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JVNA Takes Listeners On A Deep, Personal Journey Through 12-Track Debut Studio Album “Hope In Chaos” and Announces Album-Themed 2022 Tour


LA-based artist JVNA releases her stunning debut album “Hope In Chaos,” a deeply personal and emotive body of work with a unique sonic style drawing from pop, rock, and bass elements. The twelve-track LP explores many of her life experiences, covering a range of sometimes dark elements, including the loss of her father, guilt, love, lust, sexism, and determination. The opening track “Chaos” sets an ominous tone for the first half of the album, which represents the first, most painful stages of grief. “Where You Are” sees JVNA expressing a deep longing for lost love with cinematic sonic elements, while “Ghost” showcases a future bass style. “Sins” captures the sultry and turbulent energy of lust and questionable decisions. The first half of the album closes with the interlude “Hope,” which introduces JVNA‘s movement into the healing process of grief. She tries to remember the good times of a painful relationship with “At Least It Was Fun,” while the ensuing tracks all lead up to the cathartic healing process with the epilogue “Fly.” “Hope In Chaos” is a truly beautiful and meaningful musical journey that fans of multiple genres will appreciate, whether they’re going through a tough time or just looking for a track to rock out to. Be on the lookout for album-themed “Hope In Chaos Tour“, starting on February 19. Tickets are available here.

California-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist JVNA produces electronic music that plays at the dichotomy of light and dark, bass and melody, organic and synthetic. Raised by Taiwanese immigrants, JVNA studied classical piano from the age of 6 and started writing songs when she was 11. Her studies continued at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she learned to score films and video games. Initially, JVNA made fun edits and remixes of her favorite anime and video game soundtracks; her take on MapleStory‘s “Login Theme” caught fire on the internet, earning half a million views in 24 hours. Her 2018 song “I’m With You,” inspired by her father’s death two years earlier, dared to dive deep into an emotional world. JVNA self-directed the song’s music video. The Follow-up single “Catch Me,” released in 2019, took JVNA on a sold-out tour across the United States. Due to the pandemic, it was canceled, and JVNA returned to the studio to focus on the album’s production. She pushed herself to incorporate more live keys, piano, and organic textures. “Hope In Chaos” is a diverse collection of styles featuring JVNA‘s voice like it’s never been heard before, opening up about so much more than the standard dance floor love songs.

Hope In Chaos Tour” dates so far (more dates TBA, info and tickets here):

Feb 19 – The Republik – Honolulu, HI, United States
Feb 26 – Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA, United States
Feb 27 – The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA, United States
Mar 03 – Sessions Music Hall – Eugene, OR, United States
Mar 04 – Neumos – Seattle, WA, United States
Mar 05 – 45 East – Portland, OR, United States
Mar 12 – The Loft – Minneapolis, MN, United States
Mar 24 – Mod Club Theatre – Toronto, ON, Canada
Mar 26 – Liquid – Madison, WI, United States
Apr 02 – The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY, United States
Apr 08 – The Church – Denver, CO, United States

Hope In Chaos” tracklist:

01. JVNA – Chaos (Prelude)
02. JVNA – Where You Are
03. JVNA – Ghost
04. JVNA – Breakdown
05. JVNA – Sins
06. JVNA – 18
07. JVNA – Bullseye
08. JVNA – Hope (Interlude)
09. JVNA – It Least It Was Fun
10. JVNA – Dystopia
11. JVNA – True Colors
12. JVNA – Fly

More info on JVNA:

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Images provided by Ivan Wong

Electronic Artist Manatee Commune Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Musical Inspiration


Grant Eadie, better known as Manatee Commune, grew up as a classically trained musician in Spokane, Washington. After becoming completely enamored by classical music, he moved into the electronic scene. His songs have rich textures and layers that are in part inspired through his upbringing in classical music. He mixes organic sounds from nature with electronic elements that create smooth tracks that have been described as “groovy.” His songs have such a relaxing feel to them while also being exciting and keeping crowds engaged during his live shows. He’s becoming a staple in the electronic and dance community touring with big names such as Odezsa, performing at festivals all over the US, and being named “best electronic artist” by Seattle Weekly. His latest single “Growing Pains” is the final song to be released from his album PDA which releases Friday, May 3rd. 

Listen to Manatee Commune’s latest track here: 


Cliché: Can you tell me a little bit about your background as a classically trained musician?  What pulled you into this creative world?

Grant Eadie: When I was a kid I was mildly obsessed with Celtic music. As early as I can remember, I wanted to play the violin and begged my parents to let me take classes.  When elementary school rolled around, I finally got the chance. After that, I couldn’t get enough and wanted to play everything I could and to be the best at it.

In high school, music was literally the only thing I cared about.  So I just soaked up everything I could in my little town of Spokane, WA.  Then I discovered electronic music and my inspiration skyrocketed. I did my best to figure out how to make that kind of music myself and the rest, as they say, “is history.”


As a fellow violist, I really appreciate your use of viola throughout your songs, it’s not something you really hear all too often!  Can you tell me a little about your instrumentation and choices behind it? It’s such a great mix of organic and electronic that creates such rich textures.

I think my classically trained background has given me the desire to make rich, four part harmonies and create sweeping, cinematic sounds.  I find that strings usually accomplish that so well, especially when performed live. And I’ve noticed the richness of the sound that comes from human touch and I try to make it a point to at least perform all the parts of my productions, even if they are “synthetic” in nature.


Reading about your writing process for your song, “I Can Dream” feat. Effee, and how it all started with a beautiful spring day in Portland, it’s evident that you are inspired by the world around you. What would you say inspires you the most? Do you have a specific writing process or does it happen differently with each song?  

Each song has its own unique inspiration.  More often than not it’s captured in a small field recording that establishes the mood and then I tweak to blossom into a full blown track.  The subtle details in the space inspires me the most. When I can close my eyes and listen to my surroundings and an immense feeling of calm washes over me, I know I got the right “sound”  — like when you notice rain blowing through the leaves or the creak of a porch swing swaying in a gentle breeze.


You’ve collaborated with artists such as Marina Price, Effee, Flint Eastwood, and others. Who else would you love the opportunity to work with?

My ultimate wish list would definitely include Chelsea Cutler, Emily King, BAYNK, Chrome Sparks, Raveena and Tom Misch.


Your live sets are so interesting to watch because you’re the one making it all happen. What are some of the challenges you face when your performing live? What’s your favorite part about performing live?

A major challenge is maintaining the energy level.  Performing live, triggering visuals and engaging the crowd requires tons of focus.  Keeping all these moving parts well oiled while maintaining my stage presence is both invigorating and a little lonely sometimes.

My favorite part of performing live is hitting the drop with a full room of people and watching the anticipation on the crowd’s faces morph into blissful expressions as their expectations are surpassed and they find themselves lost in the music and the experience.


You’ve got a tour coming up this spring with Geographer. What are you looking forward to with this tour? Any stops along the way you are particularly looking forward to?

I’m so excited and honored to be supporting Geographer this Spring.  Not only to be back on the road, but to debut bits and pieces of my new live set to the fans and cities I’ll be performing at for the first time.  Off the top of my head, San Francisco and LA are the 2 stops I’m really pumped about. And I’m going to pull out all the stops to make those shows really special and memorable.


Apart from this upcoming tour.  What else can listeners expect from you coming up in the near future?

I’ve got a full length album, PDA, out May 3 on Bastard Jazz with tons of featured vocalists.  Dropping some limited edition, autographed white vinyl too for the project.  The music video for my 4th single off the album, Growing Pains, premieres in May.  Also did a special mixtape for Apple that drops a week or so after the album. Festival dates at Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala and a few others this summer then my headlining tour this fall/winter and a special NYE 2019 performance.  And most importantly, I’ll be documenting the process of growing out my mustache on the ‘gram!


Manatee Commune will be on tour this spring. Check out his website to see if he’s coming to a city near you! 


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Electronic Artist Manatee Commune Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Musical Inspiration: Featured Image Credit: Allen Daniel 

SHAED Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Their Recent Feature in an Apple Commercial


Alternative band SHAED has been making music together ever since they all became friends back in high school. Hailing from Washington, DC, the group consists of twins Max and Spencer, and their best friend Chelsea, who is now also Spencer’s wife. The band is first and foremost best friends and their love of the same music is channeled into their creation of music. Chelsea answered some questions for us about their new music, their recent feature on an apple commercial, and more about what we can expect.


Cliché: How did the three of you decide to start making music together? Was there a specific moment when you knew that this was the right fit?

Chelsea: The instant we became friends is the moment we started writing songs together. We were in separate projects for the first couple of years of knowing each other which prevented us from working together officially until SHAED was born in 2016.


How does your songwriting process work? What inspires you to write your music the way that you do?

We all live together in a small house outside of DC. We try to write together as much as possible. Our inspiration can be as simple as having the ability to walk into our studio every day and freely create.


I was first introduced to your music last year when you were on tour with Bishop Briggs and Manatee Commune and I’m very happy that I was! How much has changed for you since that tour?

A ton has changed. We all moved into a house together. Spencer and I got married. And we released our EP Melt.


Your song, “Trampoline,” was recently featured on an apple commercial and it’s one of your most popular songs on Spotify and itunes. How important has that exposure been for you? Do you feel you’ve gained new fans you hadn’t reached before?  

The Apple commercial has been a dream. The amount of exposure we’ve received is unbelievable – we have gained so many new fans, especially internationally. It has opened a lot of doors for us which we are incredibly thankful for.



You’ve gone on tour a few times now. What has been your favorite city or cities to play and why?

We get asked this question a lot and we always struggle to answer. We are so happy that we have the opportunity to travel and each place we visit is wonderful.


When performing live do you try to make it sound just like the recorded versions or do you ever like to get creative with the composition or instrumentation when performing? What’s your favorite song to perform live at the moment and why?

We definitely like to change things up. We totally strip down “Just Wanna See” to just electric guitar, drum pad and vocals. That’s our favorite song to play live at the moment.


Your latest EP, Melt, has been out for a little while now. I read that leading up to it you were writing every day. What was it about the songs that are on it that they made the final cut?

We wrote a lot of songs for this EP but we picked tracks that were especially special to us. “Melt” was the first song we wrote in our house, “Trampoline” followed after, and “You Got Me Like” and “Keep Calling” were a result of being snowed in during the winter months. Every song we chose just felt like us.


It was recently announced that you’re going on your first headlining tour this coming February which must be really exciting! What are you most looking forward to?

It’s going to feel super special knowing that everyone there came to see us 🙂 Seeing and hearing people sing along to our songs is our favorite thing.


Apart from your upcoming tour, what can listeners expect from SHAED coming up in the near future?

New songs soon 🙂



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SHAED Talks New Music, Upcoming Tour, and Their Recent Feature in an Apple Commercial Featured image credit: Nicole Mago 

Allday Concert Tickets Giveaway


Cliché Magazine is teaming up with Allday for a concert tickets giveaway you won’t want to miss! The cult Australian rapper/singer is touring the U.S. this summer to promote his new EP, Speeding, and is making a stop right here in Brooklyn next month. Enter below for your chance to win two tickets to his show at Rough Trade USA in Brooklyn, NY on Wednesday, August 9.


