Try and wrap your head around this one: Nomi Marks is a caucasian trans woman in a same-sex interracial relationship – and ultimately, marriage –  with an African American woman. How’s that for inclusivity?


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Top 5 Transgender Characters That Have Made an Impact. Featured image credit: Peter Hapak of TIME. Photograph credits:  @cassandrajames_, @elliotfgf, Kwaku Alston, @poseonfx, and Marcio Del Nero


The Top 3 Relaxing Shows on Netflix


There are so many fantastic shows on Netflix right now, ranging from the mysterious Black Mirror to the bone chilling Mind Hunter. However, in our busy lives we don’t always want to binge the next crime drama in our little free time. There are moments where I come home from a long day of work and just want to sink into my couch or bubble bath and turn on something calming to forget my troubles for a while. That being said, here are the top three relaxing shows on Netflix suggested from yours truly.


The Great British Baking Show: During finals week a friend of mine suggested I watch “this very calming show about English bakers.” Naturally, I didn’t take her advice until I was home from college for the summer and work was getting me down. After a stressful day, one of the best shows to watch is The Great British Baking Show, a series about amateur British bakers politely competing against each other for a Star Baker title (seriously, they don’t win any money just the title). Food is always a comforting topic for a little leisure, at least it is for me, and watching a group of bakers enjoy the thrill of pounding dough or piping meringue can be very relieving. Everything on the set looks so aesthetically pleasing and watching the judges take a bite into each dish makes one wonder just how tasty it must be. Unlike most competitive shows, the contestants on The Great British Baking Show never put the desire to win over traditional English charm. Aside from baking the most incredible treats, most of the content is competitors helping one another and engaging in friendly conversation. Is there anything more relaxing than listening to the sound of twelve British bakers talking about biscuits? Now, at the end of a long day my favorite thing to do is make myself a cup of tea and watch my favorite set of bakers.


Queer Eye: Although it is a high energy show, I have found Queer Eye to be very relaxing. Queer Eye follows a group of gay men, the Fab 5, using their fashion and flair to remake their lucky contestant’s house, outfits, hair, and cooking routine. The Fab 5 don’t just come in, clean, and move on, they also try and improve their guest’s self confidence and overall happiness with their new style. These men are also very open with their audience about the limitlessness of love. They share their personal stories about their families learning to love them and their own self acceptance. I’ll admit that there are times when the the show gets emotional, but there’s nothing like squeezing out a few tears to destress. It’s nice to come home to a show like Queer Eye that brings people together while satisfying my need to have things clean.


Bob Ross: My mom always used to tell me that her favorite show to watch when she was done with work for the night was Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere. When I feel super anxious all I have to do is turn on an episode of Ross’ smooth gentle voice describing his landscape painting, then I drift right off into dreamland. Everything this man paints always turns out to be beautiful and it makes me absolutely delighted. There are never any problems, drama, or fighting, only “happy little bushes” and “happy accidents.”

There’s a lot of pressure to watch the hottest series on Netflix, but sometimes the best shows are the ones we can curl up to in our favorite pj’s with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate and forget about life for awhile.


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Top 3 Relaxing Shows on Netflix. Featured Image Credits: worldlifestyle.com, pbs.org, netflix.com, newsweek.com.

‘Veronica Mars’ Reboot? Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell Are Both Hoping for a Revival


Do you remember Veronica Mars? Who could forget Kristen Bell’s snarky portrayal of the female detective? Many of the fans can’t. Veronica Mars ran for three seasons on UPN and The CW networks. Despite the show’s cancellation back in 2007, many fans have felt that the show should have continued. The fans aren’t the only ones, either. The series creator Rob Thomas wants a ‘Veronica Mars’ reboot, and apparently, so does Kristen Bell.

Rob Thomas Speaks With E! News About a Future ‘Veronica Mars’ Reboot

'Veronica Mars' Reboot

Veronica Mars ‘Reboot’ May Happen. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television

In a recent interview with E! News, Thomas stated that he and Kristen are both “hopeful” and remain “very into” the idea of reviving the show. The two creatives have both expressed their love for the series. Fans have done so as well, as they partially funded the  2014 Veronica Mars movie. Displaying a positive outlook, Thomas knows exactly what he wants the reboot of Veronica Mars to focus on if it comes to fruition. The “kick-ass mystery” is what the show should be all about, he claims. “I want to make Veronica the first name in female detectives,” Rob asserts. But he also makes it clear that if he can’t do the show with Kristen Bell, the show may not happen at all.  

