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How To Boost Your Immune System This Winter


We are in the midst of winter weather these days and every day it gets a little bit colder and a little more difficult to maintain the healthy lifestyle we set in the warmer months. After all, who wants to go for a run outside when it’s 20 degrees out? Who wants to eat a salad when a nice warm pizza sounds both hearty and delicious against a chilly night. We know it can be hard to stay healthy and fight off the number of illnesses present in the winter and we are here to help! Here are some easy ways to boost your immune system this winter.


We know this one is obvious and a little more difficult when the roads are icy and it’s dark at 5 p.m. However, it is still very important to exercise regularly throughout the winter months, especially outside if you can manage it. It is still important to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, even though it’s cold, and exercising outside is the perfect way to get some. It doesn’t have to be an intensive five-mile run, a quick stroll will do.

Lower Your Alcohol Consumption

Lowering the amount of alcohol, you consume will do wonders for your immune system (and your health overall). Alcohol is known for lowering your body’s immune system, so lowering your intake is critical. Try cutting back a bit this season to protect your system and give it its best chance at fighting off infections and illnesses.

Eat Fruits and Vegetables

It can be difficult to eat veggies and fruits in the wintertime when it is snowy and cold and all you want is something with a little more substance. This is totally understandable, but it is important you don’t ignore these food groups entirely. Eating a balanced diet will boost your immune system more than you know and increase your overall health.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

An oldie but a goodie, sleep is crucial to a healthy immune system. It is important to set a regular sleep schedule and try and get those solid eight hours every night. Sleep is a time for your body to recharge and your immune system will thank you for allowing it the chance to rest and strengthen.

ways to boost your immune system

Disinfect Your Phone Daily

Our phones carry a ton of germs and bacteria. We constantly are holding them, touching them, and passing them to others throughout the day. Cleaning off your phone each day will help you avoid the germs that could potentially get you sick. This is a great habit to get into this season.

Drink Water

Another classic, the importance of drinking water does not lessen in the winter. Water is a powerful weapon for your body and helps you fight against all kinds of illnesses. Make sure you are reaching the recommended daily intake each day to have the healthiest system you can have.

ways to boost your immune system

Try Green Tea

Drinking green tea is a great idea all year round, but especially the winter months. Green tea has been proven to help your immune system and it is also a deliciously warm beverage to warm you on a cold day. Try a cup every morning and see how you feel!

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Unusual Teas to try This Winter


Who doesn’t love a good cup of tea on a cold winter night? A fantastic alternative to coffee (which can be expensive!) tea is an ideal drink for anyone wanting to step away from their coffee addiction in the new year. There are a ton of different types of teas and each one has its own really awesome health benefits; there’s a flavor for everyone. For all my tea lovers out there who want something a bit different from the classic Earl Grey, here are some unusual teas to try this winter!

unusual teas to try

Purple Tea

With half the caffeine of green tea, purple tea is a fantastic drink for anyone trying to pull back on their caffeine intake. It not only looks amazing with its purple color, it also tastes like a cross between black and green tea with a woodsy yet sweet flavor. This tea is full of antioxidants (the most of any tea leaf!), making it a healthy choice this season.

Passion Tea

A personal favorite, passion tea is a delicious blend of hibiscus flowers, orange peel, citric acid, and a few other refreshing ingredients. It can be enjoyed both hot and cold and is both refreshing and fortifying for the winter! With Vitamin C and antioxidants, this tea is ideal for boosting your immune system.

Blue Tea

This lovely tea is made by soaking butterfly-pea flower leaves in hot water and has a ton of health benefits. Full of antioxidants and caffeine-free, this tea is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be up all night but wants a nice cup of something warm before bed. It is also said to be a mood enhancer and great for stress relief. Try it with lemon and honey for a sweeter taste!

unusual teas to try

Rose Tea

For anyone wanting to up their tea game and feel a bit fancier, rose tea is for you! The taste is delicate and floral with hints of that classic rose smell. With Vitamin E and C, this drink is great for healthier skin and contains no caffeine or calories. Pour it in your fanciest teacup for a totally classy experience.

Tomato Mint Tea

This one may sound like a combination you would never try in a million years, but it is definitely worth a try! With its rich color and slightly spicy aroma, this tea feels like drinking a delicious broth. It’s way more than just another basic black tea! Try it next time you feel a cold coming on.

