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What 50 Shades of Grey Taught Us About Women


Today we want to discuss what 50 shades of grey taught us about women. When Fifty Shades of Grey rose to prominence, the public had very mixed opinions about it. Many feminists hated it for quite a few reasons, mainly due to its inaccurate representation of the BDSM community and its poor depiction of what consent means, given the hefty power dynamic between the two main characters.

That said, many people absolutely loved it. The book has sold over 100 million copies worldwide, and the movie grossed a whopping $81.7 million on its opening weekend.

So, what does the titanic success of Fifty Shades of Grey teach us about women? That they secretly fantasize about being in a dominant-submissive relationship, or something more?

What Fifty Shades is about

50 Shades of Grey

Photo by W R on Pexels

University senior and virgin Anastasia Steele meets the broody, mysterious and ultra-sexy billionaire Christian Grey. She is automatically attracted to him, and the feeling is mutual. The hook? Christian Grey is an avid dominant, who has the women he is sleeping with sign a contract to commit to some kinky sex. Cue a series of sexual encounters, fights, and more makeup sex, they quickly fall in love and eventually live happily ever after.

It’s all about the sexual tension

A huge reason why women go wild over Christian Grey is the monogamy aspect of his relationship with Ana. Sure, he’s damaged and hurts her emotionally (sometimes even physically, but that’s a whole other issue) – but what keeps the audience engaged and empathizing with him is the fact that she’s the only woman he desires. If he’d been sleeping with multiple other women during his whirlwind romantic adventure with Ana, the audience would have written him off as a scumbag in a second.

But the sexual tension between them is intensified by the fact that she seems to have a different effect on him than other women in the past, and he lets her get away with things that he’d never let other women get away with. Although you can look at this objectively and think, ‘how is this romance?’, women find it romantic because of the context. A woman in general gets more turned on when the stakes feel higher and when it feels like her partner is going out of their comfort zone for her benefit. So, while letting Ana fall asleep with him seems like an obvious thing to do for most couples, it’s sexy for her because Christian doesn’t let anyone sleep in the same bed as him. The devil is in the details.

It taps into women’s subconscious desire to relinquish control

50 Shades of GreyFifty Shades was mainly marketed towards a middle-aged female audience, and turns out there was a pretty smart and strategic reason why. Middle-aged women often feel like they are carrying the entire world on their shoulders. Traditionally, they are the ones left making sure the children are fed, bathed and put to bed, making sure the house is well-kept, cooking dinner and making lunches.

The idea of having a partner who sweeps in, takes care of all her financial burdens, makes all the decisions, and makes her orgasm in minutes (without any guidance necessary on her part), sounds like a dream come true.

The perceived freedom and release that comes from the idea of simply submitting to a sexy, wealthy man who is obsessed with her is enough to keep her turning the pages. It’s a similar kind of pleasure as being pampered through an all-inclusive paid spa weekend with no kids or responsibilities.

Many women have an internal hero complex

Unsurprisingly, the mysterious Christian Grey happened to have a very traumatic childhood, with a mother who was a prostitute and whose friend took advantage of Christian while he was a minor. This is where Ana’s shyness and uncertainty about her self-worth come in, which is an issue that many young women deal with, before really coming into their own.

Chances are, if you’re a woman, you’ve at some point dated a “damaged” man with the hopes of being able to “save” him, and you probably realized afterwards that those butterflies you thought were excitement, were actually warning signs.

Many women, particularly younger and more naïve women, have good hearts and are very compassionate. This makes them vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation, particularly to narcissistic men or people with manipulative tendencies. Books like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey, to name only a couple, romanticize having a woman love a man back to normal – and woman devour these books like a bottle of rosé on girls’ night.

But why is that? Well, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that often, women grow up with an unequal power dynamic with men, and some grow up in environments that may not be the most nurturing and supportive. This leads them to having self-worth issues and needing to validate themselves and prove they are worthy by saving “damaged” men. Many women also have innate abandonment issues. Christian managed to successfully prey on these insecurities with Ana, having her constantly in a state of fear that she would lose him if she did anything that displeased him, or violated their contract in any way.

Women want to be granted permission to be sexual

Adult affection bed closeness

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

Prior to the Fifty Shades franchise, many women didn’t know where to start when it came to exploring their darker fantasies. But the books and subsequent movies’ success created a safe space for women to explore their own sexualities – it started a conversation about sexuality, and the franchise even launched its own product lines of beginner-friendly BDSM toys. Fifty Shades helped women reclaim their sexuality.

Having sexual fantasies like masturbating with huge dildos was considered a taboo prior to the Fifty Shades phenomenon. Nowadays, women have a reference point and use the internet to get educated about the best ways they can indulge in their kinks using websites like Hot Cherry.

Women crave those initial feelings of excitement

The fact that Ana is such a plain, simple character that many women can project themselves onto makes the story have more influence on women. Many women relate to her by remembering what it was like to be a virgin, and all the butterflies and excitement that come with falling in love for the first time.

Fifty Shades being a hit with middle-aged women in particular comes to no surprise to anyone – many women in that age group have been in a relationship with the same person for ages, and may have fallen into a stagnant daily routine of work, raising kids, sleep, repeat. The books and films allowed women to fantasize and live vicariously through Ana, and remember those feelings of not being able to get enough of someone. Heck, it even inspired them to shake things up in their own relationships.