“I can’t imagine doing it without Kristen in my professional lifetime. I mean, never say never, but I think if I’m not doing it with Kristen, it means that Kristen no longer wants to do it. And Kristen has said she’s willing to do it until it’s ‘Murder, She Wrote.’ As long as she holds to that, then I think I want to keep doing the Kristen Bell version, if there’s an opportunity.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing set in motion just yet, but with Thomas and Bell both strongly set on the idea, a reboot may be in the foreseeable future.


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‘Veronica Mars’ Reboot? Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell Are Both Hoping for a Revival. Featured Photo Credit: Robert Voets, 2014 Warner Bros. Entertainment



Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This July


Ah, yes it’s summer (as if you already didn’t know). While it may be the perfect time to head to the beach and soak in some Vitamin D, it’s also the time to binge watch as much on Netflix while you can. Squeeze in all you can before the Fall TV series sneak their way back and before school starts again so that way you could be in the loop on all conversations. Whether you’re a first time binge watcher or you’re the type of person glued to Netflix, here’s what you need to see. Time to get cozy! We put an asterisk next to our picks.


Available July 1

  • Capo “El amo del tunel”: Season 1
  • Deep Water: Season 1
  • El Barco: Season 1
  • Hostages (Israel): Season 2
  • Offspring: Season 6
  • The Originals: Season 4
  • Spice Up: Season 1
  • Yours Fatefully: Season 1
  • The Ultimatum: Season 1
  • Unriddle
  • Unriddle II
  • Witnesses: Season 2
  • World at Your Feet: Season 1
  • Yes We Can!: Season 1

Available July 2

  • El Chema: Season 1

Available July 4

  • The Standups: Season 1**

Available July 5

  • iZombie: Season 3**

Available July 7

  • Castlevania: Season 1
  • Dawn of the Croods: Season 4
  • Degrassi: Next Class: Season 4
  • Luna Petunia: Season 2

Available July 14

  • Friends From College: Season 1**

Available July 15

  • Rake: Season 4
  • West Coast Customs: Season 4

Available July 18

  • Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce: Season 3

Available July 20

  • Pretty Little Liars**

Available July 21

  • Last Chance U: Season 2

Ozark: Season 1

  • The Worst Witch: Season 1

Available July 28

  • Daughters of Destiny: Season 1
  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 5


Available July 1

  • Albion: The Enchanted Stallion
  • Are We There Yet?
  • Are We Done Yet?
  • The Astronaut Farmer
  • Best in Show
  • Boat Trip
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • Caramel
  • Code Name: The Cleaner
  • Dad
  • Delicatessen
  • Disney’s The Mighty Ducks**
  • Emma
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Free Willy
  • Here Alone
  • The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)
  • Jackass: Number Two
  • The Land Before Time
  • The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
  • The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving
  • Last Night
  • Liar’s Dice
  • The Longest Yard
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • Matchstick Men
  • Mixed Signals
  • Out of Thin Air
  • Police Academy
  • Proof of Life
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Spawn: The Movie
  • Taking Lives
  • Titanic
  • The Truth Is in the Stars
  • Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

Available July 3

  • Diamond Cartel
  • Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story

Available July 6

  • Butter
  • Speech & Debate
  • The Void

Available July 7

  • 1 Mile to You (Life At These Speeds)

Available July 8

  • Bad Santa 2
  • Horse Dancer

Available July 9

  • Lion**

Available July 11

  • Gabriel Iglesias Presents the Gentleman Jerry Rocha

Available July 14

  • Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile
  • Chasing Coral
  • To the Bone

Available July 17

  • A Cowgirl’s Story
  • Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness
  • Uncertain Glory

Available July 18

  • Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say
  • Ari Shaffir: Double Negative: Collection
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story**

Available July 22

  • Railroad Tigers

Available July 24

  • Victor

Available July 25

  • Joe Mande’s Award-Winning Comedy Special
  • Munroe Island

Available July 28

  • The Incredible Jessica James**

Available July 31

  • After the Reality
  • Checkpoint
  • Dark Night
  • Taking Earth

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Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This July: Images courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter