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Sevenn Debuts on Purple Fly with “The Hills” in Collaboration with Flaremode and DLAY. A Perfect Dance/Electronic Cover of The Weeknd’s Timeless Hit


Hot on the heels of the Purpley Fly‘s first-ever single “Miami” from BLVD. and Fatman Scoop, the NFT-fueled imprint is back with another unusual collaboration. US-based SevennItalian duo Flaremode, and Swedish producer DLAY join forces for a progressive house-influenced cover of The Weeknd‘s “The Hills.” Opening with groovy, deep melodies and distorted vocals, the track reels the listener in with driving basslines – making for a dancefloor-friendly, dance/electronic version of the sultry original. Sevenn is known for his hit “BOOM” with Tiësto, while Flaremode has released on labels such as Smash The HouseSpinnin’ RecordsRevealed Recordings, and more. Keep an eye out for more from these talented artists, and Purple Fly coming soon! Make sure to check out the NFT drops for “The Hills” on Purple Fly‘s website on June 11 and July 08.

Expanding musical horizons and challenging sonar stereotypes, ‘The Hills‘ is a fresh new taste of The Weeknd‘s classic. With a driven dark melodic beat, it promises to take you for a drive down the golden coast, or a boat ride in the Caribbean.“- Sevenn

Purple Fly is an independent imprint utilizing cryptocurrency’s hottest frontier as a platform for the spectrum of electronic music. The label’s goal is to support collaborations of all forms of art, connecting music and stunning visuals for an immersive experience that spans the sonic realms of trance to trap. The latest release comes from Kevin Brauer, who has exploded into the international electronic music stage as Sevenn. In his repertory, he has four global hits: “Colors Of The Rainbow” produced in collaboration with Kathy, and successful releases such as “BYOB” and “The Wall,” produced with Alok, which reached over 50 million streams. Sevenn‘s massive collaboration with Tïesto “BOOM” debuted on Ultra Music Festival Miami in 2017. The single’s 2018’s version with Gucci Mane on the vocals had peaked #14 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic charts amassing over 120 million streams on SpotifySevenn played at some of the world’s most celebrated festivals, such as TomorrowlandLollapalooza, and Creamfields.

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Images provided by Sevenn

Sad Halloween Is Over? Check Out Some of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes


Unfortunately, Halloween has come and gone. Now we’ve got to start looking forward to the rest of the holiday season. If you want Halloween to last all year, then the end is never welcome. But just because it’s over doesn’t mean you have to start ordering those Peppermint Bark Frappuccinos or break out that ugly Christmas sweater just yet. Want to keep the Halloween spirit going for a little while longer? Check out some of the best celebrity costumes this Halloween.

Cute Celebrity Couples

We all know that one couple that goes all out on Halloween. Often the same ideas are repeated every year and it can get a bit stale. But that works in favor for those couples who actually decide to step outside the box. These aren’t your typical vampire or Tarzan and Jane costumes. Props to the celebrities who put a bit more time and effort into crafting a costume-duo that really took the Halloween spirit to another level.

Heidi Klum and Boyfriend Tom Kaulitz as Shrek and Fiona

Heidi Klum knows how to dress to the nines, even for Halloween. She and boyfriend Tom Kaulitz hit their Halloween party at Lavo New York in elaborate Shrek and Fiona costumes.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Heidi Klum and Boyfriend Tom Kaulitz as Fiona and Shrek. Photo Credit: Evan Agostini, Invision, AP

Neil Patrick Harris and Husband David Burtka as Westley and Inigo

This one pays homage to the cult classic 1987 film The Princess Bride. Harris and Burtka were also attending Heidi Klum’s Halloween bash.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka as iconic ‘Princess Bride’ characters. Photo Credit: Evan Agostini, Invision, AP


Bella Hadid and The Weeknd as Lydia Deetz and Beetlejuice

Maybe The Weeknd had some help with his costume from his model girlfriend, Bella Hadid. At any rate, they must’ve gotten tons of compliments from their nod to Beetlejuice.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd team up in Beetlejuice costumes. Photo Credit: Craig Barritt, Getty Images

Joe Jonas and Fiancé Sophie Turner as Gomez and Morticia Addams

Yes, the Addams family characters usually crop up at Halloween, but Jonas and his fiancé Sophie Turner hit it pretty far out of the park. (Photo Credit @joejonas via Instagram).

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Happy Halloween from Morticia & Gomez Addams

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Other Celebrity Costumes That’ll Make You Wish it was Still Halloween

Emma Watson as Wonder Woman

Emma Watson usually stuns in just about anything she does. But her Wonder Woman photo may have broken the internet. (Photo Credit @EmmaWatson via Instagram).

Hoda Kotb as Elton John

Hoda isn’t the only celebrity who chose to crossplay for Halloween, but she may well have done one of the best costumes. She sported her Elton John look for the “Today” show Halloween celebration at Rockefeller Plaza.

Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Hoda Kotb as Elton John. Photo Credit: Charles Sykes, Invision, AP

Victoria Justice as an Ouija Board

Talk about thinking outside of the box. Victoria Justice’s costume was creepy, sultry, and unique. The star turned heads when she attended Just Jared’s 7th Annual Halloween Party in Los Angeles as a spirit board. (Photo Credit: @victoriajustice via Instagram).

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Wanna play? 💀 Painted by @kenyanarmitage 🖤

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Sad Halloween Is Over? Check Out Some of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes. Featured Photo Credit: Craig Barritt, Getty Images

The Weeknd’s “My Dear Melancholy,” EP Review


My Dear Melancholy, is The Weeknd’s first work that is absolutely pure sex from top to bottom. It has its faults, but this five song EP offers a touch of nostalgia with a whole lot of sensuality and plenty of sensitivity.

This EP feels like a bit of a regression to The Weeknd’s earlier work with Trilogy, but it’s a sound that is still distinctive from any other R&B artist. He may have changed his hair, but his sound has returned to all its former glory. While the pop lovers who bopped to “Starboy” in 2016 might be disappointed, long-time fans are in for a nice surprise. This EP is a return to the sensual and emotional Weeknd who R&B lovers fell for back in 2013. The only real danger with My Dear Melancholy, is that when The Weeknd performs these tracks there’s no way the crowd will be able to keep their pants on. Peeking through this layer of sensuality is an element of heart-wrenching emotional loss. With nearly every track the listener is caught in a constant limbo of not knowing whether to body roll or to sob. This emotional intensity is most clearly demonstrated in The Weeknd’s closing track, “Privilege,” which focuses on romantic loss and finding ways to cope with it.

The ever-present syncopated beats drive the whole EP forward, despite being something a kid could probably create using a beat making app on their mother’s iPhone. The most notable of these beats are probably the two tracks The Weeknd partnered up with French DJ and electronic musician Gesaffelstein: “I Was Never There” and “Hurt You.” The Weeknd’s allure is in his ability to make simple beats, simple lyrics, and simple melodies become the literal embodiment of seduction. In this allure lies an issue — only so much can be done with such simplicity, and The Weeknd ran the risk of paying too close a homage to his earlier work with this EP. The beat in the chorus of  “Call Out My Name” is exactly the same as that in “Earned It” from The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness. With his career only dating back to 2013, The Weeknd should be wary of failing to put forward truly new material.

All in all, My Dear Melancholy, leaves the listener quite satisfied (in more ways than one). This little glimpse of who The Weeknd used to be before “Can’t Feel My Face” shot him into the world of pop is a nice breath of fresh air and a reminder of the artist The Weeknd truly is. He falls short on managing to create entirely new music while still containing the same sentiments as Trilogy. The Weeknd has plenty of gas left in his career as long as he can drive himself forward with new ideas that continue to uphold his music’s sensual identity.


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The Weeknd’s “My Dear Melancholy,” EP Review. Featured image credit: XO and Republic Records.

Year in Review: Top Singles of 2017


One of the best ways to remember a certain period in your life is by listening to music from that time. As the year comes to a close, it’s inevitable that we begin reminiscing about the past and planning for the future. All in all, 2017 was a great year for popular music; we saw new faces, old favorites, and new twists on classic pop conventions. We’ve rounded up a list of the top single from the first week of every month to help you remember the good, the bad, and everything in between from the past year. Enjoy the newest installment of our series Year in Review: Top Singles of 2017.



“Starboy” – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk

The titular track of The Weeknd’s third studio album, “Starboy” started the year off on a soulful note, with his signature electro-pop R&B tones and catchy lyrics.

‘Lust For Life’ by Lana Del Rey Album Review


Upon the release of her album, Honeymoon, for some (can you believe it?), it didn’t pack that punch they felt when they first landed up on tracks like “Video Games” or “This is What Makes Us Girls” in Born to Die. With Lust for Life, the entire album is one big road trip, exploring various facets of who Lana Del Rey is or may be. Lana Del Rey smiles outside of the Born to Die car, no longer looking dead inside, but primed and prepped for something. It appears she’s grown into what suits her. Released on July 21, 2017, Lana’s fifth album is a mixture of old, new, and upcoming. Here are some standout tracks on this 16-track album.


The Itinerary

We start off with “Love.” The soft hum of the vibraphone, and plucking of the mellotron, Lana sings of a world so dramatic and simplistic, with people happy and in love. The build suddenly drops after the chorus begins, leaving the listener wanting more even after the song is over. “Don’t worry baby,” this album has plenty more satisfactory auditory experiences.

Like any new trip, we have a “Lust for Life(featuring The Weeknd). Here, both show a “Prisoner” part two, but after the darkness. This song sounds hopeful and tense at the same time. In their previous joint effort, both spoke pitfalls of an environment thriving on sin. But here, they speak of that iconic illusion (Hollywood), dance it up with Shangri-Las harmonies, Iggy Pop and poetry by William Ernest Henley. The Weeknd’s vocals are smooth, complimentary, and the production revisits Born to Die standards.

We reach “13 Beaches,” along with an orchestral opening, and a sample from Carnival of Souls. This particular beach could be just that, or referring to Lana’s music. No, it’s not Normandy, but Lana sings as though she had to go through a lot, just to find one place she can find some bit of happiness. As a listener, I interpret exasperation and a small tone of victory escaping intrusion or disconnect. Maybe even the attention overall. Even in the background, a modem runs, a device used for transmitting or establishing a connection. Lana is reaching out, but internally, there’s a bit of a disconnect in what she intends and what others perceive.

Lana sings of a world so dramatic and simplistic, with people happy and in love.

For lunch, we’ll have a “Cherry.” This fruit symbolizes a lot, only in this case, Lana sings about her fruit completely spoiling, due to an external force: “them.” This person is destructive, no sweet ingredients for ‘summer wine’ but maybe a Patsy Cline record spinning, because they don’t add anything except regret. The vocal effects, and Lana’s singing style combined with the quick cries of profanity at the realization makes quite the experience.

We find a “White Mustang.” It’s lush, smooth, and layered with trap elements from the first minute in. Lana sings of a person who can’t contain his energy. Not a coincidence this song is one of the shortest on the album. Meeting “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems” (featuring Stevie Nicks) is always a treat. Stevie Nicks adds her own flair to a well-crafted track continuing in vibes until the very end. It’s self-loathing but not distractedly so. Everyone’s got problems and it’s up to you if you want to fix it.

Unfortunately “Tomorrow Never Came” (featuring Sean Ono Lennon). The harmonies, the vocals, the instruments materialize a dream, that only was just that: “I just wanted things to be the same/You said to meet me up there tomorrow/But tomorrow never came.” A person who didn’t keep their promise, but the idea of it is nice to think of. This is a standout track.

Near the end of the trip, the route does a “Change.” Lana has had her share of fumbles, when it comes to expressing herself. However, in this song, she teases that there’s a chance for something different. She’s trying to speak on her desire for consistency: “There’s a change gonna come, I don’t know where or when/But whenever it does, we’ll be here for it” With a piano, few effects and Lana’s vocals, the song speaks about being simply present in any way shape or form. Finally, we’ve arrived at the beach with Get Free,” exuding peace and optimism. In “Ride,” Lana spoke of a war in her mind, yet here she sings while emerging from the trenches: “And now I do, I wanna move/Out of the black/Into the blue.”

