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Must-Have Hair Appliances for Fall Looks


Ladies, we have a list for you, whether you’re in the market for hair appliances or not. We repeat, we have a list for you! Check out the latest of our must-have hair appliances to obtain new Fall looks that include imperfect waves, just the right kind of knot, and only the best of the best natural texture.
Cricket Co.’s NEW Technique Silk Thermal Brush Collection
We all know that any good hairstyle is backed up by a good hairstylist, yes, but also a good brush! Cricket Co.’s NEW Technique Silk Thermal Brush Collection offers silicone and ceramic-infused barrel brushes that minimize breakage while helping to seal hair cuticles for a style that will create the envy of them all. The brushes included in this collection consist of a 2” barrel ($19.95), 1.75” barrel ($18.95), and a 1.5” barrel ($17.95), all of which can be found at your local Sally Beauty store. These brushes are perfect for mastering the hair trend that’s evolving and flourishing like no other: the knot.
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer ($399)
Okay, you’ve got us. The shape is what intrigued us to pick this one; however, the results are what really caught our attention for this pick, not to mention it would go perfectly with those Cricket Co. Technique Silk Thermal Brushes! Interestingly enough, this dryer proves to be a high-speed, powerful tool with a motor that will dry your hair quickly, using a digital motor V9 that is on average six times faster than most dryers, but it will also make your styling time a breeze. How, you’re wondering? The microprocessor intelligently controls the dryer from reaching an extreme heat that will damage hair. Dyson may say “Supersonic,” but we’re thinking “superhero” of all hair dryers. This dryer is perfect for those days when you may need to speed up your favorite easy, on-the-go waves.
Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban ($40)
Girl, put that hair dryer down. This season is about embracing your fun, adventurous side with texture. It’s time to try Aquis’ Waffle Luxe Hair Turban. Gone are the days that you have to worry about damaged hair, frizz, or worse ― hair breakage. Honestly, just let your hair breathe and be! This lightweight turban wraps snugly on your head without sacrificing comfort and what’s even better is that it’s hands-free hair drying. What more could a girl ask for? Now, go ahead and get a good full night’s beauty rest and prepare for a ravishing head of your naturally textured tresses.
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Must-Have Hair Appliances for Fall Looks: Photos Courtesy of Cricket Co. Technique, Sephora & Featured Image: IMAXTREE

Spring Hair Inspiration


Spring Hair Inspiration

Spring 2014 fashion shows have been cat-walked upon not only with jaw-dropping clothing, but must-have hairstyles as well. Versace created a fantasy come true with chic, messy-like mermaid waves, while Marc Jacobs was sure to let us know that the bob cut was still relevant. The side part, braid, and low ponytail also have made their presence known to be rocked and worn this spring. These upcoming hair trends are all about looking fresh and effortless, which is just what spring exemplifies.

The Bedhead

How could you resist these easy-to-do hairdos? They exude a just-woke-up-but-still-look-great sense that we all just love. It’s safe to say rocking the bedhead will work great with any of these styles. We can all thank Fashion Week now for putting these trends into popularity this spring. Hours in front of the mirror are long gone without a care in the world. Warmer weather calls for quicker ‘dos so we can hurry ourselves outside to enjoy these beautiful days and soak in all that long-awaited vitamin D. We’re on those carefree vibes.


The Braid

The braid isn’t something new to any of us, but it still resides as a go-to favorite when in a rush. “The messier, the better” is what makes this style popular for spring. No need to slick back those fly-aways or pull back the falling strands that made their way out of this style; let it all hang loose as if you are a hippie from the 60’s ready to enjoy festivals. You can even create these braids in your hair halfway down instead of from the top of your hair all the way to the end. This creates a much more blended style that is also more detailed in the mess of your locks.


The Side Part

Side parts have come at us with a much more edgier attitude than we remember, along with the multiple styles they were seen in. Tousled waves, pin-straight, short hair, long hair, mid-length hair—each and every one plus much more were seen with this parted trend. The side part is very diverse in the ways it can be created and can create a different look each time it’s used. You can part to the right or left with any type of textured hair, length, and cut. It has become a trend that is a compliment to wear for us all. Make it sleek, deep, messy, wet, or anything else you are in the mood for. There’s no doing wrong with this hairdo for sure!


Short Hair

Short haircuts are here once again and people who fall in love with this easy style are ready to chop off their long hair. Cutting off your length is pretty much like another aspect of spring cleaning that will have fresher hair growing again in time for fall. Short hair is a most definite not-in-your-face style that we will be sure to take advantage of with the winds of spring coming on in. Just because this length is short doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with it! Texture is a key ingredient in boosting up this little ‘do from flowing waves to sleek straight. Remember to not forget that these looks can be worn the next day as well, even if you slept on them. Day old hair is perfectly acceptable to rock with this length, giving it a more daring look.


The Mermaid

Mermaids seemed to have been a major inspiration in the style of textured waves for spring. Waves have been a familiar trend, but their natural and loose look that appeared on runways made us want to capture it for an everyday style. They are completely simple to create on your own by using a hot tool such as a curling wand or just putting braids into your hair the night before to sleep in. You can brush them out with a comb or paddle brush to create the almost-gone waves seen in the fashion shows. They’ll make it seem as if your hair was styled like that naturally ever since you were a child. It can easily be worn the next day as well and the day after that and the day after that, too! It’s such a simple style that makes a fashion statement that we can never lose love for.


The Ponytail

Ponytails are in and ready to be pulled back in sleek styles that are polished and chic. Normally ponytails are thought of as the style you just throw your hair into as a last minute attempt at trying to do your hair. Now it has officially been created into an easy style that isn’t so much an I-didn’t-know-what-to-do-today look. The low ponytail is the most popular, and it can be worn in a number of options, including adding another trend to it, like the side part. You can throw it to the side, accessorize it with a headband, or even tie it up in a different way by using a detail of a gold clasp around its base. Both a day and night look can be created from this, letting you have time to work all day and play all night.
Photos courtesy of Shalom OrmsbyPuzant ApkarianJupiterimagesAndreas KuehnChristy Elle Photography, and Frank P wartenberg.