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The Most Badass Female Characters Of All Time


We all love to see badass women represented in movies, television shows, and literature. When they defy the female stereotypes and destroy the gender roles that have been ingrained in our society for years, we cheer them on. There are so many incredible female characters out there, so here’s a list of five awe-inspiring women that everyone should see in action.


Cookie Lyon from Empire: Nobody can beat Cookie as a modern badass. She can make you laugh while striking fear into your heart. One minute a lover the next a fighter. Cookie was a former prisoner and faced the most heartbreaking situations: she was torn away from her children, lost her husband, and almost lost her life, but she made a comeback on her own. There’s no telling Cookie what to do, how to do it, or who to do it with. This woman plays by her own rules and looks hot while she does. She has no time or patience for the societal expectations of women; she is stubborn, loud, and loves to make a statement. If there’s one thing to know about Cookie it’s that she will not be a sidekick. She is determined to become the face of Empire forever and rule the entertainment world.   


Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation: Leslie is one of the most amazing and hilarious television characters ever. Not only is Leslie a die hard waffle lover with an endless supply of great quotes (personal favorite referring to librarians as “punk-ass book jockeys”), but she’s also a total feminist. Leslie’s a woman who rips apart stereotypes and overcomes the difficulties of being a female government employee. She is unashamedly ambitious because she has the biggest heart in the world. What Leslie wants most of all is to make the people around her happy and she will stop at nothing to make that happen. Her dedication leads her to success, not only career-wise, but in her heart-warming friendships.


Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter: Ginny is hands down the most underrated character in the entire Harry Potter series. Sadly, Ginny’s amazing personality was cut out of the movies, but her fiery self remains very alive in the books. This lady is sassy, clever, and tough as nails. She’s the only character who’s brave enough to stand up to Harry when he’s irrational and, more importantly, stands up for herself when she’s treated like a dainty child. Her independence and bravery leads her to many accomplishments, like becoming one of the best Quidditch players, reforming a Voldemort resistance group, and dueling with some of the most dangerous dark wizards. Ginny is the strongest warrior while being the most loyal companion.


Ellen Ripley from Alien: Ripley is opinionated, intelligent, and fearless. Throughout the movie she changes from a follower contradicting her captain to a leader thriving in the most terrifying moments. When her crew is hunted down in an isolated spaceship by a bloodthirsty alien, Ripley never backs down. She gets crazy but keeps her wits about her by observing what the creature’s possible weaknesses are. Although she is afraid to fight alone, Ripley stays cool while wielding a flamethrower! Against all odds, she survives the attack on her own.


Detective Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa is a great detective who follows her own badass instincts. She’s very intense, often resorting to physical violence when anyone gets in her way, but under her hard exterior Rosa is a good person. She’s passionate about respecting women, calling her “honey” or “sweetheart” will promptly get you thrown across a room, and does her best to uplift the women she works with. Rosa is extremely confident in herself, always standing by her actions and never letting someone else’s opinion intimidate her. She cannot be discouraged once her mind is made up. Although Rosa is still learning how to express her emotions instead of hiding from them, her tough demeanor is underlined with how much she cares about her friends.   


These characters may be very different, from wizard to space explorer, but they all inspire us women to be true to ourselves with no shame. As we try to accomplish our own goals they remind us that it’s more than okay to kick butt once in a while.


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The Most Badass Women of all Time: Image credits in featured order to History.com; FOX; NBC; Warner Bros.; 20th Century Fox; FOX

Caught Up in ‘The Mist’ with Luke Cosgrove


You may be familiar with the 2007 science-fiction horror film, The Mist, based off Stephen King’s famous book, but this year, Spike TV has launched a new television series dedicated to the novel. This is new for the network since this will be its first scripted series, which may be a step into possibly launching more new shows to save onto your DVR.

With so many reincarnations today of historic cult classic films and books, it’s hard to know about every rising actor out there. Have no fear! We caught up with Luke Cosgrove, who stars in the new series as Jay Heisel, the son of the town sheriff, to hear how he got into acting, how he landed the role, and what are his career goals.

Cliché: When did you know you wanted to pursue a career as an actor?
Luke Cosgrove: I remember acting was the first thing I wanted to do in life. I started doing plays at the local town playhouse when I was 11, and I can vividly remember standing on stage and looking out into the crowd and seeing my parents with these huge smiles on their faces. I think that’s when I knew. I would always go to the movies as a kid, and every time I left, I’d say to myself, “One day I want to be able to do something that good.” So I think it’s that continual drive to want to achieve something close to what my heroes have accomplished that keeps me wanting to do this.

What has been the hardest thing you’ve learned so far?
The hardest thing I’ve learned is patience. There’s a very obvious trap of being discouraged when you’re not booking jobs and I still fall into it several times. Be patient, doubt your doubts, work on the craft, and just know that something will come that’s right for you. Those are key to surviving this industry. I’m not sure if I’ll ever master it, but I’m working on it!

What has to be the biggest difference between Australia’s entertainment industry and America’s?
There’s just simply a much larger work opportunity in the U.S. That said, I feel like the content in the U.S. is constantly pushing Australian content to become bigger and better in ways that were once unachievable. The Aussie film industry isn’t as segregated as it once was, and in fact, a lot of U.S. productions are now shooting in Australia and vice versa.

What has motivated you to move from working in independent Australian productions and taking your talent towards American productions?
I always knew that Australia was just a starting point for me. The moment I knew I wanted to be an actor was the same moment I wanted to take this as far as possible, and that meant not just stopping at Australian productions, but going the whole nine yards and doing American productions. I knew there was more opportunity in U.S.; it was obvious. Plus, I wanted to do the kind of roles my heroes were doing, and that just wasn’t possible in Australia.

