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All About the Freckling Craze


What do face tattoos and summer 2017 have to do with one another? Tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow and her technique called “freckling” has become the newest beauty trend for this summer season. So, what the freck is freckling? 

Based in Montreal, Rainbow began experimenting with semi-permanent tattoo freckles after she saw her friend drawing freckles on her face, according to an interview with NewBeauty. After experimenting with the technique on herself, Rainbow decided to offer the procedure in her salon, and cosmetic tattoo artists have been starting to adopt the practice.

Photo Courtesy of Gabrielle Rainbow’s Instagram

Now, the blemishes of the past have become synonymous with sun-kissed skin. According to the New York Post, the procedure costs about $250 dollars or more and leaves the patient with some facial swelling for a couple hours. Usually, the artist will use a number of different pigments enhancing any natural freckles the patient might already have. After the procedure, the patient is cautioned not to wear makeup for a couple of weeks to allow the skin time to heal. The pigment color will soften within a couple of months and the person will be left with a natural-sun kissed skin for up to three years.

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Francis Wallace/ Toronto Star

The pain is minimal, but there are some causes for concern after the procedure. For one, Rainbow told NewBeauty that finding an experienced tattoo artist is key because a puncture too deep could cause infection and certain types of ink can irritate the skin. For those looking for a more risk-free solution to achieving faux freckles, brands like Topshop have started selling freckle pencils, and a kick-starter company called “Freck Yourself” sells a triangle shaped applicator that creates freckles that lasts for up to two days. Whether you use makeup, stencils, or semi-permanent tattoos, the faux freckle trend marks modern women embracing the beauty of “imperfections” in these fast-approaching summer months.
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All About the Freckling Craze. Image courtesy of Gabrielle Rainbow’s Instagram. 

The Perfect Striped Pieces for Summer


Hi, Dolls! Finally, our summer outing days are here! You can’t beat the feeling of the ocean breeze on a warm day, and what better way to dress for this season of sunny adventures than with the chic nautical look? Nautical stripes have a liveliness about them, regardless of being a simple combination of white, red, and/or blue that puts me in a good mood.

Halter crop tops are a must and the crochet top by Vika Gazinskaya is bold with its shades of bright red and royal blue. The white trim crop top accentuates the waist and is sure to give you that summer feeling. The high waisted, horizontal striped shorts from Forever 21 are a great staple piece to wear with a solid colored top. The relaxed fit shorts feature buttons along the front pockets and mock pockets in the back.
All Saints brought the cool factor with its casual tee by adding playful shoulder slits. The vintage wash of red is a nice change-up to the common boldness of colors. I also really like that the tee fits a tad bit longer than your average t-shirt. The high waisted striped trousers by Topshop are a relaxed fit and look fab with the simple color palette. Pair it will a crisp white tank top and espadrilles to complete the trendy resort outfit. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love the “I own a yacht” look? Last but not least, it’s not a nautical notion without anchors! Dogeared makes a simple anchor pendant necklace that symbolizes strength and the peacefulness of staying grounded.
Don’t go overboard with this trend (no pun intended). The combination of different stripes clashes, so it’s best to keep it simple with one striped piece, but do add a pop of red lipstick! There’s just the ocean breeze and cloudless sunny skies in our future. It’s smooth sailing from here on out, so let the adventure begin!


Mazzy Stripe Tee, Allsaints.com, $72


Vika Gazinskaya, Net-a-porter.com, $835

Stripe Slouch Trousers, Topshop.com, $70

Stripe Slouch Trousers, Topshop.com, $70

Dogeared Anchor Yourself Necklace, Bloomingdales.com, $58

Dogeared Anchor Yourself Necklace, Bloomingdales.com, $58

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The Perfect Striped Pieces for Summer: Featured image courtesy of Forever 21

Trend Alert: Denim for Spring


“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”

We’re pretty sure every person who watched The Devil Wears Prada knows this line by heart. I say this line almost every single time spring comes around the corner because not only is it hilarious, but it’s true. Flowers and spring: how original. But it’s 2016, people. Time for a new trend to hop onto. We’re talking about denim!
Am I the only one to think of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake when I hear the words denim and fashion in one sentence? I shouldn’t be the only one. They made fashion history. But anyway, I’m here to tell you that denim is back in our lives, ladies and gents — now more than ever! I’m not just talking about denim jeans. Wear denim everywhere loud and proud. Your shirt? Your shoes? Your dress? You name it, it’s in.
Funny thing is, I just looked in my closet and I found a brand new denim dress and romper (note: they still have their tags on it)… It’s not hard to pull off the denim trend. It’s all about finding the right items. That’s what we’re here for. Here are some looks to add to your closet! 