The Fifty Shades of Grey craze in all its good, bad and ugly, taught us a lot about women and their psychology. But at the end of the day, reading or watching a movie is just a form of entertainment and escapism. However, if you can take bits and pieces of knowledge from studying how women react to phenomenon’s such as this one, you can spice things up in your own relationship, or at the very least, avoid falling into a toxic trap with an abusive man or woman.

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Incredible Gift Ideas For All Ages And Relations


Let’s take a look at some gift ideas for different ages and relations in this post. We know it is not easy to buy a gift for someone, so we hope that this will help.

Gift idea for a special woman in your life: A silver locket

Incredible Gift Ideas

Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels

Buying a present for the one you adore can be a difficult process. After all you obviously want to ensure that you buy them something which will impress them and make a lasting impression. There are the obvious choices such as flowers and chocolates, but these only impress in the moment and there is not a lot of thought and consideration put in to such gifts. One present which most women seem to love is jewellery, however it is hard to stray away from the obvious options, such as diamonds or a heart necklace. You want to make sure you get your loved one something which is unique and special to them personally, and one of the ways you can do so is by buying them a silver locket.

Silver lockets are the perfect gift for any women as they are everlasting and can carry a special meaning for eternity. The locket itself is obviously the most special part of this gift as inside the person can place a photograph or memento which is particularly important to them. Most people use this to put a picture of the one they love or their children. It is a way of carrying your loved ones close to your heart at all times and thus the message a silver locket carries is extremely heart warming and touching.

Another great thing about buying a silver locket as a gift is that it will never go out of fashion. They are a jewellery piece which is timeless and their stunning appearance is something which can be appreciated for years to come. This is a reason that a lot of people pass on their lockets to their children and grandchildren and they consequently become an item which can be passed down generations for eternity.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for a special women in your life then why not look online and see if there is a silver locket for them. There are an array of different styles and designs available thus you can be assured to find the perfect present.

Gift idea for someone who loves gadgets: a drone

In addition to the suggestions that have been made so far, if you’re looking for a gift for someone who is a fan of electronic items and gadgets, a drone is a good idea. You can head to https://www.drdrone.ca/ for some ideas and inspiration, as there are so many different drones on the market today. This means that there is something for all personalities and all budgets, so you should have no trouble finding a drone for a friend or a family member.

Low-cost gift for any girl: Handbag charm

Incredible Gift Ideas

Photo by Dom J on Pexels

Every girl on the planet has a handbag. We keep our lives in them; mobile phone, make up, money, keys, diary… the list is endless. It is thus vitally important that our bags are not only attractive fashion pieces but that they also sum up our personality and who we are, after all, we are going to be carrying them around every day. One of the ways you can add an extra element of excitement and individuality to your bag is buy purchasing one of the many quirky bag charms available on the market today. 

There are so many different bag charms available for you to choose from, ensuring that you are bound to find something that suits you, your style and who you are. Here are just a handle of some of the designs you can find out there today; handbags, teddy bears, pearls, lockets, hearts, stars, jewels, diamonds, angels, to name but a few. 

Not only do bag charms add character to your handbag but they also ensure that your trusted bag is individual as it is highly unlikely that someone will have exactly the same bag as you and exactly the same bag charms attached to it. If you like your style to be one of the kind and pride yourself on being individual then this is the perfect way to achieve that. 

In addition to this, these jewellery charms are the perfect present idea for any women or girl. There is no way that the person you are buying a bag charm for will be unsatisfied with their gift. At the same time it is highly unlikely that anyone else will have thought to buy the same present, so it looks like you have put a lot of effort into finding the perfect gift. 

So if you want to express your character, add some life to your handbag or find a great present for a friend, why not consider a bag charm?

A gift idea for your grandparents: something personalized

It can be difficult to select a gift for your grandparents because they are from a different generation and so it can be challenging to know what they like and what they don’t like. However, getting your grandparents something personalized and family-related is a good place to start.  A personalized jewelry design with grandchildren names for instance. This is the sort of gifts that grandparents love because they just want to be noticed and appreciated. Plus, it shows that you have put a lot of thought and effort into the gift that you have chosen, and this will not go unnoticed. 

A gift anyone would appreciate: a massage

There is nothing worse than getting in from the gym and feeling strained and tight. You wake up the next morning and even walking seems to be a struggle. You convince yourself it is because you have worked too hard and need a break. But, it happens again, and again, and again. The truth is you probably need some body massage therapy. You need to look after your body and this does not only involve working out and being fit. You also need to ensure your body cools down and your muscles relax. Whether you are an athlete or simply exercise regularly, this is a concept that applies to all. 

There are many benefits linked with booking in a body massage. In fact you should try and do this on a regular occasion. One of the main advantages related to body massage therapy is the relief of any pain or stiffness. It is not unusual to feel stiff after a workout. A full body massage can help your body feel relaxed and at ease. Furthermore, a massage can help to eradicate any pain being experienced. From pulling a muscle to a more serious injury a massage is always a recommended part of the recovery process. 

In addition to this, a massage is recommended in order to increase an individual’s blood circulation. This

Incredible Gift Ideas

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

is crucial because it ensures that all of the necessary nutrients and oxygen reach the organs and tissues. This is imperative for your body internally. After all, if your blood circulation is weak then you can suffer from high blood pressure. This can seriously damage your well being and affect your level of fitness. Furthermore, increasing the blood circulation helps individuals to recover better from any injuries they may be experiencing as well. This is because the nutrients target the muscles and help them to rebuild themselves. 