How did your role as Jay Heisel in The Mist come about for you and how did you enter the audition?
Originally, casting didn’t ask me to tape for it. My manager found out about it and asked me to put myself on tape unsolicitedly from Australia. A month went by where I didn’t hear anything, so I just figured they went with someone else, and then all of a sudden, casting responded to the tape I sent. They then asked for another tape to be returned within a few hours for a different scene, so I basically had no time to prepare. I was then put on “hold” for a few days, which is this weird limbo phase where you and a few other actors are in contention for the role. Finally, my agent and manager called me with the good news.

Iron Fist Review: Barely Had Any Power in Its Punch


This latest Marvel Netflix show before the culmination of these Marvel shows with The Defenders was definitely built on a significant amount of fan hype and justice for the comic book character. Unfortunately, the martial arts superhero show barely had any power in its punch coming off with some decent action sequences and a good supporting character but overall leaving a very lackluster, dull, and structure-less taste.

This Netflix series centers on the return of Danny Rand to New York City after being missing for 15 years; he has transitioned from a billionaire’s son into a Buddhist monk who tries to reconnect with his family and his company, Rand Enterprises. However, once he discovers a dark force damaging everything that surrounds him, he must use his mastery in martial arts and the power of the Iron Fist to stop them. This series could have possibly gone a unique route that differentiated itself from the other Marvel Netflix shows and Batman-like superhero stories where a white billionaire becomes the superhero, however, it follows almost the same path as those other.

Game of Thrones 
star, Finn Jones’ portrayal of Danny is somewhat decent but irritating. Even though Jones is able to show Danny’s selflessness and determination in each episode, his characteristics are uneven. He becomes very aggressive, stubborn, and single-minded and these characteristics do not seem to meld well with his more positive characteristics leaving his character development half-fleshed out. Other characters such as Joy and Ward Meachum, siblings and heads of Rand Enterprises, played by Jessica Stroup and Tom Pelphrey are not fully developed with Pelphrey’s Ward being trapped in a repetitive family conflict and having dull characterization. Stroup’s Joy has some development but yet again development it is not fully cooked. The siblings’ mysteriously malevolent father, Harold Meachum played by David Wenham barely seemed to have direction and even though Wenham showed some good aspects of a damaged father his instability left the character without any true development or significance.
The one good supporting character of the series was struggling sensei, sword-wielding heroine, and love interest, Colleen Wing played by another Game of Thrones star, Jessica Henwick. Henwick’s portrayal had some decent development and her caring, determined, and damaged personality could be seen. Henwick was also able to have good action sequences that highlight the effort she put into the character. The problem is that viewers might want to see more of Colleen and less of Danny, which leaves an imbalance in the story.
In terms of story, there seemed to be structure with the early episodes, which encompassed the first half of the season, feeling dull and tedious to watch. There was not a clear villain or a clear central focus to the story and it would have random spurts of action. The last half of the season also felt dull and was left with no significant climax to the story. Dialogue was also very weak and seemed underdeveloped.
The show’s action sequences appeared very rehearsed and it was clear that Jones had memorized certain fight patterns, which did not give off the impression of a fully realized martial arts master. This left the show’s quality in action sequences seem unrealistic and not equivalent to the quality of other Marvel Netflix shows.
The weak quality in character development, story structure, dialogue, and action made me feel disappointed that the show could not reach its full potential, which leaves it with a C-.
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Iron Fist Review: Barely Had Any Power in Its Punch. Image courtesy of Netflix. 

6 The Voice Contestants To Watch Out For This Season


NBC’s The Voice is currently in its 12th season. While everyone that makes it past the blind auditions is a good singer, there are some that stand out more than others as the ones to watch. As seven of the previous 11 winners had all four judges turn their chairs around, that’s a good place to look for artists to watch. That’s no guarantee, but when Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Gwen Stefani all want you on their team, you’re probably something special. Here are six The Voice contestants that we’re watching.

Courtesy of NBC

Casi Joy
Two other factors that may point to someone to watch are being a country artist (half of the previous winners were) and being on Blake’s team (an artist from his team has come in first or second in all but one season). But that’s not to say that Casi Joy isn’t a great singer in her own right. Her blind audition rendition of “Blue” showed what she can do with her voice, causing all the judges to turn their chairs. She did it again in her battle against Ashley Levin (funnily enough with another “blue” song, “How Blue”). If any country artist is going to win this year, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be her.

Courtesy of NBC

Taking on a Marvin Gaye song is a big task for anyone, but JChosen proved he had what it takes with his take on “Sexual Healing,” also getting all four to turn. He chose to join Gwen’s team, leading to the battle round where JChosen proved himself again, taking on Stevie Wonder this time, performing, “I Was Made to Love Her.” You could tell the other judges were hoping he’d lose just so they’d get a chance to steal him onto their team.

Courtesy of NBC

Anatalia Villaranda
Villaranda came out strong in her blind audition with a power packed version of Bruno Mars’ “Runaway Baby.” Though it did seem at first that no judges would bite, her final few notes finally convinced them that she was the one to have. She chose to join Alicia’s team. She brought the energy again in her battle round performance of “Tightrope.” That energy and power could be what took her far.

Courtesy of NBC

Josh West
One more four-chair-turn artist, from our remaining coach, Adam’s team. West brought a nice soft rock edge to his blind audition performance of “Ordinary World.” While we didn’t get to see his whole battle performance, the snippet they showed reaffirmed his vocal chops on “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.”