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Trend Alert: Denim for Spring: Photographs courtesy of missguided, American Eagle, Topshop, ASOS, Nordstrom

Must-Have Winter Accessories


Winter is a time for steaming mugs of hot chocolate, sweet baked goods, and lots of layers to keep you toasty warm. When facing the cold in your bundle of clothes, though, it can be a struggle to show off your style. Cue winter accessories that will be the most fabulous finishing layer you can have in any outfit—no matter if you’re donning a puffer coat or an oversized jacket throughout most of the day. Layer yourself in glitz, glam, and faux fur this year with these must-have winter accessories. 
Covered in glitter, sequins, or has a metallic sheen—anything that is a sparkle in your eyes.

(Chiara Ferragni Flirting Glitter iPhone 6 Case $42, http://www.luisaviaroma.com/)

(Chiara Ferragni Flirting Glitter iPhone 6 Case $42, http://www.luisaviaroma.com/)

(Proenza Schouler Metallic Clutch $173.50, http://www.farfetch.com)

(Proenza Schouler Metallic Clutch $173.50, http://www.farfetch.com)

Think gold accents, eye-catching gems, and intricately detailed accessories. Heart eyes, anyone?
(Phoenix Wing Ear Cuffs $36, http://www.baublebar.com/)

(Phoenix Wing Ear Cuffs $36, http://www.baublebar.com/)

(Gleaming Luxury Gloves $49.95m http://www.anthropologie.com/)

(Gleaming Luxury Gloves $49.95m http://www.anthropologie.com/)

Faux Fur
Douse yourself not in jewels, but faux fur goods that can instantly add some luxe to your look. What’s more cozy than a plush accessory like this?
faux fur

(Black Faux Fur Keyring $6, http://www.glamorous.com/)

Clip this furry keyring to a handbag or backpack of yours as a chic, cool element.
(Faux Fur Tonal Stole $52, http://us.topshop.com/)

(Faux Fur Tonal Stole $52, http://us.topshop.com/)

You can easily amp up the sophistication in any outfit with this stole. Wrap it around a simple pea coat for a fabulous look,

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Must-Have Winter Accessories “Winter Chic” originally appeared in Cliché Magazine’s Feb/March 2016 issue

The Best Winter Coats for Your Personality


Let’s face it: Winter is coming. As much as we might not want to admit it (I mean, if you’re like me, you hate the cold!), the season approached us way too fast! The best part about Winter? It’s a sure sign that the holiday season is upon us. The worst part about it? The below freezing temperatures. Let us guess: you probably have loads of coats you either have saved up for this time of the year or you have nothing to choose from at all! That’s where we come in. Here’s a list of the best winter coats for your personality.
The Sassy
Perfect for the gal who is just full of spirit and doesn’t mind being a little cheeky!

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 7.50.27 PM

Buy the Longline Draped Open-Front Jacket at Forever 21 for $49.90

The Frugal
You can always rely on Forever 21 to have the best affordable deals. The fabric is so soft and although you probably would still have to layer your clothes underneath, this is one coat you’ll need in your closet ASAP!

Buy the **Dream Jacket by Unreal Fur at Topshop for $360.00

The Risk-Taker
Let me be clear when I say faux fur is making a huge comeback as of late. This one from TopShop is absolutely stunning.

Buy the Kensington Long cotton-gabardine trench coat at Net-A-Porter for $1,895

The Big Spender
Everyone needs at least ONE trench coat in their closet. This will break the bank a bit, but it’s always good to invest in something you’ll wear all the time… Right? This works perfect with almost ANYTHING. Seriously!
nordstrom taupe

Buy the Drape Front Wool Coat at Nordstrom for $675

The Modest
If you’re a fan of the traditional “all day, every day, I wear black” wardrobe, throw this on top for a bit of color. Hey, at least it’s not bright pink!