One (1) winner will receive:
 2 tickets to the Allday concert at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, NY on August 9
Prizing courtesy of Allday/No Big Deal PR
How to Enter:
– Complete the required action(s) below for entry to the giveaway
– Earn extra entries by adding us on various social media
The winner will be chosen at random using Rafflecopter.com and will be contacted within 48 hours after the giveaway has ended. The winner will be given 72 hours to claim his or her prize before he or she must forfeit it to another winner.

Giveaway open to U.S. addresses only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Allday Tour Dates

8/3 San Francisco CA – Rickshaw Stop 
8/5 Los Angeles CA – The Echo
8/6 Denver CO – Lost Lake Lounge
8/7 Chicago IL – Subterranean
8/9 Brooklyn NY – Rough Trade
8/12 Philadelphia PA – Voltage Lounge
8/13 Washington DC – DC9
8/14 Cambridge MA – Middle East Upstairs

Connect with Allday

Facebook | Soundcloud | Official
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Allday Concert Tickets Giveaway: Prizing courtesy of Allday/No Big Deal PR / Photographed by Jo Duck

The Maine talks ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ Album and Tour


One of the best and well-crafted albums of 2017 so far dropped this April by one of our Cliché favorites, The Maine. Lovely Little Lonely, The Maine’s sixth full-length album, is infused with beautiful melodies and heart-stretching lyrics to follow. As if the album wasn’t good enough, the lovely five-piece band embarked on their headlining world tour this spring. We sat down with guitarist Jared Monaco to discuss the new record, the recording process, the Lovely Little Lonely Tour, and everything that makes it what it is.

Cliché: Can you elaborate on the writing process of Lovely Little Lonely? What was the inspiration behind your favorite lyrics on this record?
Jared Monaco: Over the years, our band has certainly gone through many changes, but one thing that remains the same is our process for writing songs. The only difference this time was the quality of our demos. We spent more time mapping everything out, and by the time we got to the studio, we had full skeletons for every single song. Usually we aren’t quite that prepared. I don’t write lyrics, so for me it’s hard to pick a specific line on the album. I really like the way “The Sound of Reverie” turned out.
What are some challenges you faced while making Lovely Little Lonely and what did you learn from them?
For this record, we rented a house in northern California, so we had to pack our entire studio into a box truck to move all the gear. The house was about three hours from the nearest music store, so we were really hoping everything arrived in one piece and turned on. Luckily, it was mostly fine, but the hard part was definitely turning a vacation house into a professional studio space. In the end, it was well worth it, but it took some creativity to get everything sounding the way we wanted it to.
How did this record stretch you guys individually and collectively?
For me, the goal was to have every single guitar track be absolutely necessary. I didn’t want to overdub things just because I could. The hardest part was to not overthink things. I’m a perfectionist so it’s hard for me to just step back and say, “Okay, it’s good. Move on.” For John, he wrote most of the vocal melodies without lyrics so it was certainly a battle trying to fit the right words to the melodies. In the end, it all came together, but there were certainly some days spent banging our heads on the wall.

How is this record different from any of your other records and how is it similar?
LLL has a very specific mood to it. I think that is one of the benefits of setting up a studio in a new place. We were taking in all of our surroundings and using them to augment the music we were making. The record flows from front to back, with tracks connecting to tracks and certain undertones carrying over. It’s the first time we took a step back and thought about how everything fits together as a whole. It’s similar to previous albums in the sense that we wrote it ourselves the way we write anything else. I think long-time fans will be able to hear our entire discography in some way through these songs.
What was it like for you guys when you heard the final songs for the first time?
That was a pretty big moment because when we finished recording in California, the vocals still weren’t finished. John had to fly out to Nashville to finish them so we were all at home waiting to hear the first rough mixes with vocals on them. The first time we heard them, we were all together at our manager Tim’s house. I was blown away. I have always trusted John and I think that’s why we work so well together, but after seeing him frustrated before Nashville, I was uncertain about which direction he was going to take the songs. I felt relieved, proud, and immediately optimistic when I heard the final mixes.
If there was one thing you could do differently, what would it be and why?
To be honest, for doing everything ourselves and seeing the results we did, I don’t have any regrets on this album. There was one song that didn’t make the album, but we didn’t cut it until pretty late in the process. I guess I wish we would have thrown it out sooner. Still, things happened how they did, and I’m happy with where we are now.

Visually, we have created quite a stage scene and I feel that it represents the mood of the new album quite well.

After creating music for so long, how do you keep a fresh mindset and attitude going into recording a new record?
Like I said, we have been using the idea of scenery to influence our mindset, so having something like AirBnB to find an amazing house to record in certainly helps. We were on the side of a cliff looking out at the Pacific Ocean every day. If you can’t feel fresh waking up to that every day, you’re probably doing something wrong.
How are you feeling about the LLL Tour?
So far, things have been amazing. Visually, we have created quite a stage scene and I feel that it represents the mood of the new album quite well.
What’s next?
We will be touring as much as possible this year. We’re just getting started, and like every other album we have released, the mantra is that we can sleep when we’re dead. Even though we plan on working as hard as possible, it’s important to take time to look back and see how far we have come. That kind of reflection usually happens after a really great show.
What has come out of that time of reflection?
We’ve been a band for over 10 years now. In that time, we have met so many amazing friends and fans and seen so many incredible places. To be here in 2017 releasing our sixth full length record is sometimes unbelievable. We wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for those who care so deeply about the music we are releasing. For that, we are eternally grateful.
What do you hope this album conveys for listeners?
I want listeners to attach their own meaning to these songs, but for me, it’s a nod to how sometimes being alone can be terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a beautiful thing, too.