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Best Lip Balms For Dry Lips This Season


Winter is a wonderful time full of holiday fun and great seasonal activities. There are a ton of benefits to the colder months, though dry lips are certainly not one. It can be a struggle to find the perfect lip treatment to fortify your lips against the bracing winter air, but we’re here to help! Here are some of the best lip balms for dry lips this season.

best lip balms for dry lips

Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

For anyone who needs some nourishment this season, Burt’s Bees is a great product to try. Its popularity speaks volumes as it is a favorite among lip balm enthusiasts. With a blend of shea butter, botanical oils, vitamin E, and beeswax, this balm hydrates and moisturizes your lips while providing protection against the cold weather. Give it a try, you won’t regret it! 

Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment

Aquaphor is ideal for anyone whose lips are already dry and cracked: just check the reviews! People rave about this product and how effective it is at healing damaged and dry lips in a short time span. Consider this your new go-to product whenever your lips need a boost.

best lip balms for dry lips

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm

This product is a great starter for anyone unsure of where to begin in the lip balm world. Blistex has many five-star reviews that rave about the protection and strength it offers. It is ideal for creating smooth and hydrated lips out of sore, chapped ones. Invest in the pack of three to really get bang for your buck out of this product!

Awake Beauty Moisture Balm Daytime Lip Mask

To ensure long-lasting hydration that can outlast any cold front, this lip mask is both inexpensive and quality! Blended olive, raspberry argan, and rosehip combine to form this fantastic product that anyone who struggles with dry, chapped lips should try. Pick it up today!

Lip Sleeping Mask

For long-lasting hydration with a natural shine, try this lip sleeping mask from Sephora. Filled with antioxidants and vitamin C, this is perfect for anyone with naturally dry skin and lips. Despite the name, it can be used any time of day and really is the extra boost your lips need this season! This will be your new favorite for sure!  

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Must-Have Pieces from MINKPINK’s Winter Collection


With the weather rapidly getting colder and invites for various holiday-themed occasions growing, it’s becoming more difficult to find the right winter pieces that ensure you look your best while keeping warm. Deciding whether or not to sacrifice sexy, mesh pieces for comfort and warmth is one of the most difficult fashion decisions this winter. But what if you can do both?


MINKPINK is an Australian-based fashion brand that is changing the way we dress during the holiday season. With tons of party styles and chic designs, the brand has created the perfect transition collection for the long winter ahead.

Founder and creator of MINKPINK, Rachel Evans, set out to create an inspiring brand with original designs that were affordable for the creative girl. Now the brand has developed into so much more with a focus on street styles, vintage touches, and quirky designs.


With styles ranging from dresses and over-lays to thick sweaters and denim everything, the designers of MINKPINK have crafted their MINKPINK MAIN range collection to showcase their uniquely chic pieces for the everyday woman.

Expanding beyond their main collection, Evans and her team polished two side categories to the line that work to broaden their most popular styles. The MPC side line is the elevated basics side to the MINKPINK main collection that features their warmer and more sophisticated pieces. The MPD line focuses more on the denim side of their street style with all things jean-related.

If you’re looking for the perfect party styles this holiday season, be sure to check out MINKPINK’s winter collection for all the flirty yet warm pieces.

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Must-Have Pieces from MINKPINK’s Winter Collection: Photographs courtesy of MINKPINK

Must-Have Textures This Winter


There is nothing more exciting for me than spotting my first snow flurry of the season. For me, winter holds many warm memories of time spent huddling around a fireplace with my sister, sipping coffee with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and that magical first snow. Unpopular opinion, I know, but winter is absolutely my favorite season. Even if you can’t get on board with the cold, everyone with a fashionista inside of her knows that cold-weather fashion can’t be beat. Layers, coats, scarves, and the boots. Enough said, ya’ll. This year though, it is all about texture. Winter is the time to get creative with fresh fabrics and materials, and I couldn’t be more excited to break out some of the funky pieces that have been staring longingly at me from the back of my closet.

Listen up ladies; pom poms are the new black and I am living for it. This bag, from one of my favorite sustainable brands, Mercado Global, has all of the winter essentials—neutral colors, a leather strap, a textured print, and pom-poms! This fun detail adds some whim to your wardrobe and may even alleviate some of the drear cold that winter weather can bring. The spherical burst of texture is exactly what every gal needs to break up the monotony of an otherwise flat outfit.