Buy the Honey Punch Faux Sherpa Denim Jacket at Pacsun for $42

The New-to-Fashion Gal
All these jackets may bit overwhelming, and I get it, so how about dipping your toes into the fashion world with this denim jacket. It’s fashion-forward and yes, it’ll undoubtedly keep you warm!
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Photograph courtesy of SheIn, Forever 21, Topshop, Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, Pacsun 

How to Wear Your Favorite Summer Trends into the Fall


Can you believe it’s already fall? 2015 is seriously flying by so fast that soon enough, we’ll all be worrying about what to wear when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Before we plan ahead, how about we discuss something that needs to be addressed: How in the world do we continue to wear our favorite summer trends in the fall? We’ve seen LOTS of trends popping up all over the place this summer, from bold white, off-the-shoulder tops to chunky heels, and much more. Now let us help you to continue rocking those items you dished your money on so you can keep the spirit alive! See below for our tips on how to wear your favorite summer trends into the fall.


Glamorous Drew Off-the-Shoulder Top, $42, nastygal.com

Off-The-Shoulder Tops
The summer heat may have given us weird tan lines if you were a fan of those off-the-shoulder tops, but once the fall comes, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. So how do you wear an off-the-shoulder top without looking like you just came back from the beach? Simple. Pair your tops with some long-length pants. In my personal opinion, I would opt out of the boho, wide-legged pants unless you’re going for the Coachella/bohemian vibe. Then by all means, go for it!

NIRVANA Chunky Sandals, $95, topshop.com

Chunky Platform Shoes
Your feet need loving, too. Platforms made its way back into our closets just when we thought we were done with them after their appearance back in the late ‘90s! So, you can’t pair them with your favorite daisy dukes or dress… but you know what goes best with them? Frilly socks. We’re talking about the ones that your mom used to make you wear when you were younger. Fan of the platform cut-out heels, perhaps? Bust out those stockings. They’ll cover your toes, plus make your shoes really pop.

ASOS Denim A-Line Mini Skirt With High Low Hem In Bitter Chocolate, $50.16, ASOS.com

Denim Button Up Skirts
Denim skirts made a huge comeback this summer, but it’s not the mini-skirts circa early 2000s. No—we’re talking about the ones that look really similar to the ones from the 1970s, and that’s why we’re obsessed. (I mean, come on. Fashion has a way of bringing back past looks!) Still attached to your skirt, but it’s a tad bit too cold for bare legs? This is a perfect example of where your tights come in. Better yet, you can rock tights in literally any color, and it’ll go with this skirt.
white out

Suit Up Tuxedo Romper in White, $78, nastygal.com

White Out
Forget what you hear about how you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Do whatever you want! You don’t need to listen to some fashion myth. White was seen everywhere, and you can easily slip this into your fall wardrobe this year. Without going into white overload every single time, pair your favorite white piece with a contrasting color to make it really pop.

Kimchi Blue Serena Applique Bra, $39, urbanoutfitters.com

Delicate Lingerie
Rather than wearing their night slips for, well, the night, fashionistas have brought these looks outside the house. With the fact that colder temperatures are sure to make their way in, the only way to rock this thin material is by layering. Layers on layers on layers. That’s the only way to go, isn’t it?
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Photograph courtesy of Nasty Gal, Topshop, ASOS, Urban Outfitters

Best Workout Gym Attire


Gym outfits aren’t always the easiest to co-ordinate – and we all want to try and look our best even if we are feeling very sweaty! Workout like a boss and still look cute with these top picks for gym outfits!
Sports Bra by adidas StellaSport
This two-colour sports bra could make anyone look good in the gym! I love the color block of white and black. Pair this top with high waisted leggings to flatter your figure or match with an adidas hoodie for running outdoors! Find this sports bra over on the Topshop website here for $15.
Sport Mesh Tank Top by adidas StellaSport
Let’s go back to the ’90s! I love the royal blue on this basketball-style jersey and the material is bound to keep you cool on those hot summer days. Also in the sale – a huge drop from $60.00 to $15.00 – this vest is a steal! Grab it here on the Topshop website.
Active Contrast Marl Crop Workout Leggings
For me, leggings are a must for gym attire. Comfy and stylish, you just can’t go wrong with them! You can pair leggings with almost any item of clothing, whether you prefer body-hugging crop tops or baggy t shirts. I love the gray contrasting panels on the side of these leggings that would also be very flattering for your legs! Find these over on Misguided for an amazing $10.00!
Phylon Outsole Sneakers Neon Pink Contrast
If you’re like me and are on a budget this summer, there’s no need to worry about finding decent trainers that won’t break the bank! You’ll be sure to make a statement with these neon pink sneakers. With a light weight finish, that long run you were dreading will feel like a piece of cake. These sneakers are available over on the Misguided website for $40.00.
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Photographs courtesy of Topshop and Misguided