Another reward connected with massage therapy is the fact that it helps individuals to sleep better. There are many studies that have proved this point true and they have concluded that this is the case because the therapy affects the delta waves. Delta waves are the brain waves that are connected to an individual’s deep sleep. As everyone knows, if you don’t have a good night’s sleep then you can end up feeling grotty and out of sorts in the morning. Exercising whilst being tired is not recommended because your body will not be able to adjust properly. You then increase the potential for stiffness and pain. 

Apart from the points already stated, massage therapy is valuable because it helps individuals to constantly improve their level of fitness. A massage will help you to be able to develop your level of muscle flexibility and potential for more motion. The more you engage in this massage therapy the better your performance will be. If you continue this circle of exercise and massage you will be able to achieve your optimum level of health and fitness. 

If you partake in regular exercise and are concerned about your health and fitness levels then it is essential you couple your excursions with body massage treatment. This will ensure you repair quickly from injuries, aid proper blood circulation, eradicate any stiffness or pain, get a better night’s sleep and continue to improve your fitness levels. 

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‘A Woman’s Place’- On Trailblazing Women In Culinary


In a world leagues away from achieving equity, works such as A Woman’s Place offers a fresh perspective on the seemingly mundane odds one encounters on a daily. Directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, the aptly titled documentary flips the normative gendered narrative on its head by adding to the question- why it is that the kitchen is a “woman’s place” only within the four walls of a household?  A Woman’s Place is a story on trailblazing women in culinary. Created with the aim to empower women in the industry, the documentary looks at how three women, Karyn Tomlinson, Etana Diaz and Marielle Fabie, are carving out their own niches in the cut-throat world of the same. With a humble smile and an enthusiastic demeanor to match, the Academy award winner opened up to Cliché about her most recent work.

I would love to know how this project came to be. 

This project came to me through Ventureland, which is a production company I work with quite a bit. The project really originated from KitchenAid. They essentially saw that there’s this issue in the culinary industry. I think around 50% or so of culinary school graduates are women. But when you look at the statistics for executive chefs, only 7% of them are women. So there’s this disparity between culinary school graduates and what is actually happening in the industry. And, they wanted to look at these biases that female chefs face as they navigate the culinary industry. KitchenAid basically partnered with Digitas and Vox Creative to help them make this film. 

They did a lot of heavy lifting before I even came into the picture… in terms of choosing the subjects for the film, interviewing them beforehand, and really kind of whittling things down. So when the project came to me, we knew that it was going to be these three subjects- a restauranteur, a butcher, and a chef. Really, when I came on board, it was a question of… what is the creative vision of the film? 

The three subjects… they encounter different glass ceilings, different pushbacks. I was wondering if you could comment on that? 

I think it is interesting that you ask about me having to shatter glass ceilings. And I think this was one of the main reasons why I was so excited to direct this film. I felt so connected to the project and to the women as well. Even though I knew nothing about the culinary industry before I came on to direct the film. I just felt like I understood the women and so much of what they were going through. I understood so much of what they had to fight for every day, just working in their industry. And that is why I felt so connected.

A crew member with a camera in hand- behind the scenes of the documentary shooting

Adding to your point, another thing that I felt was wonderful about the project is that they all touch upon different biases. They all have their unique, distinctive experiences. No one experience is ever the same. But I do think there are significant overlaps and similarities between them. At the end of the day, they are trying to climb the ladder in an industry that really does not support them. They have to fight, not just for themselves, but also to be leaders. It is about trying to figuring out what is important to you as a leader… what is your management style? Are you going to repeat the same acts that were pressed upon you when you were trying to climb the ladder?

Or are you going to lead in a different way by trying to garner respect by respecting other people who are climbing the ladder with you? 

Bearing in mind the previous question, what kind of glass ceilings have you had to encounter and shatter yourself?

I really enjoyed speaking to the subjects about a lot of that. I felt like it is very much something that I experience being a young filmmaker. We had a lot of discussions about questions like- what is it that you have had to fight through to get to the place you are in? What does the future look like for you in this type of an industry? It was really great. Another thing that I really loved and appreciated about the project is that KitchenAid as a client fully financed the project. Yet, they had no interest in having their logos or product shots all over the film.

They really wanted us to make a truly authentic film that came… not from KitchenAid but from the subjects themselves. Let them guide the film. I really appreciated that as a filmmaker. Authenticity, for me, is really important in my work. I also think it is one of the most effective ways for audineces to connect with the characters on screen. I just think audiences are smart and nowadays, we can tell when brands are trying to attach themselves to a cause. 

We see different approaches to leadership in the documentary short. One of the subjects, Karyn, states that she does not want to be the archetypal “rough tough chef”. Could you perhaps comment on why that is important?

The question is… why do we all have to be that way in order to be taken seriously. I love that. In my eyes, these women are trailblazers. They are kind of going out there, kind of into the wild wild west, and figuring out ways that work for them. Ways in which they can be leaders. They are creating a world that they wish to see, a world that I think we all wish to see. In that world, you can be a boss and have people working under you but you can still respect them. It is a collaboration between the team members as opposed to there being just one superior. 

I think this is especially interesting as Karyn wants to take up space outside of where she is expected to, she does not just want to be a pastry chef.

Rayka Zehtabchi and Karyn Tomlinson while shooting A Woman's Place

And there is nothing wrong with that. What a lot of them are saying is… there is nothing wrong with being a pastry chef. But why should that be the only option available to me just because I am a woman? Etana says, “I want to be a butcher!” She has had all of these experiences coming into the industry where the men sort of set the rules. They tell you what your role is in their world. By taking the leap, selling everything she had, and moving across the globe to be a butcher, she sort of rejected all of that, that certain narrative. She said… I am going to create my own story.