Who needs real fur when faux fur is this cute? This blush, gloriously fuzzy coat is an absolute necessity as the snow begins to accumulate. It’s practical, fun, and absolutely makes a statement. Perfect for everyday wear or as a fashionable companion to keep you warm in your LBD at a rooftop cocktail party (first off, just why?), this jacket adds just the right amount of pomp and circumstance for, well…any circumstance.

Velvet pants. Velvet pants, you guys! What a world we live in, am I right? Talk about texture, velvet is and always will be the quintessential winter fabric—and these cropped pants are everything that is good in the universe. Trendy, comfortable, and office appropriate, these hit the jackpot. Pair these with a cozy sweater and your favorite footwear and you’ll be rolling into work feeling like you just rolled out of bed (and who knows, maybe you did).

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Must-Have Pieces From Betina Lou’s Winter 2017 Collection


A Montreal-inspired brand created by designer Marie-Eve Emond, Betina Lou embodies the classic, feminine look women are craving this winter season. This brand places an emphasis on easy-to-wear fashion with French heritage. Inspired by men’s uniform and clothing pieces, Betina Lou adds a feminine flair to each style by incorporating delicate cuts and fits to provide women with a simple, versatile look while also remaining stylish. With sustainability increasing in popularity in the fashion realm, Betina Lou prides itself by operating under an ethical and sustainable code. Natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool are used to compose each garment of clothing and promise a long-lasting wear.


Centered around neutral shades of blacks and greys, the Betina Lou Winter 2017 Collection appeals to a wide-range of audiences. Whether the consumer is searching for an elegant piece or something suited for comfort, the Winter 2017 Line includes it all. The black Tessa t-shirt dress is perfect for a casual outing or class, while the black Elysa high collar dress is more suitable for a fancy dinner or a date. Those who are more interested in pants or casual sweaters will be impressed with the simple selection of pieces, too. Betina Lou also incorporates a pair of black pants and the grey Viviane sweater for those in search of an effortless, comfortable look.


For those in search of bolder options, Betina Lou has you covered. Aside from neutral shades, pops of color do appear within the line. The Esther dress in Indigo offers an alternative deep blue shade to the classic black, while the Fred pants incorporate a gorgeous rust color as an alternative to black pants or classic pants. One of the most unique pieces included in the Winter 2017 line, the rust color, will make a solid white or black shirt pop when paired together. The Catherine, a classic long-sleeved striped tee, presents consumers with a stylish piece to dress up a classic skirt or pair of pants for any occasion. To fully embody the classic uniform theme, a plaid skirt, the Marianne, pairs together beautifully with the emerald green Denise sweater.

Besides for timeless clothing pieces, the Winter 2017 Collection includes accessories and outerwear for the fashion-forward consumer, too. The collection features two peacoats in both black and grey complete with button detailing, which are perfect for winter’s frigid temperatures. A variety of chunky sneakers, loafers, slip-on shoes, and dress shoes are offered to either dress up or dress down any of the clothing articles shown in the line. Since simplicity is the goal of this line, statement jewelry is not necessary.

While all of Betina Lou’s collections are necessities, the Winter 2017 line offers the perfect combination of casual, comfortable, and stylish for this upcoming season. By combining fashion and warmth, the potential for style while layering classic winter pieces of clothing together is guaranteed. With this collection, there are endless possibilities for trendy and elegant combinations.

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Must-Have Pieces From Betina Lou’s Winter 2017 Collection: Images courtesy of Betina Lou

Showpo’s CEO Opens Up About the Winter 2017 Collection


Most fashion labels aren’t born out of a garage, and if they are, they probably don’t make it out of the garage door; but when Jane Lu has a vision, she stops at nothing to reach it. The CEO of Showpo, an affordable fashion brand that carries everything from trendy shoes to off-the-runway style clothing, Lu is determined, spirited, and passionate. Bored of her life as an analyst, the fashion guru took a trip to Europe and came back inspired. Here, she chats with us about where it all started, gives us some insight into the Winter 2017 collection, and shares some style tips.