Lana has had her share of fumbles, when it comes to expressing herself. However, in this song, she teases that there’s a chance for something different.

Concluding Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey delivers another solid piece of work, with careful production and track list structure.

Survey Says? On Repeat.

Runner Ups:

Pretty much everything else, but check out “Heroin” for the hazy and daunting (“It’s hot, it’s hot!“) and “In My Feelings” (“You wanna make the switch, Be my guest, baby.

There’s something here for those who want the ‘old,’ and those who want more of the ‘new.’ You can even catch a few 180s such as wanting the “Money Power Glory,” to giving it all away, post-Stairway to Heaven in  “Coachella – Woodstock in my Mind.” The album is distinguishable from her other work, and a platform to spring start any form of soul-searching, and an additional library for lush pop music. 

Check out the album trailer below and the full album on Spotify and on Apple Music. For full album access and current show listings, visit Lana Del Rey’s website.

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‘Lust For Life’ by Lana Del Rey Album Review: Photograph courtesy of Interscope Records

Summer Music Festival Headliners You Can’t Miss


Summer calls for sunshine, fun times, and awesome music. With a nice taste of some new tunes this spring, summer looks like it’s going to be jam-packed with great music and music festivals alike. Here’s a list of the summer music festival headliners you can’t miss!


With Lorde’s edgy, contemporary sound, people are dying to hear her music live. She’s performing at Free Press Summerfest, Governors Ball, and Outside Lands this year, so obviously she’s a hot topic. She also performed at Coachella last April. Her two new singles “Green Light” and “Liability” are teasers for her new summer album that everyone is super eager to hear. So why not get a sneak peek at these music festivals.

Music Tours We Are Looking Forward To In 2017


What could be better than listening to your favorite artist’s new album on repeat? How about seeing them perform those songs live? This year offers up some great acts dotting the country to bring their music to the masses and give fans the opportunity to experience it live. Here are four upcoming tours that we’re excited for.

Bruno Mars, 24K Magic World Tour
Bringing his trademark throwback style to a city near you, Bruno Mars will set out on a tour to support his Billboard top 10 album 24K Magic. He’ll be starting the tour internationally, but will make his North American start July 15 in Las Vegas, ending the tour Nov. 11 in Inglewood. Mars has plenty of hits, including the title track of 24K Magic, to put together a great set list that will bring his blend of funk, pop, and soul to each of the whopping 60 concerts he puts on.

Courtesy of The Weeknd

The Weeknd, Starboy: Legend of the Fall Tour
Supporting his Billboard number 1 album, Starboy, The Weeknd starts his tour with international dates before the 27-date North American leg begins April 25 in Vancouver stretching to June 9 in Cincinnati. With 17 charting songs on the Billboard Hot 100, there’s plenty of material that crowds will be begging to hear. The safe bets are the highest charting singles, “Starboy,” “I Feel It Coming,” and “Party Monster.” Hopefully he’ll get most of the fantastic double-album into his set list.

Courtesy of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman Tour
Ariana Grande is flipping the script and starting her tour in North America, and soon too. The 37-date tour starts Feb. 3 in Phoenix running through April 15 in Orlando. Then she’ll take off to Europe to finish the tour. Supporting her album Dangerous Woman, Grande will set out to show in person how she’s evolved as an artist. With hits from that album including “Dangerous Woman,” “Into You,” and “Side to Side,” Grande is sure to entertain fans old and new.

Courtesy of U2

U2, The Joshua Tree Tour 2017
This one’s a little different from the previous three. Rather than supporting a new release, U2 is going out for a 19-date tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their 1987 album, The Joshua Tree. The band will be performing the entire album, which contains hits like, “Where the Streets Have No Name,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” and “With or Without You.” The North American leg of the tour will start May 12 in Vancouver and will end on July 1 in Cleveland. With most of those dates sold out, the album proves to be an enduring classic.  
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Music Tours We Are Looking Forward To In 2017. Featured image courtesy of Bruno Mars.