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The Maine talks ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ Album and Tour, Written and Photographed by Imani Givertz

Savannah Outen Talks New EP and Tour


Singer/songwriter Savannah Outen is once again making a name for herself. After finding success through YouTube in 2007, her song “Goodbyes” peaked at #5 on Radio Disney in 2008. By 2008, Outen’s YouTube channel had reached 19 million views. In 2012, Outen made it to the final six for the Billboard Battle of the Bands competition. She has continually proven that she is a resilient artist whose pop-R&B vibe is both powerful and relatable. Now, Outen is back with new music and is ready to take on the music world. She talked to us about her new music, success, and growth.

Cliché: How do you feel you have grown as an artist since our last interview?
Savannah Outen: Last time we talked, I had just released my song, “BOYS.” That was one of the first songs I wrote when I first moved out to L.A., so I was just experimenting with my sound. I had a lot of people telling me who to be and what kind of music to sing the past couple years. I was so exhausted compromising my sound that I decided to just be me and only listen to my gut. That’s exactly what my new single “Coins” is about.

You’re releasing a new EP this year. Can you tell us about that?
I am so excited to share music with all my supporters! They have been so patient with me. I’m also excited to introduce my music to people who have no idea who I am. There’s a song on the EP for everyone and every part of their life.

How would you describe your sound?
It’s Pop with rhythmic and R&B sounds. I try to make my lyrics super honest and conversational so I hope everyone can find a song that they can really relate to!

What has been the most exciting part of your success thus far?
One of my favorite moments EVER was performing in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. That was a childhood dream of mine. Also, being able to work in the studio and create music every day is pretty exciting. I’ve dreamt of doing this since I was a little girl, so the fact that I’m living it is crazy amazing. Oh, and that one time Jodie Foster brought her kids to my show. Pretty rad.

Do you think you’ll tour following the release of your new EP?
Yes! That’s my favorite part of this whole ride. I’m so excited to start touring and performing these songs. I’m in the process of getting a band together!

Regarding your music, what are you most excited for in this upcoming year?
I’ve been holding onto some of this music for over a year. I’m SO ready to get it out there! I cannot wait to see what people think. Also, lots of exciting things are happening behind the scenes that I’m stoked to share.

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Savannah Outen Talks New EP and Tour: Photographed by Matthew Calvis

Carly Pearce Talks the Success of Her Single, “Every Little Thing”


From a local bluegrass band to Dollywood and the Grand Ole Opry, Carly Pearce can truly say she’s had a steady rise to the new light on her now. After being featured on Josh Abbott Band’s single “Wasn’t That Drunk” in early 2016, Pearce was already in a reset; a new publishing deal, new label, new writing partners, and new experiences. She was ready to make an official debut in the country music scene. According to Wide Open Country, with a batch of new material in hand, and contemporary writing partner in busbee, Pearce took a chance with Sirius XM. There, J.R. Schumann felt tied to her well-received single, “Every Little Thing.” According to Pearce, out of all the songs she dropped off, the success of “Every Little Thing” confused her at first, but ended up making perfect sense: “I think country fans love the truth. This song is the truth and they feel that.” After its release on Sirius XM’s hit country station, “The Highway,” it went number one in a matter of weeks and sold over 4K in sales.

So how does a musician celebrate a personal story of heartache? It would seem awkward for some, but Pearce took it easy and simple. “I’m pretty sure I went and had a glass of wine with some girlfriends!” she says. What else is the solution for such a straightforward song about a complicated feeling? The lyrics, “The look in your eyes like a window, the taste of your kiss soaked in wine / Every little thing, I remember every little thing / The high, the hurt, the shine, the sting—every little thing,” read like a personal conversation with oneself, but also a conversation with someone you trust to simply listen.
Since “Every Little Thing” has taken off on satellite and mainstream country radio, Pearce feels she’s reaching new areas in her craft and those interested in hearing it. “It’s hard to put into words,” she says. “I have put so much work into this—so much blood, sweat, and tears…it’s an indescribable feeling to see it starting to pay off. I’ll never take it for granted.”
She is currently on her radio tour promoting “Every Little Thing” with some large stage performances mixed in, such as the Grand Ole Opry, where she performed in the presence of other artists, like Zac Brown Band, Crystal Gale, and Trace Adkins. Since different stage locations aren’t unfamiliar to Pearce, touring continues to bring excitement. “I love being on the road. I love waking up in different cities,” she says. “I try to make the most of the time I’m in the cities to experience a little of what’s unique to them. Sleeping in a bunk is pretty crazy!”
Being around different people isn’t limited to traveling, as Pearce speaks of positive feelings when she decided to begin a co-writing partnership with various musicians and producers. She cites it as natural and fresh with different perspectives for a particular subject. “I think I definitely have benefited from many other co-writers in how I articulate things in songs,” she admits. “Even from a melodic sense, I’ve learned a lot of phrasing ideas from other writers that I’ve then taken and fused into my other [writings].”

I think I definitely have benefited from many other co-writers in how I articulate things in songs.