Courtesy of NBC

Ashley Levin
Not everyone gets a four-chair-turn, but that doesn’t matter since it only takes one. While Casi Joy seems to have the inside track on female country artist, including beating Levin in the battle round, Levin proved in her blind audition performance of “Let Him Fly” that she has the vocal ability to go far. The judges seem to agree since the other three all attempted to steal her after that close battle round.

Courtesy of NBC

Felicia Temple
Another genre well represented in The Voice winners is soul, and Temple showed she could hang with the best of them — literally when her eventual coach Alicia Keys went up on stage to sing with her. Unfortunately, Keys decided not to go with her in the battle round, even after a strong performance of “Titanium.” But she was stolen, by none other than the winningest The Voice coach, Blake Shelton. That could be a good sign for her future on the show.
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6 The Voice Contestants To Watch Out For This Season. Featured Image courtesy of NBC.

Does Netflix Have More ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the Works?


Last November, Netflix dropped viewers back into the quirky little town of Stars Hollow and the lives of our beloved Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Rory (Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel). In the much-anticipated revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, fans were given another chance to live vicariously through the fast-talking mother-daughter duo and the crazy antics of the world they live in.

Image courtesy of Netflix

Following the release of the revival episodes, Netflix tweeted a cryptic photo that brought us back to April Nardini’s science fair project and begged the question of who exactly is the father of Rory Gilmore’s future child.
This tweet already had fans questioning whether it was simply Netflix trying to be funny or a subtle hint at another “Year in the Life” to come. Recently however, Netflix has released even more information that has us all squealing. Netflix Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, told the Press Association earlier this month that there are talks of more seasons in the Gilmore’s future.
“We obviously loved the success of the show and fans loved how well it was done,” Sarandos said. “It delivered what they’d hoped…people were really excited about more and we have been talking to [Creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino] about the possibility of that.”
Back in December, closely following the release of the revival, Sherman-Palladino stated that she and her husband “pitched this as ‘This is a year in the life’. This is the way it was ending.” However, the two were not opposed to the idea of more in the future.
Many cast members agree on this notion. Kelly Bishop, who played the feisty Emily Gilmore, said that she would “work with Amy any time” and Scott Patterson also stated that “it’d be nice to do every year.”
Many of the characters have moved on to their own post-Gilmore Girls projects but we’re sure they could squeeze in a vacation to our favorite Connecticut town.

Image courtesy of IndieWire

Milo Ventimiglia, who is now starring in the NBC hit show ‘This is Us,’ is the only cast member so far who has stated opposition to more in the series saying, “I think the stories were told…it was great for the fans to get just one small taste of that world again.” With this statement, it is safe to say we can rule Jess out as Rory’s baby daddy.
Though Sarandos called the talks of another season “very preliminary” the cliffhanger “A Year in the Life” left us on, it seems like the Palladinos may have something cooking up for us in the future. We shall see what they have in store for us, however, with the release of these statements we can’t help but begin to count our chickens!
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Does Netflix Have More ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the Works? Image courtesy of Yahoo/Netflix. 

9 Netflix Originals to Binge in February


Netflix is taking television to the mat with its new slew of originals. With so many binge-worthy originals, it was hard to choose which we liked best. These are the nine we couldn’t keep off of our screens.

Image taken from Netflix.com

1. Santa Clarita Diet 
In this zombies-meets-Desperate Housewives new show, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant play a married couple who are both real estate agents in Santa Clarita California. When one of them dies, and comes back to life, they have to figure out how to live their new bloodthirsty life. This show hits Netflix on February 3rd and we are so excited to see what this show has in store for us!

Photo taken from screenrant.com

2. Stranger Things
If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, we suggest you climb aboard and fast. This show has a cast of some of the most talented kids in Hollywood. This show is the sci-fi thriller we all needed in our lives but at eight episodes long, it’s a quick binge.

Photo taken from denofgeek.com

3. The OA
What happens when you can choose whether or not you die? Do angels exist? The OA takes these questions to the extreme and explores them in a riveting, heartfelt story that kept us on the edge of our seats. At the end of another eight episode run, we are left on a cliffhanger that we can’t wait to have answers to.

Photo taken from britishcomedyguide.com

4. Crazyhead
Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer will love this demonic dramedy brought to us out of the UK. Two unlikely best friends fight demons together and try to conquer life as awkward twenty-somethings without a clue how to navigate their superpowers. Raquel and Amy make a hilarious demon fighting team and we could listen to their accents all day.

Photo taken from Netflix.com

5. The Crown
This period drama gives us the inside scoop on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II as she learns how to lead the British Monarchy and befriends Winston Churchill. The two time Golden Globe winning show is incredibly well-researched and beautifully shot. Watching The Crown feels like being fully immersed into Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom with every episode.

Photo taken from thewrap.com

6. Black Mirror
This show brings horror into our real lives through the possibilities of parallel universes and futuristic societies. Black Mirror delves into the dark side and explores the “Black Mirrors” of our lives in the form of technology and all of the screens in our lives. What could happen if technology becomes too powerful?

Photo taken from mondaymorningmatinee.com

7. Love
Judd Apatow brings the romantic comedy to our television screens through the lives of Mickey and Gus, the most unlikely couple. Their antics and actions as they try to discover how to deal with the awkward stages of intimacy and a romantic relationship. With season 2 being released on March 10th, now is the perfect time to binge season one.

Photo taken from 2017auditiondatabase.com

8. Sense 8
This show follows eight seemingly unrelated lives from all over the globe who are mysteriously connected by a rebirth they all experience through dreams/visions. This show requires your undivided attention which won’t be too difficult to give as soon as you get your grips into the lives of these eight strangers and the people trying to hunt them down. The first half of season two was just released and the second half will come out in May.