Album Review: ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd


Abel Tesfaye, better known as his stage name The Weeknd, has come along way from being the underground, Toronto crooner with his chart-topping album Starboy. The Weeknd has slowly climbed to stardom and proves that he is prepared to remain at the top of the charts. It’s been years since The Weeknd charmed us with his underground, tortured music that had us helplessly fall in love with his soft, tender voice as he sang about love, drugs, and his own securities. With each album and feature, The Weeknd displays improvement and maturity as he takes chances and switches up his sound. Not deterred from the transition, The Weeknd’s loyal fan base embraces a new side to him.

Fueled with more catchy beats, Starboy is The Weeknd making a name for himself as he sets himself apart from other competition. In an interview with Daily Mail, the singer mentions his insecurities and how he would get on stage drunk. Referring to his insecurity that he does not look like other R&B artists, the Weeknd proves he does not need any other factors to add to his appeal–which makes him unique. He is himself; when he performs, he does not need backup dancers or cool dance moves to keep up enthralled, which is another reason why he remains nervous about performing. But the draw to The Weeknd’s music is more than just his amazing vocals; it’s the elusiveness and the air of quiet mystery he keeps around him like a cloak. Even as he rises to fame, The Weeknd is still unknown, which I believe adds to his appeal. Even though I still miss the mumbled French he spoke in his mixtapes, it is almost impossible for him to disappoint.

Jumping on the extended music-video train, along with a video for “Starboy” and “False Alarm,” “M A N I A” is a 12-minute video that features some songs on the album. Heavy with symbolism and swimming with beautiful women, “M A N I A” has a lingering dark and serious tone despite The Weeknd’s soft, sensual voice in the background. Sharing the same name as the album, “Starboy” is the first track that was released prior the album release date, which allowed us a taste of how the rest of the album would transpire. A music video accompanies this track, which seems to be an interlude for “M A N I A.” The word “starboy” is actually a Jamaican slang for a person who is seen as cool or important to their peers, which seems to be The Weeknd solidifying his place on the top. The track oozes with pain and emptiness despite bragging about the riches and women he has acquired since the fame. The catchy beat almost disguises the heartfelt and lonely lyrics as The Weeknd discusses feeling adrift because he is always working and touring. Despite bemoaning his grievances, The Weeknd is quietly determined to be a successful artist.
One of the two singles released a week prior to Starboy, “Party Monster” is an upbeat track where The Weeknd assures that he is doing fine. The Weeknd also reveals an urge to find a girl who can understand him, which can mean emotionally or a girl who can understand and accept his darker nature and share his same desire for partying. Lana Del Rey appears in the background, hauntingly whispering “Paranoid.” The songstress also later makes memorable appearance on an another track “Stargirl Interlude,” where her talents adds a poignant element to the track. Not a personal favorite, “False Alarm” is also accompanied by a music video. The Weeknd talks about a mystery girl who is swept up in her lavish lifestyle. Questioning her love, The Weeknd labels her a “false alarm,” The Weeknd pities her because she is trapped in her own her obsession with materialistic things. A track to remind his haters that he is here to stay on top of the charts, “Reminder,” The Weeknd shuts down any rising doubts.
Taking a break from his heartbreaking ballads from his earlier work, The Weeknd has pumped the tempo with the track “Rockin.” A sweet and romantic song, I can imagine this slowly becoming a wedding song. In this track, The Weeknd wants to forget about commitments and urges to find a woman who enjoys fun and frivolous sex. The Weeknd’s voice is almost unrecognizable on the next song, “Secrets,” where his voice is lower than we are used to. Claiming to be in love with this girl, The Weeknd believes that their love is not mutual and suspects her love is fake. The Weeknd eventually switches to his more hyper-pitched singing as he says he knows her “secrets,” which means she apparently talks in her sleep.
An amazing song, “True Colors” makes you want to embrace all your imperfections. The beat for the track is amazing, the hook is beautiful and revealing as The Weeknd seems eager to get to know more about this mystery woman. Unlike his previous music from his other albums, there is a trace of The Weeknd’s yearning for monogamy when he sings. In the track “Sidewalks,” both The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar highlight their transition from their humble beginnings to their fame. Both artists painfully reminisce the journey to their current popularity and how pursuing music saved them. Featuring an emotionally distant girl who is hungry for money, in “Six Feet Under” The Weeknd judges the woman’s shallow aspirations for fame and security. Future joins The Weeknd in the chorus, similar to their track together, “Low Life,” the song featured on the rapper’s album Evol.  Future also appears on the track “All I Know,” where The Weeknd once again bemoans how both he and this mysterious woman cannot come together because of their differences and their refusal to change.