The new label Carly Pearce calls home is Big Machine Label Group, the same label holding Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, and Cheap Trick. BMLG’s CEO, Scott Borchetta, reached out to Pearce and was on a plane back to Nashville to meet her less than 24 hours after the song premiered on Sirius XM’s “The Highway.”
“It’s truly a dream come true…Not only are they an incredible label with incredible artists, but they are allowing me to be 100% authentic to my artistry and respect me. I’m so blessed,” she says.
Being able to start off the new year with goals achieved, Pearce keeps her eye on the big prize, making it clear the competition lies with herself and no one else. “I never want to get to a place where I feel like I’ve completely ‘hit the bar’ of my potential,” she says. “I don’t think any truly successful artist gets to that point. I want to continue to push myself in every area of my career, including how I bleed my heart into my songs.”
Other goals for Carly Pearce in 2017 are quite simple and are within reach. “I’d love to take ‘Every Little Thing’ to the top of the country chart, make an incredible record that I’m so proud of, and play as many shows as I can!” she tells us.
Upon taking any stage—after warming up with a country cover and having a glass of wine—Carly Pearce continues to hold composed and confident, bringing in new fans and listeners eager to watch her career soar.
Carly Pearce’s “Every Little Thing” is available on iTunes, and Spotify. For current tour dates, follow Carly at www.carlypearce.com and Twitter

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Carly Pearce Talks the Success of Her Single, “Every Little Thing.” Photographed by John Shearer.

Lauren Giraldo is Gearing Up For Her Debut EP and Tour


Lauren Giraldo may seem like your average 19-year-old. She loves music, social media, and hanging out with her friends. However, this young star has taken her passion for acting and singing and turned it into a full-blown career. Between releasing her first single “Only Lovers” in January, filming her new series Lady Bits on Fullscreen, producing a docu-series, and gearing up for her first tour, Giraldo is anything but an ordinary teenager.

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Giraldo has always loved being on stage. The actress performed in musicals throughout her childhood and was able to cultivate her passion for acting and singing by performing in several musicals.
“I grew up performing musical theatre and have always loved to act and sing,” Giraldo recalls. “I grew up doing musical theatre throughout school. I was in shows like Annie and Oklahoma!”
Giraldo’s career started in 2013, with the introduction of Vine. She quickly gained millions of followers on the social media platform who tuned in to see her propose to strangers and invite people for group selfies. In 2016, Giraldo starred in Vine’s original series Camp Unplug, a humorous take on famous Vine stars going to camp for a social media detox. Since then, and now after the recent shut-down of Vine, the actress and singer has focused on several projects for other social media platforms, including hosting Lauren Against the Internet, go90’s clip-show.

Choker: JewelryBar USA, Romper: L’ATISTE BY AMY

With Giraldo’s experience and outgoing personality on stage, it was only a matter of time before she landed a movie role. She recently wrapped up filming indie movie Hope Springs Eternal, a dramedy that follows main character Hope Gracin as she navigates life after the remission of her once terminal cancer. Giraldo plays Zoe, a character much different from herself.
“She is the cool girl,” Giraldo says. “She’s very mean and is the most popular girl in school. It was an interesting character to portray since we are very different.”
Acting in a feature film was a much different experience than performing in web-series’ and musicals, but Giraldo loved the opportunity to really transform into her character, as well as learn about the movie industry hands-on.
“It was very fun to dive into my character and experience being on set for a feature film for the first time,” Giraldo explains. “Everyone in the production team on set was very talented and I learned so much from them. I can’t wait for everyone to see the finalized product!”

It’s important to always remain yourself in everything you post online and be confident in yourself.

So does the actress have her sights set on a dream role? Not exactly, but if she could go back in time, she would definitely push Lindsay Lohan aside to become America’s most loved not-so-mean girl.
“I would love to play Cady Heron from Mean Girls. I love a woman that can implement change,” Giraldo tells us. “Any role where I am playing a woman of power is inspiring for me.”
Aside from all of her acting projects, Giraldo has kept busy with debuting her first single and recording her EP. She describes her sound as “something everyone can vibe to.” Having been passionate about music from a young age, this big step in her music career is a dream come true for Giraldo.

Pants: Nasty Gal, Choker: Wren and Glory, Top: L’ATISTE BY AMY

“It has been my dream for so long to release original music that I am truly passionate about,” Giraldo explains. “I have poured so many emotions into my EP and shared a lot of my personal experiences and I cannot wait for all of my fans to hear my sound. Recording my debut EP has been the most exciting and rewarding project I have worked on in my career. It is so exciting to see all of my hard work come to life.”
Following the release of her new single, Giraldo will be going on tour throughout February and March. She will be stopping in California, Texas, Illinois, New York, and Canada. “I am so excited to be heading out on tour to meet and perform for all of my fans,” Giraldo says.
If acting, singing, and managing over 5 million followers across her social media channels wasn’t enough, Giraldo has stepped behind the scenes for her next project: producing a Latina docu-series. While she can’t release details just yet, Giraldo tells us that this new project is special to her because it is based in her hometown.
“I am currently working on executive-producing my first series and it has been such a great experience stepping behind the camera and being able to take on a new role,” Giraldo says. “The show is currently in the casting phase and it is based in Miami. The location hits very close to home since I grew up in the city surrounded by my family, my Colombian and Spanish roots, and Latina friends.”

Recording my debut EP has been the most exciting and rewarding project I have worked on in my career.