Photo taken from youtube.com

9. A Series of Unfortunate Events
This series, produced by Neil Patrick Harris, takes us on a trip back to our childhood and the books that consumed it. The show is an almost direct reflection of Lemony Snicket’s stories right down to the titles with a few new twists to keep us on our toes. Neil Patrick Harris’s production is a treat and his portrayal of Count Olaf is picture perfect.
With all of these options to choose from, it looks like your February is booked! You may find yourself in a Netflix induced daze but please don’t forget to eat, sleep, and shower! Happy bingeing!
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9 Netflix Originals to Binge in February. Feature image courtesy of IndieWire.com

TGIT: Where We Left Off


It’s no secret that Shonda Rhimes has taken over our Thursday nights (and arguably our lives) with her trio of Shondaland dramas that return Thursday, Jan. 26 on ABC. “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” and “How to Get Away with Murder” (HTGAWM) make up the “Thank God It’s Thursday”, or TGIT, lineup.     

Image courtesy of ABC

The Grey’s and HTGAWM winter finales left us on Nov. 17, 2016 with about a zillion questions, and we haven’t seen our Scandal gladiators since their season five finale on May 12, 2016. So, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be parked on your couch this Thursday with your drink of choice and popcorn at the ready.
In case you’ve forgotten exactly where we left all of our favorite characters, here’s a little refresher on each of the shows to get you up to speed and ready to dive back in this week!
First up, let’s check in with our Grey-Sloan Memorial family.
Grey’s Anatomy:
The mid-season finale is appropriately centered around the collapse of a Seattle apartment building that matches the potential collapse of the hospital as we know it.
While the doctors navigate the insanity following the collapse, we are getting to know the newest addition to the Grey-Sloan team, Dr. Eliza Minnick, who is in the process of taking the teaching program out from under Richard Webber. However, as the episode comes to an end, it looks like the fellow doctors and surgeons are less than okay with this decision and are planning to fight it.

Image courtesy of ABC

In the biggest ongoing drama this season, the Jo-Alex-Deluca lawsuit, things come to a head as Karev’s trial date is quickly approaching. Jo, out of fear of having to testify and risk her abusive husband finding her, comes clean to Alex in the elevator. When we leave the two of them, it seems that Jo may be ready to take flight again and Alex is in the waiting room ready to confess to the district attorney and potentially spend the next two years in jail. In the final scene, Meredith makes one last ditch effort to keep Karev from leaving, reminding him (and us) that they are the only two left of the original five and she needs him to stay with her.

Image courtesy of ABC

We also witness some heart-warming bonding between Dr. Hunt and Dr. Riggs, the possibility of a future romance between Robbins and Minnick, and trouble in newlywed paradise as Amelia leaves a note for Owen to find saying that she has left and that it is not his fault.
“Grey’s Anatomy” will air on ABC at 8/7c. We can’t wait to see what kind of drama Shonda has in store for us with the second half of this season.
It’s been awhile since we last saw Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators. When we left them, everyone was deeply entrenched in the republican convention in preparation for the upcoming election.
Mellie Grant who intends to run has Olivia Pope and Associates (OPA) running her campaign. Frankie Vargas, her opposing republican candidate, is having his campaign run by Cyrus Bean. The episode takes us along as the two hunt for the proper running mates for each candidate and try to tear each other’s campaigns apart. Making the ultimate move, Cyrus surprises everyone and announces that he will be running for VP alongside his candidate Frankie Vargas.

Image courtesy of ABC

In the midst of all this, it seems that Jake Ballard has been roped back into B613 and is under the thumb of Eli Pope, Olivia’s father also known as “Command.” Jake comes to Olivia asking for her help to get out and, being Olivia Pope, she comes to his rescue. In a move appealing to Command’s paternal instincts, Olivia takes Jake from him and recruits him as Mellie Grant’s VP. Jake, however, has different plans and would like to live an “ordinary” life. Olivia simply tells him to put his tie on and go do what she asked him to do. Jake then realizes and verbalizes that he hasn’t escaped anything. He just went from “being [her] father’s bitch to [Olivia’s].”
In the final scene of the finale, Shonda gave us a montage of conversations between Olivia and her father, highlighting how alike they are and proving that Olivia too, will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

Image courtesy of ABC

In the background of this episode, we see things heat back up between David Rosen and Elizabeth North, some healing between now divorced Mellie and Fitz, and a bomb dropped onto Abby’s desk and into the hands of Fitz in the form of Olivia’s medical records which we can only assume (as it is never directly mentioned) reveals the abortion she had recently undergone.
Season 6 of “Scandal” will premiere at 9/8c on ABC following “Grey’s Anatomy” on Jan. 26 and a scandal it most certainly will be.
How to Get Away with Murder:
“How to Get Away with Murder” has become the TV thriller we all never knew we desperately wanted. I think everyone is with us when we say the return to season 3 better have some serious answers in store.
The mid-season finale, aptly titled “Who’s Dead,” did finally answer the question we’ve been asking all season: who’s under the sheet? The episode takes us back to the beginning of the night we have already seen the aftermath of in true HTGAWM fashion.

Image courtesy of ABC

The episode gives us a glimpse into every facet of the season so far and how we ended up with a dead man under a sheet, a pregnant Laurel in the hospital, and an incarcerated Annalise Keating.
We also finally get to see Frank again and we are not liking the view all that much.The showdown we’ve been waiting for between Annalise and Frank reveals Frank holding a gun to his head, ready to kill himself, and Annalise urging him to do it until Bonnie steps in and talks them both down.
On the student side of the world (because remember this show is about college students!), we get to see the Keating Five – Wes, Laurel, Michaela, Asher, and Connor – take their final exam and celebrate the fact that they all passed by getting drunk on champagne.