I think that is why, in my eyes, these women are trailblazers. It is because they do not continue to play a role in the patriarchal structure. 

Has there ever been a moment in your life where you have felt like it was time to change things up and amplify unheard voices? If so, how do you incorporate that into your creative voice?

I have always kind of felt like an oddball. I think it was just the fact that I was an Iranian growing up in America. Inherently, you sort of feel like an outsider sometimes. My identity is one of the reasons why I feel so compelled to be a filmmaker and tell stories. Growing up, I did not see a lot of people like me on the screen… whether that be seeing a lot of women’s stories or Iranians that were being accurately portrayed. Once I started growing up, I think I knew that I had a distinct voice. I had something to offer since I have a more unique perspective. My way of seeing the world could offer a lot to the film industry as a storyteller. 

Every project I look at is automatically filtered through that perspective. It is not like I intentionally go out of my way to tell certain stories, it is just who I am. I think it is what I will always naturally gravitate towards. 

What can we expect to see from you next?

Speaking about identity and being Iranian, this is a project that I feel like I have been working on for forever now! But I finally feel like I am getting there. It is a script about my family coming from Iran to America and settling here. It is a story that is really close to my heart as it includes a lot of my personal memories. I do not know when that film is going to be made, but I am getting close to the script, hopefully!

More about Rayka Zehtabchi- here

Photos by Amanda Scherping.
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Miss America Changing for the Better


The Miss America Competition was under fire last year when CEO Sam Haskell and other board members in the Miss America Organization had their emails uncovered to reveal sexist content concerning the pageant participants. These emails were extremely hurtful to the organization, the contestants, and women across the United States. Miss America is a very controversial topic; there’s a lot wrong with the organization, which has been the center of objectifying contestants, and the generator of sexism, xenophobia, and racism towards women since its birth in 1921. Miss America was always meant to be a reflection of the social and political situation of  women in the United States. Miss America has always been evolving it was not until the 1970’s when a pretty lady involved in charity work was no longer the standard for a winner, but an educated successful role model for young women. Now, with the rising social status of women, feminism, and especially in light of these emails, the Miss America Organization has officially decided to try and change the pageant for the better.

Miss America 2016


From now on, the Miss America Competition will be judging competitors based on their intelligence and talent over their physical appearance. The biggest change the organization has made is the decision to eliminate the swimsuit section. Beauty has always been a prominent aspect in the competition, however, forcing the candidates to walk across the stage in high heels and nearly no clothing places too much emphasis sexualizing them. Instead, the swimsuit component will be replaced with an interactive session between each participant and the judges. The judges will be able to interview the candidates and discuss what their goals are, how they want to use their talent to make an impact on the world, and what they want to achieve with their passions and interests. The focus should be on how well-rounded and cultured the girls are, not on their cup-size.

Miss Illinois 2017

Another part of the competition that will change is the evening gown contest. Earlier in the year, Chairwoman of the Miss America Organization, Gretchen Carlson, claimed that this would be eliminated along with the swimsuit modeling. Yet, there was a fair bit of pushback— instead of eliminating the evening gown, the girls preferred to dress sophisticatedly and have intelligent conversations. They want to be allowed to choose the evening dress they feel best represents themselves and the image they are trying to promote. Officially, this has always been the case but the pressure from previous winners’ looks were limiting the contestants’ styles: dresses were typically form fitting, sparkling, with cleavage exposing, paired with stilettos and long shiny hair or a classy up-do. It was very uncommon for a girl to break away from this unspoken standard. This freedom is very new to the Miss America Competition, and it will be interesting to see how each candidate’s individuality comes through in her dress and speech. Perhaps it will encourage them to challenge what society has deemed “beautiful” for so many years.

The judges criteria for each candidate will also be completely revamped. Physical appearance, aside from posture and grace, comprised of the majority of the criteria for the Miss America candidates. In future competitions, talent will be the most compelling aspect. Although, a guide for the judges has not been released yet, we do know that talent will make up nearly half of each participant’s score.

Miss America has been struggling to define itself in a world of female empowerment. It was very clear to the Miss America Organization board that the competition needed to modernize and relate to ambitious young women. Not everyone agrees that recreating the system is going to fix the years of hatred these contests have promoted towards women. Yet, they are beginning to represent an American society that values and respects women.


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Miss America Changing for the Better: Featured Image Credit: Press of Atlantic City, Philadelphia Magazine, and Cosmopolitan

Ocean’s 8 Shines Bright Like a Diamond and Dazzle’s Audience


The most anticipated movie of the summer is finally out in theaters and we are here for it! Ocean’s 8 is unlike any other Ocean’s movie. Ocean’s 8 is filled with beautiful, witty and smart women. There are no males that have a main role in this movie, making it different than the past Ocean’s movies.


Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), is Danny Ocean’s (George Clooney) sister. Debbie is finally released from prison after five years; eight months and twelve days and she has a brilliant plan for her next heist. But no heist is complete without a kick-ass team; Nine Ball (Rihanna), Lou (Cate Blanchett), Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway), Rose (Helena Bonham Carter), Tammy (Sarah Paulson), Constance (Awkwafina) and Amita (Mindy Kaling) all join Debbie on her biggest heist yet.


Debbie is money hungry and knows just how to get a few extra million dollars, and by a few extra million dollars, I mean $150 million. Ocean’s 8 is out for a $150 million Cartier necklace that they can only steal on the night of the biggest party in the world, the Met Gala.


