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7 Ways to Look Sexy in the Winter Cold


This article is for those who want to find easy ways to look sexy in the winter.  That’s because winter is already here. It’s time to put all your spring and fall clothes away. It’s time to enter into the season of bulky sweaters and coats, snow boots, and shape-hiding wardrobe. Just because these few months can be really cold, doesn’t mean your outfit should be too.  

It’s time to be a little more creative with your winter clothing and look sexy. No, I am not talking about showing a ton of skin! Nothing feels more cringe worthy than seeing girls in cropped sweatshirts/jackets and shorts during the freezing months of December and January. Some of them jump onto another level of being courageous by running around the streets without any jackets/coats. 

ways to look sexy during winter

Unlaw / Pixabay

They feel that they look hot and sexy (and sometimes they do), but they also look a little absurd. It also portrays that

ways to look sexy during winter

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

they’re very desperate and trying too hard to get attention. Okay enough with the ranting and now let’s tell you ways by which you can still look hot and sexy, and not get hypothermia when outdoors 😉 .

1. Be a Layering Champ – Wearing multiple layers is the most important step to insulate your body heat. It is one of the simplest ways to stay warm. Wear multiple layers beneath your coat/jacket and you’re guaranteed to stay warm. Layering is a trend that has been around since forever but still looks good. Use your creativity and try different clothing combinations. Another added advantage is that you can wear clothes that you normally do not. 

  • Remember to maintain a color tone. Try wearing contrasting colors for lowers and tops. 
  • Do not layer heavy clothes together.
  • Wear a scarf. A scarf is the easiest way to add an extra layer and still look fashionable. It is maybe a socially acceptable way of wearing a blanket.
ways to look sexy during winter

Engin_Akyurt / Pixabay

2. Boots – Keeping your feet protected is really important during these cold and dry months. Please wear boots – no heels, or pumps, or sneakers. It’s a million degrees below zero outside and for the love god keep your feet covered. 

  • Boots are very versatile and go with a short dress (knee-high boots) or with a pair of jeans. 
  • Invest in a good pair of boots, like the 5.11 Boots to keep you warm and protected. 

3. Wear Tights – If you need to attend a party and planning to wear a short dress or skirt, please cover your legs. You’ll thank us later for this. Wear a pair of thermal tights to keep your legs covered. Bonus: you’ll not have to shave for the party. 

4. A Warm Coat – Please invest in a good warm coat (not a jacket). In the freezing cold, bless yourselves with a warm coat. If you feel that coats make you look like a sleeping bag, explore again! Coats with a good fit that upgrade your style game do exist. 

ways to look sexy during winter

Deedee86 / Pixabay

5. Go Wild – You’ll find plenty of jackets and woolen sweaters for your winter wardrobe. Some of them are very light and still provide enough warmth. But, faux fur is also not a bad option. Furs look equally hot and stylish, giving you a lavish look. 

6. Scarves – Scarves are your best friend for adding an extra layer to your clothing. You can experiment with different colors and wear them in different styles. 

7. Belts – Sometimes you do everything right but a final touch is missing. Give your winter outfit a new dimension by wearing stylish and colorful belts around your waist. 


In order to look hot, do not make yourself look so crazy. Such girls are just candy to the eye whose taste eventually fades away. Follow the above-mentioned rules and style your winter clothing in such a way that you look sexy and stylish without showing a ton of skin.

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Images provided by Flickr, Unsplash, Pexels & Pixabay

The Must-Have Pieces From the Somedays Lovin Winter 2017 Collection


Small flurries of snow drift down aimlessly, awaiting their fate on cold New York sidewalks; oversized Christmas trees draw large crowds of wide-eyed children; and people bustle and bump into each other protected by layers and layers of warm clothing. The magic of wintertime in the Big Apple has inspired designers around the country for decades, but this year, Somedays Lovin’s Winter 2017 collection takes the cake, truly capturing that irresistible NYC enchantment.


Ruby reds, blushing pinks, jasper green, and midnight blue set the scene for this collection while satin, knitted cotton, and fur steal the show. Asymmetric hems and unique layers complete each piece and no detail is left unattended. Somedays Lovin’ set out to capture the imagination of free-spirited women across the globe and they’ve certainly got our attention. Taking inspiration from the beachy, carefree vibes of the West Coast and adding in some Australian rock chic edginess, Somedays Lovin has created a brand that is somehow both modern and nostalgic.