Image courtesy of ABC

Following the showdown with Frank, Annalise goes back to the bottle and calls Bonnie to take care of her. Once she wakes up, seemingly okay, Annalise calls Wes and Laurel telling them to get everyone together then meet at the house. She, however, goes to enlist Oliver, who has now connected the dots about the night Sam Keating died, to help her with her next scheme. With Asher and Connor being too drunk and Michaela taking care of a surprise visit from her mother, the only two who make it to the house are Wes and Laurel. Nate then shows up looking for Annalise and that’s when it all really hits the fan. The house explodes and Annalise identifies the dead body they roll out. Wes Gibbons is under the sheet.
At the hospital, we see the heartbreaking moment when the rest of the Keating Five along with Meggie and Oliver find out that Wes is dead and simultaneously wondering what the hell happened that night.

Image courtesy of ABC

The first half of this season most definitely left us with more questions than we even knew were possible and we are hoping the second half can give us some of the answers we need. How to Get Away with Murder will return to ABC on January 26th after the season 6 premiere of Scandal at 10/9c.
Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, and get settled in. TGIT is back and Shonda Rhimes is certainly ready to take us for a ride.
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TGIT: Where We Left Off. Feature image courtesy of hypable.com.

Chloe Lukasiak Talks ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Center Stage’


After starring in four seasons of the hit reality television show Dance Moms, Chloe Lukasiak took the dancing world by storm. Now, at age 14, Lukasiak continues to delve further into her career in the midst of entering high school. After becoming a YouTube sensation, winning the 2015 Teen Choice Award for “Choice Dancer,” as well as “Favorite Dancer: 17 & Under” at the Industry Dance Awards, and becoming a spokesperson for the national dancewear company “Just for Kix,” Lukasiak now plans to take on the acting world, starting with the third installment of Center Stage. Rooting every pursuit with her love of dance, the only question we are left to ask is: “What will she do next?”
Cliché: You grew up dancing, but what first got you started? Did you try any other activities before or after dance?
Chloe Lukasiak: My mom put me in classes because she thought every little girl needed to take a dance class. She was just like, “Why not? Just try it!” So I went in at 2 years old and I started dancing and, let’s see, I’ve tried everything! I tried softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, playing the piano—I did everything. At age 4, I started competing, and then just sort of along the way, I was like, “I just want to dance! I like the tutus and the makeup.”  
Did your mom ask you to join dance, hoping you would compete and pursue it in the future?
No, not at all! Actually, my cousin was dancing at Abby’s studio, and so I was just like, “Yeah, I’ll take a class with you.” It wasn’t anything planned out. My mom wasn’t like, “Okay, learn dance and then we’re going to compete.” It just sort of happened along the way.
In past interviews, you’ve said that you knew you were serious about dancing around the age of 8, which is very young! What has kept you motivated to continue all these years, and have you ever experienced a time when you thought about giving it up, even if it was very briefly?
Yeah, definitely. I’ve been dancing for 12 years now. There’s definitely been times where I’m like, “I just don’t want to do this anymore,” but then I think about it and it’s my whole life. I just can’t imagine my life without dance. I love it so much and I’m so passionate about it, so I just continue on. There’s always going to be moments where you’re frustrated, but you just have to keep going.
You were a part of Dance Moms for four seasons, which was a really great framework for the rest of your career. What made you decide that it was time to leave?
I think it was just the right timing. A lot of things were going on and it wasn’t exactly a great situation anymore, so my mom just said, “It’s gotten to the point where it’s not good for you and it doesn’t fit us,” so we just decided to leave. Now I’ve had the opportunity to do so many other things, which is amazing! So I’m really grateful for it, but I’m also grateful for what I’m able to do now.  
What did you take away from Dance Moms that has helped you out once you left?
Well, it sort of introduced me to this whole industry. Even though I know reality is different than some things [shown] on television, it’s similar because you’re filming, obviously. I just got to see how everything worked and all of that!
Did you ever feel the need to act a certain way because you were being filmed constantly at such a young age?
It was kind of hard because I was on the show for four years and I was constantly with my mom. It was a tough situation, so sometimes we would fight. I mean, it was my reality and I was just being myself. I’m mainly focused on dancing and my mom’s more focused on the talking. So really [dancing] was my main concern!
Your mom has been a big part of your career growing up, especially in the decision-making process. Does she still play a big role and help you make some of the executive decisions?
Oh, definitely! My mom is a huge help and I appreciate her for everything she does. You know, I do go to her for a lot of my decisions because she’s just looking out for what she thinks is best for me. I can always confide in her and ask for her opinion.
After Dance Moms, you’ve become a YouTube sensation. What brought you to YouTube? Did you go in knowing that this is something you wanted to pursue, or was it just for fun?
I think my mom had a YouTube channel when I was 8 or sometime around then, and she just put up videos every once in a while. Then, after Dance Moms, I was just like, “YouTube’s becoming a thing,” so I started trying it and I posted videos and I really enjoyed it because it was a way for me to connect with my fans. Something I love about YouTube is that I have control. I can edit it and show what I want to show to my fans. It’s a good way to connect with them and really learn more about them.
What has it been like to have more control over the process of what people get to see? Do you ever feel like that kind of freedom also means that you have to be more careful about what you present?
I think so, but for me, I guess it’s better because I know what I’m putting out there, whereas with the show, it was a little bit different and there were other people doing it. I like YouTube in the way that I get to choose what I show to my fans. I mean, it’s not like I’m doing anything bad, but it’s just a way to show what I want to get out to my fans.
Being passionate about both reading and writing brought you to creating a digital book club through YouTube. What goes into the decision-making process for your book choice?
Honestly, when I first started my book club, I just chose books that I really enjoyed. I sometimes put out books that I read more when I was younger and sometimes I put out books that I read now. But at this point, now that I’ve started it and got it going, I see what people request. I like to put out my opinion on what my favorite books are just so that it’s really my book club and I’ve gotten really good feedback on it. It feels so good to have that ability to get kids off their laptops and iPads and phones and read because I love reading so much. Just to be able to have influence on someone else is great!
It’s great that you have that kind of influence because many people don’t read for fun anymore.
Yeah! All my friends are like, “I don’t read for fun; it’s boring. I’m forced to read at school, so why would I do it in my spare time?” But I think differently.
You’ll also be joining the third installment of Center Stage. How has this project been different from anything else you’ve done?
It was so much fun and it way different from reality [television] because it was acting. We had scenes to get through in a day and it was just a different experience since we would have to do more dancing because you had to film a scene again and again. But with Dance Moms, it was more practicing and they were just filming it.  
What has the experience been like to be able to act instead of filming for reality television? Do you prefer one over the other?
Oh, I love acting so much better! I’m taking some more acting classes right now and doing some auditions. I have some things coming up and I think acting is my next path.
That’s awesome! I take it that you want to continue incorporating dance alongside that.
Definitely! I’m still taking classes when I’m home, and I’m actually home right now in Pittsburgh. I think I’ll always dance. I can’t imagine my life [without] dancing.   
Being only 14 years old, you have done so much for your career already. Do you have a certain goal you hope to accomplish next?
I don’t know—I’m just sort of still figuring out my plan. Like you said, I’m only 14, so I’m still figuring out what I’m going to do!
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Chloe Lukasiak Talks ‘Dance Moms’ and ‘Center Stage’: Photographed by Russell Baer