There were even a few guests from the past Ocean’s movies that made an appearance in the movie! In the beginning of Ocean’s 8, we find out that Danny Ocean is dead. There is never an explanation on how or when he died. This was frustrating to say the least, as fans of the Ocean’s movies are itching to know why the writers chose Danny to be dead and why they never went into detail on how he died.


Before Danny died he told Debbie the plan was brilliant, watch the movie for yourself and see just how brilliant this heist was.

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Ocean’s 8 Shines Bright Like a Diamond and Dazzle’s Audience: Photo Credits: Warner Bros.

The Most Badass Female Characters Of All Time


We all love to see badass women represented in movies, television shows, and literature. When they defy the female stereotypes and destroy the gender roles that have been ingrained in our society for years, we cheer them on. There are so many incredible female characters out there, so here’s a list of five awe-inspiring women that everyone should see in action.


Cookie Lyon from Empire: Nobody can beat Cookie as a modern badass. She can make you laugh while striking fear into your heart. One minute a lover the next a fighter. Cookie was a former prisoner and faced the most heartbreaking situations: she was torn away from her children, lost her husband, and almost lost her life, but she made a comeback on her own. There’s no telling Cookie what to do, how to do it, or who to do it with. This woman plays by her own rules and looks hot while she does. She has no time or patience for the societal expectations of women; she is stubborn, loud, and loves to make a statement. If there’s one thing to know about Cookie it’s that she will not be a sidekick. She is determined to become the face of Empire forever and rule the entertainment world.   


Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation: Leslie is one of the most amazing and hilarious television characters ever. Not only is Leslie a die hard waffle lover with an endless supply of great quotes (personal favorite referring to librarians as “punk-ass book jockeys”), but she’s also a total feminist. Leslie’s a woman who rips apart stereotypes and overcomes the difficulties of being a female government employee. She is unashamedly ambitious because she has the biggest heart in the world. What Leslie wants most of all is to make the people around her happy and she will stop at nothing to make that happen. Her dedication leads her to success, not only career-wise, but in her heart-warming friendships.


Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter: Ginny is hands down the most underrated character in the entire Harry Potter series. Sadly, Ginny’s amazing personality was cut out of the movies, but her fiery self remains very alive in the books. This lady is sassy, clever, and tough as nails. She’s the only character who’s brave enough to stand up to Harry when he’s irrational and, more importantly, stands up for herself when she’s treated like a dainty child. Her independence and bravery leads her to many accomplishments, like becoming one of the best Quidditch players, reforming a Voldemort resistance group, and dueling with some of the most dangerous dark wizards. Ginny is the strongest warrior while being the most loyal companion.


Ellen Ripley from Alien: Ripley is opinionated, intelligent, and fearless. Throughout the movie she changes from a follower contradicting her captain to a leader thriving in the most terrifying moments. When her crew is hunted down in an isolated spaceship by a bloodthirsty alien, Ripley never backs down. She gets crazy but keeps her wits about her by observing what the creature’s possible weaknesses are. Although she is afraid to fight alone, Ripley stays cool while wielding a flamethrower! Against all odds, she survives the attack on her own.


Detective Rosa Diaz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa is a great detective who follows her own badass instincts. She’s very intense, often resorting to physical violence when anyone gets in her way, but under her hard exterior Rosa is a good person. She’s passionate about respecting women, calling her “honey” or “sweetheart” will promptly get you thrown across a room, and does her best to uplift the women she works with. Rosa is extremely confident in herself, always standing by her actions and never letting someone else’s opinion intimidate her. She cannot be discouraged once her mind is made up. Although Rosa is still learning how to express her emotions instead of hiding from them, her tough demeanor is underlined with how much she cares about her friends.   


These characters may be very different, from wizard to space explorer, but they all inspire us women to be true to ourselves with no shame. As we try to accomplish our own goals they remind us that it’s more than okay to kick butt once in a while.


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The Most Badass Women of all Time: Image credits in featured order to History.com; FOX; NBC; Warner Bros.; 20th Century Fox; FOX

Embracing Silk Trends With artTECA


The transition from summer to fall is always one of the hardest for every fashionista. We go from spending tons of time and money on the cutest of summer apparel, to having to pack all of our bright sundresses away for warm sweaters and scarves. And while sometimes these transformations of our closets can be extremely fun, it does get costly. That’s where co-founders Claudia and Flavia Giardinella come into the picture. With tons of hard work and determination, they have created an epic fashion brand known as artTECA that incorporates real art designs from various artists made from 100% silk. Here, we chat with both Claudia and Flavia about their newest collection, Nova, and what their brand as a whole really strives for. Check out their amazing pieces on their website and get yourself a limited edition silk piece to complete your closet transformation.


Cliché: What inspired a line made completely out of silk and what are the benefits?
artTECA: From the very beginning, our concept was to focus on offering high quality clothing and accessories. We did not want to make cheap pieces to produce in masses. Instead, we wanted high quality, limited edition pieces. So, when we started testing fabrics, we fell in love with silk. Not only is silk a high-quality fabric, but it is also a very versatile and elegant fabric that, fortunately for us, prints perfectly digitally. When we got our first printed samples, the quality of the image, color, and details was so exact that we fell in love, so we decided to do an all-silk collection. This collection lets women be comfortable but also look sophisticated at the same time. It’s a fresh fabric that really works for any season and any time of day or night.

Does this collection have a specific name and what do you love most about it?
This collection is named the Nova Collection. What we love the most is the colorful array of pieces that are offered in a classic style that is both flattering and comfortable for any body type.

