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Why Hybrid Schedules Are Here to Stay, and What it Means for Your Home


Today we want to discuss why hybrid schedules are here to stay and what if means for your home. The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic sent many workplaces scrambling to empty the office. Anyone whose work could credibly be done from home was asked to stay there, making it safer and less contagious to be in the office for essential business.

These work from home arrangements have, in many cases, persisted for months or even over a year. Workers whose work suffered, of course, were often eager to get back to the office as soon as it was safe to do so. However, many companies discovered the opposite: the work from home life rarely impeded their work and sometimes made it easier to strong, distraction-free work.

So as more and more companies bring their teams back to in-person office work, they are considering a new option: for workers who can handle the shifting locations well, partially-in-person, partially-work-from-home schedules are being devised.

These hybrid schedules mean, of course, needing a home office set-up in addition to in-office equipment or workspace. So what do top real estate agents have to say about the housing market trends that will be affected by this newly-popular way of working? Here are some of the survey results Homelight shared in Q2.

Checking for Home Office Space Will Be Common

When you’re selling a house, it’s wise to stage it in a way that allows buyers to see spaces as opportunities. These days, however, more and more people will be asking, “ Does it have a home office?” and so you may want to get creative. You can absolutely make a small bedroom into a home office, but consider showcasing built-in desks in common areas, finished basement areas, or even an under-the-stairs space as an office area. People want the option to use home as a workplace these days, and even smaller homes can show them how.

Schools Remain a Constant In Importance

Especially when commutes become less of a concern, people turn to their other priorities. For families with children, the top concern will almost always be the school district. If they previously lived close to their workplaces but now only commute one or two times a week, they may stomach a long drive those days in order to gain the benefit of a great school district that their children attend five days a week. As always, having a strong school district nearby should be featured prominently if you are getting your home ready to market.

Gym Equipment Investments Mean Continued Desire for Home Gym Spaces

One last point to consider: if your home has finished or semi-finished spaces like a garage or basement, mention how it’d be perfect for home gym equipment. Many people bought home gym set-ups while they were away from gyms due to the shutdown, and many would prefer to continue putting in the miles on the Pelaton instead of paying to return to the gym. Your less-finished spaces can still get some attention on the market if they could comfortably hold gym equipment and let the owners work up a little sweat.

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Home Improvements you Should do Now You’re Working from Home


Today we want to share a few home improvements you should do now you’re working from home.  Over the last few months, millions of brits have gotten acquainted with the pleasures of working from home. In fact, even after the pandemic has passed, it’s likely that a sizeable number of us will stick with the arrangements and make plans for telecommuting in the longer term. Having experienced the flexibility and savings that come along with working from home, we won’t want to give them up easily. And business leaders are in broad agreement. RBS have allowed 50,000 workers to continue telecommuting for the rest of the year, following similar moves by tech giants like Facebook, Google and Fujitsu.

home improvements you should do now

Anrita1705 / Pixabay

If you’re on board with this cultural change, then it’s worth making plans to ensure that your home provides the best possible working environment. Let’s take a look at exactly how this might be done.

Creating a Space

If you’re going to work effectively, then you’ll need the space in which to do it. This doesn’t just mean physical space. While you will need a room that’s large enough to accommodate your work and all the equipment it requires. Perhaps just as important is the partition required between your home life and your work life. Converting a spare room or attic into a dedicated office will help you to get into a work-focused frame of mind, and to keep family members at bay during office hours.

Making Upgrades

home improvements you should do now

reverent / Pixabay

If you’re at home all day, then you’ll be spending more on utilities. Any inefficiencies in your central heating system are going to be twice as damaging, as you’ll have the heating on during the day as well as the evening. Now that tradespeople are free to carry out improvements, but the weather is still favorable, you’ve got the perfect window in which to make those changes. If you’re working from home for the long-term, then now might be the right time to replace that boiler.

Storage Space

If you’re surrounded by clutter, then you might find it difficult to concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing. A few creative storage solutions around the house may provide the space you need to stow these items out of sight and out of mind. On the other hand, you might elect to simply have a large clear out and send those unwanted items elsewhere.

Extra Windows

Natural light can make all the difference in your work environment. Anything that can be done to increase the amount you get in your home is going to be worthwhile. If you find that installing additional windows or skylights is impractical, then you might make other tweaks to improve light diffusion, such as installing mirrors or replacing heavy curtains with lightweight horizontal Venetian blinds.

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