Why You Should Be Watching ‘Younger’


Full disclaimer: Hilary Duff is my spirit animal. Actually, I just have the biggest girl crush in the history of girl crushes on her!
Okay. Now that that’s out in the open, it’s time to talk about what you really came to read about: Younger. If you’ve never heard of Younger before, maybe you just need to start watching TV Land. Before you stop reading and think, “Why on Earth would I watch TV Land? All they do is Happy Days reruns,” let me cut you off right there. TV Land has gotten with the times and fully rebranded themselves. They are now home to a whole bunch of shows that you need to take a chance on. Case in point: Younger.
This series stars Sutton Foster as the lead character who goes by Liza Miller. We’re introduced to Liza as a 40-year-old single mom trying to get her life back to “normal” after a failed marriage. She attempts to hop back into the working world. Seeing how difficult it is to get hired when you’re much older, she lies to her current employer by saying she’s a 26 year old. You can only imagine the trouble here. She befriends Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff), works for a Devil Wears Prada-type of boss named Diana Trout (Miriam Shor) and finds herself a twenty-something-year-old boyfriend named Josh (Nico Tortorella). The only one who knows her secret is her best friend Maggie (Debi Mazar)… SPOILER ALERT: And now Josh.
Now that you’re familiar with this twisted show, let me explain why you should give it a chance. Where to even start? I think the big thing is that this show tackles ageism, which not many shows talk about except, okay, maybe Cougar Town? I’m nowhere near 40 years old, but I could only imagine how hard it is to get a job when competing with millennials, a very sought after hiree. The show not only speaks to audience members who were born with a digital device in their hand but to women who have to deal with getting looked past since they’re not young enough.
Men, look how hard it is for women of age to be accepted into society after reaching a certain age. Millennials, this show could be a reality check to you who feel like they can rule the world. Kelsey Peters portrays a driven, can-do/will-do anything type of character but I don’t know, sometimes I find myself thinking, “This is really what millennials are like. They feel like they are entitled to everything.” Granted, Kelsey paid her dues but there are some boundaries to be taken no matter what age.
I think it’s awesome to see Liza juggle these two completely different lives, but I feel for her when she has to lie through her teeth in order to keep up with this lifestyle. It’s not easy being young, but it’s not easy being old. You get to see the pros and cons of each life. When Liza learns something new in her 26-year-old lifestyle, the audience learns with her.
Another great thing this show is doing is really speaking to the digital world. Face it. We’re always on some kind of tech device, and we surround ourselves with social media or texting. The show and characters live in the same world as we do. They don’t act like hashtags, stupid terms like “ghosting” or weird Craigslisters don’t exist. It speaks to what’s relevant, what people are talking about. It pushes the boundaries to make it as relatable as possible.
It was just announced that a season 3 of Younger has been confirmed, which I was thrilled to hear about. The show has so much potential to become bigger than it already is. I cannot wait for more great storylines and genius writing.
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Why You Should Be Watching ‘Younger’: Photos courtesy of Younger/TV Land

The Critics’ Choice Awards 2016 Highlights


Award season is officially in full force! Following the Golden Globes which took place last weekend, this Sunday was the Critics’ Choice Awards. A star-studded night featuring both film and television personalities, the Critics’ Choice Awards was witty, entertaining, and exciting. Hosted by T.J. Miller, the show featured hilarious antics from Miller’s opening monologue with the four “dancing critic” puppets to the reading of the worst review he’s ever received. The show was nothing short of a great time. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the best moments of the night.
Best Young Actor/Actress: Jacob Tremblay, Room