How does this collection represent the brand’s message?
It really manifests our dedication to high quality and limited edition pieces that are also versatile and practical. We want to offer women clothing and accessories that can be worn day and night, and to any type of occasion or event. You can dress up or dress down all of our pieces and always look fabulous.

The artTECA brand has such a unique history. What inspired the idea to have limited edition prints and what is it like creating clothing with various artists?
We grew up in a very artsy family and culture. We wanted to work with artists in a different medium and since we both love fashion as well, we thought of creating a brand that specializes in limited edition prints. We thought to ourselves, “What is more original than contemporary art?” We knew we could create something very special by collaborating with artists to offer truly unique, one-of-a-kind and limited edition prints in beautiful garment styles for women.

What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole as well as for the new collection?
Our goal is to reach and dress the artTECA woman and be successful in providing her special and high-quality clothing. We want women to wear clothing that will make them feel both confident and comfortable at the same time. We do not believe in compromising comfort for style and sophistication.

What are some of the best features of this new line?
One of the best features of the line are the exclusive prints we offer designed in collaboration with artists from all over the world. Designing comfortable pieces that are easy to style is also a key focus of our brand. So, we created modern pieces that can be styled seamlessly with any basics you have hanging in your closet. Dressing artTECA pieces up or down is just as easy as changing your shoes from flats to heels.

What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the various pieces in your collection? I am loving the idea behind lightweight work/event outfits that are super cute and comfy!
That’s correct! That is exactly what artTECA is all about: easy to wear modern styles that have a comfortable and functional fit. The collection is transitional, so you’ll always be looking perfect for any type of occasion.

How is your brand something that everyday women need?
Today’s everyday woman is a superwoman. Many times, she is a mother, a wife, a professional or entrepreneur, juggling a thousand things each day. Time is of the essence for women these days and 24 hours don’t ever seem to be enough. artTECA was created to be the answer to the reoccurring question: “What I am going to wear that will be perfect for work or a professional meeting, but that I can also wear to go watch my kids’ soccer practice later today? Or maybe keep on to head to a date night or business dinner?”

artTECA simplifies women’s lives by making it simple to get dressed in the morning and not worry about having to change an entire outfit. Instead, artTECA makes it easier to spend more time with the kids, your partner, or your friends—all while looking effortlessly chic. Our pieces will make any woman feel confident, beautiful, sophisticated, and ready for whatever comes her way.

How do you both think artTECA is changing fashion? How is it better than the average brand?
The best aspect of artTECA is that it is truly unique. It’s not the same reoccurring print you find at stores and boutiques. Every piece is collectable, limited edition, and has a story behind it.

artTECA has also changed the game in wearing a piece only for a particular season. We are not a seasonal brand; our pieces can be worn all year round, whether you are traveling or simply as a layering piece. The exclusivity and uniqueness of our prints is what makes each piece so special. Wearable art is the new black.

Is there anything you both would like readers and customers to know about your brand?
artTECA was founded out of passion for art, fashion, color, and the love of empowering women in all walks of life. We want women to fall in love with artTECA and find art within our collections that resonate with their personality and perspective, and wear it proudly and confidently. Art speaks to everyone, so why not your wardrobe?

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
Choosing a favorite piece is like choosing a favorite child; it’s not possible. We are in love with every piece we create. They are all special and beautiful in their own unique way, like every single one of us.

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Embracing Silk Trends With artTECA: Featured image and all images courtesy of artTECA.com

Frankies Bikinis Channels the Summer of Love


Frankies Bikinis founder Francesca Aiello has been taking the fashion industry by storm with her swimsuit lines for years. Being one of the youngest designers to feature her collections during Miami Swim Week in 2014, Aiello is no stranger to success. The Malibu-raised fashionista has seen her designs on supermodels and celebrities such as Candice Swanepoel, Ireland Baldwin, and even social media queen Kylie Jenner!

Now back with an even bigger splash this summer, Frankies Bikinis is now featuring their newest collection called The Summer of Love, focusing on female empowerment. With must-have tropical tie-dyes, sweet florals, and bold solids to mix and match, Frankies has every swim look in mind. Ranging from edgy and daring to relaxed and carefree, these unique and sexy swimsuits are tailored to channel every girl’s inner confidence.

Cliché: Why is The Summer of 1966 special for you?
Francesca Aiello: For this collection, I wanted to pump up the volume and have fun. I was inspired by the psychedelic ‘60s, an era of social, musical, and artistic change. I always want women to feel beautiful and empowered when they put on a Frankies bikini, and nothing says female empowerment like the 1960s when the bikini finally became accepted into women’s lives.
What are some of the best features of this new line?
The best features of this collection would have to be our unique and signature crochet accents and all of our amazing prints.
What can you tell us about the fit, style, and design of the bikinis?
This collection is full of flirty bardot necklines, ultra-feminine lace-up detailing, and Frankies Bikinis’ signature boho-chic crochet accents, in the psychedelic 1960s.
How is this collection’s design different from every other brand?
We always try to strive for flirty and feminine pieces with a twist of boho. We have some amazing new one-pieces with lace up sides, which have become our super flirty and popular pieces from this collection!

