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4 Wardrobe Items Worth Splurging On


Today we want to share 4 wardrobe items worth splurging on.  When it comes to creating your dream wardrobe you shouldn’t be afraid of spending more money on certain pieces.  Look at this way - if you think of the collective amount you’ll spend on multiple cheap things, versus investing more on one costly item ...

StylingOn Service


From work to class and from errands to parties, who has the time to create the perfect outfit? We try to dress our best, but inevitably something seems missing—a much-needed pop of color or that perfect statement necklace. StylingOn is the solution! Since its inception, StylingOn, a personal styling service, has aimed to help the busy ...

School Staples


School Staples The ringing sound of the bell marking our start to hurry up to class is right around the corner. July has left us, and as we move into August, we must prepare for the back-to-school season to begin. The preparation of moving into dorm rooms, finding the right (i.e. cute) stationery supplies, and making ...

Restyling Your Wardrobe


Girls can go through several style phases and at some point in time, a major life change.  So let’s face it, a new job or going to college can call for a serious closet revamp. Cliché spoke with Hollywood’s Elite Stylist Kimberlee Tokarz and asked a few questions about how to rebuild your closet from ...