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images / Kevin Winter

How adorable was Jacob Tremblay? He stole the show with his heart-melting acceptance speech. Full of confidence, poise, and thoughtfulness, he delivered his speech perfectly, despite not quite being able to reach the microphone. “This is the best day of my life,” the young actor said. “I think that us working together made this movie come true and this award doesn’t just go to me for that, it goes to all of you guys as well.” Well, it doesn’t get much cuter than that. Can Jacob just stay 9 forever?
Best Actor in a Comedy Series: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent 

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Jeffrey Tambor delivered a beautifully moving acceptance speech after winning Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his role as a transgender dad who comes out to his children as a woman in Amazon’s hit drama, Transparent. “This is much bigger than me,” he began his speech, going on to say, “I had an acting teacher who said, ‘When you act, you have to act as if your life depends on it.’ And now, I’ve been given the wonderful gift of having a role where I have to act, and we all have to act, because other people’s lives depend on it.” *Chills*
Best Dressed: Kate Beckinsale

Photo Courtesy of AP

Kate Beckinsale slayed the Critics’ Choice Awards with her beautiful outfit. Among all the stars, she stood out for having one of the most gorgeous gowns seen all award season.
Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/Kevin Winter

While many were talking about Alicia Vikander’s dress, it was her speech that was the most powerful. Alicia plays the wife of a transgender woman (Eddie Redmayne), and discussed what a powerful duo the couple they portrayed was. “I was very happy and extremely grateful when I was invited to try and shed light and bring life to a story which I think all of us though was very moving but also very important to tell…” She then gave a shoutout to the producers raving, “I think you’re so gutsy, and so brave. And I know some of them worked for fifteen years to get this film off the ground.”
Best Picture: Spotlight
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock (5541681cb) Adam McKay and Christian Bale 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards, Show, Los Angeles, America - 17 Jan 2016

Photo Courtesy of Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock 

Although Mad Max: Fury Road had dominated most of the film categories, it was a pleasant surprise to see Spotlight take the place as Best Picture. Spotlight is a film that focuses on a group of journalists at the Boston Globe investigating allegations of child sex abuse in the Catholic church. The film also won the award for Best Acting Ensemble. (And what about that kiss?!)
MVP Award/Best Actress in a Comedy: Amy Schumer

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Okay, but how badass is it that they created an award just for Amy Schumer? She was undoubtedly the MVP of the entire night, keeping the audience there and at home laughing ’till they cried. She’s had a remarkable year, with her accomplishments ranging from an HBO special and hosting SNL, to an arena tour and winning an Emmy. She won Best Actress in a Comedy for her first movie, Trainwreck, which is pretty freaking impressive. She joked about being a “plus, plus size actress” and having to write her own material. She sarcastically added, “That’s what you want everyone to say when a naked photo of you goes viral, you want them to say, ‘What a brave photo,’ like thanks. Wow, thank you.” Overall, Amy’s awards were much deserved and we can’t wait to see more of her!
A list of the night’s winners:
BEST ACTOR: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant
BEST ACTRESS: Brie Larson – Room
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Sylvester Stallone – Creed
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl
BEST DIRECTOR: George Miller – Mad Max: Fury Road
BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy – Spotlight
BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Charles Randolph and Adam McKay – The Big Short
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: The Revenant – Emmanuel Lubezki
BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN: Mad Max: Fury Road – Colin Gibson
BEST EDITING: Mad Max: Fury Road – Margaret Sixel
BEST COSTUME DESIGN: Mad Max: Fury Road – Jenny Beavan
BEST HAIR & MAKEUP: Mad Max: Fury Road
BEST ACTOR IN AN ACTION MOVIE: Tom Hardy – Mad Max: Fury Road
BEST ACTRESS IN AN ACTION MOVIE: Charlize Theron – Mad Max: Fury Road
BEST COMEDY: The Big Short
BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY: Christian Bale – The Big Short
BEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY: Amy Schumer – Trainwreck
BEST SONG: Furious 7 – “See You Again”
BEST SCORE: The Hateful Eight – Ennio Morricone
BEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES: Jeffrey Tambor – Transparent
BEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIES: Rachel Bloom – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES: Carrie Coon – The Leftovers
BEST REALITY SHOW HOST: James Lipton – Inside the Actors Studio
BEST TALK SHOW: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
BEST UNSTRUCTURED REALITY SHOW: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
Comment below with your favorite highlights from the show!
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Girl Meets World Season 2 Premiere


When Disney Channel announced last year that they would be rebooting Boy Meets World with a spin off series that centered around Cory and Topanga’s children, I was skeptical. Could Ben Savage still pull off Cory Matthews? Could the writers recapture the magic of the original series? Would it be funny like it’s predecessor or cheesy and overdone like most current Disney shows? If the pilot taught us anything, it’s that the answer to all of those questions was yes.

The first season gifted us with the reunion of Cory and Shawn, the return of Stewart Minkus, and an all grown up bully Harley Kiner’s uttering the words “baboon.” Now, twenty episodes later and two months after its debut season ended, Girl Meets World is already back for its sophomore year. Micheal Jacobs, the creator and show-runner of both series, said on his twitter that the first season was about getting to know ‘the girls world’ and teased that the second will be about merging the two worlds — which I have dubbed “Girl Meets Nostalgia.”
As part of its premiere week, Disney chose to air the first five episodes of the new season every night, which include a couple more familiar faces that are sure to set our 90s hearts a-flutter. In tonight’s episode, titled “Girl Meets Pluto,” the gang sneak into Mr. Feeny’s back years to dig up a time capsule that Cory, Shawn, and Topanga had buried years ago. Shall we take this moment to appreciate the fact that after fifteen years, we’re heading back to Philly? The last time these characters were all together on screen was during the final scene of Boy Meets World, which I often times refer to as an emotional sucker punch.