Ashley Moore was an excellent model choice for this collection. What inspired you to feature her for your lookbook?
I was already a huge fan of Ashley Moore and casted her to walk in our RE17 fashion show, which is when I really fell in love and knew she would be perfect for the SS17 campaign.
How is Frankies Bikinis better than the average brand?
Frankies has distinguished itself from other brands for many reasons. One being our intricate designs and prints—making us recognizable to almost everyone!
What is the ultimate goal for the brand as a whole as well as for the new collection?
The ultimate goal is to keep making unique suits that make girls of all shapes feel beautiful!
What is your inspiration behind Frankies Bikinis and what motivates you to continue to work hard to produce quality bathing suits?
I am inspired by everything constantly. Ever since beginning Frankies, I’ve always been on the lookout for inspo!
What is your favorite piece from The Summer of 1966 collection?
I would say the Stella Crochet bikini and the Valentina!
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Frankies Bikinis Channels the Summer of Love: Featured image and all images courtesy of frankiesbikinis.com

#PerfectNever: Gigi Hadid Rocks the Reebok


Gigi Hadid has always been known for her out of the ordinary fashion statements and, of course, her modeling career. Photographed on the daily, it was no surprise to see the young model out and about showing off her amazing street style fashion. What was surprising? Her Reebok adorned feet!

Now if that didn’t make you immediately think back to your childhood, I don’t know what will. Taking a step (pun-intended) away from the craze of Adidas, Hadid brings not only the classic brand footwear back in style, but she brings a message too.
#PerfectNever is a campaign by Reebok that focuses on empowering and encouraging women to work out, but not as a way to fulfill this falsified idea of perfection that pressures some people to want to lose or gain weight. Rather, the focus is to exercise and be active because it’s good for your mental and physical health.
As the new face of the campaign, Hadid sheds the title of international supermodel, and even the unexpected title of boxing athlete, to showcase that she, too, is a woman who has flaws and imperfections. However, she’s not letting those things limit who she is and what she can do, and neither should you.
We are definite believers that Reebok will be among the top fashion statements to make this upcoming season. Scroll down to shop the styles and you, too, can see how Gigi Hadid rocks the Reebok!

Club C 85 Dynamic Chrome, $94.99, reebok.com

The Club C 85 Dynamic Chrome is a creatively different take on an athletic shoe. Its boldly patterned graphic leather face also features an ice sole, an EVA midsole for shock absorption, as well as a full-grain leather insole for support and comfort. This shoe is not only super stylish, but also extremely practical for your everyday use.   


Club C 85 Gum, $69.99, reebok.com, Image: Getty / Marc Piasecki

The Club C 85 Gum shoe is a classic and sophisticated style for Reebok. Featuring a gum rubber outsole for traction and a low-cut design for free ankle motion, the padded foam sockliner shoe also showcases the Reebok logo for a traditionally original look.

Classic Leather Diamond, $89.99, reebok.com

The Classic Leather Diamond athletic shoe is a stylish metallic synthetic leather sneaker that adds a bit of glam and flair to any occasion. Whether you’re going for a run or taking a stroll to the grocery store, these cushioned shoes will complete any outfit!
Overall, we think Hadid is definitely guiding us in the right direction for the perfect footwear with a great message.
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#PerfectNever: Gigi Hadid Rocks the Reebok. Featured image courtesy of fashiongonerogue.com

Nubian Skin Introduces Nude Line for Women of Color


Listen up ladies!— particularly ladies of color. If you haven’t tried, heard about or even fathomed a line like Nubian Skin, it’s time to open your eyes and your ears and take notice.
Have you ever been shopping for nude colored underwear, bras, tights, or anything of that nature and noticed that your skin tone was no where to be found? Well, Cliché magazine has a treat for you! Nubian Skin introduces nude line for women of color satisfying all shades of brown— from the lightest to the darkest and anything in-between. So long to the frustrations of searching high and far for undergarments that embrace color, just to go home empty handed. Nubian Skin founder, Ade Hassan, has heard your cries and has worked tirelessly around the clock to counteract those emotions and decided “it’s time for a different kind of nude”.
Headquartered in London, the brand delivers worldwide and continues to listen expand its outreach to the women that long for it the most. Not sure what tone is right for you? No worries, Nubian Skin breaks down each color with a description and even the best makeup to match.
From their lightest shade of Café au Lait, their medium-light shade Caramel, their medium-dark shade Cinnamon and to their darkest shade Berry, there is something for every woman on the spectrum.
Continuously expanding their sizes, Nubian Skin currently caters to women size 30B-36DD as well as small-extra large, but if you can’t find your size or want to give your feedback, they’ve provided their customers with a survey so they can truly explore your concerns and make the necessary changes!
Stay up to date with all the happenings of Nubian Skin’s blog and embrace your color.
Photos Courtesy of Nubian Skin



Have you heard the latest buzz about GLAMGLOW® mud masks? Talk of these masks has been swarming my social profiles for weeks straight, so I decided to test these babies out to see if they were actually worth all this hype. I was able to get my hands on both the THIRSTYMUD™ hydrating treatment and the SUPERMUD™ clearing treatment,  and all I have to say is that these masks are a must-have in your daily routine of facial cleansing. These revolutionary masks will have your face looking and feeling more radiant within 20 minutes.

If your face is in dire need of hydration, then the THIRSTYMUD™ treatment can solve most, if not all, of your problems. THIRSTYMUD™ contains a blend of hydro replenishing ingredients for both short- and long-term effects. After just one use, I could see and feel the difference in my face. As I wiped off some of the mask, I noticed that my face already felt smoother, and I loved it. I have not found any other product that has worked that quickly. Also the great plus about THIRSTYMUD™ is that it can be used on all skin types for both men and women. All you have to do is apply it two to three times a week for about 20 minutes, wipe off the excessive product, massage the remains into your skin and just like that you are on your way to healthy, radiant skin.