Somedays Lovin’ has created more than just a style; they’ve created a feeling through their clothing. The winter collection enables its wearers to embody the Somedays Lovin’ girl. She’s a free spirit, she’s got street-to-bar coolness, and she is living up the holiday season in the city. She is the star of every scene and lights up every room she walks into.

Cherry Bomb
Nothing makes a statement like cherry red and there is no time more appropriate to break out this bold color than the holidays. This romper perfectly captures the Somedays Lovin vibe—bell sleeves pay homage to the 1970’s trends sweeping the runway, but this playsuit is anything but sweet and subtle. The perfect piece to accompany some thigh high boots, you’ll turn heads anywhere you go.

Emerald Nights
Rich tones are the name of the game this season, but this dress challenges typical fashion protocol. While florals for spring aren’t exactly groundbreaking, they are for winter. We are loving the nod to festival season past, and no matter what your skin tone, emerald green is sure to flatter.

Sweater Weather
It doesn’t get much better than a sweater dress, and as soon as the temperature drops, we are on the hunt for the perfect knit outfit. It’s easy to blur the lines between fashion-forward and matronly when it comes to knitwear, but this off the shoulder dress is just the right amount of sexy (and warm!). Wearable at the office or at any holiday party, we have a feeling this dress will become your new favorite go-to.

A blush and gold slip dress, a past-the-knee fur coat…does it get more glamorous? For the gal who’s not afraid to have fun with her clothes and let her inner 1920’s-era movie star shine through, this is the outfit for you. We love a good statement piece and this coat packs a powerful punch in a tasteful way. Nothing says NYC like a little glamour and a lot of flair, so embrace it!

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The Must-Have Pieces From the Somedays Lovin Winter 2017 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Somedays Lovin

Get Knitting This Winter: We Are Knitters


As the winter doldrums settle in, you may find yourself stuck in a movie-popcorn-hot-cocoa rut. You’ve seen every holiday movie Candace Cameron Bure has ever been in and you’re pretty sure your bloodstream is about 75% hot chocolate by now. For many, the cold winter air makes a warm bed absolutely irresistible and it’s likely your motivation to do anything but stuff your face and snooze is gone. Hobbies may be tossed to the side until New Year’s resolutions once again spark that flame, but winter is the perfect time to start up a weather-appropriate pastime.


While you’re embracing your inner granny, lounging in pajamas and taking hot baths, why not learn a new skill, add some fun new pieces to your wardrobe, and take care of your Christmas shopping all in one? We Are Knitters offers knitting kits for every style, shape, and skill level imaginable. The concept is simple: select a garment, skill level, yarn material and color scheme, and get everything you need to get knitting! Needles, yarn, and a step by step pattern are included in every order. From scarves and beanies to sweaters and cardigans, your options really are limitless.

Perfect as a Christmas gift, whether you knit your sister a scarf or give your best friend a kit so you can knit together, you can check off just about everyone on your list with a We Are Knitters Kit. If you’re looking for a new community, a relaxing pastime, or some warm winter clothes; knitting may be for you. We’ve included a few of our favorite patterns below to get your creative juices flowing and your hands itching!

(Danko Scarf in Aquamarine, $70)                                                      

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Get Knitting This Winter: We Are Knitters: Photos Courtesy of We Are Knitters 

Amp Up Your Winter Look With These Coats


That dreaded in-between time is here once again. The excitement of the holiday season is long gone, yet we are subject to the lingering gray, cold weather. As much as we may hope and plead, days of sunshine and sunscreen aren’t in our 7-day-forecast just yet, and alas, we are left to bundle up and take on blustery days. So, where’s the bright side in this saga? Winter fashion. Keep scrolling to amp up your winter look with these coats until blue skies come around.