When the first promotions were released about this reunion episode, I thought to myself “this is it, nothing can top this moment.” Then, the next episode’s promotions were released and I learned that it was “Girl Meets Plays With Squirrels.”
Yes, that’s right ladies and gentleman: Eric Matthews and his alter ego ‘Plays With Squirrels’ are about to make an epic comeback and introduce themselves to the next generation. According to reports, this episode centers around a horrible fight between Maya (the new Shawn) and Riley (Cory’s daughter). Unsure of what to do to help mend their relationship, Cory calls in his older brother Eric to come hash out some wisdom — which he seemingly does in very Eric fashion.
And, if that’s not enough, various tweets tell us that this season also promises the return of Angela More, Mr. Turner (who apparently following his motorcycle accident has not been in a coma all of this time), and Shawn’s deceased father Chet. You can catch Girl Meets World every night for “What In The World Is Happening?” premiere on Disney Channel at 8:30/7:30c and then at it’s regular time slot on Friday’s. TGIF is back.

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Girl Meets World Season 2 Premiere: Photographs courtesy of Disney Channel

Galavant Review


Galavant (Joshua Sasse)

Galavant (Joshua Sasse)

Galavant has ended its first season, and it was an interesting season to say the least. It was filled with musical numbers, a number of guest stars, and a dashing, ego-centric knight Galavant, who was total eye candy. But was it a good season worthy of a second one? I’m not too sure. Here’s our review of Galavant‘s first season. Warning: Spoiler Alert.
Long before Galavant aired, I was very hopeful for the series. I enjoy big musical numbers, knights of old, and a twist to a classic love story. I also love the idea of a fallen hero trying to reclaim his honor and sense of being. These were all incorporated into Galavant and were highlighted in each episode. The series had a lot of funny moments; It had me laughing and the cast of colorful characters were highly interesting. All the characters were enjoyable to watch and it was hard to believe that Timothy Omundson (King Richard) could make such an amazing change over from straight-laced cop (Lassiter from Psych) to the hilarious king. His performance alone makes the show worth watching.
Aside from this, the journey to the evil king was filled with personal growths from both the good guys and the bad guys, but it seemed as if it was lacking something else. There were pieces missing from the series that could have made it so much better. I had three main problems with the series as a whole:
King Richard (Timothy Omundson)

King Richard (Timothy Omundson)

1) The story was rather rushed. When you center the show around a knight’s epic journey to defeat an evil king and save a kingdom from ruin, it should feel like an epic journey. I can understand that they had a timeframe to keep. It’s hard to fit a large story in eight 30 minute episodes, but I feel like the best parts of the journey may have been the ones we missed. They talk about things they have done together, such as walking through the Forest of Truth, which knows when someone isn’t being truthful, and imply that they have been on this quest for a long time. I’m going to guess that the journey took about two months, since in the first episode, it is implied that it took Isabella around that long to find Galavant. In two months time, they should have faced more, said more, and sang more than we saw. Plus, storylines were cut really quickly in place of new ones. One episode you were with Sid’s parents and the next, they were somehow about a day or two away from the castle? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a bit of a bridge between two episodes when they air back-to-back.
2) The songs weren’t very memorable. There isn’t much of an argument you can make on their behalf about this point. A good musical should always have a few songs that stand out and you can hum to yourself hours after hearing it. Yes, Galavant is made up of 30 min. segments, but Batman: The Brave and the Bold had a musical episode — as in just one episode — that was 30 min. and had catchy tunes. I bought that soundtrack because I randomly felt the need to hear Neil Patrick Harris sing as the Music Meister. I doubt I will ever buy the soundtrack to Galavant. If I could barely recall one song out of at least 14 in a musical, there’s a problem. A musical without good music is like having no ice in the arctic. It makes little sense.
Gareth (Vinnie Jones)

Gareth (Vinnie Jones)

3) The ending didn’t leave me wanting more; rather, it left me feeling let down. This may have to do with the whole “It felt rushed” point, but I didn’t care for the season finale that much. I was disappointed. There were a lot of great elements. I was laughing and ready to see a fight, which never happened, even though it was built up to through the whole season. Isabella’s actions and the revelation of what she did caused five minutes of upset feelings before everyone moved past it. (Another event that was built up to and just went nowhere.) Like really, you’re just going to forgive her that easily? Galavant couldn’t get over being dumped after a year, but he just forgives a princess who he’s known for two months tops?
Then there was the king’s loyal knight, Gareth. He just rolls over to the queen’s side, even after saying and showing his deep love for his king throughout the season. Gareth tells Queen Madalena that he only serves the king, makes sure that King Richard gets out of the kingdom alive, and spent the whole main part of the season giving advice to Richard, but ends the season sitting next to the Queen on the throne. What does he say about this? That Madalena needs to either gain or lose weight so that he can be able to find her attractive and doable. Am I the only one that thought was way out of character? The season just ended on a troubled note.
I find it really sad that I haven’t enjoyed watching this series overall. It made me laugh, had a few good lines, but isn’t a show that I feel will leave a lasting impression on me. With so many great, exciting shows to view, I’m not sure if Galavant is worth wasting a few hours on. There were a few good parts, but the whole is lacking. Will I be back for season two? I highly doubt it, and if I do watch the next season, I’m not sure I’d finish it. I was all set to support Galavant and its renewal; instead, I’m left wondering if ABC made a mistake in giving this hero more air time.
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