Cliché: When did you first discover your love for clothes and fashion?
Jane Lu: I’ve actually never cared about fashion! I just like cute clothes that don’t cost the earth, which is how Showpo started.

Showpo started off as a small business in your garage. What inspired you to take the leap from corporate America into the world of fashion, and how did you go from a garage to where you are now?
My first real career job was working as an accountant. I then moved on to be an analyst. Both these experiences were very valuable to me at the time, but after a nine-month trip to Europe, I started questioning if the cubicle, 9-5 life was for me.

After the failure of my first business, I knew that starting my own fashion company was something I wanted to keep pursuing. When I started Showpo, we literally worked out of my parents’ garage. We slowly began to work out of a larger office, moved into a warehouse, switched to using a third-party warehouse, hired staff, hired more experienced and senior staff, launched new ranges, and launched extended sizes.

The first office we got was 140 square meters and cost $30,000 a year. I couldn’t even believe that I was moving out of my parents’ garage and into an actual office. It was unreal! We took out a 2-year lease and I got the biggest desk I could find from Officeworks to fill up space.

Soon, the office started filling up with stock and staff and we ran out of space after a year. I literally had stock placed under my desk, in the kitchenette, every service area of the office had merchandise in it, and that just became the official location of that SKU.

Since then, we expanded our office space several times, launched into the US, Manila, and the Philippines as well as hiring over 40+ staff members. If you told me that this would all happen in a few years’ time, I would have never believed it, but I’m very proud of what my team and I have accomplished.

Did you ever see yourself as the CEO of a major fashion label?
I never even had an interest in starting a business at all. I was working as an analyst and thought this was my life. It just seemed way too risky and out of my league and I was pretty happy with where life was already taking me. It wasn’t until I spent 9 months in Europe and came back to my job that I knew I couldn’t readjust to cubicle life.

I came back with travel withdrawals and one of my university friends reached out and wanted to start a fashion business with me and another friend. I thought this would be an awesome, fun project so I guess this is where my entrepreneurial journey started. Sadly, that business was a complete and utter failure and I was devastated. I had literally hit rock bottom. All of a sudden, I was unemployed, my business had failed, and I had lost quite a bit of money on it.

This was probably one of the toughest, most FML, times of my life. I never saw myself as a CEO of a fashion label until this moment. Any sane person would’ve given up and gone back to the safe corporate life, but I decided to start another fashion business straight away.

How would you describe your personal style, and does your personal style influence the items you carry?
My style depends on what I’m doing throughout day, but generally I’m a fan of color and prints. If I go to the gym in the morning, I’ll usually wear something sporty with runners and a big duffle bag. If I want to buckle down and get a lot of work done, I’ll wear a comfy shirt with some ripped jeans, sneakers, and a shoulder handbag. If I’m catching up with a friend for lunch, I’ll usually wear a summery dress paired with some cute heels and a small clutch.

What is your must-have clothing item?
Jeans! They go with so many tops and are so comfy.

Showpo has obviously expanded immensely from Show Pony. Has its growth aligned with your vision for the brand, or did you find it taking a new direction as it grew?
It was my dream for Show Pony to grow into something big but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly. It wasn’t until 8 months into Showpo that we had our first big win. Through a Facebook campaign I came up with, we were making up to $22k a month online. The idea came to me one night whilst watching America’s Next Top Model, on the couch with a glass of wine. I thought to myself: why don’t we make a Facebook version of this and get our Facebook followers to enter for a chance to model for us?

Girls would enter the competition, ask their friends to vote for them, some of them even created events and groups, then some of their friends in turn would enter and do the same, and there was a massive ripple effect. We went from 3,000 followers to 20,000 within the space of a month, and it cost nothing. And this was back in 2011, when 20,000 followers was seriously a lot! It gave us so much credibility.

Showpo continues to grow each day and since the very beginning, I’ve had the same vision for the brand which was to provide girls with fun, on-trend fashion at affordable prices. We want to continue to be ‘her go-to place to shop.’

Tell us about the Winter collection. Who designed it, and what is the inspiration for it?
Our production team was behind it (talented bunch they are) and their vision was to create cozy and comfy clothes to keep our gals warm during the chilly months without losing their style.

What is your favorite piece from the Winter collection?
ALL of the cozy knits! I can’t get enough and they’re so comfy you’ll fall asleep in one!