In the track “Love to Lay,” The Weeknd is hurt by this same mysterious woman, blaming himself for getting wrapped up with her. “A Lonely Night” prolongs The Weeknd’s frustration with the woman, upset that this woman loves him when wants to keep it frivolous and unattached. Mustafa The Poet joins along with the Weeknd as he harmonizes with him on “Attention.” The Weeknd appreciates the woman’s outer and inner beauty as he urges her to teach him how to love her properly, but then The Weeknd claims the unnamed woman is looking for attention, which apparently frustrates him because he is too busy.
The track “Ordinary Life” is ironic because The Weeknd recognizes his hedonistic lifestyle as he parties and does drugs, is in fact, not ordinary.  “Nothing Without You” changes the mood of the next few songs, crooning as he expresses his poignant regret for a girl that he loves, yet he cannot stay with her. “Die For You” follows along with The Weeknd’s more somber mood. Expressing his conflicted emotions, the song is extremely tender and raw. Ending the album with a yearning for mutual love and understanding, “I Feel it Coming” was part of two-single release in November.  This final track reveals that The Weeknd wants this relationship to work, claiming he can urge this woman to learn to love him, too.
Ever since the release of Starboy on Nov. 25th, the feedback from the album has been overwhelmingly positive and the Weeknd has taken to Instagram to voice his appreciation of his fans.  Tour dates have been released, and though it’s a year away–I can’t wait!
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Album Review: ‘Starboy’ by The Weeknd: Featured image courtesy of Starboy

The 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


Raise your hands up if you’re one of the many who look forward to the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. This time around in New York City, the “sexiest night on television” presents new faces and massive collections gracing the famous glittery runway.


Photo Courtesy of GETTY / Jamie McCarthy

As if the descent of the new angels such as Taylor Hill, Jasmine Tookes, Sara Sampaio, and many others wasn’t exciting enough, Victoria’s Secret knows well how to make an explosive runway show with its six show-stopping collections—Boho Psychedelic, Portrait Of An Angel, Exotic Butterflies, Ice Angels, Pink USA, and Fireworks.

Photo Courtesy of Michael Stewart

The $2 Million Fantasy Bra worn by Lily Aldridge in the Fireworks segment was one of the main highlights in this year’s show. It has been said that it was adorned with over 6,500 different precious gems making the bra lit up and steal the scene during the finale.

Photo courtesy of Dimitrios Kambouris

Musical guests Ellie Goulding, TheWeeknd, and Selena Gomez have also captivated the audience with their own hits surrounding the runway. What is a fashion show without some killer music, right?

Photo Courtesy of Justin Bishop

Let us not forget Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, besties for life, who made headlines when they made it to their first Victoria’s Secret runway show. Because of their immense popularity, Kendall and Gigi instantly grabbed the attention of the viewers. Both freshies in the VS runway have walked in two separate segments.

Photo courtesy of Eli Schmidt

If you’re itching for some backstage deets, we’ve got some for you. According to creator of BLAWNDE.com and co-founder of Suja Juice, Annie Lawless shares that the models snack on healthy food as they prepare for the show and have a glam squad (20 hairstylists and 20 makeup artists on hand) help them look picture-perfect and runway-ready. But most of all, the Angels only have room for positive vibes backstage no matter the anxiousness. There wasn’t any “catty girl vibes” going on between them instead they were supportive and sweet to each other.
So, that’s a wrap! Now that the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has come to an end, I know we’re already excited of what’s in store in 2016.
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– by Alve Aranton