With so much going on, Giraldo has to make sure to stay organized, but finds time to relax with her friends when she can. Her hobbies aren’t unlike that of a normal 19-year-old, and Giraldo likes it that way.  
“I love discovering new music to obsess over and be inspired by, exploring different restaurants, taking long drives, and just being social and going out with my friends,” Giraldo says of her time off work. “I find a way to balance my work and personal life, but it can be tricky at times.”
The young actress spends a lot of time acting and performing, so she finds it important to stay grounded, not just by keeping up with her friends, but by reminding herself to stay confident and to always be her authentic self. With over 630K followers on Instagram, and a huge presence online overall, staying genuine can be hard to do, but Giraldo says her fan base makes it easier.
“All of my followers are very accepting and I keep a very open relationship with them,” Giraldo says of her fans. “It’s important to always remain yourself in everything you post online and be confident in yourself.”

Dress: For love and Lemons, Fur: Revolve, Shoes: Cape Robbin

To aspiring actresses, singers, and producers, Giraldo has simple, but powerful advice: “Don’t view it as a completely unattainable dream. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and go for your dreams.” She also explains that her best role model is herself, and that self-motivation is key.
“I’ve always set goals for myself and used self-motivation to pursue my dreams and achieve what I want,” she says.
To catch up with Giraldo, be sure to look for the release of Hope Springs Eternal this year and visit www.laurengiraldo.com to see if her tour is stopping by your city.
See more exclusive photos from this story in the Feb/Mar 2017 issue of Cliché Magazine.
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Lauren Giraldo is Gearing Up For Her Debut EP and Tour: Photographer: Quavondo, Hair: Gui @ Exclusive Artists, Makeup: Jesus G, Styling: Brandon Nicholas and Art Hunter

Photo Gallery: Brand New Live in Miami, FL


Braving the way for harmonious melodies and chilling lyrics since 2000, Brand New is one band that we will always thank for giving us songs for every emotion. There is nothing that can properly articulate the feeling and rawness of a Brand New show; from the creative elements to the perfect lighting, it is an experience you need to have at least once in your life.

With that being said, we recommend that you see them on their next tour this year. We don’t know for certain, but the last thing we saw before the end of their show was 2000 – 2018, and we have a feeling that it could be your last chance to see them (though we all hope they stay together forever). Here is a photo gallery and a small glimpse of Brand New’s massive show in Miami, FL this past summer.
Keep up to date with news from Brand New at fightoffyourdemons.com

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Photo Gallery: Brand New Live in Miami, FL: Photographed by Imani Givertz

Spreading Hope with To Write Love On Her Arms


When you think of Warped Tour or festivals in general, your mind automatically thinks of the bands (and if you’re like me, the fashion, too), but only a handful of people actually know that there are many organizations that support the tour and/or festival that you’re stoked to go to. One of my favorite non-profit organizations has been around since I was a teenager and definitely made a huge impact on my life growing up and to this day. If you’ve never heard of To Write Love On Her Arms, allow me to introduce you. TWLOHA is an incredible non-profit organization that is committed to providing people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide with support and help. They strive to educate, inspire, and directly invest into treatment and recovery. One way they carry out their mission to care for others is through their time at Warped Tour during in the summer. 


This summer at Warped Tour, we had the opportunity to chat with TWLOHA Staff Member, Casey O’Neill who is Spreading Hope with To Write Love On Her Arms. He shared the heart behind To Write Love On Her Arms, why going out on Warped Tour was important, and even shared some stories he’s heard while on the road.

Cliché: How many years has To Write Love on Her Arms been on Vans Warped Tour?
Casey O’Neill: TWLOHA has been on Vans Warped Tour for 10 years now with its first summer being 2007!

Why do you believe that it’s important for TWLOHA to have such a presence in the touring music scene, especially at Warped Tour?
TWLOHA’s original story first began with the help of music in 2006. We find that this music scene needs a presence such as us. We’re seeing that the crowds every summer need an organization that they can come to be educated on mental health. We’d like to be that safe place where people can come talk to us and walk away with resources that will help guide them into getting help.
What did your hopes for this year’s Warped Tour look like?
My hope was that everyone who walked away from our tent knew that they’re not alone. I want them to leave Warped Tour with resources that will help guide them to getting help. Asking for help can feel impossible for some. My goal is to change that perception and instill hope into those I come in contact with.

Who are some of the bands you’ve partnered with this year that are on the tour?
Most of the bands we receive support from start out as friendships. They choose to wear TWLOHA merchandise on stage because they believe in our mission. The Summer Set is an example of a long running connection we’ve had, and we are excited to welcome them to the tour soon. We had the opportunity to live with Tonight Alive this summer who have been incredible supporters of what we’re doing every day on tour.

What has it been like to work with them?
It’s been a blast! Jess Bowen of The Summer Set came out to Warped to drum for 3OH!3 until The Summer Set arrived. The first time I ran into her, she was proudly wearing her new TWLOHA Orlando Pride tank that was recently printed in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub tragedy. It made me happy to see someone like Jess representing us just by simply wearing a tank top.

Your summer line had a variety of incredible apparel, including a tank and shirt with the words “People Need Other People” and is said to be made in hopes to start a conversation. What conversations have you heard during your time on Warped that have proved to show that People actually do Need Other People?

There have been so many conversations that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’ve heard countless stories of individuals celebrating anniversaries such as three years sober and even seven years self-injury free. These examples come mostly with details about a friend or a loved one guiding them to getting the help they needed. The connection people have with other people is indescribable. There’s such a power in showing another person that you love and care for them. That care can be the key to someone sitting across from a counselor for the first time.

There’s such a power in showing another person that you love and care for them. That care can be the key to someone sitting across from a counselor for the first time.