What’s next for Showpo?
We just moved into our massive new office in the heart of Sydney’s business district, so we are very excited of what’s next to come for Showpo. Our vision is to be her go-to place to shop and to have a lot of fun on our way there. Our main focus is building out the right team and focusing on expanding our product range and our geographic footprint.

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Showpo’s CEO Opens Up About the Winter 2017 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Showpo

The Sweaters That Will Keep You Cozy and Cute This Winter


Whether you are a fan of cold weather or not, it’s safe to say most people love the appeal of getting cozy. That means fuzzy socks, a hot drink, a big plush blanket, and best of all, a warm, oversized sweater. However, that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to sacrifice cute for comfort. You can look cute while you’re relaxing, too. Whether you’re snuggled up in bed watching Netflix on a snowy day or having some friends over to just relax, here are some of the sweaters that will keep you cozy and cute this winter.


Tobi is one of those brands that has everything you need in your wardrobe. From sexy, trendy dresses perfect for a party to oversized sweaters perfect for relaxing, they’ve got you covered for any occasion whatsoever. Their Give Love Sweater Dress in “Wine” is the perfect combination of sexy and cozy. Show a little skin with shoulder cut-outs and keep toasty with that ribbed turtleneck and long sleeves. It’s a win/win.

It’s time to show off those pearly whites–knits, that is. This white Oversized Fisherman Sweater from Forever21 is perfect layered over a dress or tucked into a pair of pants. The cable knit screams “winter wonderland” and the draped shoulders and long sleeves makes for a flattering silhouette.

The classic jacquard look isn’t going anywhere this season, and Zara has even incorporated sequins into the mix. Their Sequinned Oversized Jacquard Sweater is perfect for holiday activities or a cozy night by the fire–but do so in the company of others. The sequin appliqués and ribbed trims deserve to be seen by all.

Looking for something cute but perfect for a cuddle session in bed? Tobi has your back again with their aptly-named Just for Comfort Sweater Dress in Taupe. It also comes in Black if you’re feeling chic or Red if you’re feeling festive, so the choice is yours! Pair it with fuzzy or over-the-knee socks for maximum comfort and let the relaxing begin.

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Featured image courtesy of Tobi

5 Favorite Pieces From Petite Studio’s Winter Collection


For the girls who have often struggled to find clothing to suit their small frames, Petite Studio offers clothing items catered to the shorter fashionistas. A New York City-based clothing brand founded in 2015, Petite Studio is the only fully-functional online clothing brand made specifically for petite girls by fellow petite girls who have similar body types and height ranges. After experiencing neglect from other name-brand companies, the founders of Petite Studio began the company with the hopes of presenting petite women with more clothing options and the fashion attention they deserve.


This winter, petite women are encouraged to shop Petite Studio for all of their fashion needs. This collection features soft blues, warm neutrals, smooth textures and two-toned outerwear to provide a variety of fabrics, shades, and colors to consumers depending on what they prefer to wear during the colder months.

Chloe Skirt, $139

Luisa Skirt, $139

The pieces included within this collection are simple yet elegant. Women are able to create classic outfits with a modern, trendy twist. Mini skirts such as the Chloe skirt in auburn looks beautiful when paired with a neutral, white turtleneck sweater and black tights. This look is perfect for a variety of settings including, but not limited to: class, a casual outing, or date night. The skirt is made out of a wool material ideal for colder weather settings and layering. The Luisa skirt in grey is anything short of ordinary. This trendy skirt complete with a belt buckle appears vintage and can be dressed up with simple black tights and a neutral top, or make a statement with a striped or patterned top.

Aspen Coat, $298

Valentina Coat, $329

For those interested in layering up this winter, Petite Studio offers several winter jackets ideal for colder temperatures. Both the Aspen and Valentina coats provide added comfort and warmth to the petite fashionista. The coats hit mid-calf and are not overpowering for smaller frames. The Aspen two-toned camel jacket adds a bit of flair to the average winter outfit by creating a more sophisticated look, and the stylish Valentina coat is another item made out of wool for extra warmth.

Posy Knit, $179

The Posy Knit, an off-the-shoulder knit sweater, is one of the most versatile pieces in the Petite Studio Winter Collection. This sweater is as cozy as it is cute, and the v-neck and open-shoulder look are in high-demand this season. It is an ideal piece that will complement the petite woman and enable her to display her shoulders and petite frame. Since this piece is simple and comes in a neutral grey, it can be paired with a variety of pieces such as black leggings or an A-line skirt.

Petite Studio recognizes the needs of their petite customers by providing them with new clothing options each season. By shopping the brand this winter, the petite woman is sure to find something suitable for her needs and distinct fashion with the variety of style opportunities included within the line. Whether one is in search of a simple or statement piece, this Winter Collection includes it all. Shop the collection at www.petitestudionyc.com.

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5 Favorite Pieces From Petite Studio’s Winter Collection: Photographs courtesy of Petite Studio

Fashion Director Louis Verdad Discusses His FW17 Collection


With the change of seasons, those sophisticated, everyday looks that are tailored to your body and empower your every move are hard to find. Today’s fashion isn’t centered around pieces for the modern millennial woman who revels in high-end fashion. Even finding styles with a breath of maturity while still remaining chic is a difficult task. That’s where fashion designer Louis Verdad comes in with his self-titled brand, Verdad, which is financed and inspired by Verdad’s fashion and business savvy CEO, Marisa Weingarten.  


Targeting women who understand the maturity of high-quality pieces and dress for excellence, Verdad has created a line that is challenging tailored fashion as we know it. With experience in dressing various celebrities such as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Cate Blanchett, and more, Verdad definitely has our vote. Here, we chat with the designer about his hopes and inspirations for the new brand.


Cliché: What inspired you to start your own brand, which is tailored for the modern woman?
Louis Verdad: My inspiration behind Verdad is a fresh approach to fashion-driven women who understand the meaning of great tailoring with a touch of modern sophistication. We are a high-end contemporary Los Angeles-based line and we aim to be known for beautiful, modern separates with an edge.

Does your newest collection have a specific name and what do you love most about it?
Everybody is always giving a name to things and I’ve always chosen to never label anything that I do because I don’t want to be boxed into some concept. With that in mind, what I love about Verdad is its aesthetic and innovative tailoring.

Your Fall/Winter 2017 collection has so many unique designs and styles. What do you feel this collection says about the brand’s message?
This collection talks about the importance of not losing the sophistication of tailored pieces and bringing it to the attention of millennials who are just learning the basics of good fashion. The brand message remains the same as in the beginning of my career: to empower women through great fashion.

What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole, as well as for the new collection?
The ultimate goal of the brand is to create a message that is clear and understood by younger generations. That message involves all of the things that I believe in as a designer, such as the importance of innovative construction, comfort, good tailoring, and how it can all be paired up with luxury as the collection hits stores this fall.


What are some of the best features of this new line?
Some of the best features of the brand are the interesting shirting paired up with beautiful pleated skirts and luxurious cashmere sweaters. The use of beautiful German hardware and exotic leathers provide an edge to the collection.

I see you have targeted both modern blouses and pants, but even dresses and jackets as well! What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the various pieces in your collection?
We are going for shapes that are fluid or have volume. The tailoring is impeccable, as shown in our coats and bomber jackets made of wool with touches of exotic leathers. The dresses are long and flowing in very soft and comfortable fabrics, and our evening story is a new take on jumpsuits in luxurious fabrics, such as lurex.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?
My favorite piece is the cropped bomber jacket in patent leather with a silk back jersey detail and bold zipper details that run from the waist to the neckline.

How is your brand something that everyday women need?
We aim to dress women for the full day by bringing separates that effortlessly translate from day to night. The line is composed of both statement pieces and everyday essentials that are a must for anyone wanting to look their best.

How is Verdad changing fashion for women and how is it better than the average brand?
We are better than the average brand because our clothes fit well and our tailoring accentuates the feminine silhouette. The garment’s structure and construction is based on details meant to give women comfort and confidence. That’s what sets us apart.

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Fashion Director Louis Verdad Discusses His FW17 Collection: Photographs courtesy of Verdad

Must-Have Knit Sweaters for Fall


Now that the pumpkin spice lattes are out and the temperature is officially dropping, it’s time to start thinking about your favorite cozy items to cuddle up with this fall. Whether you’re into knee-high boots or leather booties, all of your favorite shoes will look amazing with our must-have knits for the season! So get warm and get excited for the comfiest season of the year with the best trends in knit pieces.


Deep V-Neck Bar Tunic Sweater, $79.90, express.com

Deep V-Neck Bar Tunic Sweater
First on our must-have knit list is a deep V-neck sweater that is both cozy and attractive. This long sleeve, chic top will look perfect with jeans, leggings, and even dress pants and will give you that extra boost of sexy when you’re trying to be comfortable. The trendy cross-lace bar feature of this cozy knit is definitely one of the highlights that makes this sweater a must-have. Add the hi-lo hem, side vents, and low cut V of the design and you’ll be the most fashionable gal this season.

Ultrasoft Chenille Tunic, $69, jjill.com

Ultrasoft Chenille Tunic
Every summer to fall closet transition needs a reliable neutral knit to keep you prepared for anything. The Ultrasoft Chenille Tunic from J.Jill is the ideal trustworthy top. It’s mix of cable stitches, sweet cream color, and soft rich texture are just perfect this fall. Whether you need to run to the store or you are planning autumn pictures, this cozy-to-cute knit will be your go to.

Cold Shoulder Zipper Sweater, $49.95, ae.com

Cold Shoulder Zipper Sweater
Back to setting trends, this fall, every fashionista needs a cold shoulder knit to complete their ultimate fall wardrobe. The thickness of the sweater material will keep you warm and cute while the shoulder cut-outs add a hint of sexy and spunk to your outfit. The soft blue color and knit pattern will pair easily with any bottom for a classic warm-to-cold weather transition.

Take Me Over V-Neck Sweater, $108, belk.com

Take Me Over V-Neck Sweater
Finishing off the definite knit-themed purchases for our fall look is one more classic sweater. The Take Me Over V-Neck from Belk is a relaxed yet fun pullover with drop sleeved and tons of room for cozy fun. Because of its versatility to stand alone or be paired with chunky knit scarves, this V-neck will be high on your most worn list.

The best part about knits is the plethora of pairing combinations that are comfy, cozy, and absolutely chic. Let us know what other must-have knits we should add to our list and get ready for the cool weather in one of the unique pieces above.

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Must-Have Knits for Fall: Featured image courtesy of American Eagle

Ashley Williams FW 2017 Collection


There are a couple reasons one would sneak out of a party and make a swift getaway, and Ashley Williams created the perfect collection to do so boldly. The question that surrounds the London-based designer’s show asks if you are “in paradise or gripped by paranoia?” by the time the party ends, and the collection carries equal tones of both scenarios.

Creating a modern twist on old classics, Williams paired floral pieces and mini dresses with tracksuits and puffa jackets. Catering to the clever party girl who either leaves early to be seen at a livelier party or just tries to escape bland small talk, Ashley Williams’ Autumn/Winter 2017 collection ponders that 5 a.m. feeling, or lack thereof, after a long night out of partying.

While the summer party season has just begun, we can’t help but look forward to what awaits us next season. With inspiration drawn from the Wild West including cowboy hats and fringe, to Scotland’s plaid and even Milan’s youth scene from the 1980s, our wardrobes will definitely need some intense revamping.

Consistent looks throughout Williams’ collection include many statement pieces. We’re not talking flashy jewelry or eye-catching shoes; we mean pieces with catchy, sometimes political, phrases on it. From “Save the Planet” to “Misery” and “Gimme Five,” why shouldn’t we be cheekily stating our feelings and the core of our beliefs across our chests?

Heavy knits and bomber jackets, recurring staples in Williams’ collections, provide a subtle edginess and laid-back feel to the line. When paired with tracksuits that look like we could spend all week in, we definitely are following Williams’ “I can’t wait to get out of here” muse.

While the overall aesthetic of Ashley Williams is more grunge than girly, femininity peeked its way through a few looks. Voluminous sleeves, floral co-ord sets, and dresses all flourished on the runway, inspiring us to dress romantically next season. Tailored trousers, kitten heels, and textured blouses also prove to be trends advancing into the latter half of the year.

Fashion, much like the 5 a.m. feeling of either misery or excitement, is clear as day. Whether it be contradicting emotions, stereotypes, or attire, we are counting down the days until we can fully embrace next season’s trends that Ashley Williams has playfully laid out for us.

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Ashley Williams FW 2017 Collection: Photographed by Philip Banks