Summer Sunglasses and What to Wear Them With


Summer sunglasses have arrived and our favorite high street stores have not disappointed! Whether you go for the wayfarer, the cat eye, or the John Lennon look, we’ve picked out some of the best sunglasses for all your accessory needs!
Heart Sunglasses
A classic pair of sunglasses you can never go wrong with: heart shaped. They are the perfect sunglasses for any quirky outfit. Accessorize your look with these cute sunglasses by teaming them with a pair of overalls or floral summer dress! Snap them up on the Topshop website for just $36 here.
Classic Cat Eye Sunglasses
More fitted to those with heart-shaped faces, the Cat Eye look is bound to make any outfit look classy. For a true vintage look, pair these sunglasses with a swing dress or a crop top with high waist shorts to achieve an effortless retro vibe! These sunglasses are available over on the Forever 21 website for an unbelievable $5.90!
Aviator Sunglasses
These staple sunglasses by Ray-Ban are a timeless classic and can turn any outfit into the ultimate casual summer look. These sunglasses would look great with denim shorts, a bralette, and a lace kimono! Get them over on the Urban Outfitters website for $125.
Round Frame Sunglasses
Round sunglasses are great for festival attire and lazy summer days. To achieve the best festival look with these sunglasses, team them with a tasselled crop top and crotchet shorts. As for hair, tie it up in a bun! Not only does it look cute but it also keeps the hair off your face in the hot summer sun. These sunglasses are available over on the Boohoo website for $18.
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Photographs courtesy of TopShop, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and Boohoo

Must-Have Fashion for Summer Travel


As the summer approaches we all need to take time out of our busy schedules for a much needed vacation break. Cliche are here to make sure you’re dressed your very best during your travelling adventures this summer – wherever you may be going!
Tapestry Poppins Tote Bag by Topshop
This beautifully patterned aztect backpack is perfect for any travelling escapade! At just $56 you can ensure all your belongings are kept safe and close to you at all times whilst looking on trend. A winner all round! Grab this bag over at Topshop.
Pieces June Round Sunglasses by ASOS
image1xxl-1 image3xxl-1
“But I already own too many pairs of sunglasses…” said no girl, EVER. We love these retro sunglasses here at Cliche and they are bound to add the finishing touch to any summery outfit. Team these sunglasses with a crop top and denim shorts for the ultimate casual travelling look! These sunglasses are a steal at just $27.00 on ASOS.
Lace Insert Cropped Kimono by ASOS
image1xxl image2xxl
Kimono’s are not only perfect for music festival wear – but travelling too! the light material on this kimono enables you to stay cool during the summer sun whilst completing near enough any look. Wear this kimono whilst exploring new cities and places or chilling on the beach with friends! You can buy this here at ASOS.
Delicate Lace Co-ord at ASOS
image1xxl-1 image1xxl
Over the shoulder crop tops are completely on trend  this summer! Co-ord’s are perfect for almost any occasion concerning travel – they are comfortable yet so stylish! We love the boho look here at Cliche and totally approve of this two-sie! Snap up this little gem for $95.00 at ASOS.
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Must-Have Fashion for Summer Travel: Photos courtesy of ASOS and Topshop

Topshop X Adidas Original’s Collection


Topshop have teamed up with the iconic adidas Originals to combine retro street style with sportswear, resulting in the ultimate must-haves for any workout outfit you need this summer. Here are our best picks!
Crop Top and Menire Shorts
12X04HMUL_2_large BUNDLE_12X04HMUL12X05HMUL_large
This matching, bright coloured two piece could be worn for many occasions other than working out. Here at Cliche Magazine we love the feathered detail on this multi-coloured co-ord which could be teamed with some trainers to achieve a total cool (and comfy!) look. Grab this crop top with matching shorts here for a total of $110.00.
Archive Run Bomber Jacket
Bomber jackets are ALWAYS a good idea. This color block jacket is bound to keep you warm on those late-night runs whilst providing you look cool with its 90’s retro vibes. Ideal for a day trip out or lounging around the house, this jacket would also be perfect for festival season as 90’s is proving to be a big hit this summer with festival wear – especially if the weather isn’t on your side! See this jacket here for $140.00.
Sport Ess Tee
12X09HBLK_large 12X09HBLK_3_large
Throw it back to the classics with this simple, vintage crew neck tee. This t-shirt is one those that goes with just about anything and we love it here at Cliché. With the iconic logo and striped sleeves, this tee could be paired with denim shorts or some overalls for the complete vintage look. You can find this t-shirt here on the Topshop website for $48.00.
Rita Ora O-Ray Leggings
12X02HBLK_large 12X02HBLK_2_large
We absolutely adore these unique leggings designed by Rita Ora for adidas Originals. The naturally stretchy material of leggings combined with the unusual multi-coloured x-ray pattern makes for the perfect running pants! Snap up these fantastic leggings here for only $58.00.
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Topshop X adidas Original’s Collection: Photographs courtesy of Topshop