Are there any stories you can share about some of your followers and fans that have personally impacted you or the team collectively this year?
Personally, I’ve related with various individuals who come up to our booth at Warped Tour. I lost one of my best friends, Shane, to suicide six years ago. His death truly shook my world up. It took me down a difficult path until, with the help of my family, I decided to go to counseling. I’ve met so many people affected by suicide, which never gets easier to hear. I’m able to use my story of personal loss to relate with those suffering. My hope is that by sharing that, it will make those listening feel as if they’re not so alone.

What was the purpose behind the handwritten cards you had at your desk?
These are our response cards.One card says “10 years from now, I hope to:_____.”
That is our most popular response card that gets filled out. We asked those who stop by to write down their biggest hopes and dreams. We ask them to envision what their life will look like in 10 years.
This card has to do with the fact that TWLOHA recently celebrated 10 years as an organization this past March. We simply began as a story told about Renee Yohe and now we’ve been able to provide hope and help to those struggling around the world since then. “My favorite TWLOHA memory” is the other response card we have for those who are continual supporters of the organization. Each card that is left behind at our table is remarkable to read. It’s easily one of my favorite parts of being on the road with TWLOHA.


We got to meet some of your awesome interns this summer. Tell us: how does your internship program work? How are interns chosen?
I fortunately had the opportunity to be an intern with TWLOHA in the Fall of 2015. There are three internship terms: fall, spring, and summer. These terms give six or seven people from various walks of life the opportunity to move to our headquarters in Melbourne, FL in order to learn what it’s like to work for a non-profit organization. As an intern, you live and work in the community with your fellow interns. It’s an amazing opportunity to make new connections in life that you will surely never forget. There is an application process that includes a video portion. The deadlines to apply are always made available on our website and social media pages.
The internship provides you a chance to work directly with staff members who operate unique functions of the organization. Also, you’re trained on how to reply to messages that come into our information account. These messages can be as simple as someone asking on how to get involved more with TWLOHA, but there are also messages that are heavy in nature since they’re supporters asking for our help. It’s our job as interns to reply to every message we receive with as much hope and help as possible. We ensure that there are appropriate resources sent their way so they can find help wherever they’re located in the world.
Lastly, coming out of the summer Warped Season, what does the rest of the year hold for TWLOHA?
Summer is definitely a busy time for us, but luckily we still have a ton of exciting events planned for the year. In early September, we recognized National Suicide Prevention Week with a new campaign that helps raise awareness on the topic of suicide prevention. Our founder, Jamie Tworkowski, speaks at various colleges and communities throughout the year, which is always a fun time for those interested in learning more about TWLOHA. All of these events can be found on our website at www.twloha.com/events.
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Spreading Hope with To Write Love On Her Arms: Photographed and Written by Imani Givertz

Larkin Poe Open Up About Their New Album ‘RESKINNED’


Sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell have been making music together since they were 3 and 4 years old, back when they studied classical violin. Now, the sisters have swapped the strings for electric guitars and formed a duo known as Larkin Poe, a name that belonged to a great, great grandfather way down the family tree (yes, they are descendants of the Edgar Allen Poe). Here, Megan Lovell tells us about the making of their personal sophomore album, RESKINNED, and how Elvis Costello helped launch their career—and how he still plays a role in their life.


Cliché: You have a very unique, fearless sound. What first got you into the roots rock n’ roll scene? Do you have any particular musical influences?
Megan Lovell: Our musical journey has been long and winding so far! We started out as classically trained violinists and pianists at 3 and 4 years old, but our dad was a huge rock n’ roll fan, so we also grew up listening to and soaking up the rock classics: Pink Floyd, Jack White, Fleetwood Mac, the Allman Brothers, and the Eagles, to name a few. In our teens, we put down the violins, picked up guitars, and immersed ourselves in roots music that is, lucky for us, very prevalent in the South where we were raised. Americana, blues, and bluegrass was our life all through our teens. Becoming songwriters is what really began to shape our sound. We’ve always enjoyed experimenting with a lot of different genres of music, but now with all the raw electric guitar and grungy slide guitar, we’ve returned to our first love of rock n’ roll. We’ve landed on roots rock n’ roll; it’s gritty and dirty without losing our roots.

Tell us a little about your sophomore album, RESKINNED. What do you hope is the listener’s takeaway from this piece of work as a whole?
RESKINNED had an odd way of coming about. Last summer, we were touring Europe in support of our debut album KIN and Universal Europe came out to one of our shows and expressed interest in bringing KIN onto the Universal roster. We were really excited, but, since KIN was already a year old at that point, we wanted to revamp the record to show how much we had grown since recording KIN. Touring and playing big stages like Glastonbury changes you, and in our case we’ve been getting edgier, more rock n’ roll, heavier. Universal was super supportive, and last fall we wrote and recorded five brand new songs and remixed our favorites from KIN into RESKINNED. We’re really proud of the way it turned out, and it feels great to be putting out material that’s incredibly fresh to us, too… We are very passionate about music and are always pushing ourselves to be bigger, edgier, better singers, players, and performers, and we hope people can hear that change within RESKINNED.

In what way is RESKINNED different from your earlier album and EPs?
We started touring when we were 15 and 16 years old and as we have grown and changed as people, our music has grown and changed just as drastically. Even while singing bluegrass ballads in our teens, we harbored a secret love of rock n’ roll and our guitars were just itching to be plugged in. Of all our albums, RESKINNED demonstrates this change in us. It’s the most honest reflection of us as musicians and as people.


Which songs on the album are the most meaningful to you? Did a specific event or experience inspire them?
The songs on RESKINNED are much more vulnerable and personal than anything we’ve written before. The songs about heartbreak are, sadly, written from a true place… They say songwriters sometimes sabotage themselves emotionally for songwriting material; could that be true? What I find the most interesting are the songs that ask bigger questions, like “Blunt” and “When God Closes A Door.” These lyrics are inspired by some of the terrible atrocities that have happened across the world lately. Why are these events happening and how can we affect positive change when it’s so easy to feel nothing but cynicism? Lyrics are a way of starting discussions within us.

Do you have a favorite song to perform live?
I love performing “Trouble in Mind” live. It’s got saucy lyrics that are fun to sing in homage to the South, strong harmonies, and a bouncy feel that really gets the audience going. We love to see people dancing when we play… And as a bonus, we just performed “Trouble in Mind” on Conan O’Brien, which was amazing, so now I have a flashback to playing my favorite late night TV show every time we perform that song. Incredible memory!   

What was it like working with talented producers like Chris Seefried, Justin Warfield, and Wax LTD on the album?
We’ve been lucky to work with some of the most talented people within the music business, and the producers of RESKINNED are definitely inspirations. We feel very thankful that they were supportive of our musical direction and didn’t try to change us. We can be pretty stubborn and headstrong about our music, but these folks stuck it out with us. All of the producers had really different production styles and ways of recording, but we feel the album came out with a surprisingly cohesive feel.

You have performed with and opened for Elvis Costello countless times since you first joined him spontaneously on stage in 2007. Looking back, did you think that moment would have such an impact on your career? In what ways has Elvis Costello helped you grow since then, if so?
When we joined him onstage for the 2007 Merlefest All-Star Jam, we had absolutely no idea this mysterious person, Elvis Costello, would have such a profound impact on our lives! How lucky and amazing that tiny, insignificant moments can have such a big effect… We’ve seen that over and over in our career. Elvis Costello has been a big champion for us; he’s had us out to play with him regularly over the years and there’s really nothing like watching a true rockstar in action up close and personal. You won’t meet a more knowledgeable, passionate, upstanding person than E.C.

What is one of your favorite memories while on tour?
One of my favorite memories lately was getting a call from T Bone Burnett asking us to come to the House of Blues Studios in Nashville, TN to record with Steven Tyler. We met T Bone Burnett through Elvis Costello after he asked us to come in and record on The New Basement Tapes session in L.A.—a wonderful recording; if you haven’t heard it, check it out. After we got the call, Rebecca and I were looking at each other like, “Steven Tyler? Is this seriously happening? Yes.” They brought us in to record on a track that needed some extra instrumentation and we ended up writing the intro riff to the song. Both Steven Tyler and T Bone were warm and welcoming to us… All in all it was a wonderful day, a wonderful memory.

Who else would you love to tour with someday?
We have so many musical heroes that we’d love to tour with… Jack White, Dolly Parton, Pink Floyd, Derek Trucks, Paul Simon, Alabama Shakes… The list could go on forever. We also opened for Queen in May, which was a huge honor!

What’s next?
Every year we’re able to say “this has been our biggest year yet” and 2016 is shaping up to be no different. We’re excited to be touring with Elvis Costello in May and playing some huge European and UK summer festivals in May and June. We’re also so pumped to have RESKINNED released and being played at radio and plan to tour in support of the album the rest of the year. Most of all, we know we’re gonna meet tons of the coolest fans ever and that’s what touring is all about.

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Larkin Poe Open Up About Their New Album ‘RESKINNED’: Photographed by Aaron Schorch

The Maine: Free For All Tour


This blog post was guest-written by The Maine Drummer, Pat Kirch
The Free For All Tour is something that we have been working on for the past 5 years. We have always wanted to find a way to show our fans what their support means to us and I think this tour is just that. We have been a band for over 8 years and have played more shows than I can count. Every night, people come out and support what we do. This tour is just a small part in showing how much that means to us. It is something that I have not seen other bands do and I hope that it is going to create a special environment at the shows. It is a celebration of music and the people that support music. I am very excited to meet new people on the tour as well, people that have been on the fence about coming to a show or people that maybe couldn’t afford a ticket in the past. This is a chance for anyone that wants to come see us play.
We never want to do the same thing over and over again, so when planning for our next tour, every idea we had felt like it was something we had seen before. That’s when we finally decided it was the right time to pull out the “free tour” idea. It is an exciting time for our band because without ticket sales, it is hard to anticipate how the tour is going to go. We really have no idea how it is all going to come together, but just the thought of being able to finally see this idea come to fruition is exciting.
All that being said, it’s time for me to get back to work. We have a lot of songs to learn! See you all on the free tour, and please spread the word.
The Maine Presents American Candy
9/5 – Chicago, IL – Lincoln Hall
9/7 – Toronto, ON – Mod Club
9/13 – Boston, MA – The Sinclair
9/15 – New York, NY – The Bowery Ballroom
9/24 – Austin, TX – The Parish
9/26 – Tucson, AZ – The Rock
9/29 – Los Angeles, CA – The Troubadour
9/30 – San Francisco, CA – Bottom Of The Hill
The Free For All Tour
8/30 – Henderson, NV – The District At Green Valley Ranch
8/31 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Club At 50 West
9/1 – Westminster, CO – Orchard Town Center
9/3 – Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights
9/6 – Westland, MI – Westland Shopping Center
9/11 – Howell, NJ – GameChangersWorld
9/18 – St Petersburg, FL – Jannus Live
9/19 – Orlando, FL – House of Blues
9/22 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues
9/23 – Mission, TX – Las Palmas Race Track
9/28 – San Diego, CA – Quartyard
10/1 – Fresno, CA – Strummer’s
10/2 – Tustin, CA – District At Tustin Legacy
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Photographed by Dirk Mai