Pores, and scarring, and acne. Oh my. These are just a few problems that SUPERMUD™ helps to fight against. It also helps prevent fine lines, wrinkles, bacteria and breakouts, and it promotes clearer skin, collagen, and improves our skin’s overall texture. Right when I applied the mask, I felt a cool tingling feeling. This was most likely caused by the peppermint plant used in the ingredients. As I watched the mask dry I could see the oil being absorbed by the mask. What I absolutely love about this treatment is how I actually saw my pores shrink after one use. I always had a problem with my pores being large, but when I say this works wonders it really does. SUPERMUD™ is also applied two to three times a week for 20 minutes and then completely wash it off, leaving you with great looking skin.

Do you want to join the rest of us GLAMGLOW® addicts? GLAMGLOW® masks are available at Sephora and on glamglowmud.com. If you’re a little doubtful about buying the product, there are also samples you can buy. This is a great investment and will fit perfectly in your medicine cabinet!
Photos courtesy of GLAMGLOW

His & Hers: Christmas Gift Ideas


It’s that time of the year again when we scrambling into stores, searching for that perfect gift for those who made it onto our “nice” list. While walking into stores, be prepared to get ambushed by multi-colored tinsel, ornaments, string lights, and jolly Christmas music. All these things can throw us off of our game, and make us forget why we are there. Buying gifts should be a fun experience and should not cause you unwanted stress; we usually spend hours frantically walking up and down aisles looking for gifts and making sure we get our hands on those products that are flying off the shelves. Below is a list of great gift ideas for those on your Christmas list.



1) Makeup: If your girl wears makeup, she will love the A Few of My Favorite Things gift set by Two Faced, available at Sephora. The set includes Two Faced Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino’s iconic favorites for the eyes, face, cheeks, and lips.

2) Lingerie: Whether she is into being comfy or feeling sexy, Victoria’s Secret covers all the basics. We recommend getting her something cute, like flannel PJ sets or some sexy Santa lingerie!

3) Get Creative: If you are the romantic type, or just want some creative brownie points, a personalized photo frame from personalizationmall.com is a great gift idea.


1) Keep Her Cozy: JCPenney has the best comfy robes ever! Your mom will love the Insomniax Cozy Plush robe, available in different colors and prints, from snowman to polka dots.

2) Shoe Fanatic: A pair of comfy boots from DSW will keep your mom warm and fashionable all season long.

3) Family Love: Want to display your family love this holiday season? Bed Bath & Beyond carries many family tree frames that your mom will love to display her photos in.

1) Fragrance Queen: If your sister enjoys a wide array of fragrances, she will love a Christmas gift set from Bath and Body Works. They have many scents to choose from, but one of their  top sellers is Sweat Pea.

2) Bookworm: If your sister is a reader, then the Kindle Fire from Amazon will satisfy all her literature needs.

3): Charmed: Does your sister have a thing for jewelry? Get her started on her very own charm bracelet by selecting charms by DaVinci® from Hallmark.


1) Sweet Tooth: You just cannot go wrong with chocolate from Godiva!

2) Get Toasty: Everyone needs fuzzy house slippers for the winter, and you can find the perfect Dearfoams® Cuffed Velour Boot Slippers at JCPenney.

3) Loud and Clear: If she’s a big fan of music, she’ll love the iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker from Walmart, which is compatible with almost any device.





1) Press Play: What guy doesn’t love his music? A pair of Beats by Dr. Dre is perfect, but be ready to be ignored.

2) Macys: They have a great selection of men’s robes to keep your hubby warm in the winter. I recommend the Polo Ralph Lauren Fleece Shawl Collar Robe which comes in four festive colors.

3) Macys: They also have a large selection of men’s cologne, the two best sellers are Nautica Voyage Gift Set and Ralph Lauren Pony Blue Gift Set.

1) Hungry Man: At Restaurant.com, you can find an assortment of gift cards for many restaurants in your area. We all know dads love food (but sometimes necessarily don’t like to cook).

2) Shower Power: Bed Bath & Beyond carries an assortment of shower radios, which is a great idea for dads.

3) Get Toasty: Your dad will love a pair of snow boots, and Target carries a really nice pair called Men’s Merona® Rae Cold Weather Boot.


1) Picture Perfect: The Nikon – Coolpix S9400 18.1-Megapixel Digital Camera at Best Buy is great for shooting whatever new project your brother is into nowadays.

2) Amp Up the Volume: You can never go wrong with an iHome Rechargable Mini Speaker as well.

3) Game Crazy: It is safe to say a trip to this store will be a perfect idea. Just make sure you know what consol he is using, two hot games right now are Grand Theft Auto Five and Call of Duty: Ghost.


1) Get Crafty: Everyone enjoys milk and cookies, and they can enjoy cookies creatively with a Mustache moustache cookie dunk mug from Etsy.com.

2): Hungry Man: All men love food, so a Grand Holiday Meat & Cheese Gift Basket from 1800baskets.com will bring them to tears.

3) Irresistable: Just about any guy will want the AXE Men’s Hair Products Gift Pack with Bonus Deodorant Body Spray.

                  So, what have we learned? Shopping for others should be fun. Don’t stress out, just plan ahead and give yourself some time! You might actually want to create a gift list just like Santa, so when you are ready take on these stores, you will be prepared. Just don’t leave anything for the last minute. Merry Christmas everyone, and happy shopping!

Featured photo courtesy of janetperezeckles.com 

Other photos courtesy of  fashionbelief.com, pinterest.com, charmingbeadshop.com, northjersey.com, target.com, walmart.com