Tatiana’s Column: Keep It Blazin’


Bonjour, darling readers! I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and taking advantage of the nice weather. I wanted to give you all a little tip when updating your closets with a key staple item: blazers. If you don’t already own a blazer, you should definitely invest in one. You can wear a blazer all year round; yes, you can wear a blazer during the summer, but under the right circumstances, of course! I wouldn’t advise wearing a plaid printed wool blazer in the spring or summer. Instead, I’d save that cozy piece for the fall, but you definitely can wear one made out of lightweight rayon or polyester. A blazer adds an elegant yet sexy touch when worn with a pair of shorts and heels for an intimate dinner during the summer. You can even hang it over your shoulders for a chic look because we know that the summer breeze can be quite chilly sometimes, especially when wearing shorts or a mini dress! Nonetheless, blazers can be worn with jeans, slacks, leggings, dresses, skirts, and shorts.
Recently, I found a few of my mother’s vintage blazers that she sewed when she worked as a seamstress. The single-buttoned navy plaid blazer is made out of 100% pure wool and has a classic look. The pink plaid blazer is also single-buttoned and made out of 100% pure wool. I love the color and how it’s finished with matching pink buttons; it reminds me of something Cher Horowitz would wear. The triple-buttoned cream blazer is made out of 100% wool with 100% acetate lining. It looks like something Sue Ellen “Swell” Crandell designed with the beaded, embroidered, and pleather detailing. You can’t forget the shoulder pads on it either!


Dustin Single-Breasted Blazer, $228, Bcbg.com


Space-Dye Boyfriend Jacket, $90, Topshop.com


Striped One – Button Jacket, $99.90, Zara.com


BB Dakota Herringbone Caelyn Blazer, $99, Urbanoutfitters.com


ASOS Tuxedo Blazer, $98, Asos.com

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Tatiana’s Column: Keep It Blazin’ originally appeared in Cliché’s April/May 2015 issue. Photo of Tatiana courtesy of Jason Tezgerevski

Get the Retro Look


This isn’t just a Throwback Thursday–the ’70s are back and the trend is stronger than ever! With the likes of Topshop and ASOS releasing 70s’ fashion ranges this summer is set to be the most vintage yet–suede and tassels at the ready. Read on to learn how to get the retro look!

Cord Popper A-line Skirt by Topshop
Team this vintage-style cord skirt with wooden clog heels to achieve the ultimate retro chic look! To go full ’70s, a turtle neck jumper or pussy-bow style blouse would match perfectly accompanied by a tan-colored side bag for your belongings. You can buy this skirt from Topshop here.
Cut-Work Embroidered Top by Topshop
Here at Cliché, we love anything embroidered–with this summery top being no exception! This look would be best matched with a pair of rolled up mom-jeans and gladiator sandals for those hot summer days. Grab this little gem over on the Topshop website.
Pussy-bow Blouse by Topshop
It wouldn’t have been the ’70s without the pussy-bow collar! These iconic blouses just scream ’70s and can be worn for a fun day out or a smart/casual event. With a skater skirt and some black wedged heels, you’re bound to look the classiest chick this summer! Snap this up here while its still half price at $35!
Maison Scotch Leather Tassel Backpack at ASOS
image3xxl  image1xxl
What day out isn’t complete without a cute backpack to store your must-haves in? Tan is the ultimate ’70s colour and the tassels give the bag that edgy look to complete any outfit. This real leather bag can be found on the ASOS website at $123.05.
Catarzi Floppy Hat at ASOS
Classy meets retro in this floppy vintage hat by Catarzi. A girl can never own too many hats! This hat would match perfectly with almost any dress–whether it be a fitted bodycon for night or a floaty swing dress for the day. Whatever the choice of attire, this hat is sure to make anyone look chic. Grab it now on the ASOS website for $63.00.