Eye catching animal print: $160

Photo taken from topshop.com

Let’s be real, there isn’t anything more chic than leopard print, right? Embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw, and proudly strut in this Topshop coat.
Icy fur: $151

Photo taken from asos.com

Not only will this coat be extremely warm, but you’ll also look so glamourous. ASOS styled the coat for a super casual day, but you can also utilize this coat’s highest degree of glam and add some white tights, chunky heels, a patterned skirt and fitted blouse to give off some 90’s Cher Horowitz looks.
Herringbone and velvet: $298

Photo taken from freepeople.com

This masculine silhouette is the epitome of versatile. Style it as Free People did in the photo above with some boyfriend jeans, a white tee and funky hat, or add a pair of kitten heels, a leather pencil skirt and turtleneck to stay on trend but still be office appropriate.
Sophisticated duster: $91

Photo taken from asos.com

If you’re running to grab a coffee before work or rushing to meet a date for the first time, this ASOS duster coat is perfect for you. Give off the uttermost chic and sophisticated vibes that will appear to passersby on the street know you have your life together – even if you don’t.
Satin padded space coat: $117

Photo taken from missguidedus.com

If the silver space coat look is good enough for Rihanna, it’s good enough for you. While Missguided styles this coat to be an ultra trendy outfit, we’ll totally support you if you’d rather opt out for some Lululemon leggings and a Nike Dri-fit underneath.
Fur-lined biker: $117

Photo taken from missguidedus.com

Biker jackets don’t have to be all black and leather, they can also be pastel and lined in cozy fur. To balance the ultra feminine look, style the coat as Missguided did in the photo, with an all black outfit so you don’t end up looking like a Gossip Girl character.
Pastel trench: $47

Photo taken from forever21.com

Whether you’re caught in the rain or trying to give off some serious editor-in-chief vibes, a classic trench coat is a timeless piece that will always give you a polished look. Switch it up a bit and try out this pink pastel one from Forever 21.
Wrap collar warmth: $129

Photo taken from zara.com

This Zara coat will go with anything and everything in your wardrobe. While keeping you warm, it’ll also make you feel like a fashion blogger with its stylish silhouette.
Floral puffer: $189

Photo taken from modcloth.com

Okay, so this coat might look exactly like your grandmother’s sofa. We get it, but the customer reviews of this beauty on Modcloth’s website make it sound like this is the most marvelous coat to ever exist. Also, you can’t beat how chic that fur detail looks.
Chic poncho: $65

Photo taken from forever21.com

This Forever 21 poncho has made it socially acceptable to wear a blanket in public and still look chic and refined. Are you sold yet?
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Amp Up Your Winter Look With These Coats. Photo courtesy of TopShop.

Winter fashion: what should you choose this season?


knit wear photoYour teeth are chattering and icicles are hanging from your nose like a Hanna Barbera cartoon – the winter weather is on its way and it’s time to sort your wardrobe for the season.
Indeed, we’re in that awkward limbo of autumn, where some of us are still wearing summer clothing like it was the height of the sunny season. Wrapping up is obviously the best strategy, but you don’t want to run the risk of looking lumpy, frumpy and unfashionable-umpy.  Yet winter fashion doesn’t have to look as naff as a granddad attempting to jitterbug to dubstep. With the right choices warm clothing can be as stylish as you make it.
With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few tips to make you look great all winter long. From major fashion label choices to top tips, we’ve got all you need to make the chilly season a couture wonderland.
knit wear photoKnitted and perfectly fitted

Back in the olden days, knitwear was the preserve of blue-haired grannies, fusty librarians and five-year-olds who had been made to wear knitwear by their blue-haired granny.
So let’s thank our lucky stars that we’re living in different times. Now women’s knitwear is hotter than the core of the sun – and you’ll find it in all decent clothes providers. We’ve chosen this store as our favorite, particularly because of the vastness and versatility of its range. With this plus-sized clothing, you’ll enjoy knitwear for all occasions.   From scarves to cardigans to shrugs, you won’t struggle to find an ideal outfit from their site.

Trying to make your outfit for the summer by hand is pretty ill-advised unless you’re a clothes crafting prodigy. But in the wintertime, a few handmade sections of your outfit can provide you with some fantastic homespun style.
Crafts like scarf-making are easy ways to pass the time, and you could have a fantastic accessory at the end of your toil. For our money, website Knitting Help is one of the best repositories of knitting patterns and designs to help inspire you.
A neatly made scarf, gloves or broach is perfect to offset any outfit – and keep you toasty in the cold.
Titus Androgynous

Tilda Swinton, Ellen Page. It’s official – androgyny is in fashion in a BIG way this year. More women are wearing suits like they were Grace Jones in the 80s, and looking swisher than a Rolex driving a Ferrari down Sunset Boulevard.
For optimal comfort, get yourself to a tailors for a great fit. You’ll look uber-fashionable and feel amazing.
Written by Kevin Fullerton
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Images provided by Flickr Creative Commons & Google Images Labeled for Reuse