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Beauty’s Favorite Lip Glosses


In the beauty world, there’s no shame in calling certain lip products our absolute favorites. There are some that we just haven’t been able to keep off our minds since they’ve touched our lips.  These incredible products have mastered long-lasting color, pigment, and flawless finishes. Take a look at what we’re talking about for some lip-loving just for you!

(Tanya Burr Lip Gloss $12.23, Feelunique.com)
Tanya Burr
A newbie on the beauty block, YouTube makeup guru Tanya Burr has recently launched her own line of lip gloss and nail polish. Her lip glosses have already become a fan favorite for the moisturized, pouty texture they provide. They are available in several colors with styles ranging from sheer to shimmer. You’ll want to own the whole collection! Everyone will be complimenting you on your lips’ “wet look.” It’s no wonder they are quickly selling out; you better get them while they last!
(Rimmel London Lip Lacquer $5, Photo courtesy Rimmellondon.com, Can be found at your local drugstores.)
Show Off
Rimmel London already grabs our attention with their modern, edgy commercials. So when a new product of theirs hits the drugstores, there is no doubt it will be raved about. Rimmel London’s Lip Lacquer is one of their many successful products. Their creative take on a lip product has resulted in neither a lipstick nor a gloss, but something in the middle. A perfect combination of the two, this lip lacquer is extremely rich in color! It’s absolutely a keeper in our makeup bags, as it gives our lips that satin finish that is perfect for every look.
(NYX Butter Gloss $5, Nyxcosmetics.com)
Butter Gloss
NYX never disappoints. It’s a brand that beauty lovers everywhere can depend on. You won’t be able to live without NYX’s Butter Gloss once you’ve tried it. This buttery lip gloss has a scrumptious scent that you will just want to eat up. It can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick for the perfect lip combo. Lip-a-licious much? We sure do think so!

(Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss $24, Whiteninglightning.com)

Color Your Smile
A recent contender in the lip-lovin’ game is Whitening Lightning. This brand is all about creating the best smile for yourself! Their product Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss is available in a variety of bold colors that are perfect for this summer. It’s made with collagen peptides to enhance hydration and create that full lip look. You’ll fall in love with the amazing lip magic this gloss performs. Be sure to add this gloss to your own collection!

Beauty’s Favorite Lip Glosses photo credit Lilly Bloom.

Maintaining Your Eyebrows


brushingbrowsGetting your eyebrows on point seems to be a meticulous task as much as it is waiting for them to grow out. Our brows have both their good and bad days, much like our hairdos. Sometimes there is no telling how they will look or come out in the morning. In order to maintain a brow that is shaped to your unique face, there are some easy tips and tricks you can try, with nothing too crazy or expensive that will have you looking for rare ingredients or opening up your wallet each week. Maintaining your eyebrows can be as simple as changing up your hairstyle!
Go Natural
Creating the perfect shape to your eyebrows is a myth in the beauty world. Eyebrows are not meant to be perfect; in fact, everyone’s eyebrows are not symmetrical at all. Instead, they are just two fraternal twins sharing the same placement above your eyes. Don’t worry about trying to make them even or super similar! Natural brows are beautiful all on their own. Just let them grow out in their glory, and, if need be, there are ways you can tame those little hairs into obedient strands.
Another popular choice that has risen in favoritism is threading. The perfection of threading has been practiced for many years. It originated in India and has been passed along to beauty bars worldwide. It is done with a thin thread usually in the form of cotton that is double stranded and twisted in the process. Your unwanted hairs are plucked by the thread in a series of quick rolling methods. It removes the hair at its follicle, leaving you with bold results that will last for months. This option leaves your brows more defined and appears less harsh to the skin as well.
Waxing is a two to three week occurrence for your brows to undergo if you choose this option. It is meant to clean your brows up from the extra hair surrounding the shape of them and even take away that impending unibrow we all can get close to having. Don’t be shy, girl. We all get that “almost” look, especially when allowing our brows to grow out a little bit thicker. A hot wax is used over the hairs that need to be gotten rid of, followed by a strip of wax paper that is then put over them to remove the unwanted hairs. The downside to waxing is that it may leave your skin a bit red and irritated for a couple of hours afterwards. However, once that subsides, you’ll be left with brows made to show off to the world.
Stretching out the results from a wax or thread job can be done all on your own in the form of plucking. Plucking isn’t as precise as the other two procedures, but it does get the job done and keeps your eyebrows from turning into an uncontrollable mess. When doing so, make sure to brush over them with an eyebrow brush in the direction they are growing; this will help point out the hairs that are out of place and need to go. When plucking them, make sure to only pluck any hairs that appear to be growing around your shape; remove them in the same direction they are growing for an easier hold. Remember not to get pluck crazy, girls!

Once your brows are shaped out, there is the option of filling them in with an eyebrow pencil or shadow. Filling your brows in helps them stand out more as the frame to your face. You can even experiment with the shape of your brows, which can change up your look dramatically! A more arched brow can give you a sexy look, while a straighter brow can make you appear much younger. Some top tools of choice in creating full brows that can always be switched up have made it on here in the brands of Benefit, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, and Whitening Lightening.

Photos courtesy of Cavan ImagesImage SourceBiddibooAsia Images Group, Benefitcosmetics.com, Toofaced.com, Whiteninglightning.com, and